"It's a Viewtiful day in the neighbourhood..."

Today, you see your Halos and your Silent Hills and Final Fantasys and Mario 64s and etc .....but what about 2D? When's the last time they had a (non-portable, console) 2D game? Has that been forgotten? That's what I have been thinking about a while ago..... until I found out about something.......... something...... Viewtiful. (Expect me to say Viewtiful like 30 times in this review.)Well, when I first heard about this game I thought: ''ANOTHER 3D sucky platformer...... by Capcom....'' until I heard it was gonna be...... *gasp* OLD SCHOOL! The nostalgia factor in this game makes you wonder why did they go onto 3D. Well...I may be not that far in the game, (It is a big game) I can say this game is...... (Here it comes) VIEWTIFUL!

Graphics 10/10
Viewtiful.... just Viewtiful. The cel shading in this game beautifully represents the movie world. All three Viewtiful powers are well executed. SLO-MO! MACH-SPEED! ZOOM IN! All so Viewtiful... Everything looks so good, you'll feel like you actually are in the movie world! All the characters look awesome. (My only complaint is that they're too dark sometimes, but I didn't take a point off.) All looking nice. I want to compliment Capcom on the excellent backrounds as well, (the city especially..... heh heh.... Playboy knock-offs...) and the effects are nice.

Gameplay 10/10
Every aspect of the gameplay was flawlessly executed. No slow down. No glitches. Viewtiful! Sweet combos are jam packed into this game. The difficultly SHOULD NOT BE UNDERESTIMATED! This game is hard........old school hard. It must've taken me HOURS to beat chapter 2. It's old school projected.......with new school flavor! How Viewtiful! The controls are excellent too. They give you the option for using the D pad to add to the nostalgia. I HATE USING THE GCN'S D PAD!! So I use the Control Stick. Everything is well placed. Sometimes, it's a pain in the ass to Zoom in (until I found out about B) but you'll learn to use B too. Controls look good too!

Sound 10/10
Interesting tracks are used in this game and are perfect for the scene. A little forgetable, but eventually it'll get stuck in your head. The voice acting is..........Viewtiful.........also. All the characters sound awesome. Some of the dialog is VERY funny. Not corny funny, mind you, (though some of the dialog sounds like an insult a 3 year old would say). Well, it IS based on the movies, right? :P

Heh heh.... Stephen 1, Movies....... 317.

All around good sound. Hey I rhymed!

Lasting Appeal 9/10
An extremely long, difficult adventure awaits you in this game. Plenty of cool unlockables too. So many Viewtiful combos too! Sometimes the game might appeal less, because of the difficulty, but old school was always this hard...............................................................right? Anyways, the secrets (and harder difficulties) will keep you coming for more, and more, and MORE! How Viewtiful. I hate to add on extra crap and stuff (I love it, actually) but I have to drive this review to 600 words. CURSE YOU GAMEFAQS!!!!!!!

Rent or Buy
Go buy it..........NOW. It's an awesome, Viewtiful experience! Even newbies that don't even know what old school is should give this game a chance. Thanks Capcom for this game (and free T-Shirt! :P)

Let's see how many times I said Viewtiful...... 14 times huh? Much less than I expected....... oh well. Wait, I NEED MORE WORDS?!! DAMMIT! Um....... well, I had a VERY fun time playing it so far, and if you're renting it, you'll miss out on half the game! Do yourself a favor and buy this Viewtiful game! All aspects of this game is awesome!

As Joe would say......

Heshin a go-go baby!

Reviewer's Score: 10/10 | Originally Posted: 10/13/03

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