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how do you get the Ocarina of time adult wallet?

How do you get the adult wallet in the legend of zelda ocarina of time?

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AWing_Pilot answered:

Collect 10 Gold Skulltula Tokens and then go to the Skulltula House in Kakariko Village. Speak to the boy to get it.
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Storm101 answered:

Collect 10 Gold Skulltula coins and go to the house in Kakariko village where the cursed spider family lives to receive the adult wallet.
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Gamerslifee answered:

The spiders house
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Jtinlai14 answered:

DUH!!! get 10 skulltula tokens and bring to the spider house in Kakariko. Talk to the boy that is not a spider.He'll mention he's free from the curse. He'll give you the Adult Wallet.
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