Question from Pigpen29

Mask of truth?

How do i get it and what does it do? oh and who like the spooky mask?

Accepted Answer

Dinalfo answered:

First you must sell the other masks(Keaton, Skull, Spooky, and Bunny Hood)

Keaton - Man guarding Death Mountain gate.

Skull - Skull Kid in the Lost Woods.

Spooky - Kakariko Graveyard kid.

Bunny Hood - The wandering running man. He appears running around Hyrule only AFTER you beat Jabu-Jabu.

Hope this provides what you're looking for.
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bigbong420 answered:

You recieve the mask of truth after selling all the other masks

it allows you to read minds and i think talk to those stones that tell time


graveyard kid likes spooky mask.
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