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Scarecrow No Show?

I am not doing master quest
i am in fire temple
im at the place with all the boulders
im on top
im at the door you come that you come from when starting in the section
i've played scarecrows song alot of times close to the high platform (and i know it's the right platform) in different spaces but pierre wont show
can you help please


linkawsome answered:

What?!you don't need scare crows song there.
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megamachopop answered:

Once you play the song to the scarecrow as a kid, you need to play it back to him as an adult before Pierre will appear when you play the song. If you've already did that then it's just a matter of placement I guess. And you're talking about the part where you play it to get some more Gold Skulltulas right by riding the platform up that's across the scarecrow spot right?
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kidbuu90210 answered:

you must first go to the scarecrow as young link and play a song from youre ocarina (Ex. C-Right Onces and the letter A 7 times which is a very quick way to do so in my terms) When you become an adult go back to the scarecrow and play the same exact notes to the scarecrow as you did when you were young link once done you can go play the scarecrow song you did and he'll pop out from the ground where ever Navi is green
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originalLink answered:

Hey Dumbass! You need it to get to a secret room in the exact place he's talking about. Try using utility of time once in a blue moon noob.
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zelda_holic answered:

I agree with megamachopop after you play a random assortment of notes in front of bonooboru as a kid he will recognize it play again as adult and he will recognize it and then pierre will show at various places i used it to my advantage in the sacred forest medow to avoid being mutilated by the moblins ;)-
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