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How do I beat the shadow temple?

So i got the hover boots.passed the bird stachu what?

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I don't have the lens of truth.

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Aeres116699 answered:

Ah, then that would explain it. As an adult, head to Kakariko Village, enter the windmill, and use your Ocarina while standing in front of the music box man. He'll teach you the Song of Storms. Return to the same man as a child and play the Song of Storms for him. The well outside will drain, and you can enter a small dungeon by jumping down. Killing the boss, Dead Hand, will award you the Lens of Truth, while allows you to see through false walls, spot invisible enemies and objects, and other such things.

Once you have the Lens, return to the Shadow Temple and proceed; the Lens should allow you to finish the rest of the temple without much incident.
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Aeres116699 answered:

Really, the Shadow Temple is pretty straightforward. Just be sure to have the Lens of Truth set to one of your C buttons, and use it often; many things in the Temple are very hard to see or do without it.
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