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Where can I find (Gloves)?

Where can i find the gloves that provides Link to lift the giant rocks that are in Hyrule

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silktail answered:

Both Gauntlets are dungeon treasures, which you need to collect to complete those dungeons.

Silver Gauntlets are in the Spirit Temple.
Gold Gauntlets are in Ganon's Castle.
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Link959 answered:

The golden gauntlets are in Ganon's castle, forgot which door. And Silktail he was asking about the gauntlets that could LIFT. Not PUSH. Just to know, the golden gauntlets are at the end of the game.

Copy to see how to get different colered gauntlets. Note: You get these early adult if you wanna and you may need to start a new file.
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darth_fizz answered:

The golden gauntlets can be found in Ganons castle in the shadow temple door. In the room near the end you should see a switch on a block of ice. Press it and a chest will appear in the middle platform in the room. This will contain the golden gauntlets allowing you to lift those rocks in Hyrule and that big rock covering Rauru's door in Ganons castle AND that rock to the left from Ganons castle entrance which should be a great fairy awaiting you for another powerup. DO NOT GO INTO THE FIRE TEMPLE DOOR UNTIL YOU HAVE THE GOLDEN GAUNTLETS! There is a large rock on the side of the room that can only be lifted with the golden gauntlets and the challenge is a timed rupee challenge.

I would expect him to say it be the golden gauntlets because you cant lift stuff with the silver gauntlets found in the spirit temple like Link959 said.
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CornisNice84 answered:

To clarify, the silver gauntlets can push large blocks and lift most boulders. The golden gauntlets on the other hand, can lift the massive stone pillars that appear in Ganon's Castle and the one blocking the fairy fountain just outside.
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