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Can the Gamecube version of the game be played on a wii?

I recently bought a the Game Cube version of Ocarina of Time for my wii, and I also bought a Classic Controller Pro as well. The controller works fine until I actually click on Ocarina of Time, and then the controller shuts off. I'm not sure if this is because of the game or the controller or both?


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Turbo_TRex answered:

Gamecube games work just fine for the Wii, but the Classic Controller only works for Virtual Console games and some Wii games, you can't use it for Gamecube games. You still need a Gamecube controller and memory card to play the Gamecube game on the Wii and save it too. If you can't get these I can only recommend you download the Virtual Console OoT (at least then you Classic Controller will work).
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123omegamk2 answered:

Yes the Nintendo Wii and backwards compatible with GameCube games. Try using a GameCube controller.
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DamonZephyr answered:

By "Game Cube version of Ocarina of Time" I assume you mean either the Oot/Oot Master quest disc, or the Oot/Majoria's Mask disc. I can assure you both work, I have them and have played them on my friend's wii. However, I used a gamecube controller. I'm pretty sure you can only use a gamecube controller if you play gamecube games on the wii. Though, I never tried it with a classic controller so I can't say for sure.
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