Question from Sourpatchwiz27

How do I get the last carpenter?

I've gotten the first two or three guys but idk how to get the last one. Anyone know?


RevenantThings answered:

I had trouble on this last one, too. I kept running in circles. This is from a FAQ, I hope it helps:

To get to Carpenter #4, you will have to drop down onto a ledge into a new
door. The ledge is just to the immediate right to the entrance from the mess
area. You will wind up right in a doorway, behind a crate. Don't run out just
yet, wait for the Gerudo Guard to come into view and use the Longshot or Bow
to stun her. Run past her to the right when she is stunned to find Carpenter
#4. Fight the Thief and free the Carpenter.
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