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After the forest temple where exactly do you go?

I have already beaten the forest temple and Navi has been saying to go to Death Moutain but im not sure what to do once i get there...

Accepted Answer

darth_fizz answered:

Well, knowing that it's too hot for Link to go into Death Mountain, he must find the Red (Goron) tunic. So go into the Goron Village not on top of Death Mountain, but you should know where (since you needed the Goron Ruby) and you will see a Goron around one of the floors rolling around and won't stop. So get you're bombs out and, by throwing a bomb at the right time in front of him, he should stop. Go talk to the Goron, and after his story of telling about the evil dragon volvagia, he will give you the Goron or red tunic for free unlike the store which sells them for 300. Once you get into Death Mountain you will meet up with sheik again and he will tell you a melody called the bolero of fire. Take a turn at the end of the bridge and you will enter the Fire Temple.

Does that answer you're question cookie? =)
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