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How do I solve Spirit Temple (master quest)?

So, I was basically lost and somehow managed to use the three keys found as young link, but opened one of the doors I shouldn't have been able to get to because of the water thingy at the beginning of the temple (I managed to get past it as young link). Is there a way to open the door leading to the silver gauntlets without having to restart my whole game?


---Nintendo--- answered:

As far as I know you can't get stuck in the game forever, so keep looking for a way to the gauntlets.
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michellep80 answered:

The Spirit Temple - in my opinion - is the most difficult to figure out in the Master Quest. I completed it once - so long ago I barely remember. Remember how in oot you had to be an adult, then a child, then adult again to finish it? Well in MQ, it's more like adult, child, adult, child and then adult again. If you find a passage blocked, chances are, you'll have to return to the Temple of Time and come back. Make full use of your Farore's Wind as well. If you weren't meant to get past the doors you wouldn't have gotten past them.
Hope that helps.
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