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How do I get the keaton mask in Master Quest?

I gave Zelda's Letter to the guard at Death Mountain gate, he asked me to get him the keaton mask but the guy at the Happy Mask Shop just keeps saying "Hi! Welcome to the Happy Mask Shop" with no option to get the keaton mask. Zelda's Letter is still in my inventory. Could this be the problem and how do I get rid of it so I can get the keaton mask?


linkboy22 answered:

Go to the happy mask shop in the marker in hyrule castle
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michellep80 answered:

The shop opens when you've opened the way to Death Mountain. Not sure what's happening to you though. Try completing the stuff in Death Mountain and Dodongo's Cavern and coming back.
Zelda's letter will only disappear once you have something to replace it with - the next temporary item is supposed to be the mask. Good luck.
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originalLink answered:

??? All you have to do is read the sign next to the clerk in shop. How could you miss that, come on!?
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michellep80 answered:

Examining the sign next to the clerk gets the owner's attention, yes... but talking to him normally is what makes him offer the option for the keaton mask. He likes Link right away and can "see" that he will successfully sell every mask. BTW he admits this to Link when you've successfully sold all, and offers to loan you the Mask of Truth.

I know this because I've played this game god knows how many times (I lost count years ago) and the only time I ever bothered to read the sign was the very first time I played.

My sister recently had the same problem as you, tinypeanuts, and her solution was DO NOT SAVE YOUR GAME, press the reset button and go back into the file.
"Reset the machine" has always worked for her, with everything, Lol. ^_^
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michellep80 answered:

Additionally, I forgot to mention that you have to actually move the control stick onto the mask in question and select it. It'll be displayed screen left.

It only just occured to me since I take it for granted that you need to actually choose the mask. The downside to knowing the game so well I suppose. Sorry for any confusion!

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JMISBEST answered:

You have to complete the game up to the part were you first head up Death Mountain

Give the guard Zelda's Letter and he will tell you he wants the mask for his son.

This starts the mask collecting quest
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