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Water Temple Small Keys?

I'm near the end in the Water Temple in the Gamecube version of the game. There are only two treasure chests left on the map and I have tried desperately to get them. I need a small key to open the door that leads into the room that looks like a snake on the 2nd floor in the back. I have already beaten Dark Link and gotten the longshot. I have gone past the water-spiders, into the rooms leading me to a golden skultula on the waterfall like wall where boulders are falling down from. If you jump below the skultula there is a space in the ground leading to a walkway with a clam monster, where you take the iron boots off and go to the locked door. I have no other treasure marks on the map than in that very area, and I cannot find that darn key for my life! Please help! I've heard that you apparently you have to start over sometimes, but I don't believe I could get this far. There has to be other solutions right?


smartdude1 answered:

In the room where you get the longshot behind the treasure chest there is a triforce cube ( those are when you play the song of time they disappear) when the song of time finishes and the cube disappears a square hole appears in the ground go down that hole and in that area is the last small key. ( I HOPE THIS HELPS )
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smartdude1 answered:

Also maybe if you forgot, the longshot room is right after the dark link battle ( you know just in case you might have forgot where the longshot room was)
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