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How do I get past water temple?

in the water temple you need to have an extention to the hook shot and i have no idea where to find it. if you could tell me where to go and what to do to get this it would be appreciated.

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digiviper answered:

Go to the offcial website.
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Link959 answered:

You need to change the different floor levels finding keys to unlock the doors to get to the room where there is nothing but a ree, and the door you just got through, AND the door all the way over there. If you want to fight someone and get the longshot, go to the other side with the locked door, then go to the tree.Dark Link, (your alter ego also known as your evil or shadow form.) I suggest the method you use, get at least 1 green potion. Get Din's Fire. Keep using Din's Fire on Dark Link. You'll eventually beat him. After you beat him, everything will go back to normal. Enter the other door to take the long shot from the chest. You're supposed to play the song that yu used to open the door of time. You'll have to eqquip the iron boots, get past the vortexes and get to the other side with a key. You're on your own now.
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Darklink5222 answered:

Go read a walkthrough.
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shatr_360 answered:

You have to go to different floors, and it takes a while to get past. It's the most annoying part pf the game to me.
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Buckeyes_22 answered:

you get the longshot from the water temple. First jump in the water and sink with the Iron Boots and go throught the door with the torches on the sides when you get to the room that zora chick will start talking a bunch after that float up to the top and ignore the royal symbol at first and go through the door and kill the spikes with the hookshot and get the small key then go back out and play Zelda's Lullaby at the symbol the water will drain completely... jump down the hole and walk back into the main room and go through the door with the platform in front that has now fallen to the bottom since the water has been drained......see Faqs Walkthrough(MrShotgun is a great guide)
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R3PR117 answered:

You have to use the Longshot for this level. You should go read a walkthrough though, and I agree with shatr_360, it's the most annoying part in this game.
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MLG827 answered:

I think its on the 3rd floor (maby)when you get the long shot go behind the chest and play the song of time trust me i got on the water temple to
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plplpop1 answered:

You make a point
to me water temple is the hardest cuz all those puzzles
but here
the hardest is probably getting through the begginning cuz you need to docertain things to get certain keys
here's two of them i remember that canbe quite tricky
one is the one with the crack
make the water level all the way down then go to the middle area and use your hookshot to get to the second floor and make the water rise to the middle. now go down in the water and go where you met ruto again and float all the way up to go on the platform with the crack, use a bomb and therethats one
next is in the middle in the below first floor
while in side the middle section of the dungeon have the water rise to the middle but stay in there. now go down but watch for the spikes. go and drop down to where the block was there you should defeat all enemies
from there i think you can do the rest cuz the rest gets a little easy
hope this helped
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linkawsome answered:

on the first platform look around if you find a locked door open it you will see a small tree go to any different side of the tree.Then go to the tree and beat dark link.once you beat him a door will open.go inside of the door and you will see a treasure chest open it and danananana danani!you have the longshot.hope you like my awnser!
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Link959 answered:

Oh, I forgot somethin, what I meantioned was Ocarina of Time, if your doin Master Quest, its in the room with Ruto, the 2nd floor going up, theres a wall. Bomb it and kill the monsters, u can do that real early in Master Quest,if u do that first, u can beat the Forest Temple alot easier. U just need the hookshot (not longshot) and Din's Fire for that dungeon in MQ.
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LINK31ZELDA answered:

After you fight Dark Link go to the room that he was facing and there should be a treasure containing the longshot, but behind that there is a tile on the floor from the door of time play the song of time.
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