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I've never played this game, whats the difference between master quest and original( I've played the original)?

What is the difference?

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mikedeb79 answered:

The dungeons genearally make you have to think a totally different way than you did with OoT. The layout is identical to the original, but how you traverse the paths and what you must do to get there are often painful to the brain. There's a lot more manipulation of torches, time blocks and crystal switches. Also some of the the items you wouldn't bother getting until later on are actually nesseccary early on. For example, if I recall, you don't actually NEED Din's Fire until you have to open up the shadoe temple. But in Master Quest you need to use it while you are still a child. There's also a lot more battles against Stalfos Knights. The only exception to me personally is the shadow temple. I think it's rediculously easy compared to its OoT counterpart.
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Botcrazy answered:

I've only gotten to the DEKU TREE there. From what I've seen so far, it's a lot harder, and the dungeons are different, reasoning with how all the FAQs have a seprate sections!
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---Nintendo--- answered:

All the dungeons and mini-dungeons are harder and different. The layout is the same, but the location of items, chests and Skulltulas is different, also there are more enemies and harder puzzles. But everything out of the dungeons is the same as the original.
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Fun_With_Guns answered:

I've also never played it but i know its a lot harder than the original.
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