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Where can I find the Longshot?

I'm in the Water Temple, and need the longshot, but can't find it anywhere...please help

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Link959 answered:

You have to kill Dark Link and get to the other room and open the chest for Ocarina of Time. For Master Quest, its where u found Ruto. The 2nd room where u float up, u have to bmb that wall, kill the enemies, and claim the longshot, I dunno y they put it so early in Master Quest though...
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---Nintendo--- answered:

It's in the 2nd floor of the room where you found Ruto, to get there you need to lower the water level in the 3rd floor, then go back to the 1st floor and lit the torches to enter the door, after beating all the enemies in that room, go back through the door and use the Hookshot in the grapple point that appears in the 2nd floor.
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pecaprez1 answered:

All you have to do is beat Dark link. Check a guide.
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brimaster2000 answered:

Beat Darklink go thouogh the door for the longshot check a water temple faqs
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