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How do I get the keaton mask in Master Quest? 6
Is there anything I can do with the "claim check" (after I have the great sword)? 1
My bomb bag?.. I WANT IT BACK! D: 2
Water Temple Small Keys? 2
What new content is in master quest? 8
When can I find Dampe out in the graveyard? 1
Where can I find another Goron tunic? 2
Can I upgrade bomb-chu? 1
Forest temple help with keys...? 3
Getting Farore's Wind? 1
Giant Sword? 7
How do i actualy get the fire arrow after i shot at the sun? 1
How do I dive deep enough to get the bottled message in Lake Hylia? 2
How do i get more than 99 rupees? 2
How do i start out with the white tunic? 1
How many Bomb chus can you hold up to? 2
I need help with the scarecrow song!(?) 2
Master Quest: Fire Temple, 3F, final chest? 3
Question on the Frog Game? 2
The Gold Shield? 3
The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time...I dont have a Pocket Cucco but the Lady says "Please make my cucco happy ok? 8
What do I do with the stone of Agony? 1
What Do I Use It for? 1
What is the best was to get the gold scale? 3
When is the bombchu bowling ally available? 1
Where can I find (Gloves)? 4
Where can I find bombs? 1
Where can I find hover boots? 1
Where can I find the gold gauntlets? 4
Where can I find the Iron Boots needed to enter the Water Temple? 1
Where can I find the Lens of Truth? 1
Where can I find the Longshot? 4
Where can I find the shadow tunic/gauntlets? 1
Where can I find the song of storms? 3
Where can I find the triforce? 6
Where can I find zora tunic ? 2
Why wont the bigoron accept the broken sword from the carpenter ? 3
Wireless controller and stone of agony? 1

Other Help Answers
Are there any problems in the game? 1
Can I access the Beta Quest without an AR? 2
How do i get the longshot??? 6
Is there a specific task to do with the "mask of truth"? 2
Is there a way to unfreeze Zora's domain as an adult? 4
Lab at Hyrule Lake? 4
What is going on? 1
A question about why Navi does something in one of the graves in the graveyard??? 1
Adult Link? 2
Creeper? 2
Do you play Zelda mods? 1
Golden Scale glitch to a heart piece glitch? 2
Great faires are not showing up when I play the ocarina? 1
Help with gerudo valley!? 1
Help?! 1
How do I get through Dodongo's cavern with a wooden shield since I can't use the metal one yet? 1
how do you get the Ocarina of time adult wallet? 4
how do you make it through the Mount Dooms crater to the temple inside? 2
How do you turn back into a kid? 1
How do you unlock these things? 1
I've never played this game, whats the difference between master quest and original( I've played the original)? 4
Is it true that you can become a Goron? 4
Is there a particular order to do the 6 sages? 3
Master quest? 5
More arrows? 1
Ocarina full songs??? 2
Odd colors? 1
Own mistake, or fixable? 3
Plz read? 1
Running Man race? 2
The Nocturne of Shadow? 2
what is the Leaf stage for? 3
What song does the scarecrow want you to play? 1
Whats diffrent? 1
When you get 1,000 thousand points? 1
When your in the forest temple and you have to go back in time how do you get shiek out of the way? 6
Where can I find the notes for the full songs? 1
Which temple did you find the easiest to complete? 1
Who do i give the different masks to? 2

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