Question from brigirl10

How do I get new records?

(Title says all)


Zeff_fury answered:

You can buy more records from Van after connecting to Friends of Mineral Town for the gameboy advance.
In addition you will have to buy the records on friends of mineral town to expand his record invantory farther.
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harvestchic answered:

There are 10 records in all and u get them from van after hooking up to mineral town
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loujoelou answered:

On Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life all I know of are 2 records.
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Pigpen29 answered:

Befriending Sebeastion wil get you a record.
So will befriending Chris and Mukumuku.
Their are more too, I belive theirs a rumor, that befirending rock, hugh, and marlin but i never go them!
Record Names
Sebeastian-Town Spirit, Chris-The bride, Mukumuku-Don't remember,Hugh and Rock-Unknown,Marlin-Butterfly (possibly)
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Linkissohot answered:

Well Pigpen29 has a good argument but I always thought you bought records from Van (in this game after connecting with your gameboy) Hope I helped!!! ;)
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