Question from gamerboy105

How do you get a horse?

I want a horse and dont know how to get one


harvestchic answered:

summer or fall of the first year. I got mine fall 5
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gamergirl567 answered:

The owner of the farm will give it to you after like a year or so. It will come, just wait.
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kooooooooooool answered:

Your dad's friend,Takakura,will order it for you in the Summer.
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luffylee answered:

Takakura will give it to you in the summer on the fist year of chap1
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iEchosale answered:

Takakura will give it to you sometime during the Summer of Ch.1, usually within the first day or two. You have to have bought the brush for sure before Summer, though I've always had to buy a female chicken as well to get the horse.
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CloudPuffz answered:

The Way I Got A Horse Was By Buying A Brush From Van First. Hope It Works! ;)
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