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How do i breed cows?

I now have a male and female cow and i want it to have a baby.


Salvation952 answered:

You cant make the two opposite gender cows have a baby together, you order a Cow Miracle Potion and give it to the cow, then will soon have a baby. You can order it in the Fridge Room or something. Sorry, I have the game but I havent played it for a looooooong time! I play Tree of Tranquility now.
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sonicfan2323 answered:

You buy a miracle potion if you have a full grown bull it`s cheaper than using other bull,wait it`s free.
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SaerzAmon answered:

You can either breed by purchasing the miracle potion in the shipping/ordering shed, using a "borrowed bull" which is more costly, or if you have an adult bull yourself you puchase the miracle potion and choose to use your bull which is cheaper, might be free I don't know, I have never bothered to keep an adult bull.
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Isxaxbellaxcute answered:

If you have your own bull it's free. and you can mix breeds. go into the dairy shipping room and you can order it. it will take awhile and try to do it before takura goes off into town.
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KathrenCullen47 answered:

First you have to have a full grown female cow or it wont work. Secornd you go to the dary shipping room and buy miracle potion and then you get the chose of using farms bull ( it costs 0 gold) or another bull from a barn in the city( which costs 2500 gold so its better to have a bull on your farm), the farm bull has to be at least 40 days old or in other words a full grown cow. You could also wait for the male and female to like eachother enough to have a calf. You can mix breeds which in my opinion would be fun, but if you use the others bull you cant mix breeds.
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Final_Extacy35 answered:

Guys u can give the female cow a miracle potion and the cow would be
pregnant or its pretty natural if u have a male cow to ur just giving him
some money problems but he is asking how to breed a cow so all he's
gotaa do is go to the book shelf and read about cattles thats all glad to
help and no offense about my comments to ur guys answers k bye
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Mmgold answered:

You can either give the cow a miracle potion, or you could keep the male and female together in the barn by themselves awhile.
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Linkissohot answered:

All you do is buy the cow miracle potion which is in the order booklet and give it to your female cow. It's quite simple, really. Hope I helped!
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Linkissohot answered:

Oh yeah and you do have to have a full grown female!
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harvestchic answered:

I let them have it naturally other than paying 2500 dollars... :/
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Demi_bug answered:

No you don't. You can order a Miracle Potion in the Ledger. You should get it in a few days.
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eivillink111 answered:

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empressdee answered:

Step 1 - order the miracle potion from the "order sheet" in the building where you normally ship milk and eggs.

Step 2 - present the miracle potion to the cattle couple you want to mate from the order sheet.

Step 3 - wait until Takakura arrives and he will have you wait outside so the cow and bull can mate. (Personally, I wanted to see the action, but I guess even cattle need their privacy.)

Step 4 - keep an eye on your cow. If she becomes sick, give her animal medicine asap or she will die and no calf will be born.

Happy mating!
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kalawoof answered:

If you just got the bull, you have to wait 30 days until it's able to breed. If it's old enough, go to the storage building and go to the ledger. Select Order Animals, then go down to miracle potion. Select the female you want, then the bull. After that, you just wait.
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JMISBEST answered:

All of their suggestions are correct, here is what I do.

I always pay extra to have it done for ne. But, once it is old enough, I always sell it,

The only reason I get the cows pregnant in the 1st place is so that I can get as much milk as possible.

But even though buying a bull will save time and money in the long run, I prefer to pay for it and due to the fact that, many years ago, I worked out a guaranteed way of having the goat, a sheep, a horse, 4 star cows, all upgrades, at least 10 banana trees by late summer, early autumn of year 1 of chapter 3 and still have 80,000 to 85,000 cash, money is never a problem.
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