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What is the best strategy for (making hybrid crops)?

you are able to make hybrid do I do this?


BrandonLogan answered:

You need to activate the scene where you unlock Tartan. After you talk to him enough you will see a option that says hybrid, put in 2 crops like tomato and strawberry and you will get a werid vegtable, for more info check the guides.
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pokemonFGFTW answered:

Might i suggest... ... click on hybrid crops, then it will show you a little generator thing that shows you the result it you type in 2 crops ( eg; Carrot + Sweet potato = Kanro)
Hope this helps x]
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loujoelou answered:

if you're talking about the seed that makes a fruit into 2 seeds.

Well anyway you have to unlock Tartan like BrandonLogan says and when you do unlock him you go to Takakura's house to make hybrids.
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Wipe42 answered:

You need to befriend Takakura first then sometime in Chapter 2 or later you need to enter Takakura's house while he is there and you might be able to trigger a cutscence where Takakura shows Tartan. Then after talking to Tartan for awhile he should let you put different fruits or vegetables in him and presto you have a hybrid crop.
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jelly571 answered:

Alright I've played this game a long time and i know the secret to Tartan, first and most obvious talk to him a TON to get the hybrid option. Then keep your relationship strong, the more he likes you the less he fails at cross-breeding. EVERY CROP CAN BE MIXED WITH EVERY OTHER CROP. People usually give up and say you cant cross the, YES YOU CAN!!!! every 1st gen crop i.e. tomato, turnip, melon.... can be mixed with every other 1st gen. And EVERY 2nd gen i.e gretoma, kandy, cady.... CAN BE MIXED WITH EVERY OTHER 2nd gen!!! Most 2nd gen crops will make the same thing, i.e jurum+gehju=rare tree4 and orhange+gehju=rare tree4, so there you go, dont give up they can all be made because I HAVE EVERY ONE OF THEM!
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