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Irragation System?

One of the rare crop hybrids acts as an irragation system, when you water it it also waters the 8 plots arround it. Does any one know which one this is? From how useful this one is I'm assuming it must be Rare crop 23 or 24 since those 2 are random in wether or not you get them. But I would like to know for certain if anyone knows which 1 it is.

SaerzAmon provided additional details:

Tested the RareCrop it is in bloom now, when it flowers it waters the 4 adjacent spaces, but not the 4 vetical spaces. Will update when it is fully grown.


kugutsushi answered:

I've seen a lot of hybrids but this is new to me, perhaps you should google it. google has the answers for everything.
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SaerzAmon answered:

I found it, thanks for the google Idea, I found a hybrid crop faq that says which one it is, I am posting the crop combinations for it here and on the cheats section for this game. Apperantly it is RC 8, though I don't know if this guy listed the RareCrops in the same order as Supermario1024 does in his cooking guide. It doesn't look like they use the same numbering system for the Rarecrops.
Bashber + Gretoma
Bashber + Kashry
Bashber + Melober
Bashota + Paberryta
Gretoma + Kashry
Gretoma + Melober
Gretoma + Tobatama
Kashry + Melober
Melober + Potamelo
Melotoma + Potamelo
Melotoma + Tobatama
Description: It looks like an eggplant.
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loujoelou answered:

Since I have many codes for some games, I remembered reading about it, so I looked it up and it is the eggplant.
The eggplant waters the 8 spaces (or plots) around it as you said. I will tell the combinations my codes say ( Just to tell you it is from ( )

Some Combinations:


P.S. When I use to do hybrids in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, sometimes it would take me many tries do get the hybrid.
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loujoelou answered:

I meant the eggplant also water 8 spaces too like the RC 8.
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