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Asked: 6 years ago

Can you do the money trick are the million things trick in this game?

the money trick is well i don't know how to do the money trick but I have done it in Harvest Moon:Another wonderful life.And to do the million things trick press the Z button.

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From: gamer_gal_3131 6 years ago

yeah, i tried it too, DOSNT WORK!!!

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Don't think Harvest moon : A wonderful life does have the "controller to third slot thing" either that or I cant do it :P

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The only money trick I know is the one where you duplicate Ruby's spices and sell them but any other I am all ears.

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That money Trick only works in a girl version of HMAnWL. But there is the ruby Spice glitch where if you befriend ruby and enter in the kitchen when its her only in there one day, she gives you it, and if you go to ur pot and put only that 1 ruby spice, then click ok. you will have 2. keep doing till u want like 51. Sell 50 to Van and keep 1 so you can keep Duplicating it and making money

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yeah the ruby spice trick really works. i don't know if this a trick or not but if you befriend the towns folk you get items from them. also when you sell things to van say 'no' to his first offer. this works well with golden wool which you can get by washing your sheep TWICE then imediatly shear him. and your golden chicken eggs. sell them to van and say 'no' and then he;ll give you 60G more than if you were accept his first offer or placing it into the dairy bin. the offer for the golden wool will be 720G instead of 600G and the egg will be 360G instead of 300G.

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