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All All Questions for Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life.

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
You have to collect nices what are they? 3
How do I solve the Harvest Goddess in the Spring Puzzle? 2
Milk? 1

Other Help Answers
Item cheat? 0
What is turbojolt? 0
Ducks? 3
Glitch? 1
Horse? 1
How do i breed cows? 15
How do you get a horse? 6
How do you get the different ways to cook(grill, etc.)? 1
How long it takes for a apple tree to grow? 2
How many days does it take to build the Food Processing room? 2
How many of each animal are there? 1
How to make earth soup? 1
Is it important for me to know the day I proposed to her? 2
Is there a away to adopt the Wild animals? 2
Muffy's son? 1
My cow stopped giving milk a few days after giving birth? 5
Nuuume-? 1
Recipes? 3
Some weird creature thing? 2
Theres a package in my food storage room but everytime i pick it up the screen goes green why? 4
What kinds of soups are there? 1
When can a cow breed? 6
Why do I get a failed dish every time I try to make carrot cake? 6
Why won't Dr. Hardy tell me what happened to his eye? 1
Will Murry leave the valley? 5
After my cow gives birth does it only produce milk for a certain amount of days then stop? 3
After you finish all the chapters can you continue to play? 6
Can i use ruby spice trick to get better at cooking? 1
Can Jack have a party in the locked shed? 2
Can you do heart events even though the heart is higher than the event? 2
Can you do the money trick are the million things trick in this game? 5
Can you enter horse races? 1
Can you have a baby girl? 1
Can you have more then one child? 1
Can YouKill Van? 3
Dateing and Marrige? 1
Do the stars over Jack's head mean anything? 1
Do the strang items do anything? 1
Do You Really Have To Say GoodBye? 1
Harvest Goddess? 2
Help me pls? 2
Help!?!? 3
Horses color? 1
How could you know who you can marry? 1
How do I kill the goat? 5
How do I marry Nami? 1
How do u get ur cows into the milking room? 3
How do you get golden eggs? 1
How do you get the 11th happy lamp? 1
How Do You Get the mini game "tomb Stone Washer"? 2
How early can you get married? 7
How in the heck do i get the chuwawa? 6
How long after giving the girl the blue feather do you get married? 1
How long cow? 1
How many chickens can you have? 1
How many years are in chapter two? 1
How muchs years dose the game have total? 2
If I sold my female duck can I still get ducklings? 2
Lumina? 2
Marry Lumina?!?!? 1
Marrying nami? 1
Missing Grant? 2
My cow wont give milk anymore? 1
My ducks wont lay eggs!?!?!? 1
My persons face? 1
My son's marrige? 1
No Horse? 3
Tartan wont hybridize? 1
The toys actually do something!?!? 1
What do I do with the sheep wool? 1
What does it mean if my person has a dream about bubbles? 1
What happens if I get to spring day 1and it doesn't go into the next year? 3
What Harvest Moon Game is the best? 2
What is a good way to get money? 1
What is in that locked shed next to your house? 2
What is up with that Teddy Bear? 1
What's this? 1
Who is the best girl to marry and the quickest to get four hearts? 17
Who's most likely to propose? 1
Why do my cows get upset when they eat? 2

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