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Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life
FAQ and Walkthrough
Copyright Clench281
Last Updated: March 24 2004

                          ____              _____ _____
     /ŻŻŻ/   /ŻŻŻ/ /ŻŻŻ| | __ \  |Ż|  /Ż/  / ___//     / /ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ/
    /   /___/   / / /Ż|| | '' /  | | / /  / /__  \__ŻŻ\  ŻŻ/  /ŻŻ
   /   ____    / /   Ż | | |\ \  | |/ /  / ___/  ___/  |  /  /
  /___/   /___/ /__/Ż|_| | | \_\ |___/  /  ŻŻ/  |     /  /__/
                                        ŻŻŻŻŻ    ŻŻŻŻŻ
              ___  ___     ______   ______   ___
             /   \/   \   |  __  | |  __  | |   \ |Ż|
            /  _    _  \  | |  | | | |__| | | |\ \| | o
           /__/ \__/ \__\ |  ŻŻ  | |      | |_| \___| o
                           ŻŻŻŻŻŻ   ŻŻŻŻŻŻ
                       A WONDERFUL LIFE

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |              TABLE OF CONTENTS                 | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......


  The rest is coming soon- I'm trying to get this out as fast as I can, and
I'll be
  updating nearly every day.

 Hey! Want to get to where you're going faster?
 Press Control+F and search for the word in parentheses
 depending on which catagory you're looking for.

 I. Intro
 A. Introduction ...........(Sntr)
 B. A game about farming? ..(Sabt)
 C. Controls ...............(Scon)

 II. Forget-Me-Not-Valley
 A. Your Farm ..............(Sfrm)
 B. The Characters .........(Schr)
     1. Tim ................(Stim)
     2. Ruby ...............(Srub)
     3. Rock ...............(Srok)
     4. Nami ...............(Snam)
     5. Galen ..............(Sgal)
     6. Nina ...............(Snin)
     7. Chris ..............(Scrs)
     8. Wally ..............(Swly)
     9. Hugh ...............(Shgh)
     10. Griffin ...........(Sgri)
     11. Muffy .............(Smuf)
     12. Romana ............(Srom)
     13. Sebastian .........(Sseb)
     14. Lumina ............(Slum)
     15. Vesta .............(Sves)
     16. Marlin ............(Smar)
     17. Celia .............(Scel)
     18. Kassey ............(Skas)
     19. Patrick ...........(Spat)
     20. Daryl .............(Sdar)
     21. Carter ............(Sctr)
     22. Flora .............(Sflo)
     23. Gustafa ...........(Sgus)
     24. Dr. Hardy .........(Sdr.)
     25. Van ...............(Svan)
     26. Cody ..............(Scod)
     27. Nic ...............(Snic)
     28. Nak ...............(Snak)
     29. Flak ..............(Sflk)
     30. Takakura ..........(Stak)
 C. The Village ............(Svil)
 D. Foraging ...............(Sfor)

 III. Girls
 A. Marrying? ..............(Smry)
 B. Celia ..................(Smce)
 C. Muffy ..................(Smmu)
 D. Nami ...................(Smna)

 IV. Crops (Coming soon)
 A. Crop basics ............(Scrb)
 B. First Generation .......(S1gn)
 C. Second Generation ......(S2gn)
 D. Third Generation .......(S3gn)
 E. Prices .................(Scpr)

 V. Trees (Coming Soon)
 A. Tree Basics ............(Stpr)
 B. First Generation .......(Stfg)
 C. Second Generation ......(Stsg)
 D. Third Generation .......(Sttg)
 E. Prices .................(Sttp)

 VI. Animals (Coming soon)
 A. Animal Basics ..........(Sabs)
 B. Cows ...................(Scow)
 C. Chickens ...............(Schk)
 D. Sheep ..................(Sshp)
 E. Goats ..................(Sgot)
 F. Ducks ..................(Sduk)
 G. Your Horse .............(Shrs)
 H. Prices .................(Sapr)

 VII. Cooking (Coming Soon)
 A. How it works ...........(Scok)
 B. Recipe list ............(Srec)

 VIII. Item list

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	     Section I- INTRODUCTION              | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......

 Well, this is my first FAQ. EVER. I've so far thought about writing
 an FAQ for nearly every other Harvest Moon game out there, but the
 problem was that by the time I got the game, there was already a
 bunch of them written. Well, with A Wonderful Life, I luckily got it
 the day it came out. Hopefully, I thought, this would give me the
 chance to write up an FAQ for it before everyone else did. So, I
 then decided to write an FAQ for this game. It's my first, so go
 easy on me. =P (Sntr)

 |         A Game about farming?!           |

 Yes, this game is 'about farming', but that's not all it's about-
 and it's fun. Not to mention addictive. Ever heard the phrase
 "Don't judge a book by its cover?" Well, that applies to this game.
 Don't judge it until you give it a chance, and I'm almost sure you'll
 like it. (Sabt)

 |                Controls                  |

 I'm gonna make a big assumption here, and that's that you know
 where all the buttons are on your controller. *GASP!*


 Control Stick: This buttom moves your character, as well as
                the curser,  selecting options from menus,
                choosing items from your rucksack, etc.

 Direction Pad: This works like the control stick, except it
                does not move your character; it only works
                in menus and in your rucksack.

 C-stick:       The C-stick rotates the camera, if you are
                not in any menus. If in the rucksack menu,
                pressing the C-stick left or right will change
                the page/category that items are in.

 B-Button:      The B-button is mostly used for canceling out
                of menus, to return back to the normal screen.

 A-Button:      The A-Button is your main action button.
                Pay attention to what word is over the green
                A-Button in the top right of your screen to see
                which action can be done.

 Y-Button:      This is the secondary action button, mostly
                used for snuggling animals and washing cattle.
                Pay attention to the top right of the screen
                to see what actions can be done.

 X-Button:      The X-Button opens your shortcut rucksack
                menu, or opens the Forget-Me-Not Valley map
                if you are riding your horse.

 L (shoulder):  The L button changes the camera so that it is
                directly behind your character. I find this
                sometimes a little confusing, so I advise
                you use the C-stick for changing views if you
                do not like the way this one works.

 R (shoulder):  The R button is for whistling. Press it once,
                and you will whistle for your dog. Double-tap
                it to whistle for your horse, once you get one.

 Z (shoulder):  Use this to go into first-persion view, through
                the eyes of your character. Time goes by while
                using this, so remember that.

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	Section II- Forget-Me-Not-Valley          | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......

 |               YOUR FARM                  |

|  ________________________________________________________________________  |
| |    	                                Fertile Field          Very Fertile| |
| |                Unfertile Field          [][][]                 Field   | |
| |         |ŻŻŻŻŻŻ|  [][][][]   |ŻŻŻŻ|     [][][]       |ŻŻŻ|       [][][]| |
| |  Dog    | Home |  [][][][]   |Coop|     [][][]       |???|       [][][]| |
| | House|Ż||______|  [][][][]   |____| .-. [][][]       |___|       [][][]| |
| |       Ż                             '-'                          [][][]| |
| |                                     Well                         [][][]| |
| |                                                                  [][][]| |
| |                                                                  [][][]| |
| |                                                                  [][][]| |
| |   Storage     Tool Shed [Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż]      [][][]| |
| |    Tower        |ŻŻŻŻ|  [                                 ]        |ŻŻŻ  |
| |   |ŻŻŻŻŻ|       |____|__[                                 ]        | |ŻŻŻ
| |   |     |       |       [                                 ]        | |
| |   |_____|       | Barn  [                                 ]        | |
| |                 |       [            Pasture              ]        | |
| |                 |_______[                                 ]        | |
| |                         [                                 ]        | |
| |  Takakura's             [                                 ]        | |
| |   |ŻŻŻŻŻ|               [-|                               ]        | |
| |   |     |               [ | Water                         ]        | |
| |   |_____|               [-| Trough                        ]        | |
| |                         [                                 ]        | |
|_|                         [_._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._._]        | |
    To TOWN                                                            | |
      _____________________________________        ____________________| |
      _____________________________________)      (_______________________
                                           To  PASS

 About your farm:

        This is your house! It comes with:

        - A bed. You sleep on it...

        - A record player, at the base of your bed. You can change
        your background music if you find other records.

	- A diary. This is possibly the most important part of
	your home. You use this to save, and go to sleep. You
	wouldn't get very far without this...

        - A television set. Press A button while in front of it
        to use. Use the control stick to change to
        different channels. Press B button to exit.

                Up = Weather Channel
                Right = News Broadcast
                Down = Entertainment
                Left = Today's horoscope

        - A kitchen. If you have the correct ingredients, you can
        cook recipes to eat, sell, or give as gifts. If your
        combination of items isn't correct, it will make a
        failure. Only van would buy this...

        - A Calendar, on the right wall.

 Dog House
        Takakura said he'd build a home for the little guy, and he stuck
        to his word. You can not bring your dog inside, and that is why
        it needs a dog house. Next to the dog house is your dog's food	
        dish. You can put any food item (Besides beverages such as milk)
        in here. Remember to feed your dog every day if you want it to
        like you.

        You have three different fields in this game; not fertile,
        fertile, and very fertile. You should concentrat on planting
        your main crops in the fertile field, other crops in the fertile
        field (you can add fertilizer also) and trees in the unfertile

        This is where you will keep your feathered friends, chickens and
        ducks while they are not outside. There is also an incubator in
        the top left corner, where you can hatch a fertilized egg into
        a chick. You can not place regular unfertilized eggs in the
        incubator. In order to get fertilized eggs, you need to have a
        male and female bird. A few days after you have both a male and
        a female, you may start to find	fertilized eggs every once and
        a while.

        *For more info about how to get ducks, see "Chapter One" in the

        At this well, you fill up your watering can so you can water the
        crops in your fields. Have your watering can equiped, and press
        the A button to fill it up.

        This building is, as far as I know, always locked. Many people
        assume that it was planned to be the stable for your horse, but
        the horse was just put in the barn with cattle instead. Oh well.

 Storage Tower
        You can do three things in this room. You can store food items,	
        Purchase/sell new animals/tools/buildings for your farm, and
        leave dairy products (Milk, eggs, cheese, butter) to be picked up
        by Takakura and sold. You can also se a summary of daily, seasonal,
        and total profits.

        To store food items, walk up to the large freezer in the back of
        the room. Press A, and you can move items from your rucksack to
        the food storage. (What? You say some of your food items have
        disappeared?! Well, maybe Murrey might know what happened to your
        food, heheh)

        To purchase and sell new things for your farm, access the ledger
        in the middle of the room, a little to the left. Move the cursor
        down and then left until you reach the "order" button. This is
        where you order new animals, tools, and buildings. There is also
        a button at the bottom for selling animals you no longer wish
        to keep.

        To sell dairy products, access the blue box in the middle of the
        room. Move dairy from your rucksack into the bottom half of the
        screen, and Takakura will sell these items for you, and leave the
        money. Check back later to pick up the money.

 Tool Shed
        In this shed, you can store tools that you don't want to carry
        around with you on the shelves, located on the left side of the
        shed (don't forget to press right on the control stick to see
        more tools). Although, because your rucksack is nearly
        limitless, I find it a little pointless to have to run to the
        tool shed every time you want to switch tools, so I just keep
        them all with me. When you order a new tool, bird seed or the
        like, this is where Takakura will put it. When he delivers it,
        you will see a cutscene involving him in your tool shed.

        On the right side of the shed, there is a cabinet. This is where
        bird seed, miracle potions, animal medicines and the linke will
        be put.

        This is the barn, where your cows, sheep, goats, and horse should
        be when it isn't convenient for them to be outside, such as
        when it is raining. If you are keeping animals inside the barn,
        you should fill their feed boxes with fodder (Don't know how to
        get fodder? See the "pasture" section). Take fodder out of the
        silo by walking up to the steel dispenser on the left side of
        the barn. You can check teh status of your animals by viewing
        the green chalk board in the back. You can instantly move all
        of your barn animals into the barn by pressing the red button
        at the back of the room.

        When it's sunny outside, animals love to be in the pasture,
        they don't have to be fed- they eat on their own. Each animal
        will eat 1 patch of grass, so unless you cut down every single
        patch of grass in your pasture, they will be fine. You can
        press the red button on the back of the barn (outside) to move
        all animals outside. Use the sickle on fully grown grass to
        get fodder. Every patch of grass you cut gets you one fodder.
        Be careful not to hit your animals by accident!

 Water Trough
        Next to the barn is a water trough. If you have the brush, you
        can wash your animals here. Push your animals over to the
        trough by getting behind them, and pressing the control stick	
        in the direction you want them to go, holding down A. Once your
        animal is there, have your brush equiped, and face your animal,
        and press Y when "wash" appears.

 Takakura's House
        Just what it sounds like, this is where Takakura lives.
        Why don't you stop by and say hello to him?		

 |               THE PEOPLE                 |

 There are many people that live in Forget-Me-Not-Valley. Each of them has
 their own unique personality, likes, and dislikes. Here, you will find
 information such as where the person lives, where they can be found through-
 out the day, and what items the like and do not like.


        Game description

        Likes: What items the character likes to receive
        Dislikes: What items the character does not like to receive
        Suggested item: Which item will work, and isn't too expensive.


        "Co-owner of the Inner in, Tim enjoys sampling meals
        prepared for guests. His wife often travels to Mineral
        Town, leaving him alone to watch the main lobby."

        Lives: At the Inner Inn
        Likes: Milk, Flowers, Ruin artifacts, cheese
        Dislikes: Curry
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Ruby is co-owner of the Inner Inn and an outstanding
        chef. PEople attribute the secret spice in her tasty
        meals as one key factor to her success."

        Lives: At the Inner Inn
        Likes: Flowers, milk, tomatoes
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Easy-going party boy Rock is Tim and Ruby's son. You
        can often find him down along the beach in the

        Lives: At the Inner Inn
        Likes: Mist Moons (flower), fodder, coins, toy flowers
        Dislikes: Happy lamp, goddess drop
        Suggested item: Fodder


        "Like Tim and Ruby, Nami is a world traveler who
        stopped in Forget-Me-Not Valley and forgot to leave.
        She will certainly depart if you don't marry her."

        Lives: At the Inner Inn
        Likes: fossilized skulls, flowers that grow in fall,
        Dislikes: Other flowers
        Suggested item: fossils, or fall flowers


        "Galen moved to Forget-Me-Not Valley to retire from
        city life, but he admits he's bored. He lives with Nina
        in a small cottage across from the Blue Bar."

        Lives: House across from the Blue Bar, with Nina
        Likes: Fish, S Rank vegetables
        Dislikes: Low grade Vegetables
        Suggested item: Fish


        "Nina is Galen's wife and insists on living in Forget-Me-
        Not Valley for the remainder of her years. She always
        perks up whenever someone gives her produce."

        Lives: House across from the Blue Bar, with Galen
        Likes: Flowers, Milk
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Always cheerful, Chris is married to Wally and com-
        mutes daily to her work. She loves flowers and will often
        buy one from your produce stand."

        Lives: House next to Nina and Galen, with Wally and Hugh
        Likes: Flowers, Milk
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Wally is an upwardly-mobile fitness fanatic who
        spends his entire day monitoring his stopwatch. You'll
        find him jogging around or working in his gym."

        Lives: House next to Nina and Galen, with Chris and Hugh
        Likes: Eggs, Milk, cheese, Coins
        Suggested item: Coins, Eggs


        "Hugh is the son of Chris and Wally. When he has the
        stanima he's often working out with his dad. Hugh
        often spends his rest breaks near the forest spring."

        Lives: House next to Nina and Galen, with Wally and Chris
        Likes: Coins, Milk (in chapter 1)
        Suggested item: Coins


        "Super-suave Griffin is the proprietor of the Blue Bar
        and master mixologist for a wide variety of energy-
        restoring drinks. He plays guitar in his spare time."

        Lives: Back of the Blue Bar
        Likes: Fish, coins, Mist moons (flowers)
        Suggested item: Whichever you have most to spare


        "Muffy toils behind the counter of the Blue Bar and
        works her charm on eligible bachelors. She would
        love to marry the right man and raise a family."

        Lives: Back of the Blue Bar
        Likes: Flowers, butter, Ancient coins
        Dislikes: Fish
        Suggested item: flowers


        "Grandma Ramona lives in a large manor high above
        Forget-Me-Not Valley. She dreams of her granddaugh-
        ter Lumina playing better than any other concert pianist."

        Lives: Romana's Villa, with Sebastian and Lumina
        Likes: Flowers, Milk, oranges,
        Dislikes: Fish, cheese
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Sebastian is the elderly butler who has looked after
        Romana for decades. He's treated more like a family
        member than an employed household servant."

        Lives: Romana's Villa, with Romana and Lumina
        Likes: Dairy products
        Dislikes: ?
        Suggested item: eggs


        "Lumina is too young to marry but if she could she
        might marry you. She loves Grandmother Romana but
        it's difficult to live up to her high expectations."

        Lives: Romana's Villa, with Romana and Sebastian.
        Likes: Flowers
        Suggested item: Flowers


        ""Subtle" isn't in Vesta's vocabulary. Thsi ruggged and
        successful farmer won't waste time on fragile diplo-
        macy--especially when it comes to marrying off Celia."

        Lives: Vesta's Farm with Celia and Marlin
        Likes: Milk, Flowers (Good to eat, she says?), Curry
        Dislikes: ?
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Vest'as outspoken brother is learning to be an agri-
        cultural expert. He moved to the valley for the healthy
        lifestyle and doesn't mind hard work."

        Lives: Vest's Farm with Vesta and Celia
        Likes: Rank S Vegetables
        Dislikes: Most other things
        Suggested item: Nothing. I hate him. <_<


        "Compassionate for people and animals, Celia is the
        perfect counterbalance to Vesta's overbearing per-
        sonality. She loves plants--especially flowers."

        Lives: Vesta's Farm with Vesta and Marlin
        Likes: Flowers,
        Dislikes: Bones
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Kassey is the world's greatest pyrotechnician. He
        lives inside an elevated hosue down the hill near the
        beach. Don't confuse him with his twin, Patrick."

        Lives: Pyrotechnician's home @ the far end of the Village with Patrick
        Likes: Flowers, Crystals
        Suggested item: flowers


        "Patrick is the world's second-greatest pyrotechni-
        cian. He looks like his twin Kassey, but most people
        know to look for the patch on the back of his pants."

        Lives: Pyrotechnician's home @ the far end of the Village with Kassey
        Likes: Flowers, Crystals
        Dislikes: Watermelons
        Suggested item: flowers


        "Eccentric Daryl came to the valley to conduct scien-
        tific research but he might be staying for the river's
        big smelt. His lab is behind the Blue Bar."

        Lives: His laboratory behind the Blue Bar
        Likes: Eggs, coins, Fossilized skulls
        Dislikes: Flowers
        Suggested item: fossilized skulls

        "Dr. Carter lives in a tent next to his archeological dig
        near the waterfall. He's always looking for help and
        will even let you keep a few of your finds."

        Lives: The tent next the waterfall, with Flora
        Likes: Cheese, Melons
        Suggested item: Melons


       "Flora is Dr. Carter's assistant and stays with him in
        the tent. Outsiders might consider this scandalous,
        but Flora remains dedicated to her research."

        Lives: The tent next to the waterfall, with Carter
        Likes: Milk, cheese, fish, butter
        Dislikes: Low grade Vegetables
        Suggested item: Fish


        "Easy-going Gustafa lives in a yurt near the beach.
        This guitar-strumming poet has a positive word for
        everyone in the valley at his awesome summer gigs."

        Lives: His "yurt" near the beach
        Likes: Ruin artifacts, flowers
        Suggested item: flowers

        "Distinguished Dr. Hardy is Romana's physician. He
        looks after her during his daily rounds and always
        offers healthy advice to anyone willing to listen."

        Lives: ???
        Likes: Fish, Flowers
        Dislikes: Curry
        Suggested item: Flowers


        "Van is a portly traveling merchant who makes rounds
        throughout local farming villages. He's always willing
        to buy anything you sell for a fair price."

        Lives: Not in Forget-Me-Not Valley
        Likes: Ruin artifacts, eggs
        Suggested item: Eggs, coins

        "Cody is the resident artist in town. He can often be
        seen wandering town in search of artistic inspiration."

        Lives: His studio, in the far end of the village
        Likes: Flowers
        Suggested item: Flowers

        The tall sprite in the red suit.

        Lives: In the tree, near the spring. Eat a mushroom to go in.
        Likes: ?
        Dislikes: ?
        Suggested item: ?

        The young sprite in the blue suit.

        Lives: In the tree, near the spring. Eat a mushroom to go in.
        Likes: ?
        Dislikes: ?
        Suggested item: ?

        The fat sprite in the yellow suit.

        Lives: In the tree, near the spring. Eat a mushroom to go in.
        Likes: ?
        Dislikes: ?
        Suggested item: ?

        Takakura found the farm with the main character's
        father a long time ago. Now, it's your turn to work
        with him to keep the farm running. He'll do all
        the selling of dairy products and delivering tools.

        Lives: At your farm
        Likes: Food you cook yourself
        Dislikes: ?
        Suggested item: Light Pickles (Salad: 1 Turnip)
                        Sashimi: (Hors d'oeuvre: 1 Fish)

 |              The VILLAGE                 |


                                                  To YOUR FARM
                ____________________________________        __________________
               (____________________________________)      (__________________
    To TOWN

                                                                To WATERFALL
                                                        |  ___________________
                                                        | |
                                                        | |___________________
______| ---- |__________________________________________|_|___________________
  ~   | ---- |             ~           ~             ~               ~
    ~ | ---- | ~     ~           ~       ~     River      ~      ~           ~
~  ~  | ---- |     ~        ~        ~    ~        ~         ~       ~      ~
______| ---- |________________________________________________________________
     To VESTA's

                        this is just a small junction where you can
                        choose a lot of different directions to go. Across the
                        bridge is Vesta's farm. To the right leads towards the
                        waterfall, to the left leads into the heart of Forget-
                        Me-Not, and the top leads back to your farm.

 |              VESTA'S FARM                |

                          To Town
                           /  \

      ~        ~     ~   ~ |--|     ~        ~        ~     ~         ~
            ~         ~    |--|       ~          ~       ~   ~
      __/                                                     To Waterfall
 _/                                [Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż'Ż']         ___
|                                  [ [ ][ ]  [ ][ ]  [ ][ ] ]        |
|                                  [ [ ][ ]  [ ][ ]  [ ][ ] ]        |
|                                  [ [ ][ ]  [ ][ ]  [ ][ ] ]        |
|                                  [ [ ][ ]  [ ][ ]  [ ][ ] ]        |
|                                  [ [ ][ ]  [ ][ ]  [ ][ ] ]        |
|                                  [ [ ][ ]  [ ][ ]  [ ][ ] ]        |
|                                  [        &               ]        |
|          _                       \ ____     |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|  /        |
|         /                        |    |     |__________|           |
|        /    T                    |____|                            |
|       |                                                            |
|        \                          _____     |ŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻŻ|           |
|         \_   T                   |     |    |__________|           |
|                                  |     |                           |
|                                  |_____|                           |
|                                  Vesta's                  Y        |
|                                          Y         Y               |
 \__     (ŻŻ) (Ż)                                                    |
    \(ŻŻŻ)       (Ż)                                                 |
     ŻŻ\__                                                           |
          \                                                          |

 This is where Vesta, Celia, and Marlin live. The live in the house
 Labeled "Vesta's". At the bottom left, there is a group of four rocks,
 where Cody sometimes takes a stop at. At the left is a small plateau where
 you can often find flowers. Across the bridge will lead you towards town,
 And heading right will lead you to the Carter's Dig site near the water-

 |                WATERFALL                 |
                                                   /ŻŻŻ ______ ŻŻ\_
                                                _/Ż    |Sprite|    \
                                               /       |______|     \
                                              |                      \
                                               \                     |
                                                |   /ŻŻŻŻŻ\           \
                                                |  |Spring |           |
                                                |  |       |          |
                                                |   \_____/          /
                                                 \                  |
                                                  \_               /
                                                    \             /
                                                     \           /
                                                      |         |
                                                      |         \
                                                      |          \
                                                     /            \
____________________________________________________/             |
  To PASS                                                             \
      ~        ~     ~     River  ~       ~    ~        ~        ~     ~ \_
           ~     ~    ~          ~          ~          ~    Waterfall      \
  To VESTA's                                          \___ ~    ~ ________/
                                                          \______/        \
________________________________________                                   \
                                        |                         _______   |
                                        |                        | Tent  |  |
                                        |                        |_______|  |
                                         \                                  |
                                          |         ________              | |
                                           \       | Ruins  |             | |
                                            \      |________|            / /
                                             \    __                    / |
                                              ŻŻ\   \_________________/  /

 There are two sides to the waterfall, which are the spring and the ruins.
 On the spring side you can also find the harvest sprites' home. Because
 you are too big to enter their door, you have to eat one of the strange
 mushrooms sitting nearby. Lumina, Rock, and Hugh like to spend time
 in the afternoons in this area.

 On the other side of the river is the Ruins, Also known as Carter's
 dig sight. You can help carter dig for artifacts if you go down there
 and talk to him. Flora and Carter live in the tent right next to the
 dig site.

 |               MAIN TOWN                  |

                    ____________/          |         \       To ROMANA's
               ____/                                 |          VILLA
            __/                            |     __  |       ________
           /        Cody's                  \___|__|_       (_______ \
          |         /ŻŻ/                                        |HB|\ \
          |        /__/	            Kassey & Patrick's          |__| \ \
         |                                                        __   | |
        /                                                        |HA| | |
       |                                                         |__| | |
       |                                    __           |ŻŻŻ|     __/ /
       |                                   /    Daryl's  |Bar|    |  _/
       |                                  /     |ŻŻŻŻ|    ŻŻŻ     | |
        \  __        Turtle Swamp         |     |    |            | |
         | ŻŻ         /ŻŻŻŻŻŻ\            |     |    |            | |
         |           /        \            \_   |____|  |ŻŻ|      | |
         |           \        /              \_         |__|      | |
    ____/             \______/                 \___        $      | |
   /                                                              | |
  |                                                               | |
  |                                                               | |
 /                                                                | |
|                                              |ŻŻŻŻ'             | |
|                                              |    ,             | |
|   Beach                                      | |ŻŻŻŻŻ|          | |
|                                              | | Inn |          | |
|                 ___                          | |_____|          | |
|                /   \                         |___/              | |
 |              |     |                                           | |
  \_|    __      \___/                                            | |
    |    ŻŻ    Gustafa's                                          | |
     \                                                            |_|
      \__    //
         \__       ||     ||                                     To YOUR FARM
            \__                                                    ______
               \______________                                    (______
                            /                                    To PASS
                       River       ~     ~       ~       ~ |--|
                                ~     ~    ~          ~    |--|
                                                        To VESTA's
 Here is where the most people live. At the Inner Inn, Tim, Ruby, Rock, and
 Nami live. Nami lives on the left of the top floor, and Rock lives on the
 right of the top floor. Tim is often found loitering at the entrance floor.
 Ruby is rarely in here, she can usually be found next to the inn outside,
 or walking around.

 Gustafa's: That crazy musician Gustafa's strange home.

 Daryl's: This is where Daryl, the crazy scientist lives and does his
 experiments. He won't usually accept gifts while he's here, so wait
 until you see him walking around town to give him something.

 Bar: The Blue Bar is where Muffy and Griffin work. Here, you can
 chat with them, or purchase some drinks from Griffin.

 What's for sale?

 Red Punch ....... 100 G
 Blue Punch ...... 100 G
 Moon Trip ....... 120 G
 Moomoo Milk ..... 150 G
 Cherry Pink ..... 200 G
 Stone Oil ....... 300 G

 $- This denotes the selling stand area. If you walk up to the tree,
 You can choose the 'sell' option by pressing A button (That is,
 if Van's shop isn't set up at that moment). People will walk by,
 and you can talk to them to see what they want. You can either
 give someone a regular price, a reduced price, or not sell the item.

 Kassey and Patrick live in the small house at the far end of the town.

 Cody, the quiet one, lives in his small strange home in the corner of town.

 HA- House A, Is where Nina and and Galen live. Hugh stops
 By to visit sometimes.

 HB- House B, is where Chris, Wally, and Hugh live.

 |              ROMANA's VILLA              |

                                               |                    '  Ż|
                                               |            _          Ż|
______________________________________________/|           /     _____  |
                                                          '     |     | |
  To TOWN                                            |ŻŻŻ|      |     | |
                                                     |___|      |     | |
_____________________________________________             .     |_____| |
                                             \_|           \_           |
                                               |                        |
                                               |                        |

 At the highest point of the entire valley, lives Romana, Her granddaughter
 Lumina, two cats and the butler Sebastian.

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	        Section VI- Girls                 | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......

 Takakura suggested to you that you get married and have a
 family as soon as you can. There are slim pickins' for wives
 in Forget-Me-Not Valley. By presenting them with... well,
 presents, you can earn their affection, and hopefully shape
 the way for your future with who you want to live with. You
 can tell how much they like you by checking their diaries in
 their rooms. Without further ado, let's meet the elegible

 Celia doesn't care about shiny jewelry or expensive presents,
 a simple flower now and then will do nicely. She can often be
 found in her loft-like bedroom, on the second floor of the
 building on Vesta's Farm. Give her a crop that you grow on
 your farm, and she'll tell you how it was.

 You can find Celia's diary in her bedroom, under her bed.

 Muffy works at the Blue Bar with Griffin. Her huge green
 eyes may be intimidating, but she's quite nice. She enjoys
 long walks on the beach with "Sexy, hardworking men". She
 can be found working behind the Blue Bar counter, in the
 back room of the Blue Bar (tell her you came to see her!)
 or taking a stroll outside. She HATES fish.

 Muffy's diary is stashed in a plant in the main room of the
 Blue Bar, in the far left corner.

 Nami plays hard to get... She's not exactly a cheery person,
 and She's not like other girls. She doesn't particularly
 enjoy flowers, unless they are Autumn flowers. She likes
 skull fossils which you can dig up in  Carter's dig site, too.

 Nami's diary is in her room- The room on the left, on the second
 floor of the Inner inn. Wait until she goes into it late at night
 or early in the morning, and then you can go in. Her dairy is in
 plain sight on the left.

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	       Section III- Crops                 | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......

 Crops, the fruit of your labor- you have to do quite a bit
 of work to get them to grow, but in the end, it'll all be
 worth it. There are three different generations of crops-
 first generation (normal), second generation, and third

 For planting crops, do as Vesta does, and plant in a
 checkerboard pattern, like this:

 [X][ ][X][ ][X]
 [ ][X][ ][X][ ]
 [X][ ][X][ ][X]
 [ ][X][ ][X][ ]
 [X][ ][X][ ][X]

 Many people, myself included, have found that crops
 grow slightly faster when planted like this.
 This may be because plants don't like to be crowded,
 and this way they are not competing for space.

 Remember to water your plants twice a day- once in the
 morning, and once in the afternoon, or whenever they
 look dry. Watered plants will have darker colored soil.

 When it's raining, you don't need to water your plants.
 However, because rain can stop at any time, you may have
 to water when it stops, or before it starts.

 |          First Generation Crops          |
 these are what you might consider the 'normal' crops.
 To get the seeds for these, you can simply buy them from
 anyone on Vesta's farm.

 Crop name
 Seasons: (Seasons that the crop will grow in)
 Speed: (How quickly the crop grows. Slow, normal, or fast)
 (B) Price: (What the crop will sell for at B quality)
 (A) Price: (What the crop will sell for at A quality)
 (S) Price: (What the crop will sell for at S quality)

The first generation crops are:

 Seasons: Spring, Summer, and Fall
 Speed: Normal
 (B) Price: 35
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Seasons: Spring, and Summer
 (B) Price:
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Seasons: Fall, Winter, and Spring
 (B) Price:
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Seasons: Summer, and Fall
 (B) Price:
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Seasons: Summer, Fall, and Winter
 (B) Price:
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Seasons: Winter, and Spring
 (B) Price:
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Seasons: Fall, and Winter
 (B) Price:
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Sweet potatoes
 Seasons: Fall only
 (B) Price:
 (A) Price:
 (S) Price:

 Tomatoes, Watermelons, Strawberries, Potatoes

 Tomatoes, Watermelons, Melons, Turnips

 Tomatoes, Strawberries, Melons, Turnips, Carrots, Sweet Potatoes

 Strawberries, Turnips, Potatoes, Carrots

 |          Second Generation Crops         |
 |          Third Generation Crops          |

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	        Section IV- Trees                 | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......

 |          First Generation Trees          |
 |          Second Generation Trees         |
 |          Third Generation Trees          |

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	        Section V- Animals                | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......

 |               Animal Basics              |
 Unlike plants, you can actually talk to animals. No, Tartan
 doesn't count! Haha.
 |                   Cows                   |

 |                 Chickens                 |
 Chickens are the cheapest animal you can buy, but unlike cows,
 you don't have to do any planning on breeding, growing up, and
 miracle potions.

 I suggest buying a Hen (female) and Rooster (male) chicken as
 soon as possible. This way, you will soon start producing some
 FERTILIZED EGGS. These eggs are worth more than regular eggs,
 but the main advantage is that you can put a fertilized egg into
 the INCUBATOR in the far left corner, and a baby chick will hatch
 in a few days. If the new chick is a male, you can just sell it-
 only one male is needed to produce fertilized eggs (lucky him!).

 Adult chickens sell for 450 G
 Young chickens sell for 150 G

 To feed your chickens, you first need to have chicken feed. If
 you have none, you can order more though the LEDGER in the storage
 tower (the same place you put your dairy products in). Go in the
 storage tower, and press A while facing the blue note pad. Move
 your curser to the icon that has Takakura's face on it, and press
 A. The second, third, and fourth order buttons (labled "order items")
 will allow you to order chicken feed if you press A, and select
 "other". Chicken feed is 150 G for every unit. Don't be too
 worried about this, chicken feed lasts for a few days.

 Chickens can be left outside on normal, sunny days. This makes
 them happy, and they also don't need to eat food from the coop.
 To keep your chickens happy, you should hold them at least once a
 day, and hug them twice a day (Once in the morning, once in the

 Keep any females that hatch, because they will lay eggs. There
 are three different kinds of eggs that they can lay. They are:

 Regular Egg: This is just a plain, regular egg. It cannot be
              incubated to make a baby chick. It sells for 40 G.

 Fertilized Egg: The Fertilized egg can be put in the incubator
                 to hatch a baby chick. They are slightly more
                 brown than regular eggs. They sell for 50 G.

 Golden Eggs: When a hen is very happy, it will sometimes lay a
              GOLDEN EGG. These eggs can not be incubated to
              make a golden chicken (darn!), but they can be sold
              for up to 360 G. Normally, they only sell for 300 G.
              However, if you try to sell it to Van and then
              decline his offer of 300 G, he will sometimes raise
              his offer to 360 G. If he doesn't do this, just
              do the same thing again until he does, making you an
              extra 60 G per egg.

 Eggs won't always be there right away when you wake up. Of course,
 this is because chickens don't lay eggs in their sleep! Check back
 in the coop around 11:00 or so, and they should have laid their eggs
 by then.

 |                  Sheep                   |
 |                  Goats                   |
 |                  Ducks                   |
 If you had a pond built for 2,500 G in the first chapter, you
 can get ducks! To get ducks, you must have the pond, have six
 or less chickens so there's room in the coop for ducks, be in the
 second chapter or later, and be in the summer (Some say it also
 works in fall?). Because in the duck cutscene, your wife wakes
 you up and tells you the ducks have returned, you have to go to
 bed late so you wake up AFTER your wife. So, don't go to sleep
 until around 2:00 AM or so, and you should be good.

 You'll find a male and female duck in the pond, and you get
 to decide whether or not to keep them. If you decide to keep
 them, you then name them, and show them where the coop is.

 If you sell one of the two ducks, you can never get them again.

 More on ducks coming soon...

 |                  Horse                   |

 In the Summer or Fall of the first year, Takakura will tell you
 that "The new animal that you ordered has arrived!" Wait, what?
 You don't remember ordering any animals! It turns out that
 Takakura ordered a horse for you. You will be told to name it,
 and choose the place for it's feeding box in the barn.

 Remember, Takakura will not deliver the horse if you have
 ordered an animal. Refrain from ordering an animal for a few days
 so you can receive your horse.

 The horse may respond to being talked to and hugged at first,
 but it will eventually become unresponsive to these things.
 This doesn't mean that it doesn't like you, it just happens.
 It will, however, sometimes respond to being brushed, with a
 music note bubble.

 Riding your horse is much faster than walking by foot, and it
 also saves a lot of energy.

 If you want to whistle for your horse wherever you are (not in
 houses, though) double-tap R, and your horse will be right next
 to you in the blink of an eye. How DOES he do it?

 |                   Pets                   |

 At the begining of the game, you choose which dog you want- the
 pointy eared one, or the long eared one. Think this is the only
 pet you get? Well, there's more!

 Cat: If you befriend Ramona, the elderly lady in the large mansion,
      she will eventually give you one of her cats. Ramona won't
      accept gifts while she's sitting down, so wait until she's up
      and about, and THEN try to give her something. She likes flowers.

 Chihuahua: Info coming soon

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	       Section VII- Cooking               | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......

  ________________________________________________  ...
 |	     Section VIII- Item list              | .....
 |________________________________________________| ......
 ........................................................... (Partial)

 NAME             How to get?    Price?   Location    Sells for  Hagle

 Amorous             Find          -   winter forage    10 G
 Ball                Buy          300       Van        150 G     180 G
 Big Colombo         Fish          -       water        40 G
 Big Snelt           Fish          -       water        60 G
 Bird Feed           Order        150      Ledger       75 G
 Bodihyper           Buy         1000       Van        500 G      ?
 Bodijizer           Buy          750       Van        375 G      ?
 Bracken             Find          -     fall forage    15 G
 Breeze           start with it    -   record player   255 G     306 G
 Brush               Buy          500       Van        250 G
 Carrot (B)         Grow it        -         -          45 G
 Carrot Seed (B)    buy/make      30 G     Vesta        15 G
 Coin                dig           -    Carter's dig    10 G
 Colombo             Fish          -       water        20 G
 Colombo (Big)       Fish          -       water        40 G
 Egg               Chickens        -         -          40 G
 Egg (Golden)      Chickens        -         -         300 G     360 G
 Electric Clippers  Order        1300                  650 G     780 G
 Fertilizer          Buy          120   Vesta's farm    60 G
 Fertilized egg    Hen + Rooster   -         -          50 G
 Fishing Pole        Buy          500       Van        250 G     300 G
 Fishing Pole G      Gift          -       Galen      1000 G    1200 G
 Fodder            Cut grass       -         -          10 G
 Fossil              dig           -    Carter's dig    40 G
 Gemsoil             Find          -     fall forage    20 G
 Golden Egg        Chickens        -         -         300 G     360 G
 Golden Wool       Sheep           -         -         600 G     720 G
 Hackberry           Find          -     fall forage    20 G
 Happy Lamp          Find          -    summer forage   15 G
 Heavy Hoe        start with it    -      Tool shed     50 G
 Heavy Sickle     start with it    -      Tool shed     35 G
 Horse Statue        dig           -    Carter's dig    70 G
 Huchep              Fish          -       water        90 G
 Human Statue        dig           -    Carter's dig    40 G
 Matsutake           Find          -     fall forage   100 G
 Mist Moon           Find          -                    10 G
 Moon Ore            dig           -    Carter's dig    40 G
 Mugwart             Find          -    spring forage   15 G
 Nyamame             Fish          -       water        60 G
 Nyamame (Big)       Fish          -       water       130 G
 Normal Milk (A)   Milk cows       -     Normal cows   115 G
 Normal Milk (S)   Milk cows       -     Normal cows   150 G
 Quiet Winter     start with it           Tool shed    255 G
 Royal Fern          Find          -    summer forage   15 G
 Silver Coin         dig           -    Carter's dig    40 G
 Skull Fossil        dig           -    Carter's dig    50 G
 Snelt               Fish          -       water        30 G
 Snelt (Big)         Fish          -       water        60 G
 Sorrel              Find          -    winter forage   20 G
 Spring Song         Buy          430       Van        215 G     258 G
 Sugar Ore           dig           -    Carter's dig    50 G
 Sweet Potato       Grow it        -          -         60 G
 Toy Flower          Find          -    spring forage   10 G
 Tomato (B)         Grow it        -          -         35 G
 Tomato Seed (B)    buy/make      30        Vesta       15 G
 Trick Blue          Find          -    fall forage     10 G
 Turbojolt           Buy          750        Van       375 G       ?
 Turnip (B)         Grow it        -          -         25 G
 Turnip Seed (B)    buy/make      20        Vesta       10 G
 Trumpet             Find          -      By Sprites    25 G
 Upseed              Find          -    winter forage   25 G
 Watermelon (B)      Grow          -                    75 G
 Watermelon seed (B) buy/make     60        Vesta       30 G
 Watering Can L      Order        750      Ledger      375 G     450 G
 Watering Can S    start with it   -      Tool Shed     50 G
 Weird Sickle        Gift          -        Hardy      375 G     450 G
 White Wool          Sheep         -        Sheep      115 G
 Wool                Sheep         -        Sheep       75 G
 Wool Sheers         Order        400      Ledger      200 G     240 G
 Yamame              Fish          -        water      500 G

Update- March 21 2004. Version .25

Started and finished quite a lot! ASCII Maps finished, "Your Farm" details
finished, ASCII logo and table o' contents finished, character profiles
partially completed. Will finish those within a day or two.

Update- March 22, 2004. Version .30

Did much of character likes/dislikes. Corrected a few typos. ASCII map

Update- March 23, 2004. Version .40
Partial item list, finished shorcut keys

Update- March 25, 2004. Version .60
Added to item list, girls section, started crops section.

Update- March 25, 2004. Version .65
Finished section on chickens, horse, added to item list, added to pets section