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      Harvest Moon  : A   W o n d e  r  f  u  l   L  i  f  e    F A Q
                     by Dustin Timblin, aka "hm007"
                  Version 1.1 (Last Updated 3/22/2004)
            Copyright 2004, Dustin Timblin,

Table of Contents

1) Version
2) Introduction
3) Controls
4) Getting Started
  E:Wooing/Other Stuff
5) Commonly Asked Questions

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1) Version 1.00 (3/22/2004)  Started FAQ, hope to finish quickly and provide
quick help for newbies and people who are starting out.

2) Version 1.10 (3/23/2004)  Added a few prices and adjusted some others.
Hi, and welcome to my Getting Started FAQ.  This is not a comprehensive FAQ,
nor will it ever be. It is simple to hopefully get a few hopeful farmers on
their feet when starting off in this somewhat complex game.  I do not claim
to know anything or everything on this game. Fill free to e-mail if you have
additional questions or corrections. Hate e-mail is not needed. I will simply
delete it.  If you'd like to find something, press CTRL+F. Without further ado
Enjoy the FAQ!

Control Stick: Move Character
Control Pad: Scrolls through Menus
L Button: Center Camera Behind Character; Changes page in Status Screen
R Button: Whistles for Dog and Horse; Changes page in Status Screen
Z Button: See View From Character's Perspective
X Button: Toggle Quick-Item Inventory (Use C-Stick to Scroll)
Y Button: Function Button; Train Dog; Pet Animal
A Button: Function Button: Talk, Eat, Open, View, Show, Pet, Use, etc..
B Button: Function Button, Cancel Function
C Stick: Move Camera left or right
Start/Select:  Access Status Menu/Pause Menu

Getting Started
A:  Farming

Getting Started with Farming is kind of tough and not so profitable in the 
beginning, however; once you get the hybrid plant and seed maker, it can be 
VERY lucrative!

To start farming, you will need a watering can, hoe, and seeds.  Go out to 
Vesta's Farm (Located directly beside your farm. It has some greenhouses,
Two Buildings, and some farm land.  There you can buy crop seeds, tree seeds
and fertilizer.  Take your seeds back to your farmland.  If you plan on 
planting crops, go to the farthest back area of land. It is the biggest.
There, use the hoe on however many spaces of land you need.  Note that one 
bag of seeds only covers one square.  When you have hoed, plant your seeds.
They need to be watered twice daily, unless it is raining, in which case
you don't have to water them at all ^_^.  

If you are growing Trees, you can go to the less fertile areas.  It is 
expensive to start out growing Trees, so I suggest not buying one till later
in the first year.  Trees only give fruit in ONE season, however you can plant
them whenever.  Once you get the seed machine, you can put the fruit in, and 
get two seeds out, which gives you quite a nice profit.


There are different types of quality in crops. You start out with B Quality.
To Improve this quality, you must use Fertilizer. It can be bought at Vesta's
Farm.  Crops are 4 Fertilizer Bags to improve one quality (B-A-S) and trees are
30 Bags.  This can be expensive, so I suggest getting the seed machine first,
so you can put in A or S quality crops or fruit and not have to worry about 
doing it for every single time you grow something.  Note that you must use the 
fertilizer before the crop is fully grown.  I suggest about 2 times a day.

Seed Type            Pricing          Grows in:

Tomato               30G              Spring-Fall
Watermelon           60G              Spring-Summer
Strawberry           30G              Fall-Spring
Melon                50G              Summer-Fall  
Turnip               20G              Summer-Winter
Potato               40G              Winter-Spring
Carrot               30G              Fall-Winter
Sweet Potato         40G              Fall Only
Peach                1120G	      Summer
Orange               820G             Summer
Grape                900G             Fall
Banana		     1500G	      Summer			
Apple                820G             Fall
Fertilizer           120G             N/A

Once your crops have grown and you want to sell them, you can take them 
to Van's Shop (3rd and 8th) or you can set up your own shop. 
Go to the area by the inn and little garden area, and you will see the option 
to sell.  People will walk by your makeshift stand and hopefully buy 
your produce!  

B: Animals

Animals are, in my opinion, one of the most profitable parts of Harvest Moon.
In this game, you start out with one normal female cow who can produce milk.

I will discuss the animals you get in the first year, however you can also
get a cat, ducks, and a goat in later years.  You should make a point of taking
good care of your animals by talking, holding, brushing or feeding them every
day, or they could get sick or produce worse quality items.  Do not leave an 
animal outside if it is raining because that could get them sick.

Chickens can be bought for 900g. Start off by buying a male and a female.  
This will allow the female to lay fertilized eggs.  She will lay about one a
day.There are three types. 

Egg- 40G
Fertilized Egg-50G
Golden Egg-300G

You can put a fertilized egg on the incubator and it will eventually hatch into
a baby chick.  If it is a male, I suggest waiting till it is an adult, and then
selling it because having more than one male is pointless.  You also need to
occasionally buy Bird Feed for 150G.  You must spread it in the square box
in the middle of the chicken coop. When it is empty, you must buy more.  You 
do not need to feed the chickens if there is feed in the box.  You can put the
eggs in the dairy shipping bin.


You get a horse the First Summer from Takakura.  You should brush it every day
and it allows you to ride it around town, saving much time.  I do not know the 
exact requirements for getting the horse, but I was not at the farm when I got
my horse so It's not that.


Sheep cost 1500G and give wool about once a season.  Keep your sheep happy and
it will have better quality wool.  You need shears to shave the sheep.


I saved the best for last.  Cows are annoying to take care of but turn in 
immense profit.  Your starting cow will produce milk for you for about a year.
You should brush your cow every day, and if it is inside, you must feed it
twice daily from the fodder box.  To get fodder, simply use the sickle to cut
down grass in your field.  To Milk your cow (Females only, obviously) go up
near its utters and press "A" (it will appear as "Milk").  You can then drink
or sell the milk by putting it in the Dairy Shipping Bin.

If you buy a female cow from the ledger:
You must wait approx. 30 days for it to grow up. Then you can either buy a 
miracle potion for 2500G and up, depending on the style of cow, or Buy a bull.
You have to wait for the bull to grow up also, but he can do unlimited 
"seedings."  Eventually, when both are adults, the female will be pregnant.
After she has her baby, she will produce "Mother's Milk" for a few days. Give
this to the child twice daily.  Eventually she will revert back to regular milk
and you can sell that again for about a year, till she will need to be 
impregnated again.

Type Of Cow:             Male          Female        Miracle Potion

Normal                   3000G         4000G         2500G
Brown                    4000G         5000G         3500G
Marble                   4000G         5000G         3500G
Star                     6000G         7000G         5500G

Milk Sale Prices:        B             A             S

Normal                   75G           115G          150G
Brown                    115G          175G          225G
Marble                   115G          175G          225G
Star                     270G          405G          540G

You can later on in the game buy a Food Processing Building  in which you can
turn your milk into butter and cheese to sell at greater pricing! This addition
will cost you 30,000G. It is up to you whether it is worth it!

Butter			 B             A             S

Normal                   225G          225G	     300G
Brown                    225G          300G          300G
Marble                   225G          225G          300G
Star                     300G          300G          300G

Cheese Prices Later!

C: Fishing

First thing you need to do is buy a Fishing Rod from Van for 500G. I've 
heard the second fishing rod can be obtained by befriending a man called
Grant who comes in Chapter 2.

When you have your rod, there are two good places to fish.  You can either go
down to the mouth of the river, or up by the waterfall.  I prefer the 
mouth because there is a chance you could catch a sharshark, worth a ton
of money.  Cast your rod into the water and watch.  Eventually, you will start
to see a little bob.  This can happen from 1-6 times. Do NOT press A at this
time.  Eventually, the bobber will go under water, making a splash.  Wait
ONE MOMENT.  I like to say "One One Thous-" and then Press A.  This will hook
the fish and then it automatically reels it in.  Once you have fish, you can
sell them to Van for profit.

Colombo - 20g
Snelt - 30g
Rainbob - 80g
Huchep - 90g
Sharshark- 600g
Big Colombo - 40g
Big Snelt - 60g
Big Rainbob - 150g
Big Huchep - 170g
Big Sharshark - 1200g

One thing you can do to increase pricing of less profitable fish is to unlock
the "Hors D' Ouvres" option in the kitchen.  The fastest way to do that is to
plant 25 turnips, wait till they grow fully, and use them to make the recipe
"Light Pickles"  All you need is one turnip to make it.  When you unlock
it, you can make a dish called "Sashimi" with just one fish! This will increase
the profit to 150g per. That is ALOT of money.

D:  Foraging

A Decent way to get money is to forage Nature's Bounty.  Walk around town and 
you will see little things you can pick up and sell to Van or use to give gifts
to people.  Different things grow in different seasons.  Prices will be added

Toy Flower-10g
Goddess Drop Flower-15g

Royal Fern
Mist Moon Flower
Happy Lamp Flower

Gemsoil Flower
Trickblue Flower

Amorous Flower
Upseed Flower

Special Items:

These items can be mixed with seeds to produce new powers or features.
Just combine the seed with the flower.

Happy Lamp Flower-  Allows crop to grow in all seasons
Gemsoil Flower-  Allows crop to grow on any kind of soil 
Upseed Flower-  Upgrades crop to "S" quality.

E:  Marriage/Other Stuff

One of the main goals that you as a farmer in the first year need to meet is 
getting a wife.  There are three very eligible bachelorettes for you.
At the beginning of summer, the Harvest Sprites will give you a Blue Feather
with which you can propose to your hopeful bride.  To get her to accept, she
must have 4 red hearts in her diary.  You can raise her heart level by
giving her gifts she likes.

Lives: Vesta's Farm
Schedule:  She is either in her house at Vesta's Farm, outside at Vesta's Farm,
going to the spring or going to the Mansion.
Likes: Flowers, Vegetables, Eggs
Dislikes: Fossils
Diary: Under her Bed.

Lives: Blue Bar
Schedule:  She either works at the bar, in which case she won't accept gifts, 
or is in the adjoining room, in which case you can give her gifts.  On days off
she usually just walks around town randomly.
Likes: Flowers (ALOT), Moon Ores, Sweet Food
Dislikes: Fossils, Fish
Diary: In Pot in the corner of the bar

Lives:  The Inn
Schedule: She has a very hectice schedule.  She usually either is sleeping, 
or hangs out at the mansion, bar, or Vesta's Farm. If you can't find her there,
try roaming around the village. You'll find her eventually.
Likes: Fossils, Home Cooking
Dislikes:  Flowers, Ores
Diary: At Room in Inn, by window

Once you propose, and she accepts, you must wait till the end of the first year
to get married.


You can go to a dig site near the waterfall.  Carter the archaelogist must
be in there.  If he is, approach him and talk.  He will give you a shovel.  Go
over to the squares and start digging. You can find several things and sell
them or give them to people for friendship. 

Old Coin-10g
Moon Ore-40G
Weird Statue-40G

If you find a thing with writing on it, Carter will take that from you.

Good Friends to Have:

If you have friendships with people, they will sometimes give you stuff.
Just experiment to see what people like.  These are the people that have given
me stuff.

Ruby:  Ruby Spice
Tim:  Changed Hoe
Gustafa:  Strange Sickle
Vesta:  Strange Hoe
Hardy:  Changed Sickle
Romana:  Strange Watering Can
Wally: Shears
Daryl: Seed Maker (!)

Commonly Asked Questions

Please, Please, PLEASE look here or in my FAQ before asking newbie questions.
It will clear up board jumble immensely. Thanks!

Q: What is the "Guu~" thing for?
A: It means you are hungry!  You need to feed your character every so often.
This can be crops, milk, wild forage, pretty much anything that has an "Eat"
option to it. I'd suggest not eating your failed cooking though. : )

Q: Why do I wake up so early?
A: In this game, you only sleep for six hours. So if you go to bed at 9 PM, you
will wake up at 3 am. I suggest either going to bed really early (6 pm ish) 
or just going to bed about 11 or 12. 

Q: Gimme quick money making tips
A: Sell Fodder to Van.  It goes for 10G each, and is EASY to get.  You can get
probably 500G-1000G depending on how much you want to cut down.

Q: More Money Tips
A: Sell Fish, Wild Forage, Mining, etc.. Sell anything and everything!

Q: How many memory blocks?
A: Fourty-Seven

Q: What's a good site for A Wonderful Life?
A: is an excellent site!

Q: I proposed but we aren't getting married!
A: Wait till the end of the first year, pal.

Q: How do I get all my animals inside or outside at one time?
A: There is a red button you can press that will move them either in or out, 
depending on the location of the button (near doors)

Q: Where do I buy fertilizer?
A: Vesta's Farm. There are more than one row of options to buy stuff, so be 
sure to press right!

Q: How do I make money with the seed maker?
A: Plant a tree, grow and fertilizer it (see FAQ)  When it is the season, take 
the fruit and put it in the seed maker.  When it is finished, you can sell the
seeds for mucho profit or plant more trees, and get even greater profit!

Q: My cow stopped giving milk!
A: It has been Fourty Days, your cow must be impregnated again (see FAQ)

Q: How do I get Ducks?
A: You must buy a pond in the first year.  Sometimes during the summer of the
second year, your wife will wake you up, if you have less than 6 chickens and
tell you that ducks have come to the pond.  Eventually your chickens will start
laying duck eggs that you can sell!


Thanks to CJAYC, Gamefaqs, Raikogen90various members of the Harvest Moon Board.
If you would like to ask questions, or correct me email at  Thanks for reading!