FAQ/Walkthrough by TheDave99

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                 Harvest Moon: It's a Wonderful Life FAQ/Walkthrough

Written by: David T. AKA TheDave99
Email: Ikari248@hotmail.com
Version: 2.8
Last update: March 22,2004

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
II. Controls
III. Basics
IV. Forget-Me-Not Valley
V. Characters
VI. Crops
  VI.A --Crops--
  VI.B --Trees--
  VI.C --Seed-Making-
  VI.D -Seed Hybrids--
VII. Animals
  VII.A --Cattle--
  VII.A1 --Pregnancy--
  VII.B --Sheep--
  VII.C --Chickens--
  VII.D --Horse--
  VII.E --Misc--
VIII. Fishing
IX. Foraging
X. Digging
XI. Tools and Upgrades
XII. Events
XIII. Girls
  XIII.A --Nami--
  XIII.B --Muffy--
  XIII.C --Celia--
  XIII.D --Raising a family--
XIV. Linking
XV. Recipes
XVI. Tips
XVII. Frequently Asked Questions
XVIII. Credits
XIX. Copyright

I. Introduction
My first FAQ ever. I decided to write one because no one else has yet. There
isn't much here now but I will update it as soon as I get more information.
I got the game on pre-order 3 days ago and have been loving it since. This
version of the game is very different from the others (not including the
one for Playstation 2, which in my opinion, was crap.) I will try to explain
things clearly and will gladly answer any questions about me or this guide.
Any constructive criticism will be appreciated.

+First major update: 3/23/04
       Added a little snippet about the time in this game, and how long it would
       take to finish it. Not totally sure about it though but it should help
       most of you. Also fixed some things and added a more questions to the
+Update!! 3/24/04
       Added a hybrid section as well as a foraging section.
       Fixed some minor issues and added little tidbits here and there.

       Finally added another big update. Added a section about the town and your
       farm, updated recipes, more FAQ questions, corrected some minor mistakes,
       and added a couple more events.

       Sorry about the long wait everyone! Things got a little busy, I finally
       found some time to update this again. And a sizeable update too. I added
       more to the recipes, fishing, and child sections, as well as some new
       events, a little tidbit about fertilizing crops, topped off with a light
       helping of corrections.

II. Controls
Control Stick- Walk/Run
Control Pad- Move through menus
C-Stick- Move camera/Toggle rucksack inventory
A Button- Multi-use (Talk/Open/Eat/Use/Show/Ride) (Context sensitive)
B Button- Cancel
Y Button- Multi-use (Hug/wash) (Context Sensitive)
X Button- Open rucksack/put in rucksack
Z Button- 1st Person View
Start- Bring up rucksack menu
Left trigger- Center Camera/Change page in status Screen
Right trigger- Call dog and horse/Change page in Status Screen

III. Basics
This game spans 30 years, yet you only play 10 years. I am not sure if you
unlock free-play after you beat the game.

The first thing that you'll notice as you play is the time schedule. Let me try
and break down the times for everyone:

1 game minute     = 1 real second
1 game hour       = 1 real minute
1 game day        = 24 real minutes
1 month (10 days) = 4 real hours
1 year            = 16 real hours
Estimated time to complete game (You play 10 years of the game) = 160 hours
Since you sleep 6 hours of those days, the overall time for 10 years is 120
(All of this doesn't include the time talking to villagers and going through
menus which adds a lot of time to the game.)

Now the game lets you play a number of years per chapter. I myself do not know
the number of years you play every chapter, but chapter 1 is 1 year, and
chapter 2 takes 2 years.

However, if you just sleep through the times where you have nothing to do
(About 3 times a day. 1 after you finish your morning chores, then in the
afternoon, then again after you finish your night chores). Then it goes
something like:

1 day  = 6 minutes
ETCG (10 years) = 40 hours

Also, when you get an alarm clock, you will wake up at the time you set it no
matter when you go to sleep, so that also cuts the time down substantially.
However, the alarm clock works for PM and AM. For example: If you set the clock
for 5AM, and go to sleep at 4 PM. It will wake you up at 5 PM, not 5 AM, but if
you go to sleep after 5 PM, you'll wake up at 5 AM.

The weather changes mid-day. It can be nice and sunny in the morning, and it
can start to rain somewhere in the day. If you look up at the sky you can
see clouds forming and dissipating. This is one of the cool things about the
game. The weather is almost real. You can stay out in the rain all day and
you will not get sick in this game. (At least it hasn't happened yet.)

You only sleep for 6 hours, instead of just waking up at 6 AM. This means
that you'll have to go to sleep around 12 to wake up at 6 AM. But this is
also a very good thing. If you have nothing to do for a while, go to sleep.
You'll wake up 6 hours later and you can do everything when you wake up.
For those of you who like to finish work at 6, go to sleep at 6 PM. Wake up
at 12, then go back to sleep. What works best for me is to go to sleep at
10PM and wake up at 4, this gives me a bright and early start on watering and
harvesting my crops. Afterwards I move on to animals, then chickens.

The game is divided into chapters. Chapter 1 is where you come to the farm
and take charge of it. This is the time you build it up, make friends, and
try to get married. The chapters vary in length, from 1 year to 3, and the
story skips years in between chapters.

You no longer have a shipping bin. You put all your dairy products in the
Dairy Bin in your Food Store House. Takakura takes these items to market
in the morning and returns with the money around 11AM to 1PM. You can also
order animals, fodder, chicken feed, tools, and new buildings through the
ledger in by the Dairy Bin. They usually take around 1-3 days to be

You can't put your crops in the Dairy Bin. You have to sell them to Van.
He is a traveling merchant and stops by Forget-Me-Not Valley on the 3rd and
8th of each month. Van will buy everything you try and sell him, even your

You can also sell your items to villagers now. You need to open up a stall
first. Go to the place where Van usually sets up his stand, (by the tree
next to Inner Inn) and press A. The game will ask you if you want to open
up a stand, say Yes. You must wait for villagers to walk by, so the best
time to do this is at 7Am or 7PM, when everyone is just getting out of
their house, or going home. You can give people discounts, which make
them like you more. They will ask to buy anything in your inventory so
be careful what you sell.

In this game you get 3 new animals: Goats, ducks, and a cat.
You can buy a goat from Van in Chapter 2, you get ducks if you have a pond
by the end of Chapter 1, and you get a cat in Chapter 2 if you befriend
Romana in the Villa.

IV. Forget-Me-Not Valley
Forget-Me-Not Valley isn't that big, but it is host to a number of people and
critters. There are many places to visit that will be sure to make your day go
by very fast.

--Your Farm--
House: This is where you live. It's small at first but it gets bigger over time.
       The television gives the weather, information about farming,
       entertainment, and your daily horoscope. The calendar tells you the day,
       and you can go to sleep and save your game at the diary by your bed.

Food Storage: This building houses the Dairy Bin, the ledger, and the Food
              Storage Bin. The Dairy Bin allows you to ship Dairy products,
              you can order tools, animals, and other things in the ledger,
              and you can store a ton of food in the Food Storage Bin.

Takakura's House: Your father's friend, Takakura, lives in a house by the Food
                  Storage house. He gives you advice and helps you on the farm.

Barn: This is where your cows, sheep, horse, and goat live. You need to feed
      cows twice a day and the rest only once. The bell inside calls the animals
      in, and the one outside calls them out to the pasture.

Pasture: Here you can cut the grass with the sickle to make fodder. If you send
         your animals out they will find their own food. They like to be outside
         so try to get them out there as much as possible.

Tool Shed: This is the room adjoining the Barn. It contains your tools along the
           left wall, a shelf for items, and it is where your seed maker will be
           once you get it.

Chicken Coop: This is where your chickens live. The big rectangle in the middle
              is for chicken feed. You don't need to refill it every day, it
              lasts for a while. You can take your chickens to the pasture if
              you want, but it's hard to find the eggs and the chickens.

Fountain: This is the little pool by your chicken coop. You can refill the
          watering can here.

Locked Shed: You can't get in this shed until late it in the game. What's
             in there is a secret.

Small Field: This is the field right by your house. It is the lowest quality and
             is best used for trees.

Middle Field: The field by the Chicken Coop. This is better of quality than the
              first field and is slightly bigger.

Large Field: The biggest field, this is the best quality and is therefore
             the ideal place to grow your crops.

--The Town--
Villa: The big mansion at the top of the hill. Romana, Lumina, and Sebastian
       live here.

Wally and Chris: The tall house closest to the path that leads to the Villa.
                 Wally, Chris, and Hugh live here.

Galen and Nina: The house across from the bar. Galen and Nina live here.

Griffin Bar: The local bar is where all the townspeople go to re-energize and
             have a good time. This is where Griffin and Muffy stay.

Patrick and Kassey: Patrick and Kassey live in the water tower-like structure
                    by the fireworks. You can get in there by the rope.

Metallurgist: At the back of the town lives Cody, the resident artist. His
              yard is full of metal sculptures.

Daryl's Lab: The weirdest house in the village. Daryl has vats of something
             Purple outside (if you look closely you can see a cow's face.
             Spooky...), and big pylons towering over his house.

Inner Inn: This is where visitors stay to sleep and get a home-cooked meal.
           Nami, Tim, Ruby, and Rock live here.

Gustafa's Yurt: Gustafa, the musician in the town, lives in a small hut near
                the ocean. You can often find him outside by the tree strumming
                some tunes on his lute.

Vesta's Farm: The only other farm in the town. Vesta, Marlin, and Celia run this
              place, they also sell seeds and fertilizer.

Dig Site: Near the waterfall you can find the excavation site. If you run into
          Carter while he is in the site you can dig for artifacts. His
          assistant Flora lives in the tent with him.

Harvest Sprites: In the big tree near the spring live the three harvest sprites,
                 Nic, Nak, anc Flak.

V. Characters
As you progress through the game new neighbors move Forget-Me-Not-Valley
They start in chapter 2 and continue until the end. I'll start with
the first townspeople and name the new ones chapter by chapter so as
not to spoil anything for any of you. (These are from the manual)

--Chapter 1--
Carter- Dr. Carter lives in a tent next to his archeological dig near
        the waterfall. He's always looking for help and will even let
        you keep a few of your finds.
        Likes: Meals you cook, eggs

Celia-  Compassionate for people and animals, Celia is the perfect
        counter-balance to Vesta's overbearing personality. She loves
        plants (especially flowers).
        Likes: Flowers

Chris-  Always cheerful, Chris is married to Wally and commutes daily
        to work. She loves flowers and will often buy one from your
        produce stand.
        Likes: Flowers, milk

Cody-   Cody is the resident artist of the town. He can often be seen
        wandering town in search of artistic inspiration.
        Likes: Flowers

Daryl-  Eccentric Daryl came to the valley to conduct scientific
        research but he might be staying for the river's big snelt.
        his lab is behind the Blue Bar.
        Likes: Fish (specifically Snelt), Old coin, egg

Dr. Hardy-  Distinguished Dr. Hardy is Romana's physician. He looks
            after her during his daily rounds and offers healthy
            advice to anyone willing to listen.
            Likes: Apples

Flak- A harvest sprite. Lives in the big tree near the waterfall.

Flora-  Flora is Dr. Carter's assistant and stays with him in the tent.
        Outsiders might consider this scandalous, but Flora remains
        dedicated to her research.
        Likes: Milk

Galen-  Galen moved to Forget-Me-Not valley to retire from city life,
        but he admits he's bored. He lives with Nina in a small cottage
        across from the Blue Bar.
        Likes: Fish

Griffin-  Super-suave Griffin is the proprietor of the Blue Bar and
          master mixologist for a wide range of energy-restoring drinks.
          He plays guitar in his spare time.
          Likes: Fish

Gustafa-  Easy-going Gustafa lives in a yurt near the beach. This guitar-
          strumming poet has a good word for everyone in the valley at
          his awesome summer gigs.
          Likes: Flowers

Hugh-  Hugh is the son of Chris and Wally. When he has the stamina he's
       often working out with his dad. Hugh often spends his rest breaks
       near the spring.
       Likes: Milk, old coins

Kassey-  Kassey is the world's greatest pyrotechnician. He lives inside
         an elevated house down the hill near the beach. Don't confuse
         him with his twin, Patrick.
         Likes: Flowers

Lumina-  Lumina is too young to marry but if she could she would marry
         you. She loves Grandmother Romana but it's difficult to live up
         to high expectations.
         Likes: Flowers

Marlin-  Vesta's outspoken brother is learning to be an agricultural
         expert. He moved to the valley for a healthy lifestyle and doesn't
         mind hard work.
         Likes: Vegetables, Bodigizers and other stamina drinks

Muffy-   Muffy toils behind the counter of the Blue Bar and works her charm
         on eligible bachelors. She would love to marry the right man and
         raise a family.
         Likes: Flowers, Big Huchep

Mukumuku-  An elusive big white creature. You can usually see him around
           Winter by the sprites.
           Likes: Turnips, strawberries

Nak- A harvest sprite. Lives in the big tree near the waterfall. You can eat
     one of the mushrooms to get in. No one else can see them but you.

Nami-  Like Tim and Ruby, Nami is a world traveler who stopped in
       Forget-Me-Not Valley and forgot to leave. She will certainly depart if
       you don't marry her.
       Likes: Fossils, Artifacts, Trick Blue Flowers

Nic- One of the Harvest sprites. Lives with Nak and Flak.

Nina-  Nina is Galen's wife and insists on living in Forget-Me-Not Valley for
       the remainder of her years. She always perks up whenever someone gives
       her produce.
       Likes: Melons, mostly any produce

Patrick-  Patrick is the world's second-greatest pyrotechnician. He looks
          like his twin Kassey, but most people know to look for the patch
          on the back of his pants.
          Likes: Flowers

Rock-  Easy-going party boy Rock is Tim and Ruby's son. You can often find
       him down along the beach in the evenings.
       Likes: Toy Flower

Romana-  Grandma Romana lives in a villa high above Forget-Me-Not Valley.
         She dreams of her daughter Lumina playing better than any concert
         Likes: Milk

Ruby-  Ruby is co-owner of the Inner Inn and an outstanding chef. People
       attribute the secret spice in her tasty meals as one key to her
       Likes: Flowers

Sebastian-  Sebastian is the elderly butler who has looked after Romana for
            decades. He's treated more like a family member than an employed
            household servant.
            Likes: Eggs

Takakura-  Your father's friend who helped him with the farm. He guides
           You and gives you tips about taking care of the farm.
           Likes: Food you cook.

Tim-  Co-owner of the Inner Inn, Tim likes sampling meals prepared for
      guests. His wife often travels to Mineral Town, leaving him alone
      to watch the main lobby.
      Likes: Fish, Colombo

Vesta-  "Subtle" isn't in Vesta's vocabulary. This rugged and successful
        farmer won't waste time on fragile diplomacy (especially when it
        comes to marrying off Celia).
        Likes: Milk

Van-  Van is a portly traveling merchant who makes rounds throughout local
      farming villages. He's always willing to buy anything you sell for a
      fair price.
      Likes: Eggs

Wally-  Wally is an upwardly-mobile fitness fanatic who spends his entire day
        monitoring his stopwatch. You'll find him jogging around or working
        out in his gym.
        Likes: Eggs

--Chapter 2--
Grant-  Grant used to work in the city. He moved to the country to escape from
        the hustle and bustle of city life.
        Likes: Eggs

Kate-  The daughter of Grant and Samantha.
       Likes: Flowers

Samantha-  Grant's wife. She is dressed in a Kimono.
           Likes: Flowers

*Note- Dr. Hardy moves into Galen and Nina's old house, and Galen moves onto the
       hill by Vesta.

VI. Crops
One of the good things about crops in this game is that they last
cross-season. For example: Tomatoes can be planted from Spring to Fall.
Also, all of the seeds are available from the start of the year. One of
cons to the produce in this game, is that previously multi-yielding (giving
more than one fruit without replanting IE: Tomatoes) crops, only give
one vegetable now.

There is no best way to plant crops. It mostly depends on how it is easiest
for you to water. The easiest way to water I've found so far is to plant them
in rows such as this:

              x[P]x[P]x[P]x             x=No crops
              x[P]x[P]x[P]x            [P]=Plant

This way you can just turn around and water the crops. This is the easiest
method but like I said before it depends on the player.

Another way is to stagger them:


This is the way Vesta has her crops set up. This pattern is supposed to make
all your crops grow at the same time, but it doesn't work for me.

You could also just plant them in one big group and go in between and water
them, but the selection box is somewhat hard to control in such tight spaces
sometimes, plus they crops don't always grow at the same time.

**IMPORTANT** Water your crops twice a day. Once in the morning and again
              in the evening, or whenever they are dry. You can tell when
              they need watering when their patch of dirt becomes light.
              You do not need to water them if it is raining in that time
              of day, and yes you can plant seeds while it is raining.
              They will not wash away.

V. B --Crops--

*Note: Fertilizer helps crops grow better, usually resulting in S quality
       crops. They sell for much more and need lots of fertilizer to get it
       up to that quality. (Around 4 or 6 units in one square.)

Cost: 30g
Sell: b) 35g
Growth time: 7-9 days
Cost: 60g
Sell: b) 75g
Cost: 50g
Sell: b)
Cost: 20g
Sell: b)25g
Cost: 30g
Sell: b) 45g
+Sweet Potato
Cost: 40g
Sell: b) 60g
Cost: 30g
Sell: b) 35g
Cost: 40g
Sell: b) 60g

V.B --Trees--

*Note: Trees take around 2 months to mature and last all year long. You'll
       know when the tree is mature when the "move" command comes up on your
       menu when you go up to it. When you plant a tree you cannot plant
       anything directly around it or else they will wither and die as a tree
       takes up many nutrients.

*Note #2: Fertilize trees when they are sprouting and before they flower. They
          need about 30 bags to go up one level. Just wait until the fertilizer
          goes away from the plot the tree is on to put more on. You only need
          to put fertilizer on the plot the tree is on, not the surrounding
+Apple (Fall)
Cost: 820g
Sell: 25g
+Orange (Summer)
Cost: 820g
Sell: 30g
+Banana (Summer)
Cost: 1500g
Sell: 35g
+Grape (Fall)
Cost: 900g
Sell: 35g
+Peach (Summer)
Cost: 1120g
Sell: 40g

V.C --Seed Making--
You can get a seed maker in chapter 1, if you can shell out the 6000g for it.
(Look maw I made a pun!) You can order it from the ledger in the Food Store.
It makes two units of seeds from one crop. You can either sell these or plant
them again to make even more crops.

Of course an alternate way of getting the Seed Maker is to befriend Daryl.
You need to give him fish or eggs or old coins, and make sure to visit him
after 1 everyday. You'll usually get a scene of him working on one of his
experiments. Eventually he'll give you a Seed Maker for free! If you sell the
seeds you make, and this holds especially true for trees, you get half of what
the original seed costs per unit of seed.

V.D --Crop Hybrids-
In Chapter 2 you can make Crop hybrids. First you must find Tartan. To do this,
enter Takakura's house when he's home (sometime around 9PM). There will be a
scene where he introduces you to Tartan. Then, you have to make Tartan your
friend. Talk to him a lot, and let him analyze a lot of crops. Soon you will
be able to select the option to make hybrids. You can mix flowers, fruit, or
vegetables together, but only 2 at a time. He will make seeds for you and
depending on what you put in, you will get hybrid seeds. I will not go over
this in detail as there is a hybrid guide already.

There are three generations of crops you can make. The first generations, are
normal crops mixed with other crops or flowers. Second generation are those
hybrid crops mixed with other crops or flowers. Third generation crops are when
you mix 2 hybrids. There are many crops you can make with this. A couple things
that I will add to this are:
Happy Lamps + Any crop = that crop can be planted any season
Gemsoil + Any crop = that crop can grow well in any field
Upseed + Any crop = that crop's quality goes up.

+Look for a nearly complete hybrid list next update!!

VII. Animals
In this version of the game you can get Cattle, Sheep, Chickens, a Horse,
Goats, and ducks. Except for the ducks and chickens all the animals stay in
the barn. Cattle need to be fed twice a day or else they get very upset. If
you let them out into the pasture they will find their own food. You can send
all the animals out of the barn via the bell (looks like an alarm) next to
the pasture door on the outside, you can move then back in via the bell
next to the front door on the inside. You can also push them out of the barn
but only through the pasture door (double-doors).

You need to take constant care of your animals, they need to be fed, brushed,
talked to, hugged, and washed. You can wash your animals via the water trough
in the pasture (the one inside doesn't work like that.) If you don't wash
your animals they can get sick. You can tell they need to be washed when
they start to look grimy and dusty, this is especially important with sheep.
To wash the, move them in front of the trough in the pasture, equip the
brush, and press Y. When you wash your animal, you do not need to brush it
to get a heart.

*Note: If you leave the animals out in the rain for a long period of time,
they will get sick. Animal Medicine will heal them, but it might take 3
days, and you'd have to give them a bottle a day.

Animal Medicine-----200g

VI.A --Cattle--

You can have both cows and bulls in this game. Cows need to be milked twice
a day. Once in the morning, again the evening. They only give milk 40 days
after they give birth, the number of milks they give dwindles down till then.
This means that you need to get them pregnant near the end of the year or
else no milk for you. (And milk alone can fill all your cash needs.)

Except for your 1st cow, when you buy cattle, you get them as adolescents.
This means that they don't give milk or cannot mate for at least 3 months.

There are 5 different kinds of cows:
Normal Cow--------------4000g
Normal Bull-------------3000g
Brown Cow---------------4000g
Brown Bull--------------5000g
Marble Cow--------------4000g
Marble Bull-------------5000g
Star Cow----------------5000g
Star Bull---------------6000g

Good Fodder-------------------200g
Miracle Potion (Other bull)
(Varies for type of Cow)
Miracle Potion Normal--------2500g
M.P Brown--------------------3500g
M.P Marble-------------------4500g
M.P Star---------------------5500g
Miracle Potion (Farm's bull)----0g

There are three ways to milk your cows. Way one, is to simply milk by hand.
To do this, just go up to the cow, and press A. This will make you milk it
by hand. Way two is to use the milker. To use it just equip it and
press A. Way three is to use the milking room. You can just put them in
there and it'll do the work for you.

Each gives it's own unique kind of milk, which sells differently.
+Milk B
+Milk A
Sell: 115g
+Milk S
Sell: 150g

+Milk B
Sell: 115g
+Milk A
Sell: 175g
+Milk S
Sell: 225g

+Milk B
Sell: 115g
+Milk A
Sell: 175g
+Milk S
Sell: 225g

+Milk B
Sell: 270g
+Milk A
Sell: 405g
+Milk S
Sell: 540g

With purchase of the Food Processing room, you can also make cheese and butter.

VI.A 1 --Pregnancy--
Only cows can get pregnant, as in all the other games. To impregnate your
cows you need miracle potion. If you have a mature bull, you can use a
miracle potion from him to impregnate your cow for free, or you can simply use
some from another bull from another farm, for a hefty bit of cash.

It takes around 3-4 days for a cow to get pregnant. When it does it will
stay pregnant for 30 days. During this time your cow still gives milk. So
you can impregnate your first cow as soon as you are able to, to be able to
have milk for next year too.

After your cow gives birth, it will give special milk (Mama Milk) that is
strictly for the calf. You can sell this but the calf depends on this milk.
Your cow will give this milk for about 5 days. Then it will resume giving
normal milk for 40 more days.

You can also cross-breed your cows, although what you get is usually random.

Ammon L.- "It seems that if you mate a normal bull with a brown cow, you get a
           a marble cow."

VI.B --Sheep--

Sheep cost 1500g and give wool once every season. You only need to feed them
once a day as well as take general care of them. You cannot breed them, no
matter how hard you try...

Sales Prices
+Wool B
Sell: 115g
+Wool A
Sell: 300g
+Golden wool
Sell: 600g

You can shear your sheeps' wool by using either the clippers or the electric
clipper. I am not terribly certain but I think the electric clippers require
less energy to use.

VI.C --Chickens--
You now have roosters! To start your chicken empire, you only need one
rooster and one hen. Everyday the hen will lay and egg, and you have a 50/50
chance of it being fertilized or not. Fertilized eggs can be put into the
incubator and hatched, while un-fertilized eggs cannot, they can only be sold
or eaten. (Fertilized eggs can be eaten too.) The one rooster will mate with
all the hens in the coop for as long as they live, which to my knowledge
is forever. It's best to keep at least one extra fertilized egg in your
backpack because the hens tend to lay fertilized eggs every once in a

It takes about 5 days for a chick to hatch and 5 days for a chick to
mature. You can safely sell any extra roosters you raise. Keep the hens.
You can sell roosters for about 450g, chicks for 150g, and hens for 450g

It's best to hug and pick up your chickens so that they get very happy.
They usually lay eggs everyday, unless you forget to feed them. After a while
(normally by the end of the 1st year), they start to lay golden eggs every so
often. These sell for a lot of G. They can't be hatched.

You can buy feed for the chickens from the ledger, Taka puts it in your tool
shed automatically (in the closet). It last for about 3-4 days depending
on how many chickens you have. You can have up to 8 chickens.

Sales Prices
Sell: 30g
+Fertilized egg
Sell: 50g
+Golden egg
Sell: 300g

Chicken feed-----150g

VI.D --Horse--
Around the start of Summer of your first year Taka buys you a horse. You
just need to take good care of it and it will be good to you. They like to
sleep a lot for some reason and if you wake them up they will get a little

VI.E --Misc--
Along with cattle, sheep, and chickens, you can also get goats and ducks.

Goat--------4000g (buy from Van in spring of Ch.2)

*Note: I'd advise you guys not to buy goats. You can if you want a goat or
       if you want to kill it off, but they only give milk for a year and
       you can't sell them or breed them. Although if you had a food
       processing room you could probably make some goat cheese.

You can get ducks if you have a pond, it doesn't have to be built in chapter 1.
Some time in summer your wife will wake you up and tell you that you have
ducks. They will stay in your chicken coop. From then on the eggs that you
hatch will be either ducks or chickens. The ducks don't lay on their own eggs
so the chickens will.

VIII. Fishing
You can buy a fishing pole from Van, and in chapter 2 you can get a fishing
rod from Galen. You can fish in the swamp, the river, or in the pond by the
harvest sprites.

**Note** For this guide, downstream will refer to the south-most part of the
         stream, upstream will be the northern part and the waterfall, the swamp
         Turtle swamp, and the spring--Goddess Spring.

Sell: 400g
+Big Arna----------Swamp
Sell: 800g
Sell: 20g
+Big Colombo-------Downstream
Sell: 40g
Sell: 90g
+Big Huchep--------Upstream
Sell: 170g
+Rainbob-----------Downstream, Spring
Sell: 80g
+Big Rainbob-------Downstream, Spring
Sell: 160g
Sell: 60g
+Big Nyamame-------Upstream
Sell: 130g
Sell: 60g
+Big Snelt---------Downstream
Sell: 60g
+SharShark---------Downstream (Nearer the ocean)(Best time is around 2AM)
Sell: 600g
+Big SharShark-----Downstream (Nearer the ocean)(Best time is around 2AM)
Sell: 1200g
+Yamame------------Upstream (Nearer the waterfall)
Sell: 500g
+Big Yamame--------Upstream (Nearer the waterfall)
Sell: 1000g

IX. Foraging
As in all other Harvest Moon games you can find a variety of plants around town.
You can eat all of the herbs and mushrooms you find, and flowers are good for
gifts or hybrids. You can also sell them to make a nice little profit.

+Goddess Drop -15g
+Toy Flower-10g
+Happy Lamp-15g
+Mist Moon-10g
+Trick Blue-10g

Herbs and Mushrooms-
+Royal Fern-15g

X. Digging
You can dig for Dr. Carter at the Excavation site. It is near the waterfall
on the side that Vesta's Farm is on. To dig just talk to Dr. Carter while
he is in the pit. (He will not let you dig if you talk to him outside of it,
he must be inside.)

Carter will give you a scoop and you can begin digging. Just uncover all the
patches of earth, once you've already dug in a spot you can still dig in it
more, you will always find more things. This site also gets bigger as you
advance chapters. You'll uncover many things there, but the only things,
as far as I know, that Carter is interested in is a Stone Tablet. Everything
else he lets you keep, which you can sell to Van.

Dig Items
Sell: 30g
+Skull Fossil
Sell: 50g
+Old Coin
Sell: 10g
+Human statue
Sell: 40g
+Moon Stone
Sell: 40g
+Stone Tablet
Can't sell
+Sugar Ore
Sell: 50g
+Horse Statue
Sell: 70g

XI. Tools and Upgrades
In this version of the game there are no axes or hammers. You have no stones
in your fields, and you don't need wood to upgrade your house. However you do
have, hoes, sickles, clippers, watering cans, milkers, and fishing poles.

Hoe-- At the start you get a heavy hoe, which requires a lot of energy to use.
      You can sell this tool but for a meager price (only 35g).
      You can buy 2 other hoes, and you can get the strange hoe (not sure of
      name) from Vesta in chapter 2 if you befriend her. You can also get a
      changed hoe from Tim if you're friends with him and Ruby.

      Light Hoe (uses least amount of energy)----------1000g

Sickle-- At the start you get the Heavy Sickle. It sells for about 35g also,
         I believe. You can buy two other sickles and you can get the strange
         sickle from Gustafa. You'll also get a weird sickle from Dr. Hardy if
         you befriend him, but you can only get it in chapter 2.

         Light Sickle----750g

Milker-- You get the milker at the start of the game. I'm not sure of the
         selling price. You can buy the goat milker (the smaller one) from
         Van in chapter 2.

         Goat Milker-----Free with Goat purchase

Clippers-- You have to order the clippers and the electric clippers from the
           ledger. You need these to get wool from your sheep. Wally also has
           an extra pair of clippers you can get.

         Electric Clipper-1300g

Fishing pole-- You can buy the fishing pole from Van, and you get the
               fishing rod from Galen in year 2, (become friends with him and
               talk to him in the morning.)The Fishing pole sells for 250g.

               Fishing pole---500g

Watering Can-- At the start of the game you get the Watering Can S, which
               holds about 30 or so units of water. You can order bigger cans
               from the ledger. Watering Can S sells for 30g.
               You can also get a Watering Can W from Romana. This watering
               can can only be used for trees.

               Watering Can-------------------------------600g
               Watering Can L (holds around 150 units)----750g

X.B --Upgrades--
For your farm you can buy a couple of good upgrades. Some things upgrade
automatically, like your house for example, when you reach a new chapter.
You have to order these upgrades from the ledger.

Food Processing Room-------------30000g
Milking Room---------------------60000g
Seed Maker-----------------------6000g (Can also get free from Daryl)

XII. Events
In year one there is one mini-game. To play it you go to Kassey and Patrick's
water tower-house, and speak to either one. You can play both, but each only
plays you once a day. The game is fairly simple to pick up, but it is
slightly challenging. I've beaten Patrick so far and all I've gotten was
a moonstone for beating him.

XI.A --Cut scenes--
These are the cut scenes I have triggered so far. I will try to give the
triggers for some but if any one knows the triggers it'd be greatly

Horse- Taka buys you a horse which you name and care for.
           Trigger: 1st few days of summer, you have to be on your farm around

Murrey-    You catch him stealing food from your storage bin. You can either
           tell him to give the food back or let him take it. I let him take
           it and he gave me a fish, but he kept coming back. If you tell
           him to give it back he most likely won't come back.
           Trigger: Not sure, but I went out one night and there he was.

Daryl-     You see Daryl running past your farm towards the sprites. You
           follow and you see that he is trying to catch the Mukumuku. He
           talks to you about his mission and is snuck up on by the Mukumuku.
           Trigger: Not sure, I went out of my house one night and he was

           You see Daryl running by again. He sets up food in a trail,
           trying to lure the Mukumuku to his lab. While he talks to you,
           Morrey eats the food behind him, and Daryl is again scared away.
           Trigger: Stepped out of my house one night.

           You see Daryl running by again. He sets up food in a trail and
           tries to lure the Mukumuku again. It works for a little bit but
           Murrey comes at the last second and intercepts the food from the
           Mukumuku. Daryl gets scared and runs off again.
           Trigger: Stepped out of my house one night.

           Daryl comes by your farm and tries to steal one of your cows! You
           catch him in the act and he gets scared by your cow.
           Trigger: Again, stepped out of my house.

           Daryl runs by your house and tries to lure the Mukumuku to his lab
           again. This time, Mukumuku, Murrey, and Van come to eat the food.
           Daryl gets scared off again.
           Trigger: Came out of my house.

           You catch Daryl spying on Flora and Dr. Carter. He gets jealous
           that Flora is cooking for Dr. Carter. Then he runs away and falls.
           Trigger: Came out of the house.

           Daryl is conducting an experiment in which he tries to get power
           for the town from lightning. It blows the circuit breaker in his
           house and you leave, bewildered.
           Trigger: Enter his house after 1PM

           Daryl is conducting another experiment in which he tries to use
           solar energy to power the town. It blows his circuit breaker and
           you leave again.
           Trigger: Enter his house after 1PM, happens after the 1st experiment

           Daryl is furious that the city stole his plans. He decides to give
           you the Seed Maker so you can show people that it's a great invention
           that he created.
           Trigger: Enter his house after 1 PM, must be friends with him

           You walk out of your house and find Daryl looking into your window,
           watching your family. He says something like "So that's how a baby
           would act!" He realizes he's caught and runs away.
           Trigger: Walk out of the house.

Muffy-      She comes up to the farm and gets attacked by your dog. She talks
           to you and she leaves.
           Trigger: I'd say at least one heart in Muffy. This happens at
           a random time I think.

Celia-     You catch her coming out of Vesta's house and decide to go
           shopping together. Marlin interrupts and says you're taking her
           from her duties. Vesta comes out and settles it, you and Celia go
           off. You cross the bridge and part ways.
           Trigger: One heart for Celia. Go in Vesta's house.

           You catch Celia coming out of her house and you two go to the pond
           by the sprites and talk.
           Trigger: 2 hearts. Go in Vesta's house.

           Celia asks you to come with her to her favorite spot. You follow
           her to the spring by the sprites.
           Trigger: 3-4 hearts. Try to go into Vesta's house

           Celia remembers the times you've had and how bad she's wanted to
           get married.
           Trigger: Give her the Blue Feather

Nami-      Nami visits your farm and tells you to get back to work when you
           go talk to her. If you say "If you say so" she'll take a tour of
           your farm and say how interesting it must be to live on a farm.
           Trigger: 1 heart, walk out of your house around noon.

           Nami and you share a couple of drinks at the bar. Tell her your story
           and she will like you more. She'll thank you for the story and leave.
           after she left Muffy realizes she didn't pay, leaving you to pay for
           Nami's drink. After you do so, Muffy will comment on how nice you
           Trigger: 2 hearts, Enter the bar after while Nami is in there.
           (Usually around 3 or 4 PM)

           Tim and Ruby come to your house and tell you that Nami is missing!
           They ask you to look for her, and when you agree, you all go
           searching, but it comes out uneventful. After a couple of seconds
           Nami shows up and asks Ruby about lunch. Everyone is speechless for
           a little bit and Ruby and Tim head into the Inn. Nami lags behind and
           says that she didn't mean to make you worry.
           Trigger: 3 hearts, go into your house at 8 AM

           Nami receives a letter from her father and says that it's about time
           to get a job. She asks Tim for work but tells him to forget about it.
           As she leaves she asks you if she can work on the farm sometime.
           Trigger: 4 hearts, go into Inner Inn

           Nami asks what the blue feather is for and then ponders over whether
           or not to accept. You both go to her room and she remembers that you
           were asking her to marry you.
           Trigger: 4 hearts, give Nami the Blue Feather

           Patrick, Cody, and Gustafa look for Nami after Carter says that
           he saw her around town. After they leave the bar Griffin asks you
           if you want to stay in, say no, and you'll be outside. And surprise!
           The three men have found, Nami! Tim comes out and sees her and
           invites her to stay at the Inn for her stay. She asks you if she
           should stay forever. Say yes and she'll be happy.
           Trigger: Go into the bar after Patrick in Ch.2 and 3.

Sprites-   The Harvest Sprites find a blue feather and fight over it. They
           Decide to give it to you. Taka puts it in the closet.
           Trigger: Get a girl to three hearts.

Gustafa-   Gustafa finds and old weird sickle. He has no use for it so he gives
           it to you.
           Trigger: Be friends with Gustafa. Go into his house when he is there.

Vesta-     Vesta finds an old hoe that she can't use, so she gives it to you.
           Trigger: Be friends with Vesta, go into her house when she is there.

Dr. Hardy- You enter Dr. Hardy's house and faint. You wake up a little bit later
           and Dr. Hardy tells you to take it easy.
           Trigger: Walk into Dr. Hardy's house in Chapter 2 (Nina and Galen's
           old house)

Tim and Ruby- Tim talks about how he used to travel, and that he got a strange
              tool on one of his trips. Since he doesn't use it, he decides you
              should have it, so he gives you the weird hoe.
              Trigger: Be friends with Tim. Go into his room when he is in
              there. (Usually around 9 AM)

              Ruby tells you about this spice she got from a land far away. She
              asks you if you cook a lot and decides to share some of her spice.
              Trigger: Be friends with Ruby, go into the kitchen in the Inn.

New Year's Festival- All the townsfolk are gathered in Romana's Villa, laughing
                     it up and having a great time. You can see Murrey in the
                     background scurrying about.
                     Trigger: Go to the Villa on the 1st of spring.

Harvest Festival-  The townsfolk are in the Bar drinking and having a fun time.
                   Vesta, Celia, Griffin, Ruby, and Marlin are there.
                   Trigger: Go into the Bar on Harvest Festival Day.

Summer Festival-   Gustafa is entertaining the townsfolk with some music for the
                   Summer Festival.
                   Trigger: Go into Gustafa's Yurt on the 3rd of Summer at

Starry Night Festival-  Gustafa gives a night-time concert to all the villagers.
                        Trigger: Go to Gustafa's Yurt during the night in

Neighbors-   Chris and Samantha will be standing by the well talking about
             their families.
             Trigger: Exit the Clinic when both girls are outside. (Chapter 2
             and beyond)

XIII. Girls
There are 3 girls you can marry in this game. Nami, Muffy, and Celia. You only
need to have 4 hearts on a girl to propose to her. You'll get the Blue
Feather from the harvest sprites once you get a girl up to three hearts. You
can find their diaries in the place that they live. So far I have only sought
after Celia so far but I will try the other two in another game. If anyone
has any information on the other 2 girls, email me.

Potentially the smartest of the three prospects and she won't fall for cute
lines or flowers. You'll need to use your noggin to win the heart and mind
of this worldly traveler.
Likes: Trick Blue flowers, fossils, statues
Lives: Inner Inn, Diary is in her room.

Nami tends to be the hardest one to get to marry, she doesn't respond as well
to flowers and cute presents as the others, but more-so to fossils and things
that you dig up.

Life With Nami--
Nami is the least emotional wife. She doesn't act much different than before
You married her. She does smile a lot more, but she is barely with the kid.
She goes out a lot, and she likes to wander around the farm or go to the bar.

Nami's Child--
Nami's child looks like his mom. He has red hair and blue clothes. He's kind of
shy and doesn't go outside that much. If he does, he doesn't go very far. Later
on in his life he will get more angsty and melancholy. This is normal though.

Flashy flirt who doesn't want to waste away polishing goblets at the Blue
Bar. If you prefer a pretty face without a clue about farms, crops and
animals, this is your match.
Likes: Flowers, Big Huchep
Lives: Blue Bar, Diary is by the lamp.

Muffy is in the middle of the group. She's not the hardest but she's not the

Life with Muffy--
Muffy is as cheery as usual and a little clumsy. She's often out of the house
but doesn't go very far.

Muffy's Child--
Muffy's son is very energetic. He likes to be outside a lot and loves animals.

Compassionate and knowledgeable about crops and farming. She's a down-to-
earth sweetie seeking and honest, hard-working guy.
Likes: Flowers
Lives: Vesta's house-loft, Diary is on her bed

Celia seems to be the easiest to get. You only need to give her a flower
everyday and make sure to be nice to her in at least 2 of her events. Later
in his life he will be pretty friendly.

Life With Celia--
Celia rarely leaves the house. If she does she usually just walks around the
farm. She tries her best to take care of you and your son and usually wakes up
at 6AM.

Celia's Child--
Celia's son is a good kid. He usually draws or plays with his toys, and goes
out a fair bit. He likes to go in the barn and animals scare him. It's also
easy to lose him in the pasture.

XIII.D --Raising a Family--
At the start of Chapter 2 you get married to whichever girl you proposed to
or that has the most hearts. During the time skip from the end of Chapter 1
to the beginning of Chapter 2, you two have a baby boy. You'll both need
to take good care of him, and your actions, as well as your neighbors can
affect how he will grow up. He can be a spoiled a brat, or a kind gentleman.

You can also affect what his interests will be when he grows up by taking him
different places. These are the different areas your child can be interested

-Keep him around the farm
-Show him animals
-Hug your animals
-Milk by hand
-Take good care of your animals
-Have lots of animals

-Let him play with the scratch pad
-Take him to Cody
-Be friends with Cody

-Let him play with the ball
-Be friends with Wally
-Take him to Wally's house
-Walk instead of using your horse

-Be friends with Daryl, Carter, and Flora
-Take him to Daryl's house and the Dig Site
-Use the milkers to milk your cows and goats
-Use electric shears to shear your sheep
-Let him play with the Car

-Plant lots of crops
-Show him crops
-Be friends with Vesta and Marlin
-Take him to Vesta's Farm

-Take him to Gustafa and the Villa
-Be friends with Gustafa, Romana, and Lumina

After you get the baby, Van will start to sell toys. You can buy:
+Teddy Bear (Ch.3)--1200g
XIV. Linking
In this game you can link to Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town via the
link cable and a copy of HM:FoMT. To link up you need to go up the mountain
path by Vesta's farm. The sprites will say you can't go any farther and ask
you if you want to link. Just read the instructions until you get to a white
screen that says 'Press B to cancel linking.' Then you need to go into your
FoMT game, and go to the waterfall and throw something in. The Harvest
Goddess will come out and ask you if you want to link. There's a little
translation problem in the game here I think, but she'll ask you if you want
to stop linking, say YES. Then in your AWL game it will say linking
terminated, this link was (some number of stars), and in your FoMT game it
will say linking ended, your link strength was (some number of stars).

Now in FoMT, Van will come on Wednesdays. He is at the Inn on the second floor,
at the end of the hall. First talk to him from the side (not over the counter),
Then talk to him again, and buy the record player and a record. Then you need
to link up the two games again, and Van will have the record you bought in
FoMT, in AWL. Every Wednesday, Van will have a new record in FoMT. If you keep
buying those and then linking, you can get all the records from Van in AWL.
Also, when you link enough times and get all the stars filled up in FoMT, you
can get the Seaside Cottage in that game.
XV. Recipes
You start with the kitchen in this version of the game, and you get two
recipes: Salad, and Soup. You can use any ingredients for these, but the best
are crops that you grow. Food you cook in your kitchen relieves more hunger
than simply eating something you find on the ground or a fresh vegetable.
To get more cooking options you need to cook 25 successful dishes.

Tomamelo: Tomato, Melon
Light Pickles: Turnip
Tomacarro: Tomato, Carrot
Marinade: Tomato, Turnip, Fish
Egg Salad: Tomato, Vegetable, Egg
Red Salad: Tomatoes
Fruit: Tomato, Any Kind of fruit, Any kind of fruit
Tomatoma: Tomato, carrot
Yam: Sweet Potatoes
Earth Soup: Carrot, Potato
Stew: Potato, Milk, Carrot
Fish Stew: Potato, Carrot, Fish

--Appetizer (Hors D'oeuvre)--
Sashimi: Fish
Melon Pie:  Butter, Egg, Melon
Strawberry Pie: Butter, Egg, Grape
Grape Pie: Butter, Egg, Grape
Peach Pie: Butter, Egg, Peach

Omelet: Egg, Butter
Curry: Carrot, Potato, Ruby's Spice
Mushroom Curry: Mushroom, Potato, Spice
Gratin: Milk, Butter, Cheese

Cake: Milk, Butter, Egg
Carrot Cake: Milk, Egg, Carrot
Strawberry Cake: Milk, Egg, Strawberry
Peach Tart: Peach, Butter, Egg
Ice Cream: Milk, a different kind of Milk (Brown, Star, Etc.)

XVI. Tips
-If you leave your animals out in the rain for a long period of time they
 will get sick, but you can leave them out in the rain for a little bit.

-The weather men aren't always right. Sometimes they will say that it will
 stop raining later today but it rains all day. The best thing to do is look
 up at the sky and see if there are any dark clouds. If it's all blue or
 there are some silky white clouds, you can let them out without much worry.

-When you open up a shop, give discounts to everyone. It makes them like you
 more and you need many friends in this game to get good things. Besides,
 it's only like a 10g difference.

-In fall you can find many Hackberries on the ground. If you collect them
 throughout the season, you can sell them to Van for 20g a piece! You get
 around 40 if you collect them all every time they show up. That's around
 800g with little work at all.

-In the beginning of the game, Milk will be your money-maker. Do not try to
 get your cow pregnant until the end of the year or else you'll lose a lot
 of potential cash.

-If your hard-pressed for cash you can also sell fodder to Van for 10g a piece.

- From: Tsc1118
      "When your trees give fruit, don't sell the fruit. Put the fruit in the
       seed maker. For one seed you get half of what the seed originally cost.
       That's 750g for one banana seed. I made over 100,000g in one season
       doing this."

-If you want to wake up at a certain time, no matter when you go to sleep, make
 sure you get the alarm clock from Grant (The Japanese business guy). You need
 to go into his house at 5AM, he will then give you an alarm clock. You can set
 it for any time in the morning and you'll wake up then regardless of when you
 go to sleep.

-If you want that certain item from someone in town, but they don't like you
 and it's already chapter 3 =o Don't despair. You can befriend them anytime
 you like, it doesn't have to be chapter 1. They'll eventually fork over
 whatever item they have.

-If you double-tap the right trigger, you can call the horse from anywhere in
 town, even if it's in the barn. You'll hear a different whistle than usual.

-To find out if someone is your friend, see if they look at you when you walk
 by. If they turn their head to look they are your friend.

-To make some good money early in the game, collect all the flowers in town each
 season. They re-grow about every two days. You can get around 50 or 40 of each
 flower, a season, and they sell for about 10-15g a piece. You can easily make
 200-300g without much work without any hard work.

+Why does my character pause every hour and say "Guu~"?
-This is your character's stomach growling. You'll need to feed him something
 or he'll keep doing that. You can just feed him some herbs you find on the
 ground but the best thing for hunger is to cook a meal, it can be a failure,
 but it keeps him full the longest.

+Why won't my cow give milk anymore?
-Your cow stops giving milk 40 days after it gave birth. Like in real life,
 cows don't give milk if there is no baby to take care of. So I'd say give them
 a miracle potion around the end of Winter the first year. It takes about 30
 days for a calf to be born so grab a chair because it's gonna be quite a wait.

+Is there a free-play mode?
-Not that I know of and I doubt anyone else knows. We can all speculate but
 until someone actually beats this game no one really knows. I don't think there
 is though.

+How many of each animal can you have?
-You can have up to 8 animals in your barn, including your horse and your
 starting cow. So, around 6 more animals. I'm not sure about the chickens but
 I think you can have up to 8 chickens and ducks.

+How long does this game last?
-Read the basics section. I made some calculations and they should be good.

+I can't get my duck to lay eggs.
-Technically that's not a question but I'll put it in anyways. Ducks do lay eggs
 but they do not sit on their own eggs, the chickens do. So the eggs the
 hens lay on might be duck eggs, there's no way of knowing.

+Why does my character look sad/worried all the time?
-If you keep him well-fed he will start to look happier. He just looks like that
 because he hasn't been eating enough.

+Are there any power berries like in previous HM games?
-Sadly, no. There aren't any power berries. The only times your stamina increase
 are when you advance chapters and when you get the horse.

+Is there a Harvest Goddess?
-No, but the Harvest Sprites do talk about her.

+Can you ship crops?
-No, sell them to van.

+What else can you feed your dog other than mugwort?
-You can feed your dog any food except milk and a couple items you cook. It's
 easiest to just feed him things you find on the ground though.

+What's the deal with the goat? It stops giving milk and you can't sell it!
-There's nothing you can do when it stops giving milk other than killing it.
 You can just not feed it or leave it in the rain, although it's very resilient.

+Do animals have heart meters like in the other games?
-No. They make the little heart thing, but they don't have heart meters.

+Do the townspeople have birthdays?
-The townspeople no, but from time to time the girls say "Thanks for remembering
 my birthday!" when you give them something.

+How many records are there?
-Excluding the two you already have, 10.

+What is your favorite HM game so far?
-This one. Then Back to Nature, 64, the SNES version, and the gameboy ones in
 no particular order, and Save the Homeland a dead last.

+What does it mean when the girl's heart goes from red to green?
-It means she's lost some interest in you. Green is the beginning of the heart
 system. It goes: Green-Red-2Red-3Red-4Red.

+How do I get the fishing rod from Galen?
-In the second chapter you can get the rod from Galen by doing the headstone
 mini-game. Just go to his house around 5 AM or so, and talk to him.

+I can't get the horse! Why?
-You have to be outside or around your farm at around 1 PM in the first few days
 of summer. Takakura will come by and say he ordered a horse for you. You cannot
 have ordered animals or buildings the day before.

+I read in "such-and-such" that this game lasts 30 years! But you said 10 years!
 What's up with that?!!
-I have gotten this all too often...Yes, the game lasts 30 years, but, you only
 play 10 years. In between chapters the game skips a few years.

+What's in the locked shed?
-I have no idea, and no one else does either. There are hundreds of rumors about
 it, and Natsume says there is nothing in there. It was planned to be a horse
 stable but the horse was moved to the barn, and the developers haven't removed
 it. I think there is something in the shed though, but what? No one knows. Some
 say all 3 locked sheds hold playable versions of the original SNES game and the
 first 2 gameboy games.

+In previous hm games, you could have the option of expanding your house, which
 was always fun. Does your house expand? And if so, how big is the expansion?
-Every time you get to the next chapter your house expands. A couple rooms add
 each time. You cannot buy upgrades for your house, the only time it upgrades
 is in-between chapters

XVIII. Credits
Me for most of the information.
My mom for clarification on some costs.
The instruction booklet for the character descriptions.
Any information will be greatly appreciated and credit will be given.
AfterGlow1116 and Steve M. for the first questions to the FAQ!
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