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\ \        /               |            _|       |   |    _)  _|     
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          *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* TOP - TOP1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*
 |                                   |
 | Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life    |
 | Created By: Natsume               |
 | For: GameCube                     |
 | Players: 1                        |
 | Genre: Role-Playing (RPG)         |
 | E-mail: NegaElemental@hotmail.com |


 This Faq WILL contain Spoilers, although, I will try to narrow them down
 so they are hardly visible.

 I am going to use the QuickFind feature in this Guide. Just press ctrl+f
 and Type in the given Code for the Section you want.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CONTENTS - CTS1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

(((NOTE: Where it says "<COMING SOON>", they are currently under Construction,
         and i will be working on them every Day.)))

 Top ------------------ TOP1
 Contents ------------- CTS1
 -Updates -------------- UPD1
 -Soon to Come --------- STC1
 -Legal ---------------- LEG1

FAQ ------------------ FAQ1
What is HM:AWL? ------ WHA1
Differences ---------- DIF1
Review --------------- REV1
Wanted Info ---------- WNI1
Controls ------------- CON1

Basic Stuff ----------- BAS1
 - Weather ------------- WEA01
 - Time Factor --------- TIM01
 - Ordering ------------ ORD01
 - Getting around ------ GTT01
 - Planting Seeds ------ PLS01
 - Hunger -------------- HUN01
 - Hints and Tips ------ HTT01

Your Farm ------------- YOF1
 - Map ----------------- MAP01
 - Dog House ----------- DOG01
 - Your House ---------- YOU01
 - Un-Fertile Field ---- UNF01
 - Chicken Coop -------- CHI01
 - Pump ---------------- PUM01
 - Fertile Field ------- FER01
 - Shed ---------------- SHE01
 - Very Fertile Field -- VER01
 - Food Storage -------- FOO01
 - Tool Shed ----------- TOO01
 - Animal Barn --------- ANI01
 - Pasture ------------- PAS01
 - Bath ---------------- BAT01
 - Takakura's House ---- TAK01

Forget-Me-Not Valley - FOR1
 - Map ---------------- MAP02
 - Kassey & Patrick --- KAS01
 - Cody's House ------- COD01
 - Daryl's Lab -------- DAR01
 - Gustafa's Yurt ----- GUS01
 - Hut ---------------- HUT01
 - Villa -------------- VIL01
 - Blue Bar ----------- BLU01
 - Wally's House ------ WAL01
 - Grant's House ------ GRA01
 - Dr. Hardy's House -- DRH01
 - Inner Inn ---------- INN01
 - Vesta's Farm ------- VES01
 - Your Farm ---------- YOU02
 - Sprite's House ----- SPR01
 - Dig Site ----------- DIG01

Characters ---------- CHA1
 - Takakura ----------- TAK02
 - Carter ------------- CAR01
 - Flora -------------- FLO01
 - Romana ------------- ROM01
 - Sebastian ---------- SEB01
 - Lumina ------------- LUM01
 - Dr. Hardy ---------- DRH02
 - Wally -------------- WAL02
 - Chris -------------- CHR01
 - Hugh --------------- HUG01
 - Grant -------------- GRA02
 - Samantha ----------- SAM01
 - Kate --------------- KAT01
 - Cody --------------- COD02
 - Van ---------------- VAN01
 - Griffin ------------ GRI01
 - Gustafa ------------ GUS02
 - Galen -------------- GAL01
 - Nina --------------- NIN01
 - Kassey ------------- KAS02
 - Patrick ------------ PAT01
 - Tim ---------------- TIM02
 - Ruby --------------- RUB01
 - Murrey ------------- MUR01
 - Rock --------------- ROC01
 - Vesta -------------- VES02
 - Marlin ------------- MAR01
 - Daryl -------------- DAR02
 - Muffy -------------- MUF01
 - Celia -------------- CEL01
 - Nami --------------- NAM01

Marriage ------------- MAR1

Girls Cutscenes ---- GIR1
 - Muffy's Scenes ---- MFC01
 - Celia's Scenes ---- CES01
 - Nami's Scenes ----- NMC01

Children ------------- CHI1

Fishing -------------- FIS1
Animals -------------- ANI1
Crops ---------------- CRO1
Trees ---------------- TRE1
Hybrids -------------- HYB1
Recipes -------------- REC1
Foraging ------------- FOR2
Digging -------------- DIG1
Buying and Selling --- BUY1
Festivals ------------ FES1
First Year ----------- FIR1
Faq's ---------------- FAQ2
Mistakes/Errors ------ MIS1

 -Contact -------------- CON2
 -Credits -------------- CRE1

                            INFORMATION - INF1

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* UPDATES - UPD1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

 Version 1.0
  04/30/04 - Submitted FAQ, hope it gets Posted. :P 

  05/01/04 - Saw that FAQ got Posted(Thanks CJay!), cleared up e-mail account
            ready for new e-mails. Also added a section in the Basics about
            Planting Crops, Finished off Muffy's cutscenes, and corrected
            a few easy-to-spot mistakes.

 Version 1.1
  05/04/04 - First proper update, I just bought ESPN Basketball, & Super
             Smash Brothers Melee, so i've been playing them lately. Finished
             Girls Cutscenes, added some more on Recipes.

 Version 1.2
  05/07/04 - Things around my House have been pretty Busy lately, but I
             managed to get on the comp for a bit. I realised i had saved
             over my main File ;_;. Anyway, Crop Section finished, 
             added the Wanted info Section, Put in about 6 new Recipes,
             and Neoseeker.com can now use my Guide!

 Version 1.3
  05/09/04 - Added 1 Faq, added 13 Recipes from Aaabfamily, and added
             what Flora's Necklace does(from Booka4).

 Version 1.4
  05/10/04 - Home alone today, so I can get on the comp for a bit. Thanks
             to Aaabfamily@aol.com, i now have a Hybrid Tree list! I
             added that in, and fixed a couple of mistakes.

 Version 1.5
  05/13/04 - Big Update this time, added a little on Marriage, loads of
             recipes, 2 Faqs, 2nd Gen Crop Hybrids, 2 new Cutscenes, how
             to unlock the other 3 Recipe Categories.
 Version 1.6
  05/17/04 - Bought Pokemon Colosseum, so i've been playing that(i'm stuck
             on Evice..:( ). Come on the comp to order a Link Cable for
             GC to GBA, and ended up Updating! answered e-mails,
             Added Milk Prices in the Buying and Selling section, 
             added 4 Mistakes/Errors, Table of Hybrids, 1 Faq.
             Go T'Wolves!

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* SOON TO COME - STC1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Here is what to look forward to in the next Updates:

I'll put an 'X' next to them when it is complete, and added, and other
statuses next to them.

Lots more Recipes - [Nearly Done]

Girls Cutscenes - [X]

More on Crops - [X]

Hybrid Crops - [Very nearly done!]

More on Marriage & Children - [Currently working on this]

Lots more stuff in the Basics section - [X]

More FAQ's - [X]

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* LEGAL - LEG1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

 This Faq may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
 private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
 publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
 web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
 violation of copyright. 
 It doesn't take anything to e-mail me, and ask for my Permission to use
 this Guide on your Website, as i like my work well-known, and i will
 most likely say Yes.
 If you would like to use this Guide on your Site, please e-mail me,
 requesting Permission. Current sites that can use this Guide -


 If you do not abide by these rules, and do not remove this Faq from your
 Site if you haven't got Permission from the Author, Legal action will be

 My email is Negaelemental@hotmail.com

 (I reserve my right to have this FAQ removed from any Site, for any reason
 if I wish.)

                                 FAQ - FAQ1

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* WHAT IS HM:AWL? - WHA1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

 Harvest Moon is a Farming Game, yes, a Farming Game. You start off with
 hardly anything, but as you Gradually progress thru the Game, you
 get Bigger House extensions, more Stamina, and so on. 

 In this Version of Harvest Moon, you play 10 Years. Each Year is 40 Days
 long, 10 Days in each Season. The Game is actually 30 Years long, but
 you only get to play 10 of them.

 In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, You must get Married, raise a Family 
 in a whole new Setting. There is 33 Characters in the Valley, that you
 can interact with, they all have different Personalities, and likes.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* DIFFERENCES - DIF1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

.New Town, new Characters, and a whole new Farm.

.You can make your OWN Crops, by mixing Seeds/Crops together
 with the Talking Plant named Tartan.

.There is only 3 Sprites, Nik, Nak and Flak, and they wont Work for you.

.Only 4 Festivals! 

.You can organize your own Shop, and Sell your unwanted Items to the

.Whole new Graphic layout. Now you can control the Camera, and move it
 in the Desired Position.

.4 NEW Types of Animal, they are: Cat, Goat, Duck, and a Chihuaha.

.Only 3 Girls to Marry

.Lots more Facilities

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* REVIEW - REV1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

(This is based on my own knowlege, and opinion of the Game, i will not
accept e-mails telling me to change this review.)

 Graphics -- 9/10 - The Graphics are really Good, compared to other
                    HM Games. It would just be better with an 
                    Overhead Camera Option. The Detail to the
                    Characters, and the Buildings are excellent.

 Sound -- 9/10 - The Sound is Pretty Good, it lets you change the
                 Music on your Farm, by getting Different Records, you
                 can also choose not to have any Music on at all!

 Replayability -- 9/10 - Harvest Moon is the kind of Game that gets
                         Repetetive, but if you take a Break for a
                         Couple of Days, and then come back, the
                         will to play it should be back!

 Gameplay -- 8/10 - The Gameplay is Great, loads of Options, but
                    IMO there isn't enough different things that
                    your Wife will say when you're Married.

 Overall -- 35/40 - An excellent Game, filled with fun things to do. 
                    A definite Thumbs up to this Game. Good job,

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* WANTED INFO - WNI1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Here is where you get to Contribute! If there is some info that i need
for the next Update, I'll Put it here, anyone who e-mails any of the
following info to me, will be Credited in the Credits section!

Info needed:

-More Hints & Tips.
-More Frequently Asked Questions.
-Any Recipes that aren't already here.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CONTROLS - CON1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

 Joystick = Walk or Run/Move Arrow
 D-Pad    = Move Arrow
 C Stick  = Rotate Camera/Select through Categories in Bag
 L Button = Camera Behind/Previous Page in Status
 R Button = Whistle for Dog/Horse(x2)/Next Page in Status
 Z Button = First Person View
 X Button = Quick Inventory
 Y Button = Eat/Hold/Snuggle
 A Button = Pick/Talk/Door/Multiple tasks
 B Button = Back
 Start    = Pause/Go to Inventory

 There will be a small Display in the top right Corner, this Indicates
 what you can do. It will look like this:

          /_Y_) __
      (B)  ___  \X\
          / A \ /_/
         T I M E

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* BASIC STUFF - BAS1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

So now you know what the Game's about, and the Controls. But you still
don't know the Basics of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, so allow me
to show you the stuff you'll need to know, to become an Elite Farmer.

---Weather--- - WEA01

You need to get used to watching the Weather Channel when you get up in
the Morning. When you wake up, go to your TV, and Press Up on your 
Control Stick to watch the Weather. If the Weather says "Here is the
Weather Forecast for the next 12 Hours, it will be Rainy", and it
isn't Raining at the Minute, it will Rain Later on, and Vice-Versa
for Sun, and Snow.

---Time Factor--- - TIM01

In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, the Time runs at 1 Second in Real
Life for every 1 Minute in Game Time. Even though it seems much longer,
One Day in the Game is 24 Minutes in Real Time.

Unlike most other Harvest Moon Games, the Time doesn't stop when 
you're in a Building, this can be an Advantage, or a Disadvantage.

---Ordering Items/Animals--- - ORD01

You can Order items from the Ledger in your Food Storage Tower. Just go
up to it (Next to the Dairy Bin), Press (A), and you'll be brought up
to a Screen showing what you've Shipped and the Money Takakura has left
you. (Only after 12pm.)  Now Press Z, and you'll be on an Ordering Form.
There is 1 Category for Ordering Animals, 3 for ordering Items, eg.
Bird Seed, Good Fodder, 1 for Tools, and one for Selling Animals.

The Animals you can Order are:

-Normal Cow (F) - 4000g
-Normal Cow (M) - 3000g
-Brown Cow (F) - 5000g
-Brown Cow (M) - 4000g
-Marble Cow (F) - 5000g
-Marble Cow (M) - 4000g
-Star Cow (F) - 7000g
-Star Cow (M) - 6000g

Sheep (There is only Male Sheep)
-Sheep (M) - 1500g

-Chicken (M) - 900g
-Chicken (F) - 900g

You can also buy the Food Processing Room, and the Milking Room.

Food Processing Room - 30000g
Milking Room - 60000g

The Food Processing room makes your Milk/Eggs into Cheese, and Butter.

The Milking Room Milks your Cows without you having to do it. You'll
have to push them in at first, but after a Few times, they'll Learn
to go in on their own.

---Getting around--- - GTT01

There is 2 ways of getting around in Forget-Me-Not Valley, they are, on
Horseback, or on Foot. Just move the Joystick in the Direction you would
like to go.(move the Joystick slower to Walk.) 

Walking takes energy, so don't forget this when walking long distances, eg.
Romana's House to the Dig Site. To restore your energy, just have something
to eat. Cooked food refills the most energy.

On the other hand, you could just Travel at 3x the normal speed, and lose
less fatigue by getting a Horse! To get a Horse, you must have Shipped
Dairy items. Any time in/or after Summer 1st in your First Year in the
First Chapter, Takakura will give you a free Horse, plus the Horse
only needs Feeding once a Day!

You can also call your Horse to anywhere outside by pressing the (R)
Trigger Twice. If you only press it once, you'll call your Dog, but he
will only come on your Farm.

---Planting Seeds--- - PLS01

To Plant Seeds, you obviously need Seeds! You can Buy Seeds from Vesta's
Farm from either Vesta, Celia, or Marlin, if you want Seed Prices, you can
find them in the Crops section.

To Buy a Bag of Seeds, Walk over to Vesta's Farm(over the small Bridge)
and Find either Vesta(Ginger Hair, heavy Load), Marlin(Black Hair, white
Shirt), or Celia(Brown Hair, Green Dress) and talk to them, and they
will ask if you want to buy some Seeds.

When you Plant Seeds that are Crops(not Trees), it is best to Plant them
in the same formation as the placing on Vesta's Farm's Fields, as they
are easier to Water, also you should Plant the Crops in the Very-Fertile

---Hunger--- HUN01

So now you have been Planting Seeds, traveling around the Village, but THEN
when you're not expecting it... Guu~ Strikes!! Don't panic, Guu~ just means
that your Character is Hungry. You can feed him stuff you find on the floor
such as Mugwort, Sorrel and so on(No, you can't eat the Flowers.)
Or you can cook something and make him eat that. Reminder, Cooked food
restores the most energy, which results in less loss of stamina, even if
it's a Failed Recipe.

---Hints and Tips--- HTT01

Here is some Hints and Tips that I find particulary useful:

(NOTE: Some of these Hints/Tips wont be useful to the more expirienced 
       Player, but will be helpful to newbies, so bear with me if they
       seem a little obvious.)

.Van buy's Fodder for 10g apiece, so if you just need say 100g to buy a
 Wanted item, and Van is in Town, take 10 pieces of Fodder, and Sell them
 to him.

.Pick all the Flowers you can find. You can give them as Gifts, plus most
 Girls like them, and they can be sold for 10-25g each!

.Buy the Fishing Rod, and the Brush from Van, asap. Fishing is effective
 as the Fishes can be used for numerous things. The Brush is used to..well
 ..Brush! Animals love being Brushed, and you can take them to the Bath
 next to the Barn, and Wash them.

.Befriend as much Villagers as you can. It IS called 'A Wonderful Life'
 for a reason, and sometimes the Villagers will give you things.

(Tip from KCM64@aol.com, Thanks!)
.I have found that if it is raining or there is a hurricane you can 
 go tell Carter that you want to dig then stop digging and it will 
 have stopped raining. I am not sure if this will work when it is 

(Tip from Aaabfamily@aol.com, Thanks!)
.Ive noticed that trees grow better when worked w/ weird tools(from Romana
 (watering can), Hardy(sickle), and Vesta(hoe).
 Also, trees grow better and faster when the ground around them is wet also,
 because trees absorb nutrients from surrounding soil, hints why other crops
 won't grow around them.

(Tips from Kasier Dragon, Thanks!) (1)
.For events in Chapter 3 (Happy Harvesting) enter your son's room when he's
 in. About 9:00p.m should do the trick.. A cut scene when your child tells
 about a wooden box on the floor or his special treasure (basically a stick
 -_-. He will ask you some questions. He said he found it and I told my child
 what it was. A wooden box that says fragile. He told me I was a spy and now
 guards his so called precious treasure wanting to be a spy just like his old

.Another event in Chapter 3 (Happy Harvesting). Go to Romana's Villa at
 night when Van is there. Just go in and Van is begging to buy a Painting.
 Romana tells him no because it was painted by a famous artist. Which is
 Lumina, well she not that bad I guess. So he will leave and Lumina comes
 down and asks what the ruckus is about. Then, Sebastian comes in, and
 Lumina asks a favor, then Sebastian goes outside. You decide to follow
 him or not. I followed and OUCH! He fought a fight in the forest with
 the Mukumuku, i think he wanted a piece of the white fur for a paint
 brush for Lumina to paint with.

These are all the Tips i have right now, if you have any more, please
feel free to e-mail me including your Tip! Contact info is at the Bottom.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* YOUR FARM - YOF1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

|        _____   _______                      |_|_|_|       |_|_|_|_|  |
|       |YOUR | |_|_|_|_|Unfertile _____      |_|_|_|  __   |_|_|_|_|  |
|   _   |HOUSE| |_|_|_|_|Field    | CC  |  _  |_|_|_| |SH|  |_|_|_|_|  |
|  |D|  |_____| |_|_|_|_|         |_____| |P| |_|_|_| |__|  |_|_|_|_|  |
|                                             Fertile       |_|_|_|_|  |
|                                              Field        |_|_|_|_|  |
|                      ________________________________       Very     |
|                     |                                |     Fertile   |
|   _______       ____|                                |               |
|  |Food   |     |Tool|                                |               |
|  |Storage|     |Shed|                                |               |
|  |_______|     |____|_                               |               |
|                |Animal|                              |               |
|                | Barn |           Pasture            |               |
|                |      |                              |               |
|    ____        |      |                              |               |
|   |    |       |______|                              |               |
|   | TAK|            |_                               |               |
|   |____|            | [                              |               |
|                     |B[                              |               |
|                     |_[                              |               |
|                     |________________________________|               |
|                                                                      |
|                                                                      |
|      ___________________________________________     ________________|
/     /                                           |   |
Road to the Valley                             To the Stream

KEY:                                                |
D   = Dog House                                     |
CC  = Chicken Coop                                  |
P   = Pump                                          |
SH  = Locked Shed                                   |
TAK = Takakura's House                              |
B   = Bath                                          |

---Dog House--- - DOG01
Your Dog lives here, his Food Bowl is next to it, you can put any type
of Food in here, so don't go Wasting your best stuff! 
You can choose between 2 Dogs, the Pointy-Eared, and the Long-Eared.
It doesn't matter which one you choose. (If you want your Dog
to go into the Dog House, pick him up, and put him by it when it's
Raining/Snowing.) If you try and take your Dog outside of the Farm,
Your Character's eyes will go small, and the Dog will jump out of your

---Your House--- - YOU01
This is where you live, in Chapter 1, it will only have a TV, your Bed,
a Rug, a Bookcase, Record Player, a Calendar, a Fridge, and Kitchen
Appliances,(Sink, Cabinets, etc...) and finally, your Diary.
It sounds a lot, but they have Placed them so it looks like
you've got nothing. Your House gets Bigger after Chapter 1, and continues
to grow Bigger, until Chapter 4.

---Un-Fertile Field--- - UNF01
This Field is Un-Fertile, which means it will Produce lower-Grade Crops,
it's also not very Big, and only First-Gen Crops can be Grown here.

---Chicken Coop--- - CHI01
This is where your Chickens/Ducks live. You can have a total of 8
Birds living here, so make sure you save room for the Ducks!
It has a Feed Box in the Middle of the Floor which you can put Bird
Seed in by standing in the middle of it holding the Bird Seed, and
pressing (A). Here is the Method to get the Ducks:

Make sure you have 6 or less Chickens in your Coop, and you MUST have
the Pond, you can Order the Pond from the Ledger in the Food Storage
Room, for 2500g. Now, make sure you wake up AFTER your Wife any Time
in Summer. She will wake you up, and tell you that there's Ducks in
the Pond. They will stay in your Chicken Coop. Check the Animals
Section for more info.

---Pump--- - PUM01
The little Fountain next to your Chicken Coop. Doesn't serve much
purpose, other than you can fill your Watering Can up here, just stand
in front of it with the Watering Can in hand and press (A).

---Fertile Field--- - FER01
This Field is Fertile. It sits next to the Pump, and the Coop. It allows
you to grow First, and second Gen Crops. It is the same Size as the
Un-Fertile Field.

---Shed--- - SHE01
The Horrible Shed, Natsume made it to be a Barn for your Horse, but
they thought that he should go in the same Place as your Cows, Goat
and Sheep. Some people think you can Open it, others think you can't.
I personaly think you can open it someway late, very late in the Game,
but that's just my Opinion.

---Very Fertile Field--- - VER01
The Largest Field, next to the Dreaded Shed. It is the Best Soil to grow
Crops, or Trees in. You can grow 1st, 2nd and 3rd Gen Crops here.

---Food Storage--- - FOO01
This Gloomy Tower contains your Dairy Shipping Bin, your Ledger, and
a Large Fridge thing which you can keep Food in, but Beware, as Murrey
tries to steal Food from it sometimes, but your Dog chases him away, if
he is well Looked after. The Ledger lets you Collect money from Shipping,
and Order items. The Dairy Shipping bin lets you put Dairy Products in
to be taken to Mineral Town, and sold.

---Tool Shed--- - TOO01
The adjoined room on your Barn, is a Tool Shed, obviously, you keep your
Tools in it, but you also keep Ordered items,(Bird Seed etc...) the 
Seed Maker, and the Isolation Fence for Pregnant Cows in it. The Shelf
on the Left has your Starting Tools, and Tools you've Ordered on it.
The Shelves on the Right keep the Items you've ordered on them like
Good Fodder, or Bird Seed. The Isolation Fence is in the Silver Box
at the North of the Tool Shed, and the Seed Maker goes on the Right,
Close to the Door.

---Animal Barn--- - ANI01
This is where you keep your Cows/Bulls, Sheep, Goat and your Horse.
When you purchase a new Animal from the Ledger, you'll get the 
Option to choose where you want it's Feed Box, it doesn't matter
where you put them, but it would be a good idea to arrange some
sort of Order in the Barn! The Fodder Holder is the small Hole
to the Left of the Barn, by the Sign. To get Fodder out, just
stand in front of it and press (A). To see how much Fodder you've
got left, stand in front of the Sign and Press (A). To get More
Fodder, just Cut the Grass outside(Pasture). 1 Section of Grass =
1 Fodder.

---Pasture--- - PAS01
The Big patch of Grass in the middle of your Farm, is the Pasture. You
can let your Animals outside by Pressing the small, Red Switch by the
Entrance to the Barn. Beware of letting your Chickens into the
Pasture, they are hard to find, as are their Eggs in the Tall Grass.

---Bath--- - BAT01
The Bath is the little Waterering Hole, by the Barn. If you push the
Animals by this, and use the Brush by pressing (Y) then you will
Wash the Animal. You can see how your Animals get Dirty over time
by the Colouring of them.

---Takakura's House--- - TAK01
Takakura lives here, it is like your House in Chapter 1, but it
looks more acceptable, Tartan stays in here, when you get him.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* FORGET-ME-NOT VALLEY - FOR1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

 Here is an ACSII Map of the Valley which is on the Game:


                                  /SPRING      |  |     DIG\
           _______               |_______      |__|     SITE\
          |       |                      \     |  |      ___/   
          | VILLA |                       |    |S |     /
          |_    __|                       |    |T |    /
           /   /                 ________ |    |R |   |
          /   /                 /        |/ _  |E |   |
         /   /                 |           / \ |A |    \___ 
        /   /                  |   YOUR    |O| |M |        \
       /   /                   |   FARM    |O| |  |         \
      /   /_________________   |_______    \_/ |  |          \
     /    |__W__|__G__|__H*_|\_________|       |  |           |
    /                                          |  |   ___     |
   /          ___          _____               |  |  |   |    |
  /          |BAR|        |INNER|              |__|  |___|    |
 /           |___|        |_INN_|               __    _   _   |
/                                              |  |  |_| |_|  |_
                                               |  |  VESTA'S   _
             _______                           |  |  FARM     |
   _        |DARYL'S|           _              |  |   _       |
  /K\       |  LAB  |          /Y\             |  |  |H|      |
  \P/       |_______|          \_/             |  |
  ______                                       |  |
 |CODY'S|                                     /    \
 |HOUSE |                                    /      \


KEY:                                                |
K P = Kassey & Patrick's House                      |
H   = Hut, Galen moves here after Chapter 1         |
H*  = Dr. Hardy moves in here after Chapter 1.      |
G   = Grant's House, House is Built after Chapter 1.|

---Kassey and Patrick's House--- - KAS01
A Small TreeHouse like Building. It is Surrounded by Fireworks.
You must Climb the Rope, under the House to get in.

Misc: When Kassey and Patrick are in here, you can Play a mini-game.
      You must make as many Triangles as you can, on the Board, by 
      Placing lines in the Empty Spaces. Kassey and Patrick only play
      Once a Day. But beware, they are very good at it.

---Cody's House--- - COD01
Cody Lives by Kassey and Patrick. His House is surrounded by Pieces of
Metal. (NOTE: His House is the thing that looks like the Trailer.)

Misc: Cody will give you the Painting in Chapter 3 or later if you
      Enter his House, and you are his Friend, he should give you the
      Painting, which makes your Child like Art a bit more.

---Daryl's Lab--- - DAR01
Daryl lives in the Big House, Behind the Bar, with the Pylons on top of
it. When you are near, you'll hear an Energy Surging sound.

Misc: Daryl will give you the 6000g Seed Maker for free, if you become
      His Friend, and Enter his House when he is there.

---Gustafa's Yurt--- - GUS01
That colourful little Building by the Stream, gives Home to the Music
Lover - Gustafa.

Misc: Gustafa gives you the Strange Sickle if you go into his Yurt
      when he is also there which is usually sometime in Morning.
      He also gives you a set of Drums if you are Friends with him
      in Chapter 3, if you go into his House when he's there(I believe).

---Hut--- - HUT01
Galen Moves here after Nina Dies at the End of Chapter one. It has some
Flowers outside, along with Nina's Gravestone.

Misc: Galen gives you the Fishing Pole G if you are his Friend. Go into
      his House in Early Morning.

---Villa--- - VIL01
Lumina, Romana, and their Butler, Sebastian live here. It is the 
Big House on top of the Hill. There is a Season-related Mountain
Herb(Mugwort, etc..) around here. (It's pretty easy to see if you 
look around.)

Misc: Lumina gives you the Sheet Music in Chapter 3, if you go
      into Her Room, when she's there. I don't think anyone
      knows what this does yet, but when I find out, i'll put
      it in. 

      Romana gives you a Watering-Can, which only Holds 1 unit of
      Water, but makes Trees grow faster, so it is pretty useful.
      She also gives you a Cat in Chapter 2 if you are Friends with
      her. (She will just show up at your House, no set Time.)

---Blue Bar--- - BLU01
Griffin and Muffy, one of the Girls you can Marry live here, in the Room
on the right. You can buy Drinks to Refresh your Energy here.

Here's the list, and Prices of the Drinks you can Buy:

-NAME-       -PRICE-

Red Punch     100g
Blue Punch    100g
Moon Trip     120g
Moo Moo Milk  150g
Cherry Pink   200g
Stone Oil     300g

Higher the Price, more energy restored.

Misc: You can Marry Muffy, when you get her up to 4 Hearts. Her Diary
      is in the Plant in the Corner of the Bar. Check the Marriage
      Section for more Details.

---Wally's House--- - WAL01
The House closest to the Hill, where the Villa is. Wally, his Wife
Chris, and Son Hugh live here. It is full of Body Building accessories.

Misc: Befriend Wally and take your Child to his House often, if you
      want your Son to become an Athlete. Wally will also give you a
      set of Shears if you are his friend, and Enter his
      House when he is there, which is usually in the Morning(early).

---Grant's House--- - GRA01
The House that is in the Middle of Wally's and Dr. Hardy's House.
Grant, Kate and Samantha live here. They move in at the Start of
Chapter 2.

Misc: Grant will give you the Alarm Clock, which will wake you
      up at the Time you Set, regardless of how many Hours you
      Slept. To get the Alarm Clock, just go into Grant's House
      at 5am, I wasn't his friend, but he still gave it to me.

---Dr. Hardy's House--- - DRH01
Dr. Hardy moves in here in Chapter 2, after Nina dies. Galen moves
into the small Hut by Vesta's Farm.

Misc: Dr. Hardy will give you the Weird Sickle in Chapter 2,
      if you are his friend, just Enter his House, when he's

---Inner Inn--- - INN01
Tim, his Wife Ruby, and their Son Rock, live here. It is the Big
Building in the Centre of Forget-Me-Not Valley, by the Tree. Nami
also stays in the room upstairs, on the Left.

Misc: Ruby will give you the Ruby Spice if you Become her Friend.
      Enter the Kitchen in the Morning when she is there, and she
      will give it to you. (The Spice is used to make Curry.)

      Tim will give you the Strange Hoe, if you become his,
      and Ruby's Friend.
      Enter his House in the Morning, (about 8:30am is when I got
      it.) and he will give it to you.

      You can Marry Nami, who lives here. She stays in the Room,
      Upstairs, on the Left, and her Diary is on her Desk.

---Vesta's Farm--- - VES01
Vesta, Celia one of the Girls you can Marry, and Marlin are the
Residents of this Farm. It is easy to Spot, just go over the 
Bridge and you'll see it. You can buy Seeds for Trees, and other
Crops here.

Misc: Vesta(the big lady) will give you the Weird Hoe if you are
      her friend. Just enter the Storage Room,(the one that's
      facing Horizontaly.) when she's the only one in there.
      (I don't know the exact time to go in, but I think it is
      around 6pm.)

      Another Girl you can Marry lives here, Celia. She sells
      you Seeds like the others. Her Diary is under her Bed.

---Your Farm--- - YOU02
Most important Place of the Game. You live here! along with 
Takakura, and your Wife and Kid. Check the -Your Farm- section
for Lots more Details on Your Farm.

Misc: Takakura will give you Tartan, a Talking Plant, that makes 
      Hybrid Crops for you(2 Crops combined to make another one.)
      if you become it's Friend. To get Tartan, be very Good Friends
      with Takakura, and enter his House in the Night,(when
      he goes in.) any time AFTER the Begining of Chapter 2.

---Sprite's House--- - SPR01
The Tree, with the tiny Door on, by the Spring. Nik, Nak, and
Flak, the Harvest Sprites live here. You have to eat one of the
Mushrooms by the Door to get in.

Misc: I don't know if the Sprites give you anything yet. But when
      I find out, i'll put it in. They come to your Farm, when a
      new Animal is Born.

---Dig Site--- - DIG01
This is the Place to Dig for Treasures. Enter the Hole, when Carter
is there, and you'll have the Option to Dig. Carter lives in the
Small Tent with his assistant, Flora.

Misc: Carter will give you the Chihuahua if you find all the Tablets in
      the Dig Site, the Chihuahua is the little Dog that wonders 
      around the Dig Site. You can get one Tablet per Year. The 
      Years are Divided like this:

  Chapter | Years
     1    |   1
     2    |   2
     3    |   3
     4    |   2
     5    |   1
     6    |   1

       Flora will also give you a Necklace, which influences your Child in
       Scholar Career Path.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CHARACTERS - CHA1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

 Here is a brief Description of the Characters, and their Likes.

---Takakura--- - TAK02
The guy who shows you around your Farm at the Start of the Game.
He is a nice Man, but he isn't very Sociable, and thinks Most
People are Weird. He Ships your Dairy Products to Mineral Town,
and puts the Money in your Ledger.

Likes: Any Cooking

---Carter--- - CAR01
He lives at the Dig Site, with his Assistant, Flora. He loves Digging,
and is very Serious about it.

Likes: Sashimi, Melons, Cheese

---Flora--- - FLO01
She lives at the Dig Site with with Carter, she also Loves Digging.
Flora is very Friendly.

Likes: Fish, Cheese, Milk, Curry, Butter

---Romana--- - ROM01
The elderly Lady, Romana lives at the Top of Forget-Me-Not Valley, in
the Villa. She lives with her Grandaughter Lumina, and her Butler,
Sebastian. She owns the Mansion. Romana seems to live forever....

Likes: Flowers, Oranges, Milk, Coins, Statues, Ramura Tarts

---Sebastian--- - SEB01
Sebastian is Romana's Butler, he is very Friendly, and later on
he makes it quite Clear, that he has a Crush on her...

Likes: Milk, Eggs, Butter, Statues, Cheese

---Lumina--- - LUM01
Lumina is Romana's Grandaughter. She ages through the Game, from Teenager,
to Fully-Grown Woman. Lumina is often seen playing the Piano, but later
on(I have heard) she says she doesn't like the Piano.

Likes: Flowers, Strawberry Cake, Fried Sweet Potato

---Dr. Hardy--- - DRH02
Dr. Hardy is the Valley Doctor, he keeps a close eye on Romana, and
Galen. He is very nice, and is often seen walking around the Valley.

Likes: Fish, Fossils, Flowers

---Wally--- - WAL02
The Athlete of Forget-Me-Not Valley, he has a Son, Hugh, and a Wife,
Chris. He runs around the Valley all Day with his Son. He has a Creepy
Laugh, but he is quite nice.

Likes: Milk, Coins, Cheese, Sashimi, Eggs

---Chris--- - CHR01
Wally's Wife. She isn't at all obsessed with excercise like her Husband,
and Son. Chris is very Friendly.

Likes: Flowers, Milk, Apples

---Hugh--- - HUG01
Wally and Chris's Son. He loves excercising with his Dad, and he is 
Frendly. Hugh ages through the Game, from a small Child, to an Adult.

Likes: Coins, Moon Ore

---Grant--- - GRA02
Grant moves in at the start of Chapter 2. He comes rushing into the Valley,
talking about a new Shop that has opened in Mineral Town. Grant is 
Samantha's Husband, and Kate's Dad.

Likes: Eggs, Sashimi, Milk

---Samantha--- - SAM01
Samantha moves in with Grant. She is his Wife, and Kate's Mother.
Samantha accuses Kate of being a Tomboy, so this causes Kate to stay
away from Home, as long as Possible.

Likes: Milk, Flowers

---Kate--- - KAT01
Grant and Samantha's Daughter. Like Hugh, she ages throughout the Game.
Samantha says Kate is a Tomboy, which makes Kate not want to go Home.

Likes: Flowers

---Cody--- - COD02
Cody is a Metallurgist. He loves Art, and lives on his Own, in a Trailer-
like House. Some people say he is unfriendly, but he is always nice to me..

Likes: Flowers, Ore, Fossils

---Van--- - VAN01
Van is the Salesman of the Valley. He comes to Sell things on the 3rd, and
8th of each Season to Sell Items. Check the Buying and Selling Section
for more Details on Van.

Likes: Eggs, Curry, Ore, Coins, Statues, Fossils

---Griffin--- - GRI01
The Blue Bar owner. He sells Drinks, or talks with you. He loves to
play the Guitar, and is very good at it. Griffin remains Muffy's
Boss if you don't Marry Muffy.

Likes: Fish, Coins, Sashimi, Mist Moon, Ore, Golden Eggs

---Gustafa--- - GUS02
Gustafa lives in the little Yurt, he is always Playing Music, and can
often be found wondering around the Valley.

Likes: Flowers, Curry, Mushroom Curry

---Galen--- - GAL01 
Galen lives with his Elderly Wife Nina, but not for long...
Galen is often walking through the Valley.

Likes: Apples, S Grade Veg, Fish

---Nina--- - NIN01
A Friendly Old Lady, she is usually strolling through the Valley with
her Husband Galen. She is only in the game until the 2nd Chapter...

Likes: Milk, Flowers

---Kassey--- - KAS02
The World's Best Pyrotechnician, is Kassey. He is Patrick's Older Brother.
Kassey has a Smiley Face on his Top, his Brother has a Flower on his.
Patrick and Kassey live in the small TreeHouse, by the Bar.

Likes: Ore, Flowers

---Patrick--- - PAT01
Patrick is the second best Pyrotechnician in the World. He lives in
the same House as his Twin Brother, Kassey. Patrick has a Flower
on his top, and Kassey has a Smiley face on his.

Likes: Ore, Eggs, Fish, Cheese, Flowers, Silver Coins

---Tim--- - TIM02
Tim is the Owner of the Inner Inn. He is quite Friendly. Tim is Husband
to Ruby, and Father to Rock.

Likes: Flowers, Butter, Milk, Sashimi, Goat's Milk, Cheese, stuff from the
       Dig Site

---Ruby--- - RUB01
Ruby is Tim's Wife, and Rocks Mother. She Works at the Inn with Tim.
Ruby is Friendly towards everyone.

Likes: Flowers, Ore, Milk, Curry, Tomatoes, Grapes, Butter

---Rock--- - ROC01
Rock's Parents are Tim and Ruby, believe it or not. Rock loves to throw
Parties, and he isn't at Home very often.

Likes: Mist-Moon, Human Statues, Fodder, Toy Flower, Coins, Butter,
       Earth Soup

---Murrey--- - MUR01
Murrey is the Valley Bum. He walks around the Valley all day, looking for
Food. He likes the Bar, and claims the People always drop Food and Drinks.
Murrey isn't a horrible Guy, but he does steal food from your Food 
Storage, but your Dog will chase him away if he is well looked after.
Murrey is trying to get back Home to Popo Valley, but doesn't have 
enough Money. You can give him Money, but i'm not sure if he goes Home.

Likes: Every Food Dish,(Except ones made from Fish.) Fodder, Fossils, 
       Wool/Golden Wool.

---Vesta--- - VES02
Vesta owns the Farm next to yours. She is the Fat Lady with the Ginger 
Hair. Vesta is very Friendly. She works on the Farm with Celia, and
Her Brother, Marlin.

Likes: Ore, Flowers, Earth Soup, Milk, Curry

---Marlin--- - MAR01
Marlin works on the Farm with Celia, and Vesta. He is quite Nasty, and
gets worse if you Marry/Befriend Celia. Marlin is Vesta's Younger Brother,
and he has a Huge Crush on Celia. o_O

Likes: S Grade Veg, Records, Turbojolt And Potions like that.

---Daryl--- - DAR02
Daryl is a Mad Scientist. He looks creepy, but is actually a nice Guy.
He is obsessed with catching the MukuMuku, but can never do it, because
Murrey always eats the Bait. Daryl will give you the 6000g Seed Maker
for free if you Befriend him, and enter his House, when he's there.

Likes: Fish, Eggs, Earth Soup, Fossils, Coins

---Muffy--- - MUF01
Muffy is very Friendly. She flirts with lots of Guys, but is Lonely
in the Valley. She works in the Blue Bar, with her Boss Griffin.
You can Marry Muffy, by giving her the Blue Feather when she is on
4 Hearts. Check out the Marriage Section for more Details on Marriage.

Likes: Flowers, Coins, Ore, Butter, Fruit Punch, Strawberry Cake,
       Ice Cream, Strawberry Pie

---Celia--- - CEL01
Celia works on the Farm with Marlin and Vesta. She is very Cheery, but
sometimes can be obsessed with Plants, and Childish. Celia is very 
Friendly, and seeks a Hard-Working, honest Man. (NOTE: Celia HATES
being teased with the Blue Feather.) You can Marry Celia, by giving her the 
Blue Feather when she is on 4 Hearts. Check out the Marriage Section for 
more Details on Marriage.

Likes: Flowers, Statues, Ore, Strawberry Cake, Records

---Nami--- - NAM01
Nami is the Smartest of the 3 Girls you can Marry. She is a traveler
who knows what she wants. Nami is not very nice, and wont fall
for Flowers and Candy. You can Marry Nami, by giving her the Blue Feather 
when she is on 4 Hearts. Check out the Marriage Section for 
more Details on Marriage.

Likes: Fall Flowers, Statues, Skull Fossils, Curry, Silver Coins,

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* MARRIAGE - MAR1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

In Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, you must get Married, and Raise a 
Family. To get Married you must have the Blue Feather, and a Girl on
4 Hearts. 

You can get the Blue Feather by getting a Girl up to 4 Hearts. The
Harvest Sprites will come to your House, fighting over the Blue Feather.
Flak decides you should have the Feather.

Here's some info that will help you catch the right Girl.


 Nami stays in the Inner Inn. She has short, Red Hair covering one Eye,
 A Blue Vest, and an Orange T-Shirt. She also has Grey Shorts,
 and Blue/White Trainers.

Likes: Fall Flowers, Statues, Skull Fossils, Silver Coins, Curry
Diary: On her Desk in her Room.

Not Married: Nami's Schedule before Married is pretty hard to Determine,
             she Wakes up at Random Times, and goes to Bed at Random
             Times. But, Nami is often seen either: In the Blue Bar,
             Wondering around the Valley, or at the Villa.

When Married: Gets up at 7am, Sleeps at 10pm. She goes Outside
              a lot, and sometime goes to Mineral Town.


 Muffy works, and lives at the Blue Bar with her Boss, Griffin. She is
 very lonely in Forget-Me-Not Valley, and thinks a Hard-Working Man
 is Sexy. She knows absolutely NOTHING about Farming, and many People
 think she is Dumb.

Likes: Ice Cream, Coins, Shiny Things(Ore, etc..), Flowers
She'll only accept the following, after Marriage: Golden Wool, Amorous
Flowers, Food you made, Moon Ores, Coins.
Diary: Top Left corner of the Bar, in the Plant.

Not Married: Wakes up at 10am, Works until evening, When she has the 
             Day off, Muffy will Walk all around the Valley, and over
             Mineral Town.

When Married: Wakes up at 8am, she walks about the Farm usually around
              3pm. Muffy goes to sleep at 11pm, although she does sometimes
              go to the Bar, or walk around the Stream, in this Case, she 
              gets Home and goes to Bed about 12 Midnight.


 Celia works at the Farm with Vesta and Marlin. She is a bit Childish,
 and can sometimes be obsessed with Plants. Celia's Diary is in her
 Room, under her Bed.

Likes: Flowers, Coins, Fruit and Veg, Eggs, Moon Ores
Diary: Under her Bed, in her Room

Not Married: Gets up at 6am, stays on the Farm for Hours on end, she
             sometimes goes out for a walk. Celia goes to Bed about

When Married: Gets up at 6am, stays on the Farm loads in the Earlier
              Chapters, but goes out more as you progress. Goes to bed
              about 10 - 10:30pm

The Girl you choose to Marry is Totally up to you, however, if you don't
Propose to a Girl in the First Year, the girl that likes you most will
come and Propose to you. If you say you don't want to get Married, it's
Game over for you!

------------------------MORE ON MARRIAGE COMING SOON!----------------------

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* GIRLS CUTSCENES - GIR1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Once you have chosen the Girl you want to Marry, you can see her Cutscenes,
simply by increasing your Heart rating with her, and being in the right
place, at the right time.

(NOTE: The Original Marriage Scene is just you and your chosen Wife
       walking around the Valley telling the other Villagers that you
       are Married, except there is no text.)

---Muffy's Cutscenes--- - MFC01

-Your first Encounter-

Requirments: 1 Red Heart
How to get: Exit your House, any time in Late Noon, 4pm or so.
What happens: When you exit your House, Takakura will want a Word with you
              about Shipping items, but before he can Speak, you will 
              see Muffy being somewhat 'attacked' by your Dog. 
              Muffy will call for Help, and you will rush to her Rescue.
              She will ask if she can come and look at the Farm whenever
              she wants, and you will automatically say yes.

-The Broken Dish-

Requirments: 2 Red Hearts
How to get: Any time in the Evening, go into the Blue Bar, 
What happens: When you enter the Bar, Muffy will be angry at herself for 
              Breaking a Dish. If you listen to her, she will Thank you.

-The Wedding-
(No, this isn't your Wedding. :P)

Requirments: 3-4 Hearts
How to get: Exit your House any time in the Noon, 
What happens: When you Exit the House, you'll find Muffy outside. 
              She has just been to a Wedding of her friend, in 
              the City. Her Friends have been making fun 
              of her Working at the Front 
              of a Bar, and she is a little angry about this. Muffy
              will be thinking about moving back to the City, and she
              will ask you where you think she belongs. If you say
              she belongs here, she will brighten up.

-Griffin the Stalker-

Requirments: 4 Hearts
How to get: Go to Bed at 6-8pm.
What happens: Muffy will show up at your House, and ask if she can stay for
              a bit, as she thinks someone is following her everywhere.
              If you say she can stop at your House for a moment, Griffin
              will knock on the Door, seeing that it was just Griffin
              'stalking' her, Muffy will go back to the Blue Bar.


Requirments: 4 Hearts
How to get: Go into the Blue Bar, any time in the Noon.
What happens: You will end up in the Room where Muffy & Griffin live. Muffy
              will say she is Bored, as there has been no customers in the
              Bar Today. You now have the option to take Muffy on a Date.
              If decide to ask her on the Date, she will agree. When
              you and Muffy get back, she will say that she had fun.


Requirments: Blue Feather, and 4 Hearts
How to get: Offer the Blue Feather to Muffy.
What happens: When you show Muffy the Blue Feather, she will take you into
              the Room where the 2 Workers live. Muffy will be ecstatic
              that you are Proposing to Her of all People. Muffy will now
              take you out of the Room, and then come back inside, herself
              and say 'HAH!<3<3<3'. Then the Normal Marriage Scene will 

---Celia's Cutscenes--- - CES01

-Farm Life-

Requirments: 1 Heart
How to get: Enter Vesta's House, then leave when Celia is out of the House.
What happens: You will walk over to Celia,  and then asks you if you like
              working on the Farm or not. If you say it doesn't bother
              you, Celia will go back to working on the Plants. She
              now thinks that Plants give her strength,(O_o) Celia then
              asks if you think she is acting like a Kid, but your
              Character says No.


Requirments: 2-3 Hearts
How to get: Come out of your House at about 12 Midday.
What Happens: Celia will be
              looking at your Farm, talking to the Pasture....
              Celia will carry on walking to the Spring. When she gets
              there, you will follow her. Celia tells you that she likes
              coming to the Spring. Celia tells you to be quiet, you
              can choose to Move or not, if you choose to not Move,
              she will say everything is relaxing.

-Shopping Trip-

Requirments: 2-3 Hearts
How to get: Go into Vesta's House when Celia is in there, but Vesta and Marlin
            have to be in the Storage Room(Building next to it.)
What happens: When you go to knock on the Door, Celia will come out, and you
              will scare each other. Celia will walk out of the House, and
              say that the Weather is nice. If you ask if she would like
              to go out, Marlin will come out of the Storage room, and 
              says that you can't do anything with her, as she needs to go
              Shopping. Celia remembers that Vesta told her to go Shopping.
              If you offer to go with her, Marlin will say you can't.
              Celia gets angry, and tells Marlin off. Vesta comes out
              and asks why Celia isn't Shopping. Marlin says that it's
              you who is holding her up. Celia gets annoyed once more,
              and says that it's not your Fault. If you apologize, Celia
              asks you to walk with her on the Path into the Town.

-Another Man?-

Requirments: 3-4 Hearts
How to get: Go into Vesta's House when Celia is also inside. 
What happens: Celia will open the Door before you knock, and she will ask
              you to come to the Spring with her, say you will come.
              When you two are at the Spring, something is troubling Celia,
              listen to her, and you will find out that Vesta thinks that
              Celia should carry on ahead with the arranged Marriage. 
              She now has to meet her future-Husband, but she doesn't
              want to meet, or Marry him. You can say she should break
              of the Marriage, or that it's just a test.


Requirments: 3-4 Hearts
How to get: Enter Vesta's House when Vesta, Celia, and Marlin are Downstairs.
What happens: When you go inside, you see Marlin telling Celia off for
              choosing to meet her Future-Husband without telling him. 
              Vesta says that it has nothing to do with Marlin, 
              but he carries on, and says he wants the final decision, 
              will she Marry this Guy, or not. Vesta tells Marlin to shut up.
              The 3 notice you are standing there,(O_o) and Vesta says you
              can come in, choose the option that says 'You didn't hear
              anything'(or something along those lines.)
              Vesta now tells you that Celia met her Future Husband, and
              asks Celia what she thinks of him, Celia then says that
              she thought he was nice, but then looks at you, and says
              she needs to think about it more.

-True Love!-

Requirments: 4 Hearts
How to get: See the above Scene, go out of your House after 6am.
What happens: When you exit your House, you will see Vesta and Takakura
              talking. Vesta can't find Celia, Marlin now joins you
              and says he can't find Celia either. Marlin goes Home
              incase Celia has come back. You now help in the Search,
              you can't find her either! when you return Home, guess who's
              there...Celia! she is having a friendly conversation with your
              Dog. Celia says she has broke off the Engagement with the other
              guy, because she loves you. If you say you love her aswell,
              she will be over the Moon, then she will return Home.


Requirments: 4 Hearts, and Blue Heart
How to get: Offer the Blue Feather to Celia
What happens: When you give her the Blue Feather, you two will go to the
              Spring, and Celia will tell you that she is so Happy, the
              original Marriage scene will follow.

---Nami's Cutscenes--- - NMC01

-Your first encounter-

Requirments: 1 Heart
How to get: Go into you House, and come out at about Noon-ish.
What happens: When you come out, Nami will be standing there looking at your
              Farm, she turns around, and turns back, Nami then says that
              she doesn't need anything, and that you should get back to
              Work. If you reply 'Whatever you say' Nami will look around
              your Farm.

-My Tab-

Requirments: 2 Hearts
How to get: First of all, the Bar MUST be open, secondly Nami has to go
            into the Bar when only her, Muffy, and Griffin are at the
            front. (NOTE: The easiest way would be to follow Nami around
            all Day.)
What happens: When you go in, choose the first option, Nami will let you
              sit next to her. Now choose the 2nd option, and you'll tell
              Nami why you came to Forget-Me-Not Valley. Nami will now
              ask if the Farm is making any Cash, if you say you're not
              keeping track, she will then chuckle, and leave the Bar.
              Nami has forgot to pay for her Drink, if you say you'll
              pay for it, Muffy will say that you're a nice person.

-Nami's gone?-

Requirments: 3 Hearts
How to get: Go into your House at about 8am, and Tim and Ruby will knock
            on your Door. They will ask if you have seen Nami around today?
            You Character says No, Tim then tells you that Nami has
            seemingly left Forget-Me-Not Valley! Tim asks you to keep an
            eye open for Nami. If you offer to help them find her, you,
            Tim, and Ruby will set off to look for her. When you three
            get back, Nami comes to you, and asks about Food!
            Tim asks Nami about the Money. Nami turns away. Tim tells
            Ruby to go and make Lunch, Tim and Ruby then go back to the
            Inner Inn. Nami turns to you, and tells you that she is alright,
            then goes back to the Inn.

-Nami's Letter-

Requirments: 4 Hearts
How to get: Go into the Inn Late in the Night(about 10pm).
What happens: Nami will be standing at the Front Desk, and Tim will walk in.
              It seems that Tim got a Phone call from Nami's Father, saying
              that Nami should come Home. Nami will ask Tim if she can have
              the Letter behind the Desk, as it is adressed to her. The
              Letter is from her Family, they say that she should either
              get a Job in Forget Valley, or come back Home. Nami asks
              if she can work at the Inn, but then Tim more-or-less tells
              her that you're there. Nami asks if she could come work at
              your Farm sometime? If you say Yes, Nami will be happy.

-Out of Cash!-

Requirments: 4 Hearts
How to get: Go into the Innner Inn late at Night in the Winter.
What happens: When you enter the Inn, Tim will ask why you are here.
              Say you have come to see Nami, and he'll be happy. Tim
              says that Nami hasn't been looking to good lately, and
              she needs cheering up. Nami now comes downstairs, Tim
              calls her, but she ignores him, and leaves the Inn, Tim tells
              you to follow her. You will find Nami on the Beach, crying.
              Nami explains that she has run out of Money, and has to leave
              the Valley... You can tell Nami that she can come live with you.
              This is a different sort of Proposal, but Nami will
              agree anyway.


Requirments: 4 Hearts, the Blue Feather
How to get: Offer the Blue Feather to Nami.
What happens: When you offer Nami the Feather, she will ask what it is for,
              tell her you want to Marry her, you will now be in her Room,
              where Nami decides that she will Marry you! If you have seen
              the above event, Nami will automatically take the Feather. The
              original Marriage scene will now follow.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CHILDREN - CHI1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

When you get Married, you will now have a Family to raise, you now have a
Baby Boy. He ages through the Game, like many other Characters, from
Toddler, to Mature Adult. You can also pretty much choose what Career
he does when he's older, which is a great Factor. Here is the things
you must do to influence him in a different Career Path:


-Show him Animals
-Milk the Cows with your Hands
-Keep him on the Farm
-Keep the Animals Outside


-Befriend Vesta
-Show him Seeds
-Take him to Vesta's Farm


-Befriend Cody
-Get the Painting from Cody in Chpter 3+, by befriending him, and entering
 his House
-Only keep the Colouring Book in his Toy Box
-Take him to Cody's Place


-Befriend Gustafa
-Take him to Gustafa's Yurt


-Befriend Wally and Hugh
-Keep only the Ball in his Toy Box
-Take him to Wally's House


-Befriend Daryl
-Keep only the Wooden Toy Car in the Toy Box
-Take him to Daryl's Lab
-Use the Milker, instead of using your Hands

----------Child Stages----------

Your Child starts as a small Toddler, and ages through the Years, into a
Grown-up. Here's a Description of what each Girl's Child looks like:

Muffy's Child:

Toddler - He wears a Little, Blue and white, Striped Hat. Blonde Hair,
          and Green eyes. A Red shirt, with Blue and White overalls,
          and small, Blue Shoes.

Child - He's a bit older. He now wears a Red and White check Shirt,
        with Grey Trousers. His hair, and Eye Colour hasn't Changed.

Teenager - He is in his Teens now. Hair Colour hasn't changed, but he does
           have a different style, with just a bit of Hair at the
           side sticking up. He wears a Red shirt, with a Yellowish
           Jacket, and Red Gloves. He also has Navy Blue Trousers.

Adult - He is now an Adult, He wears pretty much the same as when he
        was a Teen, but his Shirt Colour is now Dark Blue/Green.

Celia's Child:

Toddler - Green Hat, Red Shoes. He has Dark eyes, Rich Brown Hair, 
          a Green Sweater, and green Dungarees.

Child - Light Brown Hair, grey eyes. He has a green Sweater, Brown shoes,
        and Grey-Green trousers.

Teenager - Still has Light Brown Hair, Grey Eyes, grey Trousers, 
           Red/Black Gloves, a Green Sweater, and Yellow shoes.

Adult - He looks the same as his Teenage Stage.

Nami's Child:

Toddler - Small Blue Hat, and a Blue Shirt. He also wears Light Blue 
          Overalls. He has Ginger Hair, and Light Blue Eyes.

Child - His Eyes are now a bit Darker, but his Hair hasn't changed much.
        He also wears a Blue top, with a Logo on. Finally, he wears
        Dark blue Trousers and Yellow/Grey Shoes.

Teenager - His Hair has suddenly changed to a Pink/Red Colour, and his
           Eyes have gone more Green. He wears a Black Jacket, and a 
           Red Shirt, and also Red Gloves. He has Grey Jeans, and Black

Adult - Finally, he now Wears, a Black Jacket, Orange Shirt, Dark
        Trousers, Red Gloves, his Trainers haven't changed much,
        nor has his Hair/Eye colour. 

You can't give your Child items as a Toddler, but this is the only Time
you can pick him up, and get close to him. You can Talk, 'Twow Twow'
which means Throw him up, and catch him, Pat him on the back, and 
Hug him.


   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* FISHING - FIS1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Fishing is quite a small aspect of the Game, but despite what People may
say, it is effective. Think about it, you can buy the Fishing Rod from
Van's shop for 500g, but then you can Fish as much as you want! You
can Sell the Fish, Eat them, AND put them in your Dog's Bowl!

There is 4 different Places you can Fish, the Swamp, Upstream, Downstream,
and in the Spring. The Swamp is by Cody's House, Upstream, is by the
Waterfall, Downstream is by the Bridge, and the Spring is the small
Pond, by the Sprites House.

Here is how you Fish:
Buy the Fishing Rod from Van, on the 3rd, or the 8th of a Season for
500g. Find some Water, outside of your Farm, and use it like you would
any Other Tool, and Press (A) when you're in front of some Water.
You can only Fish in the River, at the Spring, and in the Swamp.
When Fishing, it's easier to turn the Rumble on, through the Notebook.
Now, when you get a Catch, the Controller will Rumble about 3 times,
and then there will be a Splash. I usually wait 1 Second before
Pressing (A), because if you press it to early/Late, you'll Lose the

 You can Sell the Fish to Van for a Certain amount of Cash.

   Type of Fish    |  Price Sold For  |     Found      
      Arna         |     400g         |    Swamp
      Colombo      |     20g          |    Downstream
      Huchep       |     90g          |    Upstream
      Nyamame      |     60g          |    Upstream
      Rainbob      |     80g          |    Spring/Downstream
      Sharshark    |     600g         |    Downstream
      Snelt        |     30g          |    Downstream
      Yamame       |     500g         |    Upstream
      Big Arna     |     400g         |    Swamp
      Big Colombo  |     40g          |    Spring/Downstream
      Big Huchep   |     170g         |    Upstream
      Big Nyamame  |     130g         |    Upstream
      Big Rainbob  |     150g         |    Spring/Downstream
      Big Sharshark|     1200g        |    Downstream
      Big Snelt    |     60g          |    Downstream
      Big Yamame   |     1000g        |    Upstream

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* ANIMALS - ANI1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Ok, if you don't use the old Banana Tree - Seed Maker trick, your income
will most likely be Animals. There is 9 Different types of Animal, they
are: Chickens, Ducks, Cows, Goats, Sheep, Horse, Dog, Cat, and the
Chiuhaha, which you get from Carter for finding all the Tablets in the
Dig Site.

Here is a List of the Animals, how to get them, the Price, How to take
Care of them, and some Miscellaneous info about them.

---The Cow---

How to get: Order it from the Ledger, there is 4 Different types of
            Cows/Bulls, here they are:
|Type of Cow  |Buying Price |
 Normal Cow   |  4000g
 Normal Bull  |  3000g
 Brown Cow    |  5000g
 Brown Bull   |  4000g
 Marble Cow   |  5000g
 Marble Bull  |  4000g
 Star Cow     |  7000g
 Star Bull    |  6000g

Each Cow Produces different Milk, so you could Experiment in Breeding them,
to see what Milk you get!

Taking Care: Keep your Cow outside when it's Sunny, and bring it
in when it starts to Rain/Snow. You don't need to Feed them, when they're
outside, but when they're inside, you have to Put food in the Feed
Box. To get Fodder, Cut the Grass outside(Pasture), and you'll get 1
Fodder per Patch of Grass. You need to talk to your Cow twice a Day, 
Hug him once, and Brush him twice to make Her/him like you quickly.
I just Talk and Hug, but they still like me. :p

Misc: A Cow will only give Milk for 40 Days (1 year). To get it going
again, you must make it Pregnant by Mating it with a Bull, or
using a Miracle Potion.

---The Sheep---

How to Get: You can order it from the Ledger for 1500g.

Taking Care: The Sheep needs the same as the Cow, he/she needs to
be Brushed, Talked to, and Hugged. The Sheep also has it's own
Feed Box, but it's Smaller, as the Sheep only needs Feeding once
a Day.

Misc: The Sheep will give you Wool once each Month, it doesn't sound
too good, but if your Sheep gives Golden Wool, that's 600g a Month,
plus Sheep don't stop giving Wool! Normal Wool can be Sold for 75g
to Van.

---The Goat---

How to Get: Van starts selling them for 4000g in the Spring of Chapter 2.

Taking Care: Exactly the same as the Cow. It needs the same Treatment,
and can only give Milk for a Year. But you're thinking "I can just
get it Pregnant, so it'll give Milk again, right?" Wrong. The Goat
cannot get Pregnant, once it stops giving Milk, thats it. Your
Farm is just carrying Dead weight, you can't Sell it either.
The only way to get rid of it is to Kill it. You can do so by:
Leaving it out in the Snow/Rain, Don't Feed it, and constantly
wake it up. Soon it will get sick, and die :(.
However when the Goat does give Milk, it can be Sold for 115g. It's
Butter can be Sold for 150g, and it's Cheese for 155g.

Misc: N/A

---The Horse---

How to Get: Takakura will come to your House one Day in Summer, or
Fall, and give you your very own Free Horse!

Taking Care: The Horse, is a truly great Animal on this Game, 
it only needs feeding once, and you can Ride it anywhere around Town,
without losing Hardly any Stamina! He needs feeding only once a Day
when in the Barn. You just have to Hug/Talk/Brush him to keep him
Happy, but after a bit, he wont be so fond of you Hugging, Talking
to him, although he will still like to be Brushed from time to time.

Misc: If you are in Town, and you can't be bothered to walk Home, you
can call the Horse by Pressing (R) Twice, and he'll instantly come
to you!

---The Chicken---

How to Get: Buy from the Ledger for 900g

Taking Care: The Chickens will probably not be a Major Source of income
to you, but it's still nice to have them around making a Couple of
Hundred G. The Chickens/Hens are both the same in Taking Care wise,
they need Picking up, and Hugging every Day, they also need to be
Fed. To do this, simply hold some Bird Feed, and stand in the Middle
of the Square in the Coop, and press (A) when it says 'Put'.

Misc: The Chickens may give Golden Eggs, which can be Sold for 300g.
They'll only give Golden Eggs, if they are in a REALLY Good Mood.
there is 3 different types of Eggs, here's the Selling Prices:

 Egg Type | Price when Sold
Normal    |   40g
Fertilized|   50g
Golden    |   300g

To get a Fertilized Egg, you must have a Hen, and a Rooster. The Hen
will sooner or Later produce a Fertilized Egg.

The Best Formation up-to-Date for Chickens, is 4 Hens, 1 Rooster,
and the Ducks, this is because, you can get Fertilized Eggs from
the Rooster, if you don't get Golden Eggs. 

---The Duck---

How to Get: You must have the Pond Built sometime in Chapter 1, for 2500g.
Now you need to have less than 6 Chickens in your Coop. Now make Sure
you wake up AFTER your Wife. She'll then come to you when you Wake up,
and tell you that there's Ducks in the Pond.

Taking Care: Exactly the same as the Chickens, they just lay Duck Eggs,
but they wont sit on them, the Chickens will, and there is no way of
telling if it's a Duck, or Chicken Egg.

Misc: Each Duck can be sold for 500g.


How to Get: 2 Dogs will show up at your Farm when you start. A Pointy-
Eared one, and a Long-Eared one, it doesn't matter which one you 

Taking Care: The Dog just needs Feeding every so often, say once a Day,
Just put any type of Food in his Bowl.

Misc: The Dog will chase Murrey away when he tries to steal your Food
from the Food Storage if the Dog likes you.


How to Get: Befriend Romana, someday in the Fall, after or in the First
Year of Chapter 2, she will Drop by and give you the Cat.

Taking Care: Same as the Dog, but it eats from the Same Bowl.

Misc: The Cat is my least-Favorite Animal, it always Eats all my Dog's
Food. :(


How to Get: You need to be VERY Close with Carter, and find all of the
Tablets in the Dig Site for him. He might give it to you very Late in the 
Game, or he might not.

Taking Care: I haven't got the Chihuaha yet, but i assume it would be
the same as the Cat, pitches in on eating all your Food.

Misc: N/A

If you need ANY more info on the Animals, you could check neofan12s's 
Great Animal Faq.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CROPS - CRO1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

You can grow Many Crops on your Farm, from Tomatoes, to Turnips.
These Seeds can be Bought on Vesta's Farm, from either Vesta, Celia,
or Marlin, when you Buy Crops, your Friendship Meter is boosted
with the Person you just bought the Seeds from.

Here is a Table of how much the Crops Cost:

(NOTE: If you're looking for the Tree Prices, they're in the Next Section,
hit ctrl+f, and type this Code in, to skip to it: TRE1)

|      Crop         |  Price when Bought  | Season Grown in |
| Carrot            |        30g          |  Fall - Winter  |
| Melon             |        50g          |  Summer - Fall  |
| Potato            |        40g          |  Winter - Spring|
| Strawberry        |        30g          |  Fall - Spring  |
| Sweet Potato      |        40g          |  Only in Fall   |
| Tomato            |        30g          |  Spring - Fall  |
| Turnip            |        20g          |  Summer - Winter|
| Watermelon        |        60g          |  Spring - Summer|

Crops need Watering roughly 2 Times a Day, or they will die. You can also
Buy Fertilizer, 120g a Bag, it will give you better Grade Crops/Trees,
you must use 4 Bags of Fertilizer on one Crop to bring it up to A
Grade, and Thirty on a Single Tree.

If you Plant a Crop in the wrong Season, it will Die in a Day, or Two.

If you go to Vesta's Farm, you will see the way her Crops are planted, this
is a Great Formation to use, as you can easily Water them. If for any
reason, you can't see her fields, this is how they are Planted:

 _ _ _ _ _ _ _

X = Where the Crop should go.
|_| = Empty Space of Soil.

This is the best Formation, plus you don't lose seeds, like you would in Back
to Nature, as 1 Bag of Seeds = 1 Section of Seeds, not 9.

Growing Crops is not recommended for Money-Making, until you can grow S-Grade
Crops. Only Grow Plants when you need them for Recipes.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* TREES - TRE1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

You can buy Tree seeds from Vesta's Farm from Vesta, Marlin, or Celia. Here
is how much they Cost, and when the Fruits can be Harvested:

|    Tree      |   Price when Bought |   Harvested  |
|              |                     |              |
| Apple Tree   |        820g         |     Fall     |
| Banana Tree  |        1500g        |    Summer    |
| Grape Tree   |        900g         |     Fall     |
| Orange Tree  |        820g         |    Summer    |
| Peach Tree   |        1120g        |    Summer    |

The Best place to Plant Trees would probably be the Fertile Field, but
if you have enough room, Plant them in the Very Fertile Field. 
REMEMBER! you must leave at least 8 Squares around each Tree, if you
put Crops or another Tree of any type closer, it will be killed. Here is a
small ASCII Picture of how it should look for the People who haven't
got a clue what i'm talking about.


The X indicates where the Tree should go, the empty spaces are where you
should leave space for the Tree to grow.

You can Harvest the Fruits from your Trees in the right Season, (See Chart
above.) just stand in front of it when the Tree is fully Grown, (You'll
know when it's fully grown by looking at the Soil, if it's always Wet.)
and press (A) to shake it, and make the Fruits come down.

The thing most People do when they get the Fruits, is put them in the
Seed Maker, then wait a few Days, and you'll get some Seeds. These
Seeds can be Sold to Van for half the Price that you bought them,
but, each Fruit/Crop Produces 2 Bags of Seeds, and you get more than
one Fruit every Day!

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* HYBRIDS - HYB1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

You can make your own Trees/Crops, these are called Hybrids.
To make Hybrids, you must get Tartan the talking Plant. To get 
Tartan, you must be friends with Takakura(He is your friend when 
you start anyway.), now go into his House in or any time after Takakura
goes in in the evening, and you should be introduced to Tartan.

You must now befriend Tartan. Tartan likes being talked to, so if you talk
to him a lot, he will become your friend. I befriended him in 2 Days as
i talked to him about 7 Times in the Day. When you are his friend, you will
have the option to make Hybrids.

Here is a list of the Hybrid Trees you can make:
(Thanks a load to Aaabfamily@aol.com for these lists!)

Appage: Apple + Banana
Gehju: Banana + Grape
Jurjum: Grape + Peach
Lanmuge: Orange + Peach
Magenge: Orange + Banana
Magerum: Banana + Peach
Orahge: Orange + Grape
Oraphu: Apple + Orange
Phuju: Apple + Grape
Phurum: Apple + Peach

Here is a list of the 2nd Gen Hybrid Trees you can make:
(These Trees take almost a whole Year to grow!)

RT1=jurum + phurum---jurum+phuju---phurum+phuju
RT2=magerum + orahge---gehju+lanmuge---jurum+magenge
RT3=magenge + oraphu---appage+magenge---appage+oraphu
RT4=magerum + magenge---magerum+lanmuge---magange+lanmuge
RT5=magerum + oraphu---appage+lanmuge---phurum+magenge
RT6=gehju + oraphu---appage+lanmuge---phurum+magenge
RT7=magerum + phuju---gehju+phurum---jurum+appage
RT8=gehju + jurum---gehju+orahge---jurum+orahge
RT9=jurum + oraphu---phurum+orahge---phuju+lanmuge

You can Name these Trees, so that's why it says RC#.


Here is a list of The Hybrid Crops:

Crop + Crop = Hybrid               Growing Season         Growing Time

Tomato+Watermelon=Gretoma          Spring-Fall             8 days
Tomato+Strawberry=Berrytoma        Spring-Fall             7 days
Tomato+Melon=Melotoma              Spring-Fall             10 days
Tomato+Turnip=Trady                Spring-Fall             8 days
Tomato+Potato=Tobatama             Spring-Fall             8 days
Tomato+Carrot=Tomaca               Spring-Fall             8 days
Tomato+Sweet Potato=Yamato         Spring-Fall             7 days
Turnip+Potato=Radita               Winter-Spring           6 days
Turnip+Sweet Potato=Kandy          Winter-Summer           5 days
Turnip+Carrot=Cady                 Winter-Spring           7 days
Watermelon+Strawberry=Berryber     Spring-Summer           9 days
Watermelon+Melon=Melober           Spring-Summer           8 days
Watermelon+Turnip=Raury            Spring-Summer           9 days
Watermelon+Potato=Bashber          Spring-Summer           8 days
Watermelon+Sweet Potato=Kashry     Spring-Summer           8 days
Watermelon+Carrot=Cabber           Spring-Summer           9 days
Melon+TurnipDhilon=                Summer-Fall             10 days
Melon+Potato=Potamelo              Summer-Fall             9 days
Melon+Carrot=Camelo                Summer-Fall             7 days
Melon+Sweet Potato=Sholo           Summer-Fall             7 days
Strawberry+Melon=Berryto           Fall-Spring             8 days
Strawberry+Turnip=Dhibe            Fall-Spring             5 days
Strawberry+Potato=Paberita         Fall-Spring             8 days
Strawberry+Carrot=Caberry          Spring-Fall             7 days
Strawberry+Sweet Potato=Berryto    Fall-Spring             8 days
Carrot+SweetPotato=Kanro           Summer-Fall             6 days
Potato+Carrot=Tataro               Winter-Summer           8 days
Potato+Sweet Potato=Bashota        Winter-Summer           6 days

(Once again, Thanks a bunch to Aaabfamily for this info!)


--Second Gen Hybrids--

2nd Gen. Hybrid #1
-Grows in Spring only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-6 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Melober + Raury
Melober + Cabber
Melober + Berryto
Raury + Cabber
Raury + Berryto
Cabber + Berryto

2nd Gen. Hybrid #2
-Grows in Spring only
-Takes 6 days to grow
-3 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Gretoma + Berryto
Berrytoma + Melober
Berryber + Melotoma

2nd Gen. Hybrid #3
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-It looks like a peanut
-10 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Gretoma + Melotoma
Gretoma + Trady
Gretoma + Tomaca
Gretoma + Berrytoma
Melotoma + Trady
Melotoma + Tomaca
Melotoma + Berrytoma
Trady + Tomaca
Trady + Berrytoma
Tomaca + Berrytoma

2nd Gen. Hybrid #4
-Grows in Fall only
-Takes 8 days to grow
-Only 1 way to make it:

 Plant 1 Plant 2

 Dhilon + Camelo

2nd Gen. Hybrid #5
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 10 days to grow
-It is an eggplant, and it will automatically water the 8 spaces directly 
 surrounding it when you water it. 
 -12 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Gretoma + Melober
Gretoma + Kashry
Gretoma + Bashber
Gretoma + Potamelo
Gretoma + Tobatama
Melober + Kashry
Melober + Bashber
Melober + Potamelo
Melober + Tobatama
Melotoma + Bashber
Melotoma + Potamelo
Kashry + Bashber

2nd Gen. Hybrid #6
-Grows in Spring only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-1 way to make it: 

Plant 1  Plant 2

Berryto + Dhibe

2nd Gen. Hybrid #7
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-1 way to make it: 

Plant 1 Plant 2

Dhilon + Dhibe

2nd Gen. Hybrid #8
-Grows in Fall only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-3 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Dhilon + Caberry
Camelo + Dhibe
Berryto + Cady

2nd Gen. Hybrid #9
-Grows in Winter only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-It looks like a whistle
-3 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Cabber + Camelo
Cabber + Caberry
Camelo + Caberry

2nd Gen. Hybrid #10
-Grows in Fall only
-Takes 6 days to grow
-Yellow light bulb plant
-2 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Berryto + Dhibe
Berryto + Caberry

2nd Gen. Hybrid #11
-Grows in Winter only
-Takes 6 days to grow
-looks like a light bulb plant
-2 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Berryto + Dhilon
Berryto + Camelo

2nd Gen. Hybrid #12
-Grows in Spring only
-Takes 6 days to grow
-also looks like light bulb
-6 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Melotoma + Dhibe
Melotoma + Caberry
Berryto + Trady
Berryto + Tomaca
Berrytoma + Dhilon
Berrytoma + Camelo

2nd Gen. Hybrid #13
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 6 days to grow
- also looks like a light bulb
-6 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Melober + Dhibe
Melober + Caberry
Berryber + Dhilon
Berryber + Camelo
Berryto + Raury
Berryto + Cabber

2nd Gen. Hybrid #14
-Grows in Spring only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-It looks like a radish
-9 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Tataro + Tomaca
Tataro + Cabber
Tataro + Camelo
Tataro + Caberry
Tataro + Kanro
Cady + Tomaca
Cady + Cabber
Cady + Camelo
Cady + Caberry

2nd Gen. Hybrid #15
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 10 days to grow
-2 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Kandy + Kanro
Kandy + Bashota

2nd Gen. Hybrid #16
-Grows in Fall only
-Takes 8 days to grow
-15 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Bashota + Bashber
Bashota + Potamelo
Bashota + Paberryta
Bashota + Tobatama
Bashota + Tataro
Paberryta + Bashber
Paberryta + Potamelo
Paberryta + Tobatama
Paberryta + Tataro
Tataro + Bashber
Tataro + Potamelo
Tataro + Tobatama
Bashber + Potamelo
Bashber + Tobatama
Potamelo + Tobatama

2nd Gen. Hybrid #17
-Grows in Fall only
-Takes 9 days to grow
-7 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Kanro + Tomaca
Kanro + Cabber
Kanro + Camelo
Kanro + Caberry
Tomaca + Cabber
Tomaca + Camelo
Tomaca + Caberry

2nd Gen. Hybrid #18
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 8 days to grow
-3 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Kandy + Tataro
Cady + Bashota
Radita + Kanro

2nd Gen. Hybrid #19
-Grows in Spring only
-Takes 8 days to grow
-2 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Sholo + Potamelo
Cady + Tataro

2nd Gen. Hybrid #20
-Grows in Fall only
-Takes 8 days to grow
-6 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Kashry + Sholo
Kashry + Berryto
Kashry + Yamato
Sholo + Berryto
Sholo + Yamato
Yamato + Berryto

2nd Gen. Hybrid # 21
-Grows in Winter only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-1 way to make it: 

Plant 1 Plant 2

Kandy + Cady

2nd Gen. Hybrid #22
-Grows in Spring only
-Takes 7 days to grow
-2 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Radita + Kandy
Radita + Cady

2nd Gen. Hybrid #23
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 8 days to grow
-6 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Dhilon + Kashry
Dhilon + Yamato
Sholo + Trady
Sholo + Raury
Kandy + Melotoma
Kandy + Melober

2nd Gen. Hybrid #24
-Grows in Summer only
-Takes 8 days to grow
-6 ways to make it:

Plant 1 Plant 2

Dhilon + Kashry
Dhilon + Yamato
Sholo + Trady
Sholo + Raury
Kandy + Melotoma
Kandy + Melober

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* Recipes - REC1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

A great addition to Harvest Moon is that you can Cook Recipes, you can
Cook 5 different types of Dishes, those are: Salads, Soups, Hors D'Oeuvres,
Entrees, and Desserts. Each Recipe goes in once of those Categories. To
unlock a different category of Recipes, (ie. Deserts, Entrees) you need to
Cook about 23 Recipes(Soups & Salads).


Earth Soup - Potato + Carrot
Fish Stew - Carrot/Turnip + Potato + Fish
Stew - Potato + Carrot + Milk
Yam Soup - Sweet Potato
Tomatoma Soup - Carrot + Tomato
Good Soup - Turnip + Bashota + Fish


Light Pickles - Turnip
Tomamelo - Tomato + Melon
Marinade - Turnip + Mugwort + Fish
Tomacarro - Carrot + Tomato
Fruit Salad - Tomato + Any Fruit + Any Fruit
Good Pickles - Trady + Cady
Pickles - Cabber
Red Salad - Tomato + Trady + Tomaca
Potemelo - Potemelo + Fish
Mellow Salad - Melotoma + Dhilon + RT #2

---Hors d'oeuvre's---

Melon Pie - Melon + Egg + Butter
Strawberry Pie - Strawberry + Egg + Butter
Grape Pie - Grape + Egg + Butter
Sashimi - Fish
Sashimi S - Fish + Different Fish
Fried Mushrooms - Tomato + Mushroom + Butter
Smooth Veggies - Turnip + Carrot + Potato
Tempura - Sweet Potato + Mushroom + Any Herb
Red Hot Pie - Butter + Egg + RT #6


Strawberry Cake - Strawberry + Egg + Butter
Fruit Punch - Any Fruit + Any Fruit + Any Fruit
Ice Cream - Brown Milk + Star Milk
Pound Cake - Milk + Egg + Butter
Carrot Cake - Carrot + Milk + Egg
Rich Juice - Strawberry + Banana + Star Milk
Kashry Ice Cream - Kashry + Brown Milk + Star Milk
Veggie Cake - Tomato + Egg + Milk
Cocktail - Berrytoma + Phuju
Sweet Cocktail - Oraphu + Gehju
Love Cocktail - Watermelon + Grapes
Phurum Jam - Phurum
Magenge Jam - Magenge
Peach Tart - Peach + Butter + Egg
Dhibe Cake - Dhibe + Milk + Egg
Grilled Yam - Sweet Potato
Sweet Potato - Sweet Potato + Butter + Egg
Good Juice 1 - Carrot/Tomato + Any Veg + Orange/Apple/Grapes
Good Juice 2 - 2 Different Fruits + RT#5/RT#7
Pulp Tart - Butter + Egg + RT#1
Sour Cocktail - Grapes + RT#9
Tropical Punch - RT#4 + RT#5 + RT#7


Curry - Carrot + Potato + Ruby Spice
Mushroom Curry - Carrot + Any Mushroom + Ruby Spice
Mushroom Gratin - Any Mushroom + Milk + Butter/Cheese
Omelette - Egg + Butter
Gratin - Milk + Butter + Cheese
Meuniere Set - Butter + Fish


   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* FORAGING - FOR2 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

I have made this section, to show you what can be found in Forget-Me-Not
Valley in each Season. When people refer to things as 'Herbs', they
mean Mugwort, Royal Fern etc...

You can find the following in Spring:

| Name        | Type   | Regrows in... | Sells for |
|Mugwort      | Herb   |    1 Day      |   15g     |
|Toy Flower   | Flower |    2 Days     |   10g     |
|Goddess Drop | Flower |    2 Days     |   20g     |

You can find the following in Summer:

| Name         | Type   | Regrows in... | Sells for |
|Royal Fern    | Herb   |    1 Day      |   15g     |
|Mist Moon     | Flower |    2 Days     |   10g     |
|Happy Lamp    | Flower |    3 Days     |   15g     |

You can find the following in Fall:

| Name         | Type    | Regrows in... | Sells for |
|Hackberry     | Mushroom|    1 Day      |   20g     |
|Bracken       | Herb    |    2 Days     |   15g     |
|Trumpet       | Mushroom|    2 Days     |   20g     |
|Matsutake     | Herb    |    4 Days     |   100g    |
|Gemsoil       | Flower  |    5 Days     |   20g     |
|Trick Blue    | Flower  |    2 Days     |   15g     |

You can find the following in Winter:

| Name         | Type    | Regrows in... | Sells for |
|Sorrel        | Herb    |     1 Day     |    10g    |
|Amorous       | Flower  |     2 Days    |    15g    |
|Upseed        | Flower  |     2 Days    |    25g    |

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* DIGGING - DIG1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Digging is another effective way of making Money, the Dig Site is Located
next to the Waterfall in the North. To Dig, go into the Hole by the Fence
when Carter is there. Here is a list of the Items you can find, and
how much they sell for.

When you speak to Carter in the Dig Site, and you choose to Dig, he will
lend you a small Shovel.

Once you have the Shovel, go to one of the Squares, and press (A) to Dig
there, you can Dig on a square as much as you like, so you don't have to
leave because you have Dug in all the Spaces.

The Dig Site gets bigger through every Chapter.

You can find 6 Tablets(one each Year), including the Mysterious Tablet, 
they Can't be Sold, or kept, as Carter takes them from you when you leave.
Here is a list of the items you can Sell that are from the Mines:

   Item        |   Selling Price
Black Fossil   |     300g
Coin           |     10g
Fossil         |     40g
Golden Coin    |     30g
Hip Fossil     |     60g
Hop Ore        |     80g
Horse Statue   |     70g
Human Statue   |     40g
Jade Ball      |     150g
Moon Ore       |     40g
Prosper Ore    |     300g
Silver Coin    |     40g
Skull Fossil   |     50g
Stone Disc     |     500g
Strange Fossil |     80g
Strange Item   |     300g
Sugar Ore      |     50g
Temple Ore     |     150g

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* BUYING AND SELLING - BUY1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

The Basic Goal of Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, is to Raise a Family,
and get a Successful Farm going. Now we all know, that to have a 
successful Farm, you must have...wait for it... Money!!

Ok, the currency in in Forget-Me-Not Valley isn't the Pound, or the
Dollar, it is Gold represented as 'G'. To check how much G you have,
just Pause the Game, and it'll say on the Left how much Gold you have.

Van will come to the Valley, and Sell things to you on the 3rd, and the
8th of each Month. He will sometimes come more Days, take advantage
of those by Selling the Items you don't need/want.

You can Bargain with Van, sometimes, he will Offer you a lower Price.
You can also say you want more for an item you are Selling, by rejecting
his first offer.

Here is a list of things Van will Sell to you:

---Chapter 1+---

Brush - 500g
Fishing Pole - 500g
TurboJolt - 750g
Bodijizer - 750g
Bodihyper - 1000g

He will also sell Records if you have Linked with Harvest Moon: Friends
of Mineral Town for your GBA.

Spring Breeze - 
Moon Spring Theme - 430g

---Chapter 2+---

Goat & Milker* - 4000g
Ball - 500g
Wooden Car - 500g
Blocks - 500g

* = Only in Spring

Fairies of the Town - 430g
Autumn Flowerbud - 640g 
64 Memories - 640g

---Chapter 3+---

Daachan - 1200g
Marin Jazz - 600g

There is other items that Van sells in later Chapters, but limited info on
what they do, and so on, so i will only go up to here.

You can only sell your Dairy Products through Takakura, Crops, and other
unwanted things must be Sold to Van.

You can open your own Shop, and sell your items to the Villagers.
To open your own Shop, walk around next to the Inn, by the Tree, and it
should say "Sell". 
(NOTE: When Van's Shop is open, you won't be able to open your own shop, 
       until Van has left, which is about 6pm.)

Also, if the Villagers appear to be totally ignoring the Shop, and walk past,
when they are at the end of the Screen, they'll decide that they DO want
something from the Shop, and will turn around and come back to you.

A Tip; if you give the Villagers a Discount on items, it will increase your
friendship Rating with them.

You can sell the Milk that Cows give you, for more money depending on
what Grade it is.

Normal Milk
-B Grade 75g
-A Grade 115g
-S Grade 150g

Brown Milk
-B Grade 115g
-A Grade 175g
-S Grade 225g

Marble Milk
-B Grade 115g
-A Grade 175g
-S Grade 225g

Star Milk
-B Grade 270g
-A Grade 405g
-S Grade 540g

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* FESTIVALS - FES1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

I think it is pretty Sad, that Natsume decided to take out the Festivals.
I used to look forward to the old Tomato throw Festival in Harvest Moon:
Back to Nature, but now we only have a few left :(. 
Here is a list of where, and when they are held:

---New Year's Party - 1st Spring---
If you go to Romana's Villa in the Afternoon, about 1pm, you should
have a Party, to Welcome in the New Year.

---Music Festival #1 - Any Day in Summer---
Go to Gustafa's House in the Morning, and Gustafa will play his Guitar
for the Villagers.

---Harvest Festival - 5th Fall---
If you Enter the Blue Bar, any time in the Afternoon, you'll get a
cutscene with you, Griffin, Ruby, Vesta, Marlin and Celia, all 
Bringing Food, they let you stay, and you eat with them.

---Music Festival #2 - Any Day in Winter---
Go to Gustafa's House in the Night, and Gustafa will play his Guitar
for everyone.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* FIRST YEAR - FIR1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

I am just going to type out the First Day of each Season, where you
should be for the first Year, and so on, because this Guide would go on 
forever if I were to type out 40 Days Worth!

---Spring 1st ~ First Year---

Once Takakura has showed you around Town, and around your Farm, you will
be in your House. Check the TV for the Weather by pressing Up, if the
Weather is good, go into your Pasture, and Press the Bell by the Door
to let the Cow out. Milk the Cow by standing next to it and pressing
(A), and put the Milk in the Dairy Shipping Bin. Now, go to the Ledger,
in the Food Storage, and order a Female Chicken, it should arrive in
a couple of Days, also remember to Order some Bird Feed.

Now go into the Tool Shed, and take out the Tools that are on your 
Shelf. Go into the Pasture, and cut some Grass down for Fodder.
There is 3 bags of Tomato Seeds also on the Shelf, if you want
to get into Planting Crops.

When Van comes to the Valley on the 3rd, make sure you buy the Brush,
and the Fishing Pole for 500g each(You start with 3000g anyway.).

Goals for next Month:

Have the Brush
Have the Fishing Pole
A Rooster & a Chicken

---Summer 1st ~ First Year---

You should now have: The Brush, The Fishing Pole, Cow giving 3-4 Bottles
of Milk twice a Day, a Rooster and a Chicken, and about 4000g.

Now you should choose the Girl you want to Marry,(check the Marriage
section for more Details.) select a Girl, try to give her a Gift every
Day, and talk to her. By the end of the Month, she should have about
2-3 Hearts, unless you choose Nami.

When you have taken care of your Animals or Crops(if you have any),
go Foraging! there is no shame on this Game to go around looking for
Food on the Floor(check the Foraging Section for more Details.),
also try to get some Fish in Stock.

You'll get your very own Horse this Summer, it only needs Feeding
once a Day, and it can Transport you around real quick!

Go to Vesta's Farm, and get some Tree Seeds. If you have a lot of Money,
then get a Banana Tree, if you are on a tight Budget, try to buy an
Apple or Grape Tree.

Goals for next Month:

Have the Horse
2-4 Hearts on the Girl you want to Marry

---Fall 1st ~ First Year---

Now should be the Prime Time of the Year, you get more Herbs, and the
Girl you want to Marry should be in love with you, or at 3 Hearts.

If you decided to Marry Nami, this is where you should give her lots
of things, she loves Fossils, and Fall Flowers the Most. 

If you have the Girl you want to Marry up to 4 Hearts, you should use
the Blue Feather to Propose to her, before you forget.

Order another Cow, and try to Hatch 2 more Hens out of your Fertilized
Eggs. Get lots of Fodder in for Winter, as it usually Snows, and Rains
a lot.

Befriend Daryl, he likes Fossils, and Eggs, check his Character info for
more info. Do this because he will give you the 6000g Seed Maker, 
absolutely free if you become his Friend. If you are already his friend,
go into his House when he's there, you'll get a Cutscene of him saying
he's really man because the Town stole his idea, and that you could
show everyone the Seed Maker.

Goals for next Month:

Have the Seed Maker
Have 2 or more Cows giving Milk
Have 2-4 Hens and a Rooster
Have 4 Hearts on the Girl you want to Marry
Have a Tree Fully-Grown or near Fully-Grown

---Winter 1st ~ First Year---

If you haven't got the Girl you're going to Marry up to 4 Hearts yet, do it

I hate the Winter in this Game, there isn't much to do, and it's always,
the same Routine, for me anyway. Plant some Crops if you wish, your
Tree(s) should be doing well. Don't be scared if they look Dead, they
have just lost their Leaves, and will be ok in Spring.

You must buy the Pond, if you want the Ducks, the Ducks are just like
the Chickens, but look different.

You are probably wondering why your Cow has stopped giving Milk if you
are a beginner, well a Cow only gives Milk for 40 Days(1 Year) on this
Game, so to get it giving Milk again, you must get the Cow pregnant.
Go into the Food Storage, and Order a Miracle Potion for your Cow,
it will now be Pregnant. (or you could just buy a Bull and wait.)

By the 10th of Winter, you should have: Engagement to a Girl, 2 Cows,
4-5 Chickens, and 1 Hen, 1-2 Tree(s), the Seed Maker, and a 
reasonable amount of Money (About 10,000g).

Goals for next Month:

Have 2-4 Trees
Have at least 1 Cow giving Milk
Have 4 Hens and 1 Rooster

---Spring 1st ~ Second Year---

You should now have a Farm with a reasonable amount of income, every Day.
If your Cows are still giving Milk, and you have 4 Eggs a Day, your
income should be about 800g-1000g a Day, if you use the Tree & Seed Maker
method, then you should be saving your Tree Seeds for when Van comes, so you
can sell them to him.

You'll now have a Wife, and Child to look after, your Child likes to be 
Picked up, Hugged, Patted on the Back, and Talked to, your Wife 
seemingly doesn't need taking care of.

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* FAQ'S - FAQ2 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

Here is some Questions that usually Pop up here and there, i will
Post them here, along with the Answers, of course. ;)

Q: Why did my Cow stop giving me Milk?!
A: Because a Cow stops giving Milk after 40 Days, you must get it
   Pregnant, and make it have the Baby to make it give Milk again.

Q: What is that Locked Shed on my Farm?????
A: It's a Locked Shed, like you said... It was supposedly meant to
   be a Stable for your Horse, but Natsume decided your Horse should
   go in your Barn with the other Animals. Try not to ask this on the
   HM: AWL Message Board, because some People are tired of it, and 
   you'll most likely get Flamed...

Q: What is that white Monster thing by the Spring?!
A: It is called a Mukumuku, refered to by the Sprites, as the 'Gaurdian
   of the Forest'. Daryl tries to catch it, but keeps failing because
   Murry keeps eating the Bait.

Q: What is Tartan. and how do i get it?
A: Tartan is a 2-Headed talking Plant, that makes Hybrid Trees/Crops, out of
   2 Seeds(Check out FeosMiao's Hybrid Guide for more info.)
   To get Tartan, you have to be good friends with Takakura, now any time
   after or in Chapter 2, follow Takakura into his House at Night
   when he goes in. (I got Tartan at 5:38pm when Takakura went in.)

Q: The Villagers aren't accepting my Gifts!!
A: If a Villager doesn't accept your Gift, keep offering it to him/her,
   and they'll usually take it.

Q: Guu~? what is this Guu~?
A: Guu~ simply means that your Character is hungry. Feed him any edible
   food, but Cooked Meals, even Failed ones will restore more energy.

Q: The Food in my Fridge dissappeared!
A: If you're Married, sometimes your Wife and Kid will take Food from your
   Fridge, how dare they!

Q: How do i kill the Goat?
A: Leave it outside in the Rain/Snow, never Talk/Hug it, and never put any
   food in it's feed box, if it gets sick, don't get it any medicine. :(

Q: What is the Point of the Ducks?
A: They lay Eggs, just like the Chickens, but Ducks don't sit on their Eggs,
   the Chickens will. There isn't a way to find out if it's a Duck, or a
   Chicken Egg, unless you Hatch it.

Q: Is there an open-ended mode?
A: Maybe. Some people still have hope that there is an Open-ended mode when
   you beat the Game, I don't think there is, though it is unconfirmed.

Q: A Girl excepted my Proposal, but i'm not getting Married!
A: When you Propose(and the Girl excepts), you will be Married 
   at the end of Chapter 1.

Q: Where does the Milking Room, Food Processing room, the Pond, and the Seed
   Maker go?
Milking room: Takes up a bit of the fence, next to the Barn.
Food Processing: Next to the Food Storage.
Pond: In the Pasture, by the Tree.
Seed Maker: In the Tool Shed, on the right.

I've decided to finish putting in Faq's, i will only put Faq's in that
people e-mail me.

If anyone has any more Faq's they would like me to add here, please
feel free to drop me a mail. Include your name(optional), and the 
Faq you would like up here to: Negaelemental@hotmail.com

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* MISTAKES/ERRORS - MIS1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

.When Ordering a Sheep, at the Bottom, it says 'Mae only', when it
 is supposed to say 'Male only', as you can only order Male Sheep.

.When Tartan says 'Are you finished Hybrid?'

.When Tartan says 'Are you finished Hybrid?' if you say Yes, he will
 carry on making Hybrids for you, if you say No, he will let you go. 

(Thanks to AndrJeffr@aol.com for these 3 Mistakes/Errors!)

.When you talk to Galen after washing Nina's Grave, he says "I am sure
 Nina would b happy if you were to take care of her Grave."

.If you talk to Marlin and try to give him something he sometimes says
 "Sorry but I cant take sit right now."

.If you marry Celia, in the 3rd chapter(Happy Harvesting) she will say
 "Everyone should there equal share of work."

(Thanks to Kasier Dragon for the following Mistake/Error.)

.The tree that stands right from the fertile field.(Note: the tree where
 a Hackberry grows in fall.) Go in back of it and press Z button and you
 will see your farm not the branch that you should be actually looking at.

If you have found any more Mistakes, or Errors, please e-mail them
to me, so others can share your Wisdom! (Contact info below.)

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CONTACT - CON2 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

If you find something wrong in my Faq, or you think something
should be added in the next Update, Please E-mail me at: 
Please follow these Guidelines when E-mailing me:

-Don't even think about sending me Viruses. Your E-mail will be Deleted,
 and your Address Blocked.

-Do not E-mail me with the Alien Language such as: "uuuhhHM HI I HavE
 FOunD SumThIN RonG WITh Ur FaQkjtgkfklf!!!!11!122!" because I can hardly
 understand it, and it will be Deleted.

-Please make your Topic include the following Words: 
 Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life Faq. That way, I can identify if it
 is a proper E-mail, not just some Spam.

-I don't mind constructive Critism, but don't Say stuff like "Hello, i
 think your Faq is totally Crap, I hate you, Goodbye." it'll just
 be Ignored and Deleted.

-And Finally, I wont answer questions that are already answered in this

Any info you give me that is related to this game, that i don't already
have here, will be put in, and you will be Credited in the next Update, 
in the Credits Section, below. Thankyou!

(NOTE: I have the Spam filter enabled, but i'll still check my Junk e-mail
box to see if there is anything sensible deleted.)

   *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* CREDITS - CRE1 *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*

These are the following People i'd like to Thank:

www.network-science.de/ascii/ - ASCII Genereator
BobtheDog's FAQ - For the handy above Link
www.hmotaku.net - Best HM Site out there, got quite a bit of info from there.
Nintendo Power - Got a bit of info on the Prices of the Mines items.
Wodahs Master - For telling me how long the Matsutake takes to grow back.
CJayC - For Posting this Guide & for Gamefaqs.
KCM64@aol.com - For the Tip on getting the Rain to stop.
Booka4@aol.com - For telling me what Flora's Necklace does.
Aaabfamily@aol.com - For giving me, oh 1..2..3 Too many to count Recipes, 
                     the Tip on Trees, and the all the Hybrid, and 2nd Gen
                     Hybrid lists/Tables. Thanks!
Jamie S - For correcting the mistake I made on the Season of Carrots.
Susan4mymk - For telling me that i didn't put how to unlock Entrees, Deserts,
             and Hors d'oeuvre's.
Kasier Dragon - For the 2 Cutscenes he sent to me. (In the Tips section.)
                And for reminding me that i should put where the Milking
                Room, Pond, and the Food Processing Room go, and for
                the Mistake/Error.
AndrJeffr7@aol.com - For giving me 3 Glitches, and telling me i didn't put
                     the selling prices for milk in the Buying and Selling

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