Perfect Stealth Walkthrough by Capt Snow

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                           Splinter Cell (In Perfect Stealth) (GC)

What is this guide?: Splinter Cell is a flawed, but sometimes extremely fun
game. It can be frustrating. Sometimes you get so annoyed having to restart the
same section from your last checkpoint, over and over. Sometimes dragging 
guards is painfully slow. And the most annoying of all is that voice "Enemy on
surreveilance camera." 

Several people despise this game, deeming it as too realistic to be fun. It's 
not rewarding, going through it messily, getting involved in dull gunfights and
restarting all the time. But Splinter Cell is a masterpiece.

It just depends how you go through it. If you do an elabroate sneak around the 
backs of three guards, or hide in the shadows as a guards walks by, you'll see
how amazing the game is. It's so tense when a guard is walking by your hiding 
spot, or you're creeping behind them. The thing that makes Splinter Cell so
great is the stealth. It has depth and it's new every time. 

People argue this game is linear. Sure there's one route on each level, but you
can go through that route going stealthy, which feels a lot better than going 
into clunky gun battles. 

I don't want to write a walkthrough of this game, because I want to spare you
from the bad gameplay of this game. This walkthrough will show you how to make 
it through every level without any guard seeing you. This is how to tell the 

If a guard thinks he's seen something, or has heard a diversion, you'll hear a
dramatic bass note and slow, tense music. This is okay, and still stealthy.

If a guard sees you, or runs for an alarm, it'll play fast action music. This
is not stealthy. Though it's best to have no music at all, some parts of the
game will require you to divert some guards. So here is how to beat Splinter
Cell in perfect stealth.

Nobody can use this guide anywhere except on GameFAQS. This guide was written
entirely by Robert Brown, username Capt Snow on GameFAQS. 
Copyright 2004 Robert Brown.

Note: I created this guide on the Normal difficulty. I am listing the sneaks 
that I believe will work on Hard, but if I find one faulty, I'll fix it in a
newer version. 

                               Table of Contents

A1 - Police Station
A2 - Defense Ministry
A3 - Oil Refinery
A4 - CIA Headquarters
A5 - Kalinatek
A6 - Chinese Embassy
A7 - Abottoir
A8 - Chinese Embassy 2
A9 - Presidential Palace


                              A1 - Police Station

This is fairly easy to get through without anyone seeing you, but it is still
very satisfying. You'll start of by a corner on the streets. There's a civilian
walking on the balcony above and he will hear you, but he'll just peer around a
bit and then waddle off. Make a right, climb the stairs, and then jump up to a
ladder with Y. Once you reach the top of the ladder you'll find a trap door on
the roof. Open it with Action (A) and walk inside. You'll crawl through a short
tunnel. At the exit you'll see a pole you can climb. If you look down there'll
be a house below. A powerline will be above you. Jump onto it and zip-line 

Enter the door into a hallway. The house is on fire, you might have noticed. A
door on your left will greet you, and you'll enter another room. Exit that one
back into the hallway, run down the stairs, and you'll come to a hallway with
a pit of fire inside. Conveniently there's a wooden plank above, and if you 
jump up to it you can go hand over hand across. Tap Y and you'll jump down at
the end. Then go through the next two doors, right and into another room.
Below the debris will be a live body. Talk to him, and then take the other 
door out. 

This bit got me thinking, but, as you're reading this FAQ, it won't for you.
You're only exit is through a room covered in black smoke. It isn't very good
for you, so you have to get rid of it. Aim your pistol at the barely visible
skylight at the top of the Smokers Allowed room, and shoot the glass. All the 
smoke will come out and go to choke some other pedestrian or something. But
you're safe! Go out the door for a checkpoint.

Well that first section is really only to show you some of Sam's acrobatic 
skills. This next section will show you some stealth.  

Open the door in front of you (obviously) and walk along the balcony to the
wall. Jump up and hand over hand along the pole above. When you can't move 
forward anymore, press X. You'll bring your feet up to the pole. At the end,
drop. Here's your first sneak. Walk along the fence slowly, then turn. A man
will be on the phone, having an arguement. Stay in the greenery, crouching,
walking as slow as possible to the end. Wait till the guard hangs up. Then,
while crouching, step off the greenery behind his back. Inch your way behind
him, up the stairs, but don't open the door. Go further away from the guard
at the landing, then go Back to the Wall (BTW). Wait. Another guard will open 
the double doors and they will talk to each other. When they're done, creep
back to the doors. Don't tap A at it. Hold A for a menu at it. Scroll down to
"Optic Cable". This will look under the door. The guard will watch some TV, 
then walk out further into the building. Slowly open the door and walk up the 
short stairs to the kitchen. You'll see where the guard has gone. There'll be
curtains and an opening. Go right of the opening, then BTW beside it. The guard
will walk back, right past you, to the TV room again. Quickly go down into the
bedroom. There's a painting inside that you can slide open, revealing a PC. 
Press A at it to learn the code for a nearby door. Press A at the keypad to
use it. At the bottom of the screen it will tell you it. Type it in, then run
onto the balcony and jump for a zipline. This'll lead to an entrance to a
shaft. Jump onto the wire going down the shaft and you'll slide down. Then tap
A for to open a trap door. Save here.

This is would be the hardest sneak in the level, but it's very simple with my
strategy. Walk up to the locked door. This is your first picklock. Press A at
the door. Then rotate the control stick around. When you feel a catch, hold the
analog stick at that point, and part of the lock will come free. Then repeat.
The door will eventually unlock, leading to your sneak. You're on a landing,
with stairs going down on the side, and at the bottom, two policemen and a 
hungover civilian. Now you might notice a bottle on the side. You CAN pick them
up and throw them for diversions, but this is a case where you are better off
without it. 

Still on the landing, to the right of the stairs, is a pitch black spot. Aim 
your gun and shoot in the middle of it, but close to the wall. One of the cops
will walk over to check it out. Press Y to hop up onto the edge of the landing,
still right of the staircase, and when the guards stops, press Y to jump off.
In the air, above him, press L, and you'll knock him out while falling. Since 
it's so dark, the other cop won't notice. Now just grab your pistol and pop a 
cap in the other cop's head, the drunken civilian won't notice, and hid Cop 2's
body in the dark. Now off you go on your way.

Walk past the drunkard into the dark streets. Continue until you reach an exit.
You'll arrive in a large street with a fountain in the middle of it (any hopes
for cars gone). If you look up, you'll see your last zipline point, but you can
ignore that. Continue past the benches to the greeery on the side. Run into it,
and you'll see a little passage into a nice nook/jail cell, which conveniently
includes to medical kit and a PC. Stock up on everything.

Slowly go back out the way you entered, but wait there. A guard will now be 
outside. When he walks to the fountain, go behind his back along the streets to
the obvious continuation for a checkpoint. 

This next sneak is quite easy, but I got through it in several ways. I won't
list all the methods I used, I'll just write the way I think works best or the
one I remember the most. If guards do different things each time, however, I'll
list the methods to respond. These will be listed as Respoonses.

Go ahead, but not out to the left turn. Go BTW at the corner. A civilian will
trot down, turn, and trot back. Follow him, but do not knock him out. He'll go
to a right, turn. Before it are two dumpsters. Creep between them.

Pick up the bottle labeled as "Object" on your action menu. There's a guard and
the civilian you followed on the street around the corner. They walk laps up
and down the streets for sport. Still holding your precious empty beer bottle, 
look over to where the civilian went and where another guard is. Eventually the
civilian will come to the corner BY HIMSELF. Throw your bottle back down the 
street where you entered when he comes. He'll go "OOO!" and trot down after it,
past your neat little hiding spot by the dumpster. Sneak up behind him and tap
L to knock him out. If he doesn't fall into the light patch, drag him into the 
light for all to see. Then creep back by the dumpster. The guard on the street
might need some alerting. When he goes to the corner, shoot a bullet near the 
civilian. He'll go "OOO!" and rush down to check his heartbeat. Sneak up behind
him and wack him with your elbow. Then drag both the bodies back by the gap
between dumpsters so they won't be seen.

Now continue down the street to a tunnel of greenery with a guard walking down
it. He'll stop to talk on his cellphone, and as he does, knock him out from
behind. Hide him in the dark, then run to the end of the fence, jump onto the 
crate, then double jump to the broken part of the fence, pull yourself up, and
jump into the save station. 

This sneak looks cool and is easy. Enjoy.

Walk down the stairs to the door and peer under with your Optic Cable. There's 
a guard there with his back to you. Open the door and he will be walking away
down a long hallway, narrow, and with cells on the side. Wait until he goes 
left into another room. Now here's the cool bit. You see that yellow wall panel
on the side? Walk up to it and turn at the door you entered through. The panel
will be to your right and left. Jump up on one of the sides. When you hit the 
panel press jump again, and then when you kick jump, tap Y again to split jump.

You should be high up near the roof, both feet balanced on the panels, and 
facing the door you entered with. 

The guard will walk back down the hallway you're in to the entrance door. As he
walks under you, tap Y to jump down, and then L to knock him out while falling.
Then drag him into the darkness. 

Now you want to sprint down the hall and turn right. A guard will just walk out
of another room. If you have excellent aim, go for the headshot, but he's 
moving. If you don't, sneak up behind him and tap L, but you have to do that 
before he reaches the window on his left. It might work to leave him be until
he walks back to his room, and then knock him out, too.

Drag him into one of the rooms and turn the lights off. Then go on his route,
ducking to go under the windows, until you reach a sliding, neon blue door. 
There's a civilian with a laptop glued to his chest, walking around making the
supper around a quasi-kitchen. As he becomes very concentrated on making the
perfect meal, come up and deter his progress by clobbering him on the back. 

You want to hide him in a dark room, then press on into the kitchen. There's a
sliding door farther in the kitchen. Approach it with your pistol out. When it
opens for you, nail the camera on the opposite wall. Then enter and wait for
the talking to start. Quickly leave and exit the kitchen, then open the door on
your left. Checkpoint.

This sneak ahead is exceedingly difficult. I've no exact method to get through
here, though I have a few routes. Go up the stairs ahead. Shoot the light above
until it goes out. Then open the door. There's a receptionist and civilian 
ahead. If you want to listen to they're amusing conversation, then wait a bit.
Okay you're done now open the door you came through again and shoot into the 
darkness. Then run into it and down the stairs you entered through. Hopefully a
a "What was that?" will come up, and the guard will come in. Hide under the 
stairs, and shoot at the door that led to this checkpoint. The guard will come
down. Knock him out. Then go up the stairs again.

(If both the guard and the civilian check to see what happened, then you can't 
make this sneak)

Hopefully the civilian is waiting accordingly in the waiting room. If he is,
shoot across the room for a diversion. As he checks it out, come behind him and
press L with the best intentions. Hide him on the stairs. Then walk past the 
counter and up the stairs for another checkpoint.

This sneak involves walking very slowly, but it's extremely easy.

Continue up the stair set and turn into the surreveilance room. Two guards will
be sitting at their desks, absorbed in playng Tetris or maybe watching a black
clad agent shooting their cameras out and repeating the line "It's probably not
my problem." Anyway inch your way behind their backs, slowly. Creep to the end
of the room and turn right at the second door. Open it and step inside slowly.

A guard will have his back to you. Tap L, and then press Action at the red PC.
After a conversation, walk out, and do the same sneak behind the two guards' 
backs, and down the stairs. Back in the room with the counter, look left for a
set of double doors. Open these. Mission Complete.

                             A2 - Defense Ministry

This is a great level. Easy and nice looking sneaking. You'll probably have an
easier time with this than Police Station, but it can be frustrating if you 
don't have a FAQ. 

Run to the pole on the edge of the roof. Press A at it to tie a rappeling rope.
When you're rappeling down, press Y to jump down faster. Then enter that white 
curtained window. Go BTW on the bookshelf and peek around. Wait for the guard 
to turn left between bookshelves, and come in and knock him out.

Step out and aim your pistol into the lighter room ahead. The door opposite you
has a camera stationed above it, so put it out and then continue down under the
remains. You'll turn right to another door. Optic Cable this door.

A guard will patrol down, and then turn. When he turns, quietly open the door
and follow him. There's two guards there, but before them, behind their backs,
a door to the left. Open it and go inside. Make a sharp left and start down the
staircase. Two times on this staircase, you'll here the drone of a camera. When
you reach a corner where it's loud, bring your pistol out and shoot it before 
it sees you. You'll reach he bottom for a checkpoint.

Open the door ahead into a parking lot. Shoot out the camera facing sideways,
and then continue down the lot. When you see a rusted old blue car, go the long
way around it. This bit involves interrogating the driver of Grinko's car. 
After you pass the blue car, shoot the camera silently (to the right of a car
with it's lights on).

You'll see the driver out, walking around aimlessly. He'd be waiting there for
quite a while if you didn't come in, seeing how Grinko is at another end of the
level. Walk up near the drivers' car, and station yourself at the corner. Look
90 Degrees around the corner, until you see the driver facing the wall. Sneak
up behind his back and PRESS A, NOT L. You'll grab him hostage. PRESS A to 
interrogate him. After he's done, tap B and he'll fall unconscious.

You might here a "What was that?" noise in the score. Wait in the dark corner
until it's over. Then backtrack past the blue car. Turn left. A guard will be 
there. Creep up behind his back and press L. Then drag him into the dark nook.

Backtrack farther up the stairs till you reach the door from the hall with two
guards. There's only one guard now. Open the door, turn left, and creep up 
behind the guard's back. Quickly tap L, because he turns around. Drag him into
the dark. Then continue down the hall, turning right at the door. STOP! Don't 
enter. Crouch, pull out your pistol, and aim way upwards. Above the door is a
camera looking over the room. How in the world UbiSoft thought you could get
through that part without not getting seen the first time. It just seems there
to frustrate you. Anyway I've gotten you out of that. Hit the camera and go in.
You'll notice an open vent. And in action games, you know what an open vent 
means! Hop up on the desk, then hop again to put your hands on the vent. Pull
yourself up, and step forward once for a save station.

This next sneak is obvious, but the one after this is purely inventive.

Walk down the vent. The most pointless cut-scene ever will start, showing the 
cook walk across a room. 10/10!!!! Anyway he can't see you, so continue down
the vent until you can drop down. Creep over to the curtain entrance, and look
in. Wait for the soldier to have his conversation with the cook, then when he
leaves, slowly enter. Creep in and knock the cook out. Then switch the light 
off. Open the next door to see the soldier watching Surreveilance TV. Creep up
and knock him out, then drag him back into the dark kitchen. Continue his way,
past the TVs and down the hallway. Then walk down the stairs for a checkpoint.

This is an excellent, inventive sneak. There's two staircases, going down to
two guards. You need the computer they're on. Well after listening to their
radio conversation, go straight, above the left staircase. Walk to the end of 
the wall, aim your pistol, and shoot right there, on the landing. There should
be some tiny pillars to your left. Go behind them. One of the guards will walk
up to see where the gunshot came from. He will go past you by your pillars, and
run into the end of the wall. Quickly knock him out. One down one to go. Now
pick him up and head to the dark spot on the left staircase. The other guard is
patrolling up and down where the staircases end. Go to the end of the left 
stairs. When the guard walks to the opposite staircase, drop the body in the 
light. Then quickly creep under the stairs. The patrolling guard will see the 
body and come to check his pulse. Sneak up behind him and knock him out. Then
drag him under the stairs. 

You want to press Action at the red PC now. Quickly hide under the right 
stairset. A colonel will walk above you to the computer. Sneak behind him and
PRESS A NOT L. You'll take him hostage. Now behind the staircases are some 
pillars. Walk the colonel past them. You'll see a locked door with an odd 
scanner left of it. Bring the colonel over to the retinal scanner, then use his
eyes with A to open the door. Hide the colonel under the stairs, then run into
the retinal scanner door. Checkpoint.

This section is a bit sketchy. I've yet to find a brilliant, consistent sneak
around the courtyard, so this might take a few tries. 

Walk inside, bring out your pistol and hit the camera. Open the double doors
and step out into the courtyard. A cut-scene will start showing Grinko and 
Masse entering a great glass elevator. 

Rush into the bushes on your left, and go to your inventory with D Left. Bring
out the Laser Microphone. It records conversations from way away. Duck and 
press R to bring out the laser mic. Aim it at the elevator. Follow the lift's 
progress with the microphone. 

It will finish and you'll get some radio messages from Lambert. Hurry across, 
past the door you entered through, and into the darkness on the side. Go in the
dark to the end of the wall. Step slightly left, and wait. A guard will come 
out through your entrance. He will walk past you, and stop. Knock him out. 
There's one more guard, but you can just pop a cap at him when he stops. Hide 
him in the plentiful darkness. Then walk to the opposite end of the courtyard.
You'll notice some vines along the side. Hop onto them and climb up for a save 

I love the next section in the level.

You'll enter a hallway. But a cut-scene will come in, showing the elevator in 
front of you coming down. Two soldiers are inside it. Hurry through the door 
left of the lift, into the storage room, and Optic Cable the door you came 
in. Two soldiers will walk past you down the hallway. When they pass, open the 
door a creep into the elevator they came in. Start it up. 

When you reach the top floor, get out, make a sharp left, and picklock the door
with great speed. You have to master this lock to make it in before a guard 
sees you. Anyway, jump up onto the desk and then into the vent, drop down, pull
out your gun, and shoot the camera opposite you. Continue down the hall, then 
make a left at the door. Open it, climb the rungs, open the trap door above, 
and climb out. You'll be on the roof of the Ministry. This sneak ahead is 
brilliant quick-thinking. 

Find the pole to rappel down. Don't jump, just walk down. You'll see a very 
panoramic glass office window, with a desk and a guard inside. Pull out your
gun and headshot the guard through the glass, then jump inside. Press A at the
red PC, which is Nikoladze's computer. Sam and Lambert will talk, but then you
will hear soldiers on the radio being told to rush to Nikoladze's office. Six
soldiers are about to search the room you're in. Before they come, sprint to 
the edge where the broken window is and hang off the edge. The soldiers will 
come in and search everywhere, while you're hanging right beside them. They'll 
leave. Go back and press A at the PC again. When they're done talking, walk to
the door of Nikoladze's office for a checkpoint.

Run left until you reach a door. This will lead to a stairwell. Go down it. A 
guard will be waiting at the bottom. Shoot your gun way over on the left and
crouch ou of sight. When the guard goes over, head outside, down the short 
stairset, right, and then walk off into a long shaft.

You'll grab onto the edge. Drop, and you'll grab another. Then repeat, and you
will reach the bottom of the shaft. You're back in the parking lot! Creep out
and shoot to the right. A guard will walk over to the right. Head behind his 
back, and down to where you met the driver. Talk to the NSA Agent there. 
Mission Complete.   

                              A3 - Oil Refinery

This is by far the worst stealth level. Half of it is acrobatics, and the rest
has so much action going on around that you won't feel stealthy at all. But, oh
well! Here we go.

Run up the ladder ahead, turn right, jump onto a pole and go hand over hand to
get over the barbed wire. Continue to the blockade. Here, walk off the right 
edge of the platform. You'll grab onto the the ledge, and there you can shimmy
under the blockade. Lift yourself up to a very early checkpoint.

(By the way a guard will say something about blowing the bridge immediately.
Ignore this, as it is unavoidable)

Turn right to a platform, and jump onto the zipline. Hold Up while sliding so
you can land firmly on the next platform, which has a pipeline next to it.
Crouch under the pipeline and turn right to a jagged pole. Hop onto it and you 
can slide up. Then jump off it onto the pipeline.

There's a hole in the pipeline that you can crawl inside. It will lead to 
crawling down an extremely claustrophobic pipe to a save station. Easy.

You'll start in a very red room. Go up the ladder in it, and open the trapdoor
for a cut-scene. The man, Piotr, who you must stalk, is just getting up from
the dock. This part can be confusing.

Make a left twice. You should see, on one of the pillars, a ladder. Climb to 
the top of this, and you'll see another floor on your right. Leap onto it. 
Across from you will be Piotr, who's being escorted by two guards.

Do a 180 Degree turn, away from the guards. Walk straight, then make a right at
the turn. You should see, on the catwalk, a dark box. Jump onto it. Then jump
again, and you'll put your hands on a pipe. Here you can go hand over hand. 

Piotr and one of the guards will continue along the catwalk. Another guard will
stay. Press X to bring your feet up and go directly above the catwalk with the
guard on it. Tap Y ONCE as the guard faces you, and he will become suspiscous.
A bass note will chime. Bring your feet up, and he will walk under you. Then 
quickly press Y twice - once to release the feet, and another to drop. While 
falling, tap L, and the guard will be knocked out. Then continue the way Piotr
went for another easy save station.

This whole part isn't very stealthy. You can make it through without anyone 
seeing you, but there's a war going on around you, so it'll seem more like 
action. The action music WILL play, but that doesn't mean they've seen you, it
is default on this part of the level.

You'll see a large explosion ahead of you. Two guards will be infront of it.
As they run off, sneak up near the explosion and find a nook on the left to go
BTW in. One guard will come rushing in and do some fancy crouching moves.

Peek around your corner and shoot on the ground ahead of you. I'm not going to
explain why he's so interested in one silenced gunshot when there's fifty AKS
going off around him, but he is. He'll walk down closer, so you can get a very
easy headshot. It's wierd how guards walk to where the gunshot was instead of
running for cover, but oh well.

Don't bother hiding anyone, nobody cares. Continue down to where you'll see 
Piotr being escorted. Wait till they turn the corner, then stalk them. When you
reach the corner they turned, peer around. Wait a few moments, then get a head
hit on the lone guard. Then run into the kitchen behind him. Hide near the 
filing cabinet, and Piotr and some guards will walk past. AFter you and Lambert
have a radio conversation, exit the kitchen the way you came. Then go left for
a checkpoint.

You'll see the glass shot out from the room you must enter. Jump onto the 
electrical power box, then hop up to a hand over hand pole. Press X and slide
into the room. There's a cut-scene where Piotr runs for it. Hop off the pole
onto one of the shelves, and headshot the guard below. Walk down and follow the
way Piotr went. You'll have another cut-scene where some guards forget what a
missile sounds like, and Piotr starts his very slow, and not at all steady 
running away. 

You'll be on a staircase. Stay where you are, and watch a guard walk right past
you. When he walks left past you, get out from the stairs, turn left, and go 
BTW on the pillar. Now wait for the guard to go right past you, and creep 
behind his back, straight down the path, and then left to a narrow edge. 

Continue down this quickly, and then follow the path. Eventually you'll be on 
another narrow strip with Piotr running at you. He'll run past you and stop, so
grab and interrogate him, then knock him out and take his briefcase. 
Mission Complete.

                             A4 - CIA Headquarters

This is the hardest level in the game. It's a project, getting through this 
with perfect stealth. But you do get some great sneaking in.

Start off by turning left and walking down the hall. A worker will walk across
from his office, past you. Continue down the hall and make a right. Turn left
at the corner to another long hallway with two vending machines on the right.
You might notice a counter on thre left. Before it there's a dark patch of wall
where you should go BTW. A blue-clad worker will come down and talk over the 
counter. Wait for the conversation. As the blue-clad worker walks off, crouch
and walk under the counter. At the end of the counter, before the wall starts
again, go BTW. 

Wait for the blue-clad worker goes to his room, back, to his room, and back. He
will start punching a keycode in on the door left of the vending machines. 
Quickly follow him and get into the office, keypad locked room that he opens.
Make a sharp left here and hide between the wall and a filing cabinet.

Wait for the blue-clad worker to exit. Another worker will come in near your 
hiding spot. As he returns the way he came in, follow him into a short hall.
He'll be at the end. You see that medical kit ahead? Creep up to it, take it, 
and go BTW where it was. The new worker will walk past you to your old hiding
spot. Quickly creep to the keypad door at the end of this short hall. Don't 
bother retrieving the code from the PC, you have to be quick before the new 
worker comes back in. Type the numbers 110598 into the keypad, and hurriedly
enter the door for a checkpoint. 

This is a very difficult sneak. It involves the split jump again. 

Walk down the stairs on the right. You'll see a guard through the shelf. Walk
to the end of the wall ahead of the stairs, turn a bit, and press Y, Y, Y, to
do a split jump between the end of the shelf and the wall. The worker should of
noticed something, and the bass note should play. Wait for him to go under you,
then do Y + L to knock him out. 

There's one more worker, so don't be ill at ease. If you walk left between two
shelves, then turn right twice, you'll see him. As he faces away, sneak up and
split jump between the new two shelves. Wait for him to go under you, then time
the Y + L correctly. Then hide the unconscious workers back in the dark.

Continue up a narrow hall and some stairs. Turn left and you'll see a shelf 
packed with munitions. Pick all these up. You'll get the new SC-20K, which will
prove extremely useful later. Quickly turn and aim your SC-20K at the camera
left of you. Hit it's lens, then continue through the door for a save station.

Continue till you see a guard on his phone. Sneak up behind him and touch the 
L button for him. Then move him over into the darkness. Continue down the hall
until you reach a hall with a large room right of it. There's a guard and a 
civilian here, but there's a way past them. Stay in the hallway. When the 
mercenary looks away, go further down the hall and make a left into a laser 
scanner sort of thing. Turn to the right keypad and enter 2019. You'll get a 

Open the unlocked door and enter. Rush across two the end and turn left so you 
can see a very bright floor below. Press D Left for your inventory. Select the
SC-20K "Sticky Shocker". Aim the SC-20K at the guard, but tap L for the 
secondary function, which is the Shocker. The guard will be knocked out. Come 
down and drag him back upstairs to the dark.

Go down again and find a door, which will lead to another. Open this to a large
white room with a pillar in the middle of it. Get your SC-20K out and aim left
of the pillar. Walk around, and look up to a surreveilance camera. Tap the R
button and hit it out. Then go inside the pillar, where a red PC will be. And
in this game, PC's with red desktops seem to be very valuable. Press A at it.

Backtrack while the radio message is happening. Go back to the dark upstairs,
and out the 2019 door. Look left, and quickly press C Down for your binoculars.
Look through the scanners into the big room. The guard's back. When he faces 
another direction, run through the scanners and make a left.

Walk down this hallway until you see a washroom on your left. Wait left of it's
entrance. A guard will walk out. Press L and drag him into the dark. Then 
continue down the hall for a checkpoint. 

This is a bit tricky. There's a counter with a guard on it. Get your Sticky 
Shocker out and knock him out. Then DON'T CONTINUE DOWN THE HALL, but jump into
the counter. You'll go over. Switch the light off in here. Then continue up and
then right to a door. This part is very hard. 

You'll enter a huge room with bulletproof cameras over it. Go left a bit, and 
bring out your binoculars. There's two black cameras that do full 360 turns 
around the room. Your destination is the opening across from you. Watch the 
camera's routes very closely to see where you can run past them. When you're 
sure of the timing, run for it. Don't run into the opening, but go BTW in the
dark left of it. A bass note from a guard should sound. He'll walk past you
from the opening. Quickly creep inside, and go left twice to a staircase. This
bit got me for a bit. There's a room with a bulletproof camera fixed on the 
keypad you must go through. Well, shoot the light out, and the camera will only
see darkness. Type in the code, 110700 for a checkpoint.

Go straight and make a left, hiding between the left and right side of the 
pillar in front of you. Listen to the angry guard's conversation, and then when
he comes, slowly inch towards the left side of the pillar. He should walk past
and in through a door. Follow him. You'll enter a room with an autogun and a PC
in it. Press A at the PC. Right of you is another door that the angry guard has
gone through. Don't enter it. Hide right of it so that if it opens, the door
will block you out of the returning angry guard's peripheral vision. The guard
will open the door and walk back past you. Enter the door he returned from, and
walk into an elevator. Go up in it for a save station.

Go forwards and open the door to a surreveilance room. There will be a series 
of computers in a row and two guards at them. Creep between the wall and the
PCs, in front of the guards, and they won't see you. Walk further a bit more to
see a worker gazing at the PLayback tapes by himself. Go up behind him and tap
the L button. Then make a right into a brighter hallway. The worker will be 
noticed later, but by then you'll be miles away.

Go straight forward to another dark room. Here you'll see Mitchell Dougherty
for the first time. He'll exit his office and waddle off. Enter his office
and you'll see a PC with a red desktop! What button do you think you should 
press? Anyway after you press A leave the office for a radio message. You want
to follow Dougherty the way he came.

Go straight for another checkpoint. Then continue till you see a guard sitting
in his chair, and a black camera above him. You don't want to go through the 
auditorium on your left. Instead, as the camera looks away, creep up behind the
sitting guard, and press A to grab him. Ahead of you, Dougherty will be getting
angry with a vending machine. As the camera looks at him, bring the sitting 
guard back the way you came. Drop him in the dark, then continue back to his
chair. Dougherty will keep on hitting the vending machine unless you go forward! But quickly step back. When the camera looks away, follow Dougherty. 

He'll go up some short stairs and talk in the cafeteria. Crouch BTW right of
the short stairs. Wait for Dougherty to exit past you, and another guard to go 
the other way, past you. Then stalk Dougherty to some double doors. He'll 
type the keypad code in and enter the door. You don't have to make it through 
the door behind him. If you don't, go up to the keypad and pull out your new
thermal goggles. You'll see the buttons pressed. Touch them from darkest to
lightest. Then continue to follow Dougherty. He'll enter another room for a 
smoke break. Sneak up behind him and press A for a save station.

Now you're outside again. This sneak is very tedious, so try not to fail.

You'll resume with Dougherty unconscious. Rush outside and into the dark. A 
mercenary will come in and spot Dougherty lying there. He'll rush up to check
his pulse. Sneak up behind him and press L. Who would want to be a mercenary 
anyway? You just stand there like sitting ducks, waiting for some agent to
make things more lively. Anyway, pick Dougherty up because you have to carry
him the rest of the way.

Continue down the catwalk. At the sliding door, drop Dougherty and run down the
stairs. Make a 180 turn and go sort of under the stairs. A guard will walk up
the stairs, so sneak up behind him and press L. Hide him in the dark. At the 
bottom of the stairs is a camera. Hit it out. Then go back up and pick up

Holding Dougherty, continue down the stairs, through the door, outside, and
down a primitive outdoor lift. Another guard will be ahead of you, so knock him
out and hide him. Then pick Dougherty back up and walk into the parking lot.

Drop him at the bottom of the ramp, then turn right. You'll see two NSA agents
talking to an inquisitive CIA guard. The NSA agents can see you, and they'll
pretend not to. Go around, behind the CIA guard, and knock him out. The NSA 
agents will breath a sigh of relief. Go back and pick up Dougherty, then bring
him over to the two agents. Mission Complete.

                              A5 - Kalinatek Building

Earlier I said that the Oil Refinery was the worst level for stealth in the 
entire game. I was horribly wrong. Kalinatek building has some very original 
stealth in it, but it has a part in it where action is unavoidable. 

After the opening cutscene where Sam Fisher disses Jr. Wilkes, run past the van
and behind the other car into the darkness. One guard will walk out of the door
(past you of course). Continue down the parallel to the car and van, and peer
around the corner to see the door aforementioned and another guard walk out of 
it in another direction. Once he is out of sight, slip through the door. Head 
up the stairs, until you see an awsome "power outage effect". 

You'll see a door ahead. Beyond that, as far as I could find, is an unavoidible
shootout. I couldn't make this insanely hard sneak, if it's possible. I'll 
describe it, however, and if some one can make the sneak, they will have their 
name on the site and be named the best player at GCN Splinter Cell the world 
has ever known. He/she can post their exact strategy on the SC Board (gamefaqs)
and I will add it to the site with heaps of credit.

Ahead is an underground parking lot. It has three guards in it, and it is very
expansive. Left of the door where you come in is a counter with an empty bottle
for a diversion. Unfortunately, with all the recent power outages, there are 
momentary flashes of light, perfect for blowing your sneak. Along the floor is
heaps are loads of shattered glass bottles, that ring out when you step on 
them. The exit is via a door with a huge green light above it, and the door you
must picklock to get through. The guards also, all seem to see you if they hear
you. So you have to knock out all three guards, as they hang out by their van,
without any of the other guards noticing, and then your clear. How is that 

Let's go to after you picklock the door. Hop onto the boxes, and hop outside to
the craned crate. When on it, hop to the rail above, and go hand over hand for
a save station. Save.

You'll fall to another crate. Hop from this over to the building balcony. You
might notice a pole for rappeling. Rappel! You'll go past a window with two 
guards, and then land on a glass panel roof. You might of noticed a guard 
standing inside the building from the glass. You can hop over the roof and find
a skylight where he'll be, then shoot your SC-20K through the glass wihtout him
seeing. Hop down through the hole you've made. 

Take the guard's satchel, hide him, and enter the slide double doors. Here you
will see a metal detector in front of you. If you consider what you're holding
(oh, just a cellphone and a belt...), and the fact that there's 30 guards in 
the building, you might want to not go through it. Type the keypad code from 
the satchel into the door right of the detector. Cross this room, then open the
door to a pitch black room. Creep along the side, until you turn and face a new
door. When you face this, hop up, sprint around, and make as much noise as you
wish (don't shoot though). Then creep back in the dark where you can see the 
new door, but still a distance away from it. A guard will come in, and go to 
switch the light on. Not so fast! After you incapacitate him, switch the light
back off (if it's not already), and enter the new door. Creep very slowly over
past the photocopiers, and lockpick the door on your right. Then creep to the

If the action part I mentioned earlier wasn't unavoidible, the soundtrack at 
this section is. Just like the last section of Oil Refinery before, the fast
action music will come on even without guards noticing you.

Creep forward and you'll here fast action music and firing. Run and hide by the
photocopiers, and it'll all stop. That was random! Anyway, you'll here some 
guards talking. Creep through the checkpoint spot and in through another locked
door, inside a dark room with a fish tank in it. You'll realize that the guards
talking are not there, and that it was a messed up glitch. In this dark room,
put on your night vision and pick up the Sticky Shocker for your SC-20K. Then
open the next door and you'll see a light hallway with a patrolling guard and a
wall mine. Now in an action game, that wouldn't be a very great combination for
a guard. But since you don't want to be setting off bombs in this perfect 
stealth run, wait till the guard comes close and Sticky Shocker him. Then hide
him. Remember not to step on the wall mine, however, I was foolish enough to 
forget about it, and soon I was back in the parking lot for the explosion.

This sneak is very cool. Skip the doors on your left and continue down the 
corridor. Creep slowly against the grated wall, and peer around into the dark.
There's a guard standing there. You should put on your night vision to see him.
Very slowly, turn the corner into the blackness. Inch your way to him in the 
dark, and sneak up behind his back and press the L button down. | to _. Now 
crouch down into some shaft, DON"T go into the room with a blatantly obvious 
wall mine at it's front door. When you're in the shaft, you'll get another 
save station.

This sneak is extremely frustrating. Don't take your time in it. Basically one
guard walks to a vending machine, and in a nearby room, another guard turns the
lights on, and suddenly gunfight music starts, unexplainibly. 

Crouch and jump down out of the shaft. Then stand up, jump, and make some noise
so the guard will not be suspiscious, but simply walk to a light switch instead
of the vending machine, where you can tap R twice.

Now sprint for it, past the vending machine and left, running and making more 
noise. Hopefully the guard who turns the light on and starts shooting will look
for you in the room ahead, before switching the light. Run and go BTW, ducking,
left of the door that leads to the room he entered. He will walk past, so sneak
up and press L to move your elbow in a forward motion. Now in this level, you
don't have to hide bodies, so don't. 

Ahead will be an obvious, narrow hallway. To the right of the entrance to it is
a light switch. Please note. If the light switch isn't off already, turn it 
off. Creep down the hall until a mafiasoe walks out, than creep back to the 
lightswitch. Shoot your SC-20K at the floor near you, but not too close, and 
the guard who emerged will strut down inquisitively. It is suggested that if 
you ever become a mercenary, please don't walk to where you heard a gunshot: 
you know what to do. After that, go back down the hall and hang a left at the 
nearest turn. Open the door to find a room with lots of flames, a guard, and 
two employees trapped behind two wall mines in a sort of FPS glitch. Sneak up
behind the guard and hit L. Now you go on to the wall mines. Go veeeeeeeery 
slowly on the walls the mines are. When you see defuse, don't press it. Wait 
until the mine light turns GREEN and press A. Do the same for the next one, and
then talk to the two freed technicians. Afterwards, exit the room and continue
to the new door for a checkpoint.

There's a bomb countdown. Fortunately, you have loads of time, and you don't 
need to feel any tension. Simply run to the keypad, hit 33575, run through the
door, sprint past the wall mines before they explode until you reach a place 
where there are two doors- one ahead and one to the left. Take the left one and
begin picking the lock. If you have a disposable pick, use that. Then run into 
the "archives". You'll find a filing cabinet with fire on either side of it.
Here's some non-linearity! You can either crawl over the cabinet, roll through
the flames, or, just get burned up! If you decide the two former, you'll be 
able to defuse the bomb. Then venture outside the archives, and hang a left 
through the next door for a checkpoint.

This is a refreshingly original sneak. Walk into the shadows, and aim your 
Sc-20K at the open entrance to the auditorium. A guard will walk out into your
crosshair, so hit R for him. He should land in the light. There'll be a light
switch beside him, so make it flicker on and off to make another guard 
investigate. Then step back in the shadows and briefly notify the guard that
your elbow is connecting with his back as he attempts to put some light on the
subject. Proceed into the auditorium, and to the left side backstage. You'll
walk down some stairs into a underground laundry. Watch the FMV where guards 
are about to rush in to the auditorium.

This sneak is awsome. Rush back out to the auditorium stage, and run across to
the right backstage. This will be above the stairs underground. Watch them as
guards run up in to the auditorium, then hop over down underground. Enter the
room and get your SC-20K out. There's one guard keeping ground inside. Shoot 
out all the lights in the underground before turning any corners. Eventually 
you'll hit one light that makes a guard look into it. RR please. Now continue
down the underground to a switch. Press it to open the fire doors, and to get
a checkpoint. 

Now run out with your Night Vision equipped. You'll hear soldiers talking, 
saying they've found nothing and to return. Go as close to the stairs as you 
can, and go BTW on one of the washing machines. All the guards will troop in,
passing you by two centimetres. Continue behind them and up to the auditorium.

This part involves a very long range shot from your SC-20K, it is quite tricky.
Once you get out from backstage, there'll be a guard on the balacony. Wait for
him to move to the stairs down, and then shoot. Get is satchel. Run back in the
door to the auditorium, and go to the keypad door ahead. Type in the code for a
save station.

Sprint up the stairs to the top floor, around the corner, straight, and then 
BTW in the darkness. Pull out your SC-20K and face the door. When one guard 
arrives, press R. This will make another guard sniff around, so press R when he
comes too.

Continue to the hallway for a very complicated sneak. First take one of the 
fallen guards over your shoulder. Walk down the hallway to a LIGHT spot BEFORE
the right turnoff. Then continue to the end of the hall, hang a left, don't 
enter the medical room, but instead briefly go to the corner in visiblility,
then when a guard appears, sneak back. It's okay if he becomes suspiscious.

Go back to the corridor before, where one of the fallen guards should be very 
evident. Enter the dark nook to your left, and crouch. The guard will patrol
down, see the fallen guard, and run past you, inspecting him. Sneak up and tap

Take one of the guards down the hallway to the corner, and drop him in the 
bright light. Same deal here with another guard coming, but again you have to
go near him for him to patrol down. 

Continue straight down the hall to a room with glass walls. Go in and activate
the red computer. Then walk to the newly open doors to some fire stairs. Hit
all the lights off in the stairwell, and then advance for a checkpoint.

The stairwell should be pitch dark. Open the door to find two guards standing
in a grungy, burning cafeteria. Shoot on the ground near you in the stairs, and
a guard will come through only to be hit by an elbow. Then continue into the 
dark room and hit another guard down. Then continue through two doors for a 
short clip.

Enter the door before the flames to a washroom, where you can hop into the 
vents that look like they were just made to have a periscoe put through them.
Stop the impolite guard from the vent, and then talk to "Ivan". 

Walk back out through the washroom door, and then continue to an elevator, and
save station. 

This game begins to have some scripted action moments soon. They're unavoidable
and different from most firefights, because they're well designed and have 
strategy to them. As Lambert suggests, you might need to "do some cleaning" 
upstairs, and there are two scripted action moments.

Exit the elevator. Three guards our standing across the room. Fire a diversion,
then press R. The other guard will come, press R. Now continue to the next 

Jump on the two crates to get over, then hop down and exit the barred space to
the hall. Duck behind the box covered in munitions, and two guards will enter
through the door ahead. Fire a diversion away from the door, back at the way
you entered. Then fire a sticky shocker. Simply tap R for the other guard, then
open the door for a checkpoint.

Here you must begin a scripted action scene. Walk between the wood planks, 
crouch, and begin your firing. There are three mercenaries. Then continue up 
the ladder or around through the corridor to a checkpoint.

Another scripted sequence here. Go up the stairs and you'll here fast music. 
I usually rush to the box, duck, and lob a grenade over. Anyway, when you're
done, climb the stairs, open the door, and move on to the last scenario.

Walk until you reach a fork between a corridor or stairs. Take the stairs.
Crouch at the landing, and look through the long window at a guard. He will 
walk right and look away from you, so sneak up and press L. Then press R for 
the other two mercenaries. Climb down the ladder to the bottom floor. Continue
along to a drop. Drop. Now you'll hear entirely new music, a bit techno. OOH!
Run to the ladder, climb, and then climb the next one. Rush to the plane to 
end the mission.

You might want to watch the tragic cut-scene. You know what I thought when I 
first saw it? Whoopty-do Basil! The only thing Jr. Wilkes ever said was, very
energetically, "Welcome to the NSA!".

Coming Soon!

                                  Thank Yous

Well I hate to say this but I don't really have anyone to thank. Maybe UbiSoft,
for making such a brilliant sneaking game. And FutureShop for having this game.
But otherwise... there isn't much.

Copyright 2004 Robert Brown