Question from GamingFan19

Glitch/Bug in the game?

When I went to give the Snorkle & Goggles to Peekoe after reviving Giga-Robo, I didn't get the message from Telly saying that I got his sticker. Is this a glitch, or bug, in the game?

GamingFan19 provided additional details:

What do you mean, spongecho?

Oh, I also want to point out that I gave the Tamagotchi to Dad, but it didn't appear on the living room afterwards, so I could get the sticker for it, nor did I get the Cooking sticker after doing the mini-game to get it.


spongecho answered:

No. Its not a glitch beacuse u need four {or six} of them.
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elitepeach answered:

You need to spend a good amount of moolah in his game in the basement.
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