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Anything similar to this game?

Has anyone played anything remotely like this game and if so what was it called and would you suggest it as a must play? Provide detail.

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I haven't played Animal Crossing so I don't have the right to disagree. I thought Animal Crossing to be more like a Sims game that doesn't stop playing when you turn off the system. Isn't it more accurate to say it's a Sims-like game, as opposed to having objectives and an ending like Chibi? In terms of being off-beat, cute, etc. I think Earthbound fills the void here.

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I've heard of but not played a game called Chulip for PS2. Sounds as weird and amusing. I'll buy and play one of these years.

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Korea - Are you referring to Drilling Dozer? The character's name is Jill. See:

It doesn't quite seem like Chibi (but I've never played it). Is there a family element or dynamic present in this game, similar to what's in Chibi? Thanks.

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Now playing Mr. Mosquito for PS2. Not exactly the same gameplay and not quite as in depth, yet has some similarities, but it does have that very same odd family dynamic that made Chibi stand out so much. Btw, $2.99 at GS/EB.

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In regards to an odd dynamic of character or family, I think Chulip wins out. Another game that has a strange familial aspect is Incredible Crisis


TeddieBearz answered:

Animal Crossing. You live in a town, with a name of your choice (both town and character name) and make the town a better place. It's not really cleaning, like "Chibi-Robo!" but it's very fun. You can get it for DS, Gamecube and Wii
Gamecube - Animal Crossing
DS - Animal Crossing : Wild World
Wii - Animal Crossing : City Folk
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blooperboy01 answered:

well chibi-robo park patrol is out for DS but its not as good as the original
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Axemonster1 answered:

Animal Crossing has already been said...
Harvest Moon (farming, actually not bad), Amazing Island (monster making).
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loujoelou answered:

As Axemonster1 says Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life are really like this game.
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KoreaneseBanana answered:

I think that Drilling Jill (or whatever it's called) is just as fun, but chibi robo is still the most fun. :)
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Spike answered:

Okage: Shadow King(PS2) is one that hasn't been mentioned yet. Although It's only a tiny bit similar to Chibi-Robo in terms of gameplay, it definitely has that unique feel to it that makes you say "Woah, I've never played anything quite like this before!". It's a traditional turn based RPG, but it's really, really bizarre with an art style very reminiscent of Tim Burton. It has a very odd but very funny sense of humor, and it's really fun too. Load times are a little long for my tastes, but you get used to it.
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