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The aliens came to my game, and I didn't have enough money to buy the alien ear at that time, and it took me a while to get the money, since I didn't play for a long time, so when I finally got enough money, the aliens wouldn't come back when I used the chibi-radar at night. Do they only come once?

TeddieBearz provided additional details:

I used it on the weird shape, there was nobody outside, dad is sleeping in the hallway in front of the bedroom. It's really weird. I try every night, but they never come. Do you think i have to re-start my game?

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MarioRocks08 answered:

In order to summon the aliens, it has to be at night and you need to stand dead center on the alien symbol in the backyard. It will not work if you stand anywhere else on the alien symbol. Hope this helps.
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blooperboy01 answered:

Try when theres nobody around because i think dad is out there watering the grass sometimes at night
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Beatleluver1234 answered:

Really? hmm thats weird...u have to make sure no one is in the back yard and you have to use the radar right on that weird shape on the ground.
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TeddieBearz answered:

Thanks for the tips. I'll try it, and if it doesn't work, something will be posted again. ^.^
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TeddieBearz answered:

Thanks alot MarioRocks, its worked! =)
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