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If pikmin 3 comes out for gamecube what will the graphics be? Rateing what will you rate it pikmin what colors are there

101 or 102 pikmin? oh how many onions ? How many planets for pikmin 3 gamecube ? by the time they merge or insert it all what year it will be What story line?

lundayj2008 provided additional details:

What planets what story what types what enemies what seson what year? what pikmin do you want out?


CRAZZY_BEAST answered:

There is no way at all this will ever come out. Main reason being is that Gamecube is dead and you can only buy them at gamestop because wii can play them so they make more money but basically it won't ever come out i'm really sorry but it's not. Hope this helped check E3 or an online gaming website to see if this game will ever come out.
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Pikmin_Lord answered:

Yeah... GC isn't going to have any more games, but I think there is going to be a Pikmin 3 on the WiiU, as to the content I don't really know
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mrhammer79 answered:

I have heard that Pikmin 3 is still being developed. At E3 2011, Shigeru Miyamoto stated that he wished he could have worked on Pikmin 3, but just didn't have the time then. If it is released in the future, it will either be for the Wii or, more likely, for the future Wii U console, which should come out next year.
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