Question from Bluerosedancer

How do u drain the "Perp. Pool" (where the 2 lobs R) so u can get all ur pikmin in the Submerged castle?

I thought there would be a drain so you can get your red,yellow,blue and white to the Submerged castle, but i haven't found it. Can someone help me?


Pikmin_Lord answered:

You can't, you must bring only blue Pikmin and use the purple,white and Bulbmin provided within the hole.
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AceGamer64 answered:

Well, the whole idea is to only allow blue pikmin into the submerged castle. bring less then 100 or you will have problems. As you can see when you try to enter, you see that the dungeon has all element hazards. You can find some pikmin called bulbmin in the dungeon. The bulbmin are immune to all elemental hazards, so that is how you can proceed through the dungeon. This is considered one of the toughest dungeos in the game because of the only blue pikmin allowed in through the entrance. There is no drin to get the water away in that area. Just go with less than 100 blue pikmin, get some bulbmin, and beat the dungeon (and the special suprise that waits for you)!
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Shinku_Tatsu answered:

Bring about 60 blue pikmin to the submerged castle.
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JadeFlames answered:

You can't,you can ONLY bring blues,but good news,there are some bulbmin down there which are rare Pikmin which can only stay in the cave,but they are immune to water,fire,poison,and electricity!Also,there are candypop buds which can change those Pikmin white and purple.
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Keldeo12 answered:

It is impossible to do so.
Plus, you can only bring Blue pikmin. Even if you find a way to get other pikmin there you see a message saying only blue pikmin can enter.
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yoshipikmnghost answered:

There is no way of doing so. Only blue pikmin are allowed in the place. They want it to be the hardest dungeon ever. I wish you so much luck. However, there are bulbmin in the place, so don't worry about it. :)
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BeebBeeb answered:

The point of the Submerged Castle is that you have to use blue pikmin. Even if you found some way to get the other pikmin to the hole without drowning the game would just tell you that you can't use them. What you should do is bring about 70 pikmin with you since there are bulbmin, which you need to use if you plan on clearing some of the hazards.
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