Question from knux2007

Asked: 6 years ago

Best place to make Purple and White Pikmin?

I can't find any good areas with Violet or Ivory Candypop Buds

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From: X-Naut_P 6 years ago

Subterranean Complex.

Sublevel 3- 1 Ivory Candypop Bud*
Sublevel 4- 3 Ivory Candypop Buds
Sublevel 8- 3 Violet Candypop Buds

And they never disappear. However...

*=Sometimes it does not appear.

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The 'sometimes' is 'when you have 20 or more whites already'.

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One Ivory Candypop is also on Sublevel 4, I believe, of Hole of Beasts. Just throwing it out there.

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^Whoops, I meant Violet.

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Celebi, I think it's sublevel 5. Not sure though...

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.It should be Sublevel 4 of Hole of Beasts, where the purple candypop is found. (Sublevel 5 is the boss.)

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