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Asked: 3 years ago

Will I like this game? (lolwut?)

I just wanted to know if I should buy it, I LOVE pikmin 1 (GC, not that stupid Wii port) and if I had to change one thing about the first one, it's moar time D: (lol misspelling ftw) so... should I buy it? :D

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The second one has unlimited time (aka unlimited oxygen) and there's more fun adventures, and if you love Pikmin 1 you will DEFINITELY love Pikmin 2 hands down. Yes you should buy it if you can :D

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Pikmin 2 is an exellent sequel to the first. YOY WILL LOVE THIS GAME. You have unlimited time, with new types of pikmin, and a a whole variety of areas that differ on the seasons. This game is truly spectacular. You should buy it.

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YES! You would love it! Pikmin 2 expands on what made pikmin 1 great! Pikmin 2 has no time limit and is A LOT longer. Though the game's a lot more rage inducing... oh well, if you like pikmin 1, you'll LOVE pikmin 2! Just be prepared to rage quit a lot LOL

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