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What are all the upgrade Items and where can I find them?

I would just like to know what the various upgrade items in this game are, and in which areas they can be found.

I could just look in a FAQ but this may end up being more accessible for anyone else who wants to know.

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INterfaq93 answered:

Light shoes In the sewer in Station square after beating Windy Valley
Crystal ring: In the hotel. Get the light shoes and use the light dash to acess a room on the secon level
Ancient light: On a rock in the mystic ruins near angel island (after beating Speed Highway)

Jet ankle: Go towards the sewer near twinkle park and fly up the hole in the sewer.
Rythem badge: When you go to the past after Sand Hill, look in the area to your left.

Shovel claw: In the cave behind the hill where you fought the egg hornet.
Fighting gloves: On the ledge in the Mystic ruins forest

Warrior feather: Beat the high score on Hedgehog Hammer
Long Hammer: Beat the high score again after the egg carrier falls

Life belt: In front of the pool before Icecap
Power rod: Under Big's bed in his house
Lure upgrades:
1: In the sewer behind twinkle park
2:In the cave in the forest closest to Big's house
3: In icecap: go to up the springs and when you reach a small pool follow the path until you reach another large ice sheet. The upgrade is under the sheet
4: In a cell in the egg carrier

Jet booster: In the Ammunition room after eggman tells you to get it.
Laser Blaster: After the egg carrier sinks, it is in the room across from the Ammunition room.
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HylianHeroLink answered:

Light Speed Shoes - Sewers of Station Square
Crystal Ring - Hotel in Station Square
Ancient Light - Mystic Ruins near entrance to Red Mountain
Jet Anklet - Near entrance to Twinkle Park
Rythem Badge - Mystic Ruins (past)
Shovel Claw - Near entrance to Mystic Ruins Chao Garden
Fighting Gloves - Jungle area of M.R.
Warrior Feather - Win Hedgehog Hammer mini-game in Adventure Mode
Long Hammer - Same as above but it must be after the Egg Carrier crashes but before facing Zero
Power Rod - Under Big's bed in the Jungle
Life Belt - En route to Ice Cap stage
Lure Upgrades - Station Square, Mystic Ruins Jungle, Ice Cap Stage, and Egg Carrier
Jet Booster - Ammunition room (Egg Carrier)
Laser Blaster - Water Tank (Same adventure field but Egg Carrier must be at sea, not air)

Hope this helps.
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Ryanguy2point0 answered:

Well, it depends on what characters you're talking about. I've only beat the game with Sonic, Knuckles, and Amy.
But, here are they're power-ups.
Light Speed Shoes: Station Square Sewer
Crystal Ring: Station Square Hotel (you have to light speed dash)
Ancient Light: Entrance to Red Mountain
Shovel Claw: Close to M.R Chao Garden
Fighting Gloves: On a cliff in jungle (you need to climb)
Warrior Feather: Beat the high score on Hedgehog Hammer
Long Hammer:Beat your previous high score on Hedgehog Hammer
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