All-S Chao FAQ by Aster Azul

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Creation of All-S Chao Guide v99.76% (v0.9976)
Sonic Adventure DX and Sonic Adventure 2 Battle for Gamecube
26 August 2003

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by Aster Azul
AND: Seto Kaiba, Barboid, Hypermega75, WingZero099, Chewy37, Twee215, Buddhu23,
Sherry, and many others!

This FAQ has a true info policy. There are almost no rumors in this guide.
Everything is tried and true.

Best viewed in 9 point courier.

Table of Contents

DIF. Differences Between the Chao Worlds of SADX and SA2B
A. Basics of Chao Grades
B. Getting Started
C. Raising Stat Grades
D. Aging Chao Past Childhood
E. The Mating Season
F. Breeding For Better Stats
G. Getting a "Good" Egg
H. Later Stages: Almost There
I. Reincarnation and Grade Raising
J. Aging for Reincarnation
K. The Perfect Chao
L. GBA Stat Raising
M. GCN Stat Raising
N. Making Your Chao Look Cool
O. Duplicating Chao
P. Getting All-S Chao in Neat Colors
Q. Half-Normal Chao List
R. Clear Chao List
S. Two-Toned vs. Half-Normal Chao: The Misconception
T. The Unofficial Tails Chao
U. Naming Chao, Aster Azul Style!
V. Positive Chao Actions
W. Negative Chao Actions
X. Odd things noticed in Karate and Racing
Y. Odd things noted in small and large gardens
Z. Hack and Slash Your Way to the All-S Chao
Credits and Chao Websites

V95%- 12 July 2002 original FAQ, A-P.
V96%- 20 July 2002 small adjustments, Q-U.
V98%- 27 July 2002 lots of new info. Rearranged sections. Now A-Y.
V98.5%- 9 August 2002 More color info.
V99%- 19 August 2002 Fixed major spelling error! Nuetral should be neutral!
Touched up sections with new info.
V99.6%- 21 September 2002 The clear chao list has been added. Now A-Z.
V99.7%- 21 June 2003 Sonic Adventure DX has been released!
V99.71%- 22 June 2003 Headers have been added, clear chao list complete.
V99.73%- DIF updated, grades chart added.
V99.75%- 2 August 2003 Final version for a while. Added Barboid's mini-FAQ
(check it out in "N. Making Your Chao Look Cool"!) Touched things up again.

Note to those who are capable of downloading Gameshark saves: Sherry now has an
awesome website where you can download files containing hacked and bizarre chao
models with ultra high stats (4000!) including a Knuckles chao and an Amy chao!
Go to, and be sure to thank her! Note that the files
are for GBA Gameshark and you need Sonic Advance 1 to download them.

  / \*______________________________________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                                               -  *-
/  *  \  DIF. Differences Between the Chao Worlds of SADX and SA2B  /*    \
\*   */                                                             \ *  */
 -  *-______________________________________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                                                *\ /

Lets be frank about this: chao raising is slightly downgraded in SADX due to a
few missing resources. Number one is the nonexistence of the chao doctor, who
tells you what your chao's grades are. Without his guidance it is much more
difficult to breed the all-S chao, because you can't know what your chao's
grades unless you check how many points your chao's stats go up by when it
levels. In fact, there is no chao kindergarten. You therefore cannot give your
chao lessons. If you are a maddened nerd such as myself who yearns for
perfection in chao, I strongly suggest you buy Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for
GCN which has these great advantages.
To deal with the new problem of determining a stat grade, I have made a chart
that explains how to figure it out by how many points a stat goes up. For now,
remember that an 'S' grade will go up by 29 or 30 points, and an 'A' grade will
go up by about 27 whenever a chao's stat levels up.

On the up side, SADX has larger and more beautiful chao gardens than SA2B.

Chao are reported to perform their specific actions more often in SADX than
SA2B. Chao in SADX are more emotional and will cry when they are hungry more

No trees can be planted in SADX.

The black market in SADX has no tree seeds and fewer items.

It is very difficult to succesfully pet a chao in SADX.

The gardens are different in SADX and they are accessed differently.

Some small animals are different in SADX, and their parts cannot be viewed when
transferred back to SA2B or vica-versa.

Small animals are captured in SADX by freeing them from robots and not by
finding them lying around as in SA2B.

The only way to change alignment now is by feeding your chao hero and dark

To transport chao from SA2B to SADX or vica-versa, download the chao to a GBA
and then upload it to the game you want it in.

There is no Karate mode in SADX.

There is no longer a fortune teller to name your chao, but you can do this at
the chao transporter (looks like a GBA.)

To add the naming function, a "move" function was removed. Swapping chao from
memory cards now requires a GBA.

Two of the egg colors have had their names changed in SADX. Sky Blue has been
changed to Aqua and Lime Green has been changed to Light Green. But they are
the same colors.

It also seems that chao in SADX show their normal colors at birth instead of
the egg colors listed here. For example: a yellow/normal in SADX would probably
be born looking yellow with lime green highlights rather than looking pea green
like an SA2B born chao yellow/normal.

The race has been altered in SADX. You can no longer boost your chao at any
time and it no longer has a stamina bar. You instead use the D-pad to change
the chao a camera is settled on and press A rapidly when your chao has sparkles
flying around it.

Even a chao with 3000+ stats can lose the amethyst race. There is a small
chance that a chao will take an alternate route in the race and cut ten seconds
off its time. Since there are many more opponent chao than your one chao, they
have a greater chance of winning. You have to have a chao try the race more
than once to make it win.

** ****

  / \*______________________________  /*\
 -*  -                               -  *-
/  *  \  A. Basics of Chao Grades   /*    \
\*   */                             \ *  */
 -  *-_______________________________-   -
  \ /                                *\ /

Chao Grades (S-E) are grades that determine how many points a chao will gain
when he/she/it levels up.

The higher the grade, the more points. Obviously the best chao would be one
with S's in every stat: swimming, flying, running, power, and stamina. All-S
chao don't just pop out of the first egg you find, however. It takes many hours
of toil and trouble to create one of these, but they are worth it. You can
check a chao's stats by taking it to the doctor in the chao kindergarten if you
have SA2B.

How to tell grades in SADX:
As many of us have now realized, telling chao grades in SADX is a complete and
utter pain in the neck. But there IS a way to do it. When a chao's stat goes
up, a number such as +25 will momentarily appear. By noting about three of
these such numbers in a chao's particular stat, you will be able to divine the
grade. What follows is a list of possible plusses for each grade and which ones
are the dead giveaways.
S | +26, +27, +28, +29, +30
A | +23, +24, +25, +26, +27
B | +20, +21, +22, +23, +24
C | +17, +18, +19, +20, +21
D | +14, +15, +16, +17, +18
E | +11, +12, +13, +14, +15

+28, +29, +30: This stat is an S-ranked stat
+25          : This stat is an A-ranked stat
+22          : This stat is a B-ranked stat
+19          : This stat is a C-ranked stat
+16          : This stat is a D-ranked stat
+11, +12, +13: This stat is an E-ranked stat

I recommend divining grades for each of the chao in your collection, and then
writing them down in a list like this:

Swim: +17, +20, +19 so C
Fly: +28, +29 so S
Run: +23, +22 so B
Power: +15, +17 so D
Stam: +25, +26 so A

Note to self: evolve chao into a normal type so that stamina grade will raise
to "S"
Breed with AngelIs to create a child with an S in power.

** ****

  / \*__________________________  /*\
 -*  -                           -  *-
/  *  \  B. Getting Started     /*    \
\*   */                         \ *  */
 -  *-__________________________ -   -
  \ /                            *\ /

If you already have a whole bunch of chao, go through your collection and pick
out every chao with an A-ranked stat (or an S-rank, if you are lucky enough to
have one.) Make sure that, counting all your chao together, you have an A or S
rank for all five stats (swimming, flying, running, power, and stamina) If you
do, then you are ready to start breeding your all-S chao.

If you don't have an A-rank in every stat, you're going to need to hatch some
chao to find one that has an A-rank in the missing stat. There are a few
different ways to get eggs:
1. You can get free neutral eggs from the Tiny Chao Garden on the GBA.
2. If you start a garden on another memory card you will get 2 new eggs.
3. You can buy colored eggs from the store. (colored eggs will make the search
more interesting, as you will create interesting half-normal chao as you

Keep in mind that an egg's stats are determined the second an egg comes into
existence. You cannot cheat fate by restarting if the hatched chao does not
have the desired stats. It will still have those stats if you hatch it again.

Just keep hatching different eggs until you find chao with the stats you need.
It shouldn't take too long.

Now you should narrow down your group to five chao or less. If a chao has
multiple A ranks, be sure to keep it. Don't bother having two chao in your
breeding group that share an A-ranked grade. Here is an example of a good

ACEAD (Swim and power)
CBDEA (Stamina)

** ****

  / \*____________________________  /*\
 -*  -                             -  *-
/  *  \  C. Raising Stat Grades   /*    \
\*   */                           \ *  */
 -  *-____________________________ -   -
  \ /                              *\ /

If any of your A-ranked chao are children, then you are in luck! During the
first evolution (which happens somewhere around a chao year, three hours of
play time) you can raise a stat by one letter grade. Thus you can raise a stat
that is an A to an S. You also may want to raise a B rank to an A rank. Just
give your chao many animals of the type you want it to evolve into and it will
turn into that type. Normal type chao get a stamina boost. To get a normal type
chao, make sure you balance its path with a variety of animals so that it looks
like a normal chao of its alignment. Not giving it animals until after it
evolves also works. Chao fruit does not influence evolution at all, so don't
starve your chao. (Be warned that level building on the GBA also does not count
towards evolution.)

If some of your chao have already grown up, don't worry. Just boost their
children's grades when the time comes.

** ****

  / \*_________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                  -  *-
/  *  \  D. Aging Chao Past Childhood  /*    \
\*   */                                \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                   *\ /

A chao year is equivalent to about 3 hours of game time. To quickly evolve your
chao (especially newborn results of breeding), simply leave your character in
the garden for two hours with the game unpaused. (Put your character in the
water so the chao won't come skipping toward you and cry when you don't pet
them.) Remember to set each chao on the correct evolutionary path beforehand.
Also remember NOT to leave any chao that you don't want to age in the same

You should only use this method for chao you don't really care about because
most chao will become depressed as a result. Their type may even change to
something like "cry baby" or "short temper." Remember that it is entirely
possible to breed an all S chao without doing this. I was able to create a chao
with four S stats without using aging, heart fruits, or inbreeding.

New Chao Aging Data from Hypermega 75!
"well after a long time of beating and caring for chao I have finally found out
how long chao live! I will list all the ways to make it live long and less.
1)chao who are cared normal,beaten a few times,regulary fed,will live for 15
2)chao who were cared a little extra,was only hit 1-3 times it's whole life,and
was given all kinds of fruits,will live for 16-17 hours.
3)chao who were cared maximium,never beaten or hit,and was always fed different
fruits,could live for 18-19 hours.
4)chao who lived like #1 and mated (natural) will live for 13 hours
5)chao who lived like #1 and mated twice (natural) will live for 10 hours
6)chao who lived like #2 and mated (natural) once will live 14 hours and chao
who mated twice will live 13 hours.
7)same as #6 except chao will live 2-3 hours more.
8)chao who were beaten,not really cared,was not always fed,and slept little
will live 12 hours.
9)chao who were beaten a lot,not cared,was rarely fed,and rarely slept will
live 10 hours.
10)chao who were beaten maximium,not cared at all,never fed,and never slept
will live 9 hours.
11)if chao mated once at #8 will be deducted 2 hours.If they chao mated twice
it'll be deducted 3 hours.chao who mated once at #9 will be deducted only one
hour.same if they mated or no hours will be deducted to chao on #10
if mated once or twice.
12)if a chao's stamina was increased between 12 and 16 at childhood it'll
evolve in one hour.the last to hours are added to the end of it's life.It'll
live the same hours but will evolve in one hour.
this are all the game hours chao seems that chao can't die before
living it's 8th or 9th hour.It all took me about a month to do this but it's
acurate and keep this bumped for people to know and also remember all the
mating is the chao's natural two mating seasons."

** ****

  / \*__________________________  /*\
 -*  -                           -  *-
/  *  \  E. The Mating Season   /*    \
\*   */                         \ *  */
 -  *-__________________________ -   -
  \ /                            *\ /

There are two methods of bringing your chao into the mating season (indicated
by a flower ring.) You can:
1. Wait until it is about two years old, six hours after birth and four or five
after the first evolution.
2. Give it a heart fruit. (Bought at the Black Market.)

If both chao are in the mating season, they will certainly mate. If only one
is, they will mate if the chao outside the flower ring likes the other. (Note:
Naive chao mate with most other chao, even ones they don't know!)

Chao will mate more easily if they are in a good, rested mood, have full
bellies, and are not prancing around asking you to pet and hold them. (The cure
for the last is nuzzling them about five times and then petting them.) The
easiest way to make the chao mate is to put one of them next to another that
has a flower ring. If it doesn't mate, pick it up and drop it again. There is a
random chance that it will decide to mate and this resets it. If they simply
won't mate, pick a different pair or give the resistor a heart fruit.

Remember that child chao cannot mate. If two chao that you DON'T want to mate
start mating, just pick up or touch one of them to make them stop. As long as
they have not yet produced an egg, neither will go out of the mating season as
a result.

** ****

  / \*_________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                  -  *-
/  *  \  F. Breeding For Better Stats  /*    \
\*   */                                \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                   *\ /

Chao grades WILL NOT go up as a result of breeding. By this I mean that if you
mate a chao with an A rank in running with another chao that has an A rank in
running, their child has a 0% chance of coming out with an S in running. So the
only thing you can really do is to combine good stats.

What you will want to do is mate two chao with "good" (A or S rank) stats in
different categories in the hopes that their child will have both of those

Inheritance statistics:
Chao seem to inherit 2 to 3 grades from each parent.
Chao grades also seem to "blend." An S-swimming chao mated with a B-swimming
chao could easily make an A-ranked chao. An S and an A could make an S-rank.
So grades will either be: from Chao#1 (1/3 chance), Chao#2 (1/3), or blend

One thing that will almost never happen is that a chao will inherit all grades
from the parent. Thus by breeding an all-S white chao with a no-S ruby chao you
will not be able to get an all-S ruby chao.

This also means that an SSSSE chao and an BCDES chao probably cannot create an
SSSSS chao. I've tried this about 100 times (seriously, folks!) and if it is
possible it is not worth your time. I've calculated the odds and they're about

But you can increase the odds of this if you have, say, an SSSSE chao and an
AAAAS chao. This way some grades will blend and become Ss, increasing your
chances to maybe (2/3)^5. ^_^

Annoyingly, when two all-S chao mate, their offspring are NOT automatically
all-S chao. Bad grades seem to pop up when two Ss "blend." It may take a few
tries to produce the right offspring.

If you are using the breeding group method in *B*:
I suggest getting a pen and paper and drawing up a list of the results you
expect. Pick the pairs of chao that should breed with each other and the
results you would expect. For example:

Labrynt: CBAAE  bred with Stardus: ADCEA should make an AXAAA
Carniva: ESEDC bred with Palmtre: BCDAE should make a XSXAX
(Xs stand for grades that cannot be A or S ranked and are unimportant.)

If you have a good plan written out it will be easier to create the all-S chao
and you may not need to go through as many generations.

Just make sure that whenever you breed two chao, the child has more "good"
grades than either parent. If any grades that you would like as As don't show
up, you can either try again or breed the child with another chao after it
grows up. Whenever you get a chao that is superior and replaces your earlier
chao, take the chao whose grades have been surpassed and "say goodbye" to them.
If you're a bit attached to them, just put them in another garden until you've
bred your greatest chao.

Note: Some people have reported grades going up as a result of breeding, but
results are so rare that it is best not to depend on it. It has never happened
to me.

** ****

  / \*____________________________  /*\
 -*  -                             -  *-
/  *  \  G. Getting a "Good" Egg  /*    \
\*   */                           \ *  */
 -  *-____________________________ -   -
  \ /                              *\ /

The odds of getting your desired egg are often slim at best. So how can you
beat luck? This method will allow you to try for a good egg with two chao as
many times as you like.

When a chao goes into the mating season by any method, this data is saved when
you quit from the chao garden. You may therefore pick the two chao you want to
mate, wait until they go into season or give them heart fruits, and when one or
both (depending on whether they like each other) are ready, just save and quit.
Now you have the moment they are ready to mate frozen in time. (Note: make sure
they finish the heart fruits at about the same time. If you wait too long in
between, the first will be out of season when you re-enter the garden.) Open
the garden again and allow the chao to mate. Hatch the egg by nuzzling/shaking
it five or more times or hitting it against a wall. Take the child to the
doctor to see its stats. If the stats are not satisfactory, reset without
saving. If you "say goodbye" to a chao the game will save, so beware! Now
simply start the game again from the save point and try again.

The Gamecube seems to choose random values at startup, as do most computers.
These random values are not reset when you only reset the GCN. So if you
accidentally reset after getting a good chao, chances are if you keep breeding
and resetting it will turn up again. Likewise, you should turn your Gamecube
off and then on again if your results start looking too similar.

** ****

  / \*__________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                   -  *-
/  *  \  H. Later Stages: Almost There  /*    \
\*   */                                 \ *  */
 -  *-__________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                    *\ /

Sooner or later you will get a pair of chao that seem to have the potential to
create the all-S chao, such as an SSSSC and a CDEES. The odds for getting an
all S chao from this parentage is actually no as good as you might hope. You
may be lucky, but you probably won't be. When you find yourself in a position
such as this, you should instead attempt to get a child that has 4 or so S
stats but in a different position, like CSSSS. From there, you can breed the
child with the parent (sorry about the inbreeding, but it's pretty difficult to
avoid at this point) or with a fellow sibling with its missing grade in another
spot. The odds are astronomically better when parents grades overlap. At this
point, you may even want to use the reincarnation method to get your 4-S chao's
last grade up.

If you have another situation such as CDSES and SSESB you have better odds for
breeding the all-S chao in one shot, but you may want to just use the
inbreeding method anyway to make it easier. Sitting around for an hour waiting
for the right chao is tiresome.

If you end up with a chao that has A ranks mixed in with the Ss, you may have
some work to do depending on how many you have. A real perfectionist (like
myself) will want his/her chao to have all S-ranks from birth, but others may
not mind getting the grades through evolution. See the next section about
reincarnation tactics.

If you are lucky and persistent, you should be graced when one day you take a
newborn chao to the doctor and see the chart SSSSS staring you in the face. Ah,

** ****

  / \*_______________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                        -  *-
/  *  \  I. Reincarnation and Grade Raising  /*    \
\*   */                                      \ *  */
 -  *-_______________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                         *\ /

As you know, the first evolution raises a grade by one letter. Only problem is,
you can only do this once per chao. Well, the rules bend a little. If you
reincarnate a chao (which takes 5 chao years from birth, about 15 game hours)
it will start out as an egg and retain its previous grades. This will allow you
to boost another grade. If you have, say, an ASSAA chao, you can make it an
all-S chao after 3 reincarnations. This takes forever, but results are assured.
The only problem is that chao will die instead of reincarnate if you don't
treat them well enough.

I only suggest the reincarnation method for people who are very close to the
all-S chao. If you only have a chao with average grades, this will take about
(5+4+3+2+1 reincarnations)*(1 day/reincarnation) = 15 days of time in which you
must leave your Gamecube on. Ouch. I've gotten a chao from CCCCC to SSSSS
through reincarnation once, and it took me about a month.

** ****

  / \*_______________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                -  *-
/  *  \  J. Aging for Reincarnation  /*    \
\*   */                              \ *  */
 -  *-_______________________________ -   -
  \ /                                 *\ /

Aging in order to reincarnate your chao is a bit different. It will take MUCH
more time and you may want to save in between years. Assuming your chao is
already an adult, it will take about 12 hours for it to reincarnate. You should
keep track of the time and feed it, pet it, and save every three hours. Also
check with the doctor to make sure it's the same age you think it should be. As
before, remember to empty the garden of chao you don't want aged.

To shorten the chao's life span, it must mate when it enters the season. As it
only shortens things about a year, I believe, you shouldn't worry about this to
much. But if you find it in season, buy a heart fruit and bring another chao
over for it to mate with. Hey, you might even get an all-S chao from the egg
and not need to worry about reincarnation!

When the chao is 4 and nearing death, you should probably start feeding and
petting it to make sure it will reincarnate.

Creating an all-S chao through reincarnation:
Using the reincarnation method to create an all-S chao is possible, although
tedious. Chao will rarely die during the reincarnation method as long as you do
not abuse them. I haven't had one die on me even once.

The hard part is making sure you influence the chao into the correct type after
it reincarnates. Otherwise it will become a normal (stamina +) type. Assuming
you sleep for about eight hours, your chao should be two or three when you
leave it in the garden. After you wake up, check on it. If it hasn't
reincarnated yet, pet it and feed it a bit (and maybe save) and wait a few more
hours. When it does reincarnate, give it enough animals to raise the desired
stat (ten animals should suffice), age it to about two or three years, and
repeat the process.

From 10:00pm to 7:00am is 9 hours. That's about three years. Make sure your
chao is just getting to be two when you leave it overnight. Then in the
morning, make it into the correct type and wait until it's two again. Save, and
turn on your GCN again at 10:00. This way your chao will reincarnate overnight
and in the morning you can give it animals to change its path.

Various ill effects will plague your chao if you leave it in the garden
overnight. It may get sick (take it to the doctor, this happened to me twice)
or be prone to crying. Chao can become crybaby types if you leave the GCN on

Your GCN may overheat as a result. My GCN froze once while I was using this
method. Another person reported that their GCN's motor broke. Be careful. As I
mentioned, I suggest this method only to those who want the all-S chao with
less work or to those who are very attached to one of their earlier chao and
wish it to have perfect stats.

** ****

  / \*________________________  /*\
 -*  -                         -  *-
/  *  \  K. The Perfect Chao  /*    \
\*   */                       \ *  */
 -  *-________________________ -   -
  \ /                          *\ /

The perfect chao would be an all S chao with all level 99 stats. It should also
have been reincarnated 2 or more times with level 99 stats. This means that you
will need to raise your perfect chao to level 99 3 or more times!

My highest recorded stats so far:
Swim - 3098
Fly - 3098
Run - 3062
Power - 3088
Stamina - 3066

For a fully leveled all-S second life white chao. neutral/Running/Swimming
type. Collision Chaos Zone. (Send a picture and top me.)

Don't forget intelligence and luck. 400 blue animals will ensure perfect
intelligence and luck for most chao. See section M for details.

A combination of the following two methods will help you level up your chao.

** ****

  / \*_________________________  /*\
 -*  -                          -  *-
/  *  \  L. GBA Stat Raising   /*    \
\*   */                        \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________ -   -
  \ /                           *\ /

The two best fruits for raising stats in terms of expense and convenience are
the 3-sided plum and the orange. The orange raises swim and power 3/11 of a
level and the plum raises fly and run 3/11 of a level. They both raise stamina
1/11 of a level. It takes 3 2/3 of a fruit to raise a single level. When all
other stats have been maxed, stamina will remain at lvl.66, so you should
remember to feed your chao a lot when it gets back to the GCN.

You will need about 367 fruit to raise two stats to level 99. That's about
11,010 rings for two stats. 22,020 rings to raise all stats from level 0 - 99.
(But not stamina.)

Another good combo is the pear and the strawberry. They are more expensive but
will complete stamina more easily and raise levels slightly faster. The
strawberry raises swim and run by 4/11 while the pear raises fly and power by
4/11. They both raise stamina by 2/11. Stamina will be at level 99 with the
rest when other stats are completed.

You will need about 275 fruit to raise two stats to level 99. That's about
15,125 rings for two stats. 30,250 rings for all stats including stamina.

Overall, I think the plum and orange combo is better purely because of expense.

One last combo is purely for raising the stamina of a chao that has most other
stats maxed. Feed it only the blue squash.

Now actually raising the stats presents some problems. Your chao's "fullness"
decreases by 8 points about every 5 minutes. So you can raise a level every
five minutes. Getting around this slow rate is tricky. My method is reading in
bed. I read about an hour a night so every few minutes I take a look at my chao
and feed it etc. This seems to work well: I have created 4 perfect chao by this
method so far. If you don't read in bed, you can try carrying your chao around
like a Tamagotchi. You can also play with it while doing something boring or
maybe listening to music or a book tape. I actually leave it on my bed while
I'm checking out GameFAQs. Keep your batteries fresh and save when the light
turns red if you don't use a wall socket. It'll take a while, but it's worth

Earning rings for chao also presents a problem. Earning rings by continuously
going to the same stage is boring, monotonous, and repetitive. Try earning
rings while doing things like: listening to music, a book tape, maybe while
watching a Mystery Science Theater 3000 (there are some boring parts in those),
or during a long car ride. Neo Green Hill Zone Act 1 is the stage most people
suggest, but trying out Hidden Base Zone Act 1 spices things up. It takes
slightly longer, but the two "?" computers may boost your ring total to around
200. Try switching characters every once in a while, too.

A final method is to use the chao to GBA transfer. Every time a chao transfers
to GBA, it's belly meter goes down to 2, allowing you to feed it about four
fruits. By continuously transferring back and forth, you can save some time.

One interesting new discovery is that GBA raised chao have slightly better
average stats (50 points better) than chao raised on GCN. Useful!

** ****

  / \*_________________________  /*\
 -*  -                          -  *-
/  *  \  M. GCN Stat Raising   /*    \
\*   */                        \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________ -   -
  \ /                           *\ /

You can of course raise stats in the GCN as well. Raising stats during the
normal course of earning all A ranks or beating the game is the best thing to
do, but if you have already gotten your chao up to lvl 99 in the other stats
and have one more to go, here's how to finish off a specific stat:

For all stats (except stamina), you may want to put your chao in a garden by
itself. This minimizes risk of giving animals to the wrong chao and the
specific chao will be easier to locate. Try to keep the animals in one place--
if one wanders off it may be hard to find. Bring your chao to the animals to
make it easier to give them to it. You'll want to keep your chao in one place,
too. Give it a fruit so it won't wander off.

Go to a level where there is a desired animal type closeby. Grab the animal and
reset the stage. Grab it again and repeat. If you get to 0 lives before you
collect all the animals, exit and enter again. Find the fastest way to grab the
animal so as not to waste time. Then go into the garden with that character and
give the animals to your chao.

Swim: Go to Aquatic Mine with Knuckles and jump into the water to the right.
Dive straight down to find a seal. It raises swim about 4 points and power
about 1. One trip (10 animals) raises swim about 4 levels, power 1 level. 5

Fly: Go to Eternal Engine with Tails. Turn to the right and shoot the canister
to find a vulture. The vultures are GREAT animals. They raise fly 6 points and
swim and power two points. It doesn't get much better. One trip raises fly
about 6 levels, swim and power 2 levels. 5 seconds.

Run: Go to Wild Canyon with Knuckles. There is a cheetah near the pole to the
left. They raise run about 4 and power about 1. One trip raises run about 4
levels, power one level. 5 seconds.

Power: Go to Mission Street with Tails. There is an ape in the mailbox to the
right if you whistle. They raise power by 4. One trip raises power about four
levels. 5 seconds.

These locations are for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle. Updated locations for Sonic
Adventure DX will be put up in a few weeks.

Stamina: This stat just takes time. You can raise it with the blue squash on
the GBA if you're desperate, but I suggest just feeding your chao a lot. Find
out what its favorite fruit is and buy it a tree. You can force feed chao-- if
it drops the fruit just hand it to it again and again. You are probably going
to want to reincarnate your chao anyway, so you should have time. Remember to
raise this stat to level 99 before age 4! If you think you're going to run out
of time, you should buy a strong fruit tree to make sure it doesn't die early.
Note: Reincarnated chao no longer have a favorite fruit. They will like all
fruit equally.
Note: Strong fruit actually does a better job of extending years when fed to
your chao throughout its life. Giving your chao a bunch of strong fruit as it's
about to die has little effect.

Intelligence: Remember, intelligence is a stat, too! A surefire way to raise
intelligence is to take your chao to the kindergarten often and to make sure it
knows all its lessons. Write down the ones it has completed (three lessons of
each particular lesson or half an hour of one lesson) so that you can make sure
it takes every one.

Best way to raise intelligence and luck (WingZero099 discovered this, of
course): Give your chao tons of blue animals. 400 blue animals will certainly
raise intelligence and luck to the top levels. This means forty trips to, say,
Hidden Base with Tails (there's a skunk in the pot.) Check personality types
below for bonuses and penalties to the stats. In short, Naive is best, Crybaby
is the worst. If your chao is a Crybaby, the personality may change at random.
Your chao gets its intelligence and luck back when it changes back to a good
personality type.

Good Question: Zoraman64 asked me how to raise your chao's int. and luck if it
has crybaby type and is four years old.

"I forgot to mention THIS in my guide, so thank you for probing until you
reminded me: feed your chao strong fruits to make it age more slowly. You can
extend your chao's lifespan by about ten minutes per fruit (if I remember
correctly.) You can use them to expand the life of your chao for many years.

I recommend first making a copy of your chao so that you have an extra in case
you make a mistake, then buying a strong fruit tree, planting it in a nearly
empty garden, and then moving your chao there after knocking down some fruit
from the tree. Get a magazine, book, GBA or somesuch and force feed your chao
strong fruit every few minutes (having more than one tree will make things go
faster.) Get out a pen and paper and record the amount of fruit eaten. When
you've racked up enough extra minutes of strong fruit (probably an extra three
hours would be nice) you can go check in with the doctor and see if the
personality has changed. If you're lucky, it will have become a more desirable
type and you can quickly make trips of ten animals each level (try the skunk in
Tails hidden base level) to increase its stats. Record the time spent in the
garden so that you don't make a mistake and let your chao reincarnate. Make an
extra copy of your chao for every hundred blues or so. If one life-extension
session is not enough, simply use another one.

Good Luck!"

Note: Strong fruit actually does a better job of extending years when fed to
your chao throughout its life. Giving your chao a bunch of strong fruit as it's
about to die has little effect.

And when your chao has the best possible stats and the correct personality,
copy it and keep the copy in an unused garden so that you always have a perfect
version of it.

Info from WingZero099 solving the chao intelligence and luck mystery:

From: WingZero099 | Posted: 7/25/2002 12:26:16 PM | Message Detail
I was working on my Chao Editor (finding source codes, 30% done) and I found
Two Numbers. Example

YYYYYYYYYYYYSTAT30 (Thats not a real Hex Code, just a example)

If your wondering how stat got there, I used a table, or a hex-translator.

So I moved that stat up from 35 (I think) to 99. Put it into my GBA, then GCN.
My Chao was floating in the air, so then I put him to the Oynx race, and he got
thru that Jerk-in-the-box like in a second. Then I was in shock thinking, CHAO

Now on that other stat, it was on 25, so I moved it on 99, and sent him to the
GCN. That whatemocallit didn't come out ever. I did this test 30 times. And he
never trips. That explains Luck.

Now I was looking into what raises Luck and Intelligiance without hexing. So I
reseted the Hex and feed it some mushrooms. Its Intelligiance was 35, now 36.
So Mushrooms does raise it. I did the same thing with Blue Animals and Chao
Drives, they raise it 25% (Give it four and thats 1%).

Luck is raised by blue animals, and Legendary Animals, by 25% each. So it
solves the Luck Mystery.

(Note from Aster Azul: WingZero099 really means .25%)

If you want to post this on your website, give me credit, and just copy and
paste. I put hard work into this (stayed up all night), so please give me


Curious: Doubles Intelligiance, disables Luck from being leveled.

Naive: Doubles both, Intelligiance & Luck.

CryBaby: Sets levels to 5, disable it to level up. *Both*

Short Temempered: Increases Luck, decreases Intelligiance to 10.

(end of WingZero099's statement)

Cheating To Raise Stats:
There is one stat raising cheat that is known. It can actually be very useful
if you get good at it.

Go to the Hero Garden. Stand as close as possible to the far right fallen-down
pillar and put your chao down by the flowers. It should be stuck there and be
unable to move out. (It will only be able to escape if it comes toward you
skipping.) It will continuously turn back and forth making an odd sound. Now
take an animal and approach your chao slowly. When you are at the correct
distance (about a 1.5 nuts away) drop the animal towards your chao. If all goes
well, the chao will absorb the animal, but the animal will fall down and not be
rendered unusable. When you hear the pop that signifies the chao has absorbed
the animal, pick it up. Otherwise, the animal will go flying. Now give the
animal back to your chao to do the trick again. Eventually, the animal will
drift out of the correct position for the trick and you will have to

At first I found this trick impossible and useless, but when I began to learn
more about it I found that it can actually level up your chao in spades if you
do it quickly! I had some misleading information that you should do the trick
as Eggman. In fact, he is the worst character for it. Use the Sonic characters
or basically anyone besides Eggman for best results.

This is a great way to quickly get intelligence and luck up to tops with 400
blue animals. Get ten racoons or sheep or skunks and use them a few hundred
times (it's grueling I know, but the trick helps.) Remember to make sure the
chao's personality is anything but curious, crybaby, or short-tempered first.

If you're just interested in leveling stats, use one of the three legendary
gold animals (unicorn, dragon, pheonix.)


By the way, if you are going to cheat to get rings to level up your chao, I DO
condone this. Sonic Team made a big mistake with the rings-items ratio. If they
took one zero off the price of everything, things might be better. But as it
is, use the rings trick all you want to get rings. I do not consider this
cheating. If the honest way to get rings entails continually playing through a
level to get rings, it's not worth it. One seed SHOULD NOT cost 300 rings. The
ring cheat is as follows: pick up the most expensive item in your garden, like
a shiny black eggshell, and sell it to the black market. Then reset
immediately. Now you will have the rings for the item but you will not have
lost the item itself! You can continue to sell it and reset until you have all
the money you want, but remember to complete a stage after you're done in order
to save the new amount.

I don't think the previous trick works in SADX, but there is a new one for
SADX. Get an electric shield as Knuckles (continuously dig in Station Square or
Mystic Ruins until you find one) then stand on top of one of the ring buttons.
Rings will continually reappear and home in on your character. You can get 9999
rings, then enter a level and beat it to get the rings.

** ****

  / \*__________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                   -  *-
/  *  \  N. Making Your Chao Look Cool  /*    \
\*   */                                 \ *  */
 -  *-__________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                    *\ /

When your chao is at level 99 in all stats and won't be needing any more
animals, you're going to want it to look awesome, like you think it should.

First, you should worry about it's first evolution (if it's still a child.)
Just pick whatever alignment and type you like.

If your chao is a grown-up, you should worry about its second evolution. Second
evolutions can be changed at any time after the first and it doesn't matter
whether stats are maxed or not. About five loads of animals towards the desired
path should do it. You should try to balance two stats to get the normal
evolution. Keep in mind that you may not want the second evolution to proceed
to the end. Maybe your chao looks best in a halfway stage.

Second evolutions are a bit tricky. To proceed them fully, it is time that
matters more than the number of animals you give it. Check second evolution
types at this great site:

After figuring the second evolution out it's time to pick out an outfit of
animal parts. Give the chao a bunch of skeleton dogs to clear it first. It's
easiest to get the right animal parts if they all come from the same animal,
but the more complicated ones are definitely possible if you spend a little
time. Always give the kappa last if you are trying to get a flame dot.

Method for placing difficult animal part arrangements:
Give a chao an animal. If the right part appears, save and quit. If the wrong
part appears, reset. Keep doing this until you get the right part or parts from
a specific animal (only use one at a time, as the game deletes them when you
reset.) Do this for any animal.

Use the same method when deleting parts. Get one skeleton dog at a time. The
parts deletion is random so if the one of the right parts is deleted, save. If
not, reset. If no parts are deleted, save anyway.

Chao Faces Faq
by barboid.  Specifics by Chaoman55

IÕm doing this faq so that those who are willing to try may influence chao
facial expressions.  IÕve used these myself and want to share it with others. 
The following is found on Chaoman55Õs site mentioned above. IÕve edited it
slightly for content and format.

Smile Chao--nuzzle the egg for 2 seconds and set it down.  Wait and after it
hatches, it should have large eyes with a little smile.

Happy Smile Chao--this one is a little harder.  Nuzzle the egg for 2 1/2
seconds, and set it down.  This is really based on luck.  When it hatches, it
might have closed eyes and a smile.

Frown Chao--nuzzle the egg for 4 seconds and set it down. Wait and after it
hatches it should have large eyes with a frown.

Happy Frown Chao--yes, the name is really weird, but it's the only name I can
think of!  Nuzzle the egg for 5 seconds and set it down.  When it hatches it
should have closed eyes like the Happy Smile Chao, but it'll have a frown
instead of a smile.

Happy Chao--Nuzzle the egg for like, 6 seconds, and set it down.  It should
have closed eyes and no mouth.

Teeth Chao--complicated, yet with luck.  Nuzzle the egg for about three seconds
and hurl it against the wall.  It might have teeth with large eyes.

Happy Teeth Chao--Nuzzle the egg for 8 seconds and hurl it at the wall.  When
it hatches, it should have closed eyes with teeth.

Evil Chao--this is practically the hardest one.  First, nuzzle the egg for 3
minutes, then jump around the yard for 3 minutes.  Next, nuzzle it for 2
minutes then jump around the yard for 2 minutes.  Last, nuzzle it for 1 minute
and jump around the yard for 1 minute, then hurl the egg against the wall.  If
this doesn't work, you just wasted 12 minutes of your valuable time!  Remember,
this Chao is also based on luck.  It might have teeth and evil eyes.

Evil Eye Smile Chao--phew...I don't want to repeat the same steps as the evil
Chao, but take off the three minutes parts and at the end nuzzle it for 4 more

Evil Eye Frown Chao--follow the same steps as the Evil Eye Smile Chao, but
nuzzle the egg for 5 1/2 seconds.

I have tested these and they work.  Remember that with everything Chao, there
is some randomness involved.  Some eggs will never have faces, no matter what
you do.  My suggestion is that once you have an egg, save and quit.  That way,
when you hatch it, if you donÕt like the results you can soft reset (press
Start,b,a,x together) and try again.  For examples that IÕve obtained, please
go to  Under recipes you will find some of the
pictures that IÕve taken.  My favorite one is my version of Dr. Eggman.  The
pictures of Psyguy, Rouge, Tikal, Energizer Bunny, Darth, Kermit and Metal
Sonic (using sapphire egg) were all taken by me as well.  I have seven memory
cards filled with chao with variations on the recipes above.

If you have any questions, please go to the Sonic Advance 2:Battle Chao topic. 
Hopefully there will be one for Sonic Advance DX as well, see that board for
more details.  I am currently helping people on the TCRS topic as well as my
own (BarboidÕs Chao Report).  I also visit the SAdx board.

This faq is copyrighted 2003 by barboid.  All characters copyrighted by their
respective companies.  The specific details on this faq is copyrighted to
Chaoman55 and is taken from his website with permission (Thankyou Chaoman55!) 
Currently, the only people allowed to use this faq for publication is Aster
Azul and GameFaqs.

** ****

  / \*________________________  /*\
 -*  -                         -  *-
/  *  \  O. Duplicating Chao  /*    \
\*   */                       \ *  */
 -  *-________________________ -   -
  \ /                          *\ /

So you just raised your chao to level 99 and you are going to reincarnate it!
All that work going to waste for a measly extra 280 stat points! But there are
ways to get around this. Make a copy of your chao. Copies are great to have as
backups and its a lot of fun to have versions of your chao that look different.
To make a copy you need a GBA, a link cable, and an extra memory card.

Go into the chao garden and put your chao in the transporter. Select drop off.
Drop your chao off into the tiny chao garden on the GBA but without a Sonic
Advance pack inserted. Now just go onto the other card and put the chao into a
garden on that card. Viola! Multiple copies. You must be very careful when
doing this, however. If you put one version of your chao into the GBA and bring
it to a card with another copy (even if the copy is in a separate life) it will
ask you if you want to overwrite the chao already in the GCN. This would be
BAD! Make sure you keep your copies on another card.

** ****

  / \*_________________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                          -  *-
/  *  \  P. Getting All-S Chao in Neat Colors  /*    \
\*   */                                        \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                           *\ /

Anyone can get an awesome looking chao, but can you get an awesome looking
ALL-S chao?

If you have an all-S chao and want to create others in different colors, you
are going to need to use some tricky inbreeding. Mate your all-S with a desired
color until you get a colored child with 3 or 4 Ss. Now get another one with 3
or 4 Ss but make sure the Ss are in different catagories and cover all the
stats. Age these to adulthood. Now mate them together until you get the right
color and the perfect stats.

Color Inheritance Statistics:
Chao have two visible color genes, plus one for shininess.
Store bought colored eggs will usually have both genes for a certain color.
Normal eggs have both normal colors.

If you are trying to breed an colored all-S chao, the first child with only 3
or 4 Ss will have only half the color gene and half the, let's say neutral,
gene from the all S chao. If you mate two children (when they are adults, of
course!) with 3 or 4 S stats and only half the color gene, they will have only
a 1/4 chance of producing a pure child of the correct color, and a 1/2 chance
of producing another half and half. Then you have to worry about actually
getting an all-S chao out of them. It takes A LOT of work and time and attempts
to breed different colored all S-chao, but you will find it worth it if you're
like me ^_^

The hardest type to breed are the shiny all-S chao. You pretty much have to
breed a shiny all-S chao, and then an all-S chao of the correct color, and then
mate them to get the right shiny color. Once you have a shiny all-S chao it
will save a lot of trouble.

Note about breeding colored chao: Unfortunately, the more clouded a colored
chao's gene history is, the more likely it is to have other color genes (which
do not show themselves except in their offspring) that dilute it. When you
breed it, it will often produce colors not of its visual type.
Example: My first all-S chao was white, so nearly all of the all-S chao I have
bred have the white gene in them somewhere. This makes it difficult to do
certain things. Trying to breed a garnet/white all-S chao with a shiny
blue/white all-S chao (neither of which outwardly exibit their white trait) has
about a 1/4 chance of producing a transparent. Other times it will produce
garnet, white, shiny white, blue, or shiny blue chao as a result of gene
mixing. These poor odds on top of the poor odds of getting an all-S chao makes
things frustrating.

Partially Normal Chao:
The coolest looking chao are probably partially normal chao, so try breeding
half-normal, half-colored chao. The results will prove interesting. Then you
can make them shiny for kicks!

The most interestingly colored chao, sometimes called the multicolored chao, is
the half white, half normal chao. At first it seems to be normally colored, but
any seasoned chao breeder will jump out of his/her shoes when he/she sees it

dark/normal: white blueish highlights
dark/swim: blue highlights, some white
dark/fly: like normal dark/fly, but with white tips

nuetral/normal: hero colors-- white w/ yellow belly, blue rear, blue top, blue
striped feet
nuetral/fly: hero colors-- white with yellow belly, pink, blue, and, lavender
striped jester rolls.
nuetral/power: orange with white horns. Blue rear. Pink belly.

hero/anything: same as normal hero chao

These are only the colors for a white/normal chao. Breeding other colors with
normal chao will produce other interesting half normal chao. Check out "Q.
Half-Normal Chao List" for a list of all the different possible colors and type

Transparent chao can be created by mating any jewel chao (by experience, the
jewel chao's color makes no difference) with a shiny chao. Only the shiny
chao's color genes matter. Clear chao always are "half-normal," by which I mean
that making them dark or light changes their color. (This is easier to notice
while making them dark) Here are a few types of clear chao:

Normal(shiny)/Jewel - Starts out thick green.

Red(shiny)/Jewel - Different shade of green.

Blue(shiny)/Jewel - Same as blue/normal, but transparent.

Yellow(shiny)/Jewel - Invisible chao. You can see the wings, eyes, and mouth.
Fascinating. Try making one with no mouth and slitted eyes. Now take away its
wings with a bat! All you can see are its eyes! ^_^ Spooky.

To help you see transparent chao, you can give them masks or animal parts.
These will make their positions more obvious. Wouldn't you want a mask if you
had no face? A skull kid chao!

In the section "R. Clear Chao List", you can find a complete listing of all
clear chao.

Odd info: chao can actually have more than two color genes, although only two
of the genes will affect the chao's appearance. I recently created a shiny
normal that, when bred, produced blue and white children as well. That's at
least three genes! Interesting.

** ****

  / \*_____________________________  /*\
 -*  -                              -  *-
/  *  \  Q. Half-Normal Chao List  /*    \
\*   */                            \ *  */
 -  *-_____________________________ -   -
  \ /                               *\ /

Note: 'Base tint' is the main body color of the chao. 'Highlight' refers to
color of extremities such as the belly hands, feet, or tip of the head.

About Shinies: Any half-normal chao can be shiny. It will look similar, but
slightly lighter in color.

For SADX: Two of the egg colors have had their names changed in SADX. Sky Blue
has been changed to Aqua and Lime Green has been changed to Light Green. But
they are the same colors.
It also seems that chao in SADX show their normal colors at birth instead of
the egg colors listed here. For example: a yellow/normal in SADX would probably
be born looking yellow with lime green highlights rather than looking pea green
like an SA2B born chao.

Half Normal Chao List:

If half normals are raised as neutrals or normal heros they will have the
following colors.

Note: The first listed color is the primary color. The second listed color is
the secondary color. The color under 'Third color' is a rare color that shows
up only in a few evolutions.
These three variables are different for each half normal chao color.

ROYGBIV Colors: These types assume normal highlight and color rules.
Red/normal - Red with black highlights. (Comes out of egg looking maroon-ish.)
Pink/normal - Pink with blue highlights. (Comes out of egg looking blue with
pink highlights.)
Orange/normal - Orange with darker green highlights.
Yellow/normal - Yellow with lighter green highlights. Third color: red. (Comes
out of egg looking green.)
LimeGreen/normal - Lime green with darker green highlights. (Comes out of egg
looking green.)
Green/Normal: Green with lime green highlights.
SkyBlue/normal - Sky blue with lime green highlights. Third color: dark blue.
(Comes out of egg looking sky blue.)
Blue/normal - Blue with darker blue highlights. (Comes out of egg looking blue.
You have to look hard to see the highlights.)
Purple/normal - Purple with blue highlights. Third color: red (Comes out of egg
looking blue with purple highlights)
Brown/normal - Brown with green highlights. Sometimes green replaces the
primary color.

Shade Colors: These types exhibit irregular characteristics.
Black/normal - Very dark colored chao.
Grey/normal - Darker colored normal chao. (Comes out of egg looking like a
darker neutral.)
White/normal - Multicolored chao. Has varied neutral evolutionary colors, but
all have a touch of white. (Comes out of egg looking like a neutral chao,
difficult to tell the difference. )

This shows how a half-normal chao's colors are determined. Find the correct
half normal from the above list, and figure out which color is the primary
color and the secondary color (Sometimes there is also a 'third color.' Not all
third colors have been listed, you'll just have to see these for yourself!)

Another thing you need to know about are the different different body areas.
The main part of the body is called the 'base tint'. The tips of the body
around the tail, arms, horns, and the like are known as 'highlights'.

The first listing explains the general trend of the catagory and the following
listings give specific evolution types.

Dark Chao: Black becomes base tint, color merged with normal (primary color)
becomes highlight. The black may be slightly tinted by the primary color. The
Knuckles-like bibb changes to the primary color.

Dark/swim: Interesting dark color. Highlight covers most of belly and lower
portions of head.

Dark/fly: Also odd for a dark chao. The dark parts of the chao are strongly
tinted by the primary color and the tips of the jester rolls proceed into the
lightest version of the primary color.

Dark/run: Stripes are of primary color. Highlights of primary color.

Dark/power: Black is well tinted. The circular patterns proceed to the main
color at extremities. Highlights of primary color.

Dark/normal: Black is base. primary color is highlight.

neutral Chao: Primary color becomes base tint. Secondary color (and sometimes
third color) becomes highlight.

neutral/swim: Tip of head and other extremities assume secondary color as
highlight. Primary color is base tint. Belly may assume third tint.

neutral/fly: Circle patterns and other extremities assume highlight colors.
Base tint is primary color.

neutral/run: Stripes on spikes assume secondary tint. Highlights are of
secondary tint. Base tint is primary.

neutral/power: Stripes on spikes assume primary color and third color. The base
tint becomes the secondary color. This type gives strange and interesting

neutral/normal: Primary color becomes base tint. Secondary color (and sometimes
third color) becomes highlight.

Hero Chao: Primary color becomes base tint. Highlights are secondary tint.

Hero/swim: Tips of ponytail are secondary color. Base tint is primary color.

Hero/fly: Spikes take on secondary and possibly third tint. Second and third
tint also are highlights. Primary color is base tint.

Hero/run: Spikes take on secondary color. Secondary color is highlight. Third
tint may show in belly area. Primary color is base tint.

Hero/power: Third tint is highlight. Primary color is base tint.

Hero/normal: Nubbins take on secondary color. Primary color is base tint.
Secondary color is highlight.

By the way, Chewy knows a lot about half normal chao. Here's his website.

** ****

  / \*_______________________  /*\
 -*  -                        -  *-
/  *  \  R. Clear Chao List  /*    \
\*   */                      \ *  */
 -  *-_______________________ -   -
  \ /                         *\ /

List thanks to:
Buddhu, Twee, and especially xevofthelexx (Sherry)

Red(shiny)/jewel-   Transparent Shiny light Green with yellow highlights.
Pink(shiny)/jewel-  Looks half-normal when hatched, but when evolved, doesn't
have the correct colors. It's Shiny Milk Blue-Green. More opaque than clear.
Really, really, beautiful. Neutral/Fly is Light Blue with dark blue rings
around it's head.
Orange(shiny)/jewel- Transparent Shiny Lime Green, yellow highlights
Yellow(shiny)/jewel- Completely invisible besides for the eyes, mouth,
ball/spike/halo, wings, and animal effects.
LimeGreen(shiny)/jewel- Completely invisible besides for the eyes, mouth,
ball/spike/halo, wings, and animal effects.
Green(shiny)/jewel-  Transparent shiny green, really clear.
SkyBlue(shiny)/jewel- Produced clear, really, really, light blue-green tint
with yellow highlights.
Blue(shiny)/jewel- Transparent Shiny Blue.
Purple(shiny)/jewel- Produced Clear Shiny Sky blue with green highlights.
Brown(shiny)/jewel-  Interesting. A mixture of Shiny light blue & Shiny white.
Ahh, A shiny white with a light blue shiny wrap! (I like this one)

Shade Colors:
Black(shiny)/jewel- Transparent Light Milky Blue-green. Looks like fog.
Grey(shiny)/jewel- Completely invisible besides for the eyes, mouth,
ball/spike/halo, wings, and animal effects.
White(shiny)/jewel- Transparent Shiny light blue-green with yellow highlights.

** ****

  / \*_________________________________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                                          -  *-
/  *  \  S. Two-Toned vs. Half-Normal Chao: The Misconception  /*    \
\*   */                                                        \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                                           *\ /

Theoretically, a two-toned chao would be a chao that is a mix of two colors,
does not change color when alignment changes, and is created by the formula
color1/color2. This would in theory create a chao of color 1 with highlights
from color 2.

Quite simply, two-toned chao do not exist in the sense of this definition. All
"two-toned" chao are actually half normal chao. These chao are created by the
formula normal/color. They are a mix of a colored chao (pink, blue, green,
black etc.) and a normal colored chao (which you find in the garden when you
start the game.) Half normal chao change colors depending on their alignment.
For example: a dark half normal chao would be black or darkish with highlights
corresponding to the mixed color. Half normal chao can also be shiny.

Half normal chao are proven to exist. Anyone can make one. Two-toned chao (by
this definition) do not exist. No one can make one.

But you say you want a chao that is a mix of colors? Never fear! You can make
practically any color combination possible using half normal chao!

Anyway, the point is this: If you want to make multiple-colored chao, breed
colored chao with normals or half-normals. Don't waste your time trying to
breed two colored chao unless one of them has normal genes somewhere along the

See "Q. Half-Normal Chao List" for additional information.

** ****

  / \*_________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                  -  *-
/  *  \  T. The Unofficial Tails Chao  /*    \
\*   */                                \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                   *\ /

Aster Azul's Tails Chao:
Color: Shiny Orange, Shiny Brown, Shiny Normal/Orange, or Shiny Normal/Brown
Type: Hero/Swimmiing/Flying
Parts: Otter Whiskers, Cheetah Ears, Skunk Cowlick, Boar's Feet (optional),
other furry animal parts (optional)

To get the correct colors, breed a shiny orange (or brown) with a normal chao
until you get a shiny orange/normal (my favorite) or other combinations. (You
could also breed an orange/normal with a shiny, etc.) The half-normal chao have
green highlights which, although they do not match Tails's white, are good
because the color fringes look like triangular like Tails's.

Making the Tails Chao is difficult for a number of reasons. The animal part
combos are frustrating to execute. I recommend putting on the animal parts one
at a time (resetting if the wrong ones show up) and then erasing them with
skeleton dogs (reset if the wrong parts are erased.) Do this one animal at a
time for best results and save when the correct part appears. You should
probably place the animal parts first when the chao is a child, and then
influence its path with drives.

To get the correct evolutionary path, make the chao a hero/swimming/flying. The
more progressed the second flying evolution is, the larger and more illustrious
the chao's ponytails (which resemble Tails's tails) are. To make sure it
progresses to its full potential, start the chao's evolutionary path early
(when it first evolves.) By the time it is about 4, it should have the largest
possible tails. Raise your chao's stats on the GBA in order to avoid changing
the second evolution.

See pics of my Tails chao at Hyper Kirby 7's website,

Exact location:

Note: this version of the Tails chao was created before the official PSO
version came into existence. It's not really necessary to make one with the
official versions around, but you can do it for kicks or at least look at the
neat pictures. This is the closest you can get without buying PSO.

** ****

  / \*______________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                       -  *-
/  *  \  U. Naming Chao, Aster Azul Style!  /*    \
\*   */                                     \ *  */
 -  *-______________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                        *\ /

I personally love to name things. Here are some of my naming conventions:

Name chao after stages, like:
Green Hill Zone (GreenHi)- Sonic Chao (color- normal/yellow, type-
neutral/run/run awesome color!)
Lava Reef Zone (LavaRee)- Red Pheonix (color- Garnet type-hero/fly/fly)
Marble Garden Zone (Marble)- Bat Chao (color- normal, type- dark/fly/any)
Labrynt Zone (Labrynt)- Give it any animals you want, a completely random chao
(hence the name!)
Scrap Brain Zone (Scrap)- Silver Robot Chao (Give it a metal hat! Pail, can,
silver eggshell!)
Sandopolis Zone (Sandopo)- Legless Shiny White Ghost (type- dark/fly/power)
Casino Night Zone (Casinon)- Festive Purple with a purple eggshell!
Palmtree Panic Zone (Palmtre)- Pink Amy Chao (type- neutral/run/normal, color-
Hidden Palace Zone (HiddenP)- Invisible Chao (get it? ^_^)
You get the idea. You could make Chao forever and never run out of stages! This
is obviously my favorite.
*Interesting note- the fortune teller, I was surprised to discover, also know
of this naming method! She comes up with names like Mystic (Mystic Cave Zone),
Quartz (Quartz Quadrant Zone), Wacky (Wacky Workbench), and Casino (Casino
Night Zone). If you find others on your own game, let me know!

Name chao after characters from other games like:
Link (color- green, type- neutral/swim), Zelda, Saria, Impa, Gannon, Ruto,
Malon, etc.
Cloud (funny haircut type!), Tifa, Barret, Red XIII, Cait Sith, Aeris, etc.
Bob-omb, Koopa, Spiny, Goomba, Keese, Armos...

Name after people you know, brothers, friends, yourself!

Name after objects that the chao wears on its head.

Name after a certain animals that you are going to make the chao look like.

Name the chao according to how it acts.

Give it human names, but wacky and obscure ones. Like Waldorf or Novinia.

Name the chao using words from other languages. Kurai, Gato, Lobo, etc. Just
pull out your High School Spanish dictionary and name away!

Name after color, like BlueInk, Indigo, Azure, Rouge, Beige, Magenta, Xanth,
etc. Another favorite.

Keep thinking of other good names!

** ****

  / \*_____________________________  /*\
 -*  -                              -  *-
/  *  \  V. Positive Chao Actions  /*    \
\*   */                            \ *  */
 -  *-_____________________________ -   -
  \ /                               *\ /

The light side of chao raising. You have undoubtedly seen most of these

Note: I'm quite certain now that all actions and reactions occur more often in

actions that lead to positive chao actions:
paying attention to your chao - Feeding, petting, giving it animals. Picking up
chao when they come skipping towards you. Basically anything not listed in the
next section.

Happy chao will:
Dance, play, watch TV, etc. Lead normal, happy chao lives.
Not do things listed in "Negative Chao Actions"!

Chao that like your character will:
Skip up to him/her and wait to be petted and held.
Smile and fidget gleefully in the characters hands.
Draw pictures of your character or other favorites. (How can chao like Amy,
Tikal, or Big? They never come into the garden!!!) Chao may need crayons (won
in a jewel race) to draw advanced pictures.

Chao that like other chao will:
Engage in activities with the other chao.
Mate with the other chao.
Possibly (not sure) walk with other chao and sleep next to other chao.

To get chao to like your character: pet, hold, and feed it. If a heart appears,
affection is increasing.

To get chao to like other chao: This raises over time. I believe that having
chao play together and perhaps be petted next to eachother will make them like
eachother more. They must be in the same garden for affection to go up.

By Seto Kaiba:

The Beginning of a Friendship

Let's take it from the top. You have to treat the two Chao that you want to be
friends equally. If one is treated better than the other, the poorly treated
Chao will get jelous. Below are are few ways to get Chao to like each other...

1) Get them to play insturments together
2) Get the Chao to watch the other Chao sing
3) Try to make the Chao watch T.V. together
4) Make the Chao watch the other Chao exercise

Try and do that and they will become friends in no time!

Results of being Friends

Alright, your Chao's friendship is strong. What will you see? What will your
Chao do? Look below...

1) The Chao will hang out together alot
2) You won't need to bring a Chao over to get them to watch T.V., play
insturments, etc together.
3) The chance of mating without both needing heart fruit will increase
4) The will follow each other everywhere

Notice number could save 300 rings that way. Sure it's a low
amount, but it adds up.

*Aster Azul's note: I've never seen chao follow eachother around... I think
that their movement is random.*

Things not to do when Chao are Friends

You've learned what to do, now you need to learn what not to do. Never, ever
seperate any of the Chao who are friends by putting them in another garden.
This will make them cry continually, and maybe even hate the character that did
it until they are back together. Abusing a Chao's friend is bad. If the Chao
sees you hurt it's pal, it'll hate you and will sometimes cry.

*Aster Azul's note: I have never seen chao cry when you put their pal in
another garden... I wouldn't worry about it too much.*

** ****

  / \*_____________________________  /*\
 -*  -                              -  *-
/  *  \  W. Negative Chao Actions  /*    \
\*   */                            \ *  */
 -  *-_____________________________ -   -
  \ /                               *\ /

There are various interesting actions that chao will display as the result of
neglect, starvation, or abuse. Since many of these are fascinating but
sickening to produce, such as chao fighting in the garden or chao attacking
your character.

In SADX, some of these actions are more common. The "flailing on the ground
crying" action in particular occurs much more often and is the result of only
minor neglect in SADX. I have a suspicion that getting chao to attack your
character is even easier in SADX.

In SA2B, neglect is not a very big issue. It is not uncommon to leave the GCN
on for hours while the garden is running. In SADX, however, this results in
extreme unhappiness in the chao.

actions that may lead to negative chao actions:
neglect - leaving your GCN on and going away for a long time or not paying
attention to one chao.
starvation - not giving chao food, forcing chao to feed themselves.
favoritism - paying extra attention to a particular chao in range of another
chao's sight.
fruit stealing - picking up a fruit that a chao is eating, even if immediately
returned (very often accidental due to poor "pick-up detection.")
attack - hitting or throwing chao (often accidental.)
ignoring - when chao comes up to you skipping and it is not petted or held.
spoiling - continuously petting "cry baby" chao. (I think.)
waking chao up - chao get very ticked when you do this.

general unhappiness:
hanging head in shame - result of minor and possibly accidental abuse.
rubbing eyes in sad manner, pouting - result of minor and possibly accidental
crying - also may be result of minor abuse, especially with "cry baby" types.
Also may result from spoiling.
tantrum - result of very minor abuse to "short temper" personality chao
flailing on ground crying - major neglect or abuse.
dizzy eyes - major abuse.

dislike of character:
raspberry - expression of dislike for a certain character
screaming and running - fear of abusive character
attacking character - extreme hate of abusive character (I have never seen this
and I suspect it only happens over a long time period, send me pictures)
squirms- When picked up, attempts to escape. (If you wait a VERY long time, the
chao will.)

dislike of cartain other chao:
will not mate with certain other chao - is neutral with or dislikes other chao.
will not play or engage in activities with certain other chao - dislikes other
attacks certain other chao - hate of other chao. Result of favoritism. Also can
be accomplished by forcing a chao to steal fruit from another. (I have not seen
this. Send me pics!)

picks up fruit by itself - very hungry
shakes tree to get fruit - extremely hungry (have not seen. It has been
reported that only power chao can do this.)
runs after character to get fruit, then begs, then cries - extremely hungry
steal fruit from other chao - very hungry and dislikes other chao. (Results in
fighting! Have not seen.)

chao runs after character, then jumps up and down giggling to be held or
petted, then cries or pouts - just don't pick it up

DEATH - result of general unhappiness and lifelong abuse, indicated by a grey

From: Seto Kaiba | Posted: 7/23/2002 3:21:20 PM | Message Detail
You've proboby seen my Chao abuse and mating research topics. Now I've decided
to give specific, proven by me, surefire way to get your Chao to attack your
character and steal food from other Chao.

Deciding the Attacker

First off, you want to find which Chao will be perfect for beating up your
character and stealing food. The first thing that you need to do is find out
which personality your Chao is. Below is a list, from highest rate to lowest
rate, that shows how often the Chao of a specific personality will attack or

1) Short-Tempered (highest)
2) Energetic
3) Naive
4) Big-Eater
5) Curious
6) No Personality
7) Cry baby (lowest)

If there is any personality I mised, let me know.

(Note from Aster Azul: Carefree is missing, as well as Picky Eater. I'm
guessing that neither are very high on the attack rating list.)

A Short-Tempered or Energetic Chao will try to attack the most. I hope this
helped you decide.

Preparing your Chao for Attack

Yes, possibly the most fun or tragic part of preparing your Chao for it's
criminal record. It's very simple to get your Chao ready. Make sure the Chao
knows how to walk and then beat it up with the character it hates or that you
want it to hate. Then, when it heads for a peice of food and grabs it, take it
away and give it to the Chao you want it to hate. This is just the first step.
Next, if the Chao is trying to go to sleep, always wake it up by attacking it.
For the final step, your Chao should have been given a while to sleep so it
will be more prepared for what comes next. Your Chao should be starved right
about now. When you pick up a piece of food, the Chao will chase you with it's
arms open. Give the food to the Chao you want it to hate, and you're all set!

A Pre-show Description

Sure, you want your Chao to fight or steal or fight but want to know if it's
worth the torture? Alright, here ya go!

Stealing Food: If your Chao is hungry, it will probobly steal food from another
Chao instead of picking it up off the ground. What the Chao does is he stomps
over (yes, not normal walking; it's pretty funny) to the Chao's food and
statches it, and eats it. This results in the theif-victim crying or throwing a

Fighting the Character: This is hilarious! You'll love seeing this! I've even
given a name to all the attacks. When your Chao fights a Character, it will
attack 10-15 times in a row. The attacks are listed below.

The Eggman Kick~The Chao does a kick in the style of Eggman's running attack in
the Chao Garden.
Knuckles Punch~The Chao does a fast, wide punch.
The Luigi Tantrum~You know in SSBM how Luigi's running attack looks like he's
throwing a tantrum? That's sorta what this looks like.
Jumping Knux Punch~The Chao jumps in the air and does the Knuckles punch.
Flying Tantrum~Does the Luigi Tantrum in mid-air.

Yes, yes, I know. Now it's time you try it yourself. Trust me, it's worth it!

Closing Notes

This research and testing was 100% done by me. If you would like to include it
in a FAQ you may, but be sure to give me credit. Thank You...

** ****

  / \*_______________________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                                -  *-
/  *  \  X. Odd things noticed in Karate and Racing  /*    \
\*   */                                              \ *  */
 -  *-_______________________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                                 *\ /

Masks give chao more defense but lower speed.

note: I had an all-S chao that I cloned. I gave a mask to the original but none
to the clone. I did some tests in Karate and this is what I found.

Speed is a very important stat when chao are near equal. The masked original
nearly always loses to a bareheaded clone. The all-S chao with high speed is
the best fighter.

Higher Karate Rankings give chao higher skill! The masked original wins if it
has won super rank but the bareheaded clone has not. If the clone has also won
super rank, the bareheaded clone will win.

Collision Chaos Zone learned a new karate stance. He makes a noise like
"ah-ah-ahah" and stands still instead of posing. Where did THAT come from?

Neonjohn779 on Chao poses:

From: Neonjohn779 | Posted: 7/21/2002 5:51:58 PM | Message Detail
Here are all the noises and poses I've seen a chao do:
"Ooooh-oooooh." (one of the 2 noises a baby chao makes when it crawls)
"awaha-awa" (the other of the 2 noises a baby makes when it crawls)
Mumbling, like when it throws a tantrum
Oh-a-waaaaahhh (hard to describe)
Haaaaaa, or Hiiiiiiii! (when a chao in the garden gives you a thumbs-up)
Two left hooks, then a right hook
Standing there
Tantrum, like Wacky
From: Neonjohn779 | Posted: 7/24/2002 2:44:00 PM | Message Detail
Sorry I didn't respond for so long. All those stances were done by one chao
with no mask on. This proves that a chao's stance will change and some of the
cooler ones(the hooks, the backflip and the tantrum) don't require you to shell
out thousands of rings on a hat that will make your chao slower than a snail
crawling up a waterfall.

CPU Chaos chao (seen in Challenge, Dark, and Hero races) sometimes cheat in the
IQ tests! This is no wonder, they aren't very intelligent!!! They often pick up
the wrong item during the intelligence test.

Boosting: Do not boost during IQ tests, tripping, tree shaking, or eating. It
does nothing.

Expert racers give advice: when is the best time to boost? During running,
flying, or swimming? Or should you boost at things your chao is good at?

In SADX, racing is different. You can use the D-Pad to shift the chao that the
camera centers on and boost the chao by tapping "A" quickly when you see
sparkles. Certain character voices give different boosts.

** ****

  / \*___________________________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                                    -  *-
/  *  \  Y. Odd things noted in small and large gardens  /*    \
\*   */                                                  \ *  */
 -  *-___________________________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                                     *\ /

DANGER: If a chao is raised ONLY on the GBA Sonic Advance, its stamina stat
will be at zero when it is transferred. To prevent this, I recommend hatching
the chao on the GCN (you'll keep the shell, besides) or transferring to the GCN
and back to the GBA before raising it.

Chao seem to do activities more and more often as you reset. This is noted most
during attempts using the reset breeding method. Chao get !s and ?s all over
the place when you least need them!

How can all the data that defines a chao be transferred to the GBA and come
back safely without affecting the chao's stats or current mood? It's amazing!
And yet all that info has little effect on the Tiny Chao Garden itself.

Why won't chao ride the duck?!? I've spent endless hours in the small garden
and not seen it once! They must only do it while your not looking... I've seen
chao trying to walk into the water continuously before, but the duck is always
too far for them to reach. If you pick it up to hand it to them, they lose

Certain chao say certain things in the Tiny Garden. My chao all hate their
names! Once my brother clicked on a chao's name when it said "I want a new
name. Please?" and "Click on my name to change it." He didn't change the name,
but now the chao says "I like my name, thanks!" instead! Why they can't
appreciate being named after stages I will never know...

The official Tails Chao has come to America! Phantasy Star Online contains it
in one of the guild missions named a something like "A Fake in Yellow." It has
all "A" stats and the characteristics of a Chaos Chao, meaning it can't mate
and is immortal.

** ****

  / \*_________________________________________________  /*\
 -*  -                                                  -  *-
/  *  \  Z. Hack and Slash Your Way to the All-S Chao  /*    \
\*   */                                                \ *  */
 -  *-_________________________________________________ -   -
  \ /                                                   *\ /

This is, to me, the quick and evil method of getting the all-S chao. It
involves heart fruits, incest, and speed aging.

Get a few good chao. Breed them to make better children using heart fruits and
simply leave the GCN on for a few hours (but first correctly influencing their
evolution) to make the children into adults. Use heart fruits to mate the
children to their parents or eachother to create better chao. At night, pick
chao with A-ranked stats that you want raised and leave the GCN on overnight to
quickly reincarnate them. Then mate these chao and their children again using
heart fruits to get even better chao. If you become stuck, use the
reincarnation method to get the all-S chao.

You'll be stuck with a lot of unhappy chao using this method and will most
likely not be very attached to them. You will have the all-S chao, but if you
are the kind of person who will use this method, will you really care?

I strongly suggest NOT using this method and getting the all-S chao the good
way, playing the game and trying to get all the emblems and raising your all-S
chao on the way: playing with your chao, feeding your chao, helping them win
races, etc. Otherwise it will mean nothing to you.

Remember your humanity...

*Aster Azul*

** ****

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Credits and Chao Websites
* ** **** ******** ******

Sonic Team - Best Game

Nathan McNair and Falcon236467 (Donnie Douglas) and OOSqueaky - Best overall
chao FAQ

Zingella - Best animal info in her FAQ

Confused Guy - Best All-S Chao Info in his FAQ

Ed the Sloggie - Best and only GBA chao FAQ

SuperSonic67 - Author of one of the two SADX Chao FAQs!

tnman - Author of one of the two SADX Chao FAQs!

Seto Kaiba, Gadgetguy - Best Chao Abusers

Seto Kaiba - Wrote two mini-FAQs. One is in Positive Chao Actions, the other is
in Negative Chao Actions

WingZero099 - Solver of the Chao Intelligence and Luck Mystery! Good job,

Hypermega75- Wrote the section on Chao Aging. Good job!

Creator's of "The Chao Garden" - Best 2nd Evolution Pics Site at

HyperKirby7 - He posted my Tails Chao info and pics at

Climpa's Character Chao Website - Some great character chao pics at

Neonjohn779 - Info on Chao Poses in Karate

Chewy37 - Best Half-Normal Chao Raiser. Website:

DarkYoshi 87, Kupop, dejitaru davis, TheRedeemer - Helped finish the
half-normal chao list.

Barboid - Did the Chao Faces FAQ, a helpful soul

Twee215 - Has sharp eyes, found a missing personality in Seto's mini-FAQ

Twee215, Buddhu23 - Created the original and incomplete Clear Chao List.

xevofthelexx - Very, very special thanks to xevofthelexx, also known as Sherry,
for finally completing the entire Clear Chao List. You rule, Sherry!

xevofthelexx - Sherry is also the webmaster of an awesome chao Gameshark
gamesave site

CommanderYoshi, pokemaster252, stealthrider64, mini jim, PhazonLink - Proofread
latest version of FAQ and pointed out errors

     *Aster Azul*

This document Copyright 2002-2003 Aster Azul

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