FAQ/Walkthrough by J.Lynch

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 07/05/03 | Printable Version

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      ##   @        @ $    $  $     %     &                
        ## @        @ $     $ $     %     &                  
##########  @@@@@@@@  $      $$ %%%%%%%%%  &&&&&&&&&

  S   TT  K   K AAAA GG  G BBB R R MM   PPPP   DD  X X
 SSS  T T  K K  AA   G G G  B  R R M M  PP     D D  X  
S   S TT    K   AAAA G  GG  B  RRR M  M PPPP   DD  X X 

DD  III RR   EEEE CCC TTT OOO  RR   '   SSS   CCC U U TTT               
D D  I  R R  EE   C    T  O O  R R   '  SS    C   U U  T           

Walkthrough, Emblem, and Mission Guide
Written By: Jimmy Lynch (My First Faq, I'll be updating it to make 
it better.)  Sonic Games can be very addicting.  They have always 
been some of my favorite games, mainly because of the replay value 
and they are just plain fun.  (Don't forget about the glitches. 
      1. Versions
      2. Basic Moves
 a. Sonic
 b. Tails
 c. Knuckles
 d. Amy
 e. Big
 f. Gamma
3.	Upgrade Items
a.	Sonic
b.	Tails
c.	Knuckles
d.	Amy
e.	Big
f.	Gamma
4.	Walkthrough
a.	Sonic
b.	Tails
c.	Knuckles
d.	Amy
e.	Big
f.	Gamma
g.	Super Sonic
5.	Emblem Guide (Coming Soon)
6.	Mission Mode (Coming Soon)
7.	Game Gear Games  (Coming Soon)  
8.	Chao Guide  (Coming Soon)
9.	Conclusion  
Version 1.0- Finished Basic Moves, Upgrades and 
Walkthrough Sections.
                      Basic Moves
SPIN ATTACK- Just press A to jump and land on an enemy. 
The longer you hold A the higher you will jump.

HOMING ATTACK- Have Sonic jump with A and press A again 
in mid-air and sonic will charge to the nearest enemy and 
destroy it.  This can cover long distances if there is a 
long string of enemies.

SPIN DASH- Hold B to charge up and Release it to speed 
forward a very high speed.  This is the basis for the 
light speed dash and Light Speed Attack.

LIGHT SPEED DASH- Requires Light Speed Shoes. Charge a 
spin dash near a line of rings and release B to speed 
across the rings.

LIGHT SPEED ATTACK- Requires The Ancient Light. When near 
an enemy charge a spin dash and release it to defeat the 
enemy with lightening speed.
 PROPELLER FLIGHT- Press A to jump and press it again to 
start flying. Steer with the control stick. Press B or 
release A to drop.  Note that tails will tire in about 5 
seconds and will fall.

  TAILS ATTACK- Press the B button to swing your tails 
around and attack enemies.

  RAPID TAILS ATTACK- Requires Rhythm Badge. Just hold B 
and you will continually swing your tails around until 
you release B.

  GLIDING JUMP- Press A to jump and hold it to glide until 
you release A.

  CLIMBING- Just jump at a wall and knuckles will grab on.  
Move the control stick to climb around.

  PUNCH- Simply press B.  Press B with the right timing 3 
times to execute a combo.

  DIGGING- Requires Shovel Claw. Press B and A 
simultaneously to dig.  This is useful for finding rings 
and sometimes emeralds.

  MAXIMUM HEAT KNUCKLES ATTACK- Requires Fighting Gloves. 
Press and hold B near an enemy to unleash this move.

  HAMMER- Simply press B to attack with the hammer.

  HAMMER JUMP- When running at maximum speed press B to 
unleash the highest normal jump in the game.
  JUMP ATTACK- Press B in the air to attack with the hammer 
in the air.

  SPIN HAMMER ATTACK- Requires Warrior Feather.  Hold B and 
rotate the control stick to spin the hammer around 
attacking nearby enemies.

  LIFTING- Big can lift heavier objects than the other 
characters.  Just press B near the object.

  CASTING- Press B and hold it while moving the control 
stick around to select a place to cast then release B to 

  LURE ATTACK- Use the same mechanics described above to 
attack enemies from a distance.  To attack at close range 
just press B.
  FISHING- (After Casting) Move the control stick to move 
the lure around and attract a fish. (You can also reel in 
to do that.) When a fish bites press down on the control 
stick to hook it. From then on press A to reel in fast 
and B to reel in slowly.  Make sure the meter on the 
bottom right does not hit the top or it's game over. (We 
don't know why Big decides to kill himself when his line 
breaks).  An effective way to reel in is to rapidly press 
A when the color is not dark red near the top of the 
meter.  This helped me a lot on many of Big's A and B 

  FLOATING- Requires Life Belt.  Just jump in water to 
float and press and hold A to dive.  To jump out use a 
spring or press A when Big bounces out of the water after 
coming up from a Dive.

  LOCK-ON BEAM- press and hold B to lock onto an enemy when 
facing an enemy.  

  HOMING MISSLE- Release B when locked on to an enemy to 
let loose homing missiles.  Lock on more enemies at once 
to get more time in Gamma's missions.

  ROLLING MODE- Gamma will automatically change into this 
mode when you reach maximum speed.

  HOVERING- Requires Jet Booster. Press A to jump and hold 
it to hover for as long as you hold A.
                     Upgrade Items
LIGHT SPEED SHOES- You get these automatically in the 
course of your adventure but I'll tell you how to get 
them anyway.  They are located in the sewer.  Just jump 
onto a ledge and you will see them.

THE ANCIENT LIGHT- This is located on Angel Island.  
After you beat Speed Highway You should go back to mystic 
ruins and go the way you went to Icecap but keep going. 
The upgrade is on a rock past the bridge to the Master 

CRYSTAL RING- Climb the stairs in the hotel and charge a 
light speed dash at the top of the stairs to speed into a 
room with the upgrade
RHYTHM BADGE- When you get transported to the past go up 
a set of stairs to the left.

JET ANKLET- Go into the sewers behind the entrance to 
Twinkle Park and jump up and fly into a hole in the 

SHOVEL CLAW- In the mystic Ruins go into the cave that leads to 
the Chao Garden and turn left into another tunnel.

FIGHTING GLOVES- On a ledge above and near Big's house in the 
Mystic Ruins Jungle. Climb up the hollow tree behind his house 
and glide to the ledge.

WARRIOR FEATHER- After Gamma frees you from prison play a 
whack-a-Sonic game and beat Eggman's score of 2000pts.

LONG HAMMER- After winning the Warrior feather beat 
Eggman's score again after the ship crashes into the 

LIFE BELT- When you enter the Ice chamber in Mystic Ruins turn 
to the left before entering the small pool.

POWER ROD- Go back to Big's house in the mystic ruins and move 
his bed to get the upgrade.

LURE 1- In the sewers behind the entrance to Twinkle Park.

LURE 2- In the Icecap stage go to the highest pool (The one 
with the T-Rex skull) and dive to the bottom.

LURE 3- In the cave closest to Big's house in the Mystic Ruins. 
(Check your map).

LURE 4- In a jail cell on the Egg carrier.

JET BOOSTER- Eggman will tell you to get this in Gamma's 

LASER BLASTER- Go into the room opposite the room you 
found the Jet Booster after the ship crashes into the 


Station Square
This battle is pretty straightforward.  When the battle begins 
grab some rings in case you get hit, and try to have at least 
one throughout the battle.  First, Chaos will try to hit you 
with a long range punch attack.  Just dodge it and homing 
attack into his head.  He will then transform into a little 
puddle of water.  You can't damage him in this form.  In the 
next stage of the battle Chaos will spin both his arms around 
and move around.  This can be a little difficult to dodge.  
Just let him get close to you and jump to the other side.  When 
he's done, attack him.  In the final stage Chaos will jump onto 
lampposts and try to hit you from above.  Just run around and 
you probably won't get hit.  When he jumps down make sure he 
doesn't land on you and attack him.

After the battle, you will be at the pool of the hotel. You can 
explore if you want but you can't really do anything since both 
doors in the hotel are locked.  What you really want to do is 
just walk onto the beach from the pool to enter the first 

Stage 1: Emerald coast

Your goal is to rescue Tails, who is sitting at the end of the 
stage.  When you get the part where the Orca Whale is jumping out 
of the water after you, pass the checkpoint and hit the dash 
panels let go of the control stick, or Sonic may go plunging to 
his doom.  You will enter part two after passing the lighthouse.  
In this part if you run up the wall, (you have to be going fast) 
you will see another cave high on the wall.  This is a shortcut 
past the next part, which I recommend you take.  When you get to 
the number pads, jump off and hit the spring if you are having 
trouble with them.  This will take you past that part.

Station Square
Leave the pool and head for the train station.  Once there take a 
train to the Mystic Ruins.

Mystic Ruins
Once you arrive jump down and head left up a set of stairs.  

This boss does not pose much of a problem.  It only has 2 attacks 
and they aren't very dangerous.  First He will shoot missiles at 
you.  Just run in a circle to avoid these.  Next he will extend 
two drills and try to crush you.  Run slightly away from where you 
were standing and prepare to strike.  When Eggman is stuck in the 
ground run up and homing attack him from the front.  As the battle 
goes on Eggman will shoot more and more missiles.  It's not that 
much harder to dodge them, just run around in a circle until he's 
done.  It takes 3 hits to defeat him.

After the battle run up the short set of stairs to Tail's workshop 
and pick up the green stone there.  Now fall of to the ground 
below and run towards the waterfall in the main part of the ruins.  
Before you fall into the pit turn right into a cave and place the 
stone into its slot, then ride the wind.

Stage 2: Windy Valley
After you run down the path after the first checkpoint you will 
think you are about to fall off the edge.  Actually if you keep 
running the wind will pick you up and you will reach the other 
side.  Remember this because you will do it again on this level 
later.  On the trampoline you only need two bounces to continue 
but 3 will get you 5 rings.  In the tornado just keep hitting 
bumpers and number pads to get up and out of it.  3 bounces will 
get you onto the bridge from the trampoline.  In the final part 
jump to break the stone wall.  When you see a rocket, run up to it 
to grab on and blast off!  When you reach the hole wind gusts will 
blow you up to the bumper.  

Mystic Ruins
Take the train to Station Square

Station Square
Leave the train station and go to the business district (The other 
big part of the city).  There you will find an open sewer.  Fall 
in and go forward.  Jump onto the ledge to find the Light Speed 
Shoes.  To escape pres the button, charge up a light speed dash, 
and let er' rip!  You will emerge in the antique shop.  Now go 
into the hotel and climb the stairs.  Charge a light speed dash at 
the top of the stairs and when you are charged let go to speed 
into a room with the Crystal Ring (The beams of light that go into 
you will push the switch).  Now go through the other double doors 
to find the casino area.  Press the switch in front of the casino 
and light speed dash across the rings to open the doors.

Stage 3: Casnopolis
To get the chaos emerald you need to save up 400 rings in the 
bank.  The bank is the room with the two gold coins spinning at 
its entrance.  It's not that hard to get rings.  You can search 
the level (In the bathroom, attack slot machines, etc).  There are 
two pinball games you can play to get tons of rings but this 
usually takes a long time.  The fastest way to get rings is to 
lose the pinball game before getting 100 rings and go into the 
garbage.  In the garbage light speed dash up the rings and in the 
fan rooms go forward in the first and left in the second to get 
the most rings.  Try not to get hit because you will lose all your 
rings.  There is invincibility in the last stretch but it is kind 
of risky to get.  Now put your rings in the bank and go through 
the garbage again.  This should get you enough rings, but if not, 
homing attack some slot machines for some more.

Station Square
When you leave the casino you may see Cream from Sonic Advance 2.  
As you head back into the hotel turn right into an alleyway and 
pick up the Ice Stone.  Now go up the stairs and take a train to 
the Mystic Ruins.

Mystic Ruins
Take that stone into the cave that just appeared.  When you reach 
an ice wall put the stone in its slot and continue on in, over the 
water and up the ladder.

Stage 4: Icecap
When you get on the slope run up and hit a bumper to get into 
another cave.  Now hit another bumper to grab onto some icicles.  
Quickly jump from icicle to icicle or you will slip off.  In the 
next part fall down, then take the bumpers and continue going up, 
past icicles, until you reach a switch.  Push the switch and 
quickly run across the collapsing bridge and continue.  After the 
number pads a large icicle will fall and let you continue.  On the 
snowboarding part avoid the walls so you don't slow down and take 
it easy, you aren't racing for time yet.  There are two shortcuts 
you can take that involve turning left at two forks.  Push A at 
the end of ramps to get a boost of speed.

Mystic Ruins
Leave the tunnel the way you came in and head into the green field 
in the main part of the ruins.

Knuckles will mostly use his triple punch combo to attack you.  
All you have to do is jump and homing attack into him.  Simple!  
After two hits Knuckles will start gliding.  Run around and when 
he is about to make contact jump to bounce off of him, and then 
hit him one final time.

Try to stay on lily pads at all times unless you are attacking 
him.  If you are in the water too long it will hurt you.  Chaos 
will mainly try to knock you off the lily pads.  He will swim 
underneath it and sink it, or he will splash water at it from far 
away.  Chaos also has 3 attacks that can hurt you.  He sends out 
red shockwaves, He may punch you at close range and he may split 
into 4 balls of water that bounce around.  The only time Chaos is 
vulnerable is when he pokes his head out of the water without 
attacking and looks at you.  Homing attack him at this point.  5 
hits will do him in.

Run up to Tail's workshop

Sky Chase Act 1
Don't worry about score your first time through just try to stay 
alive.  You lock on to multiple enemies by holding B and dragging 
the laser across enemies.  Your main worry here are the missiles 
that are launched from the launchers.  Destroy the red missile 
launchers to stop the flow of missiles.  Also watch where you are 
going so you don't crash into any other ships.

Station Square
Leave the pool and go to the Casino area.  After the cinema scene 
head on over to Twinkle Park, ride the elevator up and go on in.

Stage 5: Twinkle Park
In the first room take out all the drivers of the bumper cars then 
pick your favorite color and zoom on down the track.  You will 
land on a roller coaster which you have to ride to the end.  At 
both bowling parts try to get strikes so you get more rings, and 
therefore more lives.  At the part with the purple spinning roofs, 
try and stay on so you don't have to take the long way.  On the 
rim of the red roof you can hit the switches to make strings of 
rings appear that you can light dash across.  At the end hit the 
bumper and jump on the capsule to free the animals and win.

Station Square
Leave Twinkle Park and you'll see a card fall from the sky.  Take 
that to the building to the left of Twinkle Park to open the gray 
door.  Then get in an elevator.

Stage 6: Speed Highway
When you land on the glass get off quickly so you don't fall, then 
take the yellow and red lift to the end of its track.  Run 
sideways along the building until the end, and then jump off.  Run 
under the bell and continue on though the tunnel.  Take one of the 
lifts that are rotating in a square, and then grab on to the 
helicopter to reach the other side.  Fall to the bottom of the 
large hole to have the least chance of dying.  When you are 
running down the building try to get as many rings as possible 
without hitting obstacles (though they wont hurt you).  In the 
city take the dash panels up the building.  On the next street run 
up the left walk and hit the spring, and then hit the dash panels, 
hit the spring on the right walk, and finally jump into the 
fountain and break the capsule.

Station Square
Leave the business district and head to the casino area.  Then 
take a train to the Mystic Ruins.

Mystic Ruins
Head into the cave you start out facing and keep going until you 
get outside on Angel Island.  Run all the way past the bridge and 
you will find the Ancient Light on top of a large rock.  Use that 
to destroy the monkey in the cage and open the gate.

Stage 7: Red Mountain
Take the rocket, avoid the spiked balls, and climb across the 
monkey bars.  When you pass the first checkpoint run around behind 
the spiked ball to find a switch that makes the rocket appear.  
After you hit the bumper past the extra life grab onto the zip 
line to be whisked away.  Hit the switch behind the rocket to make 
it appear, take it, and hit the next bumper.  Climb along the 
monkey bars but when the flames shoot out jump to the ledge.  
Homing attack across the string off enemies and climb the tilting 
platforms.  Hit the switch the hammer is pounding to form a rocket 
that you should take.  Jump from monkey bars to monkey bars, take 
the zip line and fall into the hole to get to the next part.  Once 
inside run through as fast as you want but be aware that the lava 
will be rising at certain points.  Always be as high as you can.  
Avoid the flames and hammers and finish the level.

Sky Chase Act 2
This is made quite a bit harder by the addition of more missiles, 
mines, and a battle with the large laser at the end.  Use the same 
tactics as last time to get through alive.  The hardest part is 
when you fly under the ship.  Other ships, missiles, and mines 
will be attacking you from all vectors.  Your evasive skills will 
have to be top notch to get through unscathed.  At the laser 
battle whenever the laser opens, fly to the top left or right 
corner to avoid it.  As it closes attack it with laser fire and 
you will eventually be victorious!

Egg Carrier
Run forward and hit a spring.  After the ship transforms go 
through the door at the top of the steep incline.

Stage 8: Sky Deck
After you climb the ladder jump from spinning pillar to spinning 
pillar until you reach the end.  Avoid spiked balls while climbing 
the ladder and jump to the monkey bars.  These bars will break you 
right when you hear Sonic yell "Whoa!" jump.  Try to stay on the 
top level of the catwalks and move around them counterclockwise.  
If you fall go all the way to pillar 4 and jump up the pillar to 
the top level and launch the missile into the cannon.  In this 
next part the ship will adjust speeds.  If you see clouds the ship 
is speeding up so grab onto a red object to hold on.  If you are 
far away from the edge you may not need to hold onto anything.  
Run through this part avoiding cannons, race across the falling 
runways, and launch a missile into the huge cannon when it is 
facing you to get inside.  Once in dodge the rolling barrels and 
ride the lift on the right.  Once you get to a tan circle wait in 
the middle and jump when a hook approaches you to grab on.  Drop 
off on the other side.  Jump across the sliding boxes and try to 
reach the next spring behind the last pillar quickly before the 
ship turns sideways.  If you don't reach it climb monkey bars to 
the top.  Once to the top run down the walkways and hit the switch 
on the bottom to bring the ship back to horizontal and go in the 
tunnel to the end.

Egg Carrier
Jump of the ledge and take the yellow lift to the exterior of the 

Gamma will lock onto you and fire missiles.  Keep moving or you'll 
get blasted.  When he starts hovering be careful because he has an 
easier time hitting you.  When there are no missiles between you 
and him just homing attack into him to hurt him.  3 hits are all 
it takes.

Now head to the right of Amy and into the door there.  Hit the 
switch and light dash up the rings.  Hop onto the chair to move it 
forward then hit the switch to change the ship back to its 
original shape and exit the room.  Now head down one of the 
walkways to the green structure.

This boss is not that hard unless you take too long.  Eggman will 
fly around dropping little critters that can freeze you with icy 
mist.  To hurt Chaos you must attack these to stun them then throw 
them at Chaos.  That will freeze him, and then you can homing 
attack him to hurt him.  Chaos will mainly just walk around trying 
to bite you but has three other more dangerous attacks.  An attack 
he uses more often is when he jumps and creates a very high 
shockwave.  Jump over this by holding A to get the highest jump 
possible.  This can often take you by surprise.  He will also try 
to suck you in and eat you, but if you run against the flow you 
should get out of this one with no problem.  A very dangerous 
attack he uses is when he shoots tentacles out in all directions 
and slams his tail down on you hard.  To avoid this you must run 
and jump through the tentacles until his tail strike.  Your 
jumping skills must be perfected to avoid getting tangled up in 
the tentacles and slammed.  This can kill you easily since it is 
hard to get your rings back after the attack.  Luckily he only 
uses this attack if the battle takes too long.  4 hits and chaos 
is gone for good.  Or is it?

Mystic Ruins
Follow the light into the temple.

Stage 9: Lost World
When you get to the spinning tunnel full of flaming pillars, 
carefully walk through and avoid all the pillars that are on fire.  
When you reach the end of the tunnel only move Sonic forward 
enough so that he will land on the platform, not spikes.  In the 
snake room run to the left and hit the water switch and jump onto 
the snake when he swims by.  Jump to the platform with the first 
door switch as the snake passes it and jump up to the platform 
where the next water switch is.  Wait for the snake, jump on him, 
and then jump to the platform with the next door switch.  Run to 
the right of where you see the spikes to avoid them, and then jump 
up and over the spikes to hit the final water switch.  When the 
snake comes around run and jump backwards on it to reach the last 
door switch.  Finally when he comes around again jump to the 
platform with the door.  When you reach the dark room use the 
lights to light up the mirrors and bring light to the room.  Light 
dash at the end and ride the water slide.  Hit the spring then 
avoid the fire pillars.  Past the next checkpoint run as fast as 
you can from the boulder.  Try not to hit walls so you don't slow 
down.  Just run straight down the middle and don't spin dash.  In 
the final room turn right and hit the switch there twice then walk 
up the panels.  At the top turn left and fall off at the end.  Hit 
the next switch and walk across those panels.  Run up and when you 
get to the next platform fall to the lower platform to the right, 
run under the bridge, hit the next switch and walk the panels.  
Jump the spinning block go past the flaming enemy into the tunnel, 
past the flaming pillars, and then hit the next switch and walk 
the panels.  Fall off at the end, jump the flaming pillars and 
fall in the hole.  At then end of the tunnel hit the switch, light 
dash across, and finally finish this stage.  Remember that if you 
fall during any of this you have to do the whole sequence again.  
Wouldn't that be fun?

Run across the bridge to the flaming shrine.

Mystic Ruins
Run behind the temple and into Eggman's base that has recently 
appeared.  Once inside run to the back right where all the 
switches are on the ground.  Your goal is to get them all lit up.  
By stepping on switches you turn others on but others off as well.  
Try to understand the patterns by what happens when you step on a 
certain switch.  Once all the switches are on the door opens.

Stage 10: Final Egg
Avoid the lasers and spiked balls by running along the walls.  You 
can get under lasers by spin dashing.  In the room with the 
spinners homing attack up the two below the springs.  Jump from 
conveyor belt to conveyor belt dodging the spinning spiked things.  
In the spinning tunnels you have to use the dash panels to have 
any chance of making it out.  In the room that you get to by 
bumper jump from platform to platform to make it out.  In the next 
large circular room hit the switch, homing attack the enemies and 
jump to the platforms while avoiding the hammers.  Ride the lift 
down, then jump from platform to platform going down.  Only jump 
to the next platform when you see it.  On the metal grating get in 
the elevator and go down.  Ignore the little pink creatures and 
climb the ladder on the back right.  Then use the fans to give you 
lift through the next couple of areas.  Jump above a fan and float 
over each fan to avoid falling to reach the end of each room.  
Avoid the little pink creatures again and go up the ramp in the 
back.  You will now be in free fall try and land on the platform 
slightly left of the middle.  If you miss it use the bumpers to 
get back up, and use the fans to get out of the room.  Avoid the 
pink creatures for the last time and go up the ramp on the right 
side of the next room.  Past the dolls, up the stairs and into the 
next room.  Defeat all the enemies and light dash across the rings 
to finish.

This is the hardest final boss in the game.  There are several 
stages, each stage starting after each hit.  Quickly get some 
rings because it will start shooting lasers at you.  If you run 
they will barely miss you.  Hit Eggman when he comes out of the 
cockpit.  In the next stage He will shoot lasers and then a 
charged laser that will explode.  Now in this stage and the next 
couple of stages Eggman will come out of the cockpit but will 
extend the vipers tail.  You must homing attack each green light 
to finally hit him.  The next stage is exactly the same as the 
last one.  In the next stage he will shoot lasers and then at the 
end he will charge across the platform shooting lasers every which 
way.  Run to a side and hope for the best.  Stage 5 begins with 
lasers and ends with Eggman shooting one of his spiked platforms 
at you.  Time it right to jump on top of the platform or you will 
get hit.  When the platform retracts jump and hit Eggman while you 
are on it.  Stage 6 will start with Eggman totally destroying the 
other side of the arena.  Then he will shoot the spiked platforms 
at you again.  Do the exact same thing as last time.  In stage 7 
Eggman does the same thing but now all your backup rings are gone 
and the platform is a measly two parts now.  Jump on the platform 
and hit him one last time.  After you hit him the last time it's 
not really over!  He will go crazy around the room and smash down 
on one of the two parts of the platform.  If you are on the one he 
crashes on you die if you have no rings and have to start again.  
So make sure you run to the right one or have some rings.  Great 
Job at beating this hard boss.

Sonics long story complete!  Applaud yourself!

Station Square
You start in the pool area.  If you go into the drainage behind 
Twinkle Park and fly into the hole in the ceiling, you can get the 
Jet Anklet.  Now go into the train station and take a train to 
Mystic Ruins.

Mystic Ruins
After you're through exploring go up the stairs to the left of the 
train station to find Sonic and fight a boss.

This boss is pretty easy.  First Eggman will launch missiles which 
can be dodged easily if you fly.  Next he will try to land on you 
with drills sticking out of the front of his vehicle.  Run away 
and he will miss and get stuck in the ground.  Now you can hit him 
from the front with your tail attack.  After each hit, he will 
launch more and more groups of missiles.  Just use the same 
strategy and you'll do fine.  Hit him 3 times to win.

Now go up to Tails' workshop and pick up the green stone there.  
Now head towards the waterfall and turn right into a cave right 
before the small falling into the pit.  Put the stone down in its 

Stage 1: Windy Valley
Your goal in Tails' action stages is to beat Sonic to the goal.  
This isn't too hard if you know the shortcuts.  When you hit the 
first spring you should see some green rings.  These will give you 
boosts.  Fly into them and watch Sonic fall behind.  Right before 
the first loop fly into some more.  After the series of springs 
land and jump into even more rings.  You should beat Sonic easily.

Mystic Ruins
Hop the train to Station Square.

Station Square
When you reach the station go down the stairs to the casino area.  
Fly into the big button above the word "Casino" to open the door.

Stage 2: Casinopolis
Pretty straightforward path.  The fastest way through is to just 
go straight through.  When you enter the wind tubes just float to 
the far wall and float up to the first door you come to in both 

Station Square
When you enter station square you may see Cream from Sonic Advance 
2. Anyway go into the back alley to your right as you head to the 
hotel and pick up the Ice Stone.  Bring that to the Mystic Ruins.

Mystic Ruins
You will see a wall explode and produce an entrance into the 
mountain (Angel Island).  As you go down the tunnel place the 
stone in its spot and enter the Ice cave and climb the ladder.

Stage 3: Icecap
This will probably be the closest race between you and Sonic in 
all Tails' levels.  In the first part try not to hit any walls.  
They will slow you down and you may get enveloped in the 
avalanche.  There are a few shortcuts.  Press A on the end of 
ramps to do stylish tricks and get a boost of speed.  When you see 
icicles hanging from ledges quickly turn left to use the first 
shortcut.  After you are bombed take the left fork for the last 

Mystic Ruins
Leave Angel Island and go to the main field of Mystic Ruins.

Watch out for his triple punch; it can take you by surprise.  Jump 
over it and hit him.  After you hit him twice, Knuckles will try 
to glide into you.  This can be difficult to dodge, so just when 
he's about to hit you jump and he will bounce off of you.  Now get 
in that third and final hit.

This battle can be annoying.  Chaos will try to knock you off lily 
pads in many ways.  Mainly he'll just swim under it and knock you 
off.  He can also do this from far away so be careful.  He can 
also send a red shockwave that can damage you.  He will sometimes 
surface, punch you, and then retreat under the water.  Always be 
watching him.  One of his deadliest attacks is when he changes 
into four balls that bounce around.  Just fly and hope for the 
best.  Remember, if you're in the water too long you will get 
hurt.  Attack Chaos when he surfaces and looks at you.  It takes 4 
hits to defeat him.

   Now head up to Tail's Workshop

Sky Chase Act 1
Don't worry about score yet, just worry about surviving.  The main 
things to worry about are colliding with enemy ships and missiles.  
Lock on to multiple enemies by holding B and aiming at them.  
Always look where you are going, and shoot the red launchers the 
missiles come from to stop missiles coming at you.

Mystic Ruins
From where you start go to the left of the waterfall pit and take 
the mine cart into the jungle.  Now fall off the platform and take 
the left most fork.  Now go into the cave and push the switch 
above the the sand clump to suck it away.

Sand Hill
Not much I can say here just slide to the goal and try and go 
through as many gates in succession as you can (Practice for the 
second emblem).

From where you start head up the staircase to your left and turn 
right to find the Rhythm Badge.  Now go to the front of the 

Mystic Ruins
   Head up to Tail's workshop.

Sky Chase Act 2
This is a little tougher than Act 1, mainly because there are tons 
more missiles and you have to fight the large cannon that ended 
your flight last time.  Just use the same strategy as before, but 
you will have to dodge a lot more missiles while shooting at the 
same time.  Also watch out for mines; just blow them up from afar 
and you'll do fine.  When you battle the cannon, shoot the missile 
launchers to take that threat off.  When the cannon opens, fly to 
the upper right or left corner and it will miss you (missiles 
won't though so make sure none are coming at you).  Keep shooting 
the cannon and you're home free!

Egg Carrier
Just run forward until you reach a door that is on top of an 

Stage 4: Sky Deck
When you climb up the ladder jump to the right through a green 
ring for a shortcut.  Just don't fall.  When you get to the next 
point marker fly to the left to a platform and fly through a ring.  
Fall and fly to a platform with a rocket.  Take it and you will 
land on a life.  Now go around the next part in a counterclockwise 
direction taking boosts as necessary.  Stay on the bottom level, 
and on one of the paths you'll see a boost off to the left.  Jump 
through it and you're done.

Egg Carrier
Jump off the ledge and to the left and you'll see a shiny yellow 
thing.  This is a lift that will take you out of the interior.

This fight isn't too hard.  Just keep moving and take advantage of 
your flying.  Try not to let Gamma get a lock on you because he'll 
send missiles your way.  When he hovers wait for him to land then 
attack.  Hit him 3 times and he's done.

Stage 5: Speed Highway
When you start going down for the first time, look to your right 
and jump through the rings.  Land then jump through the next set.  
When you land run forward to where some cop enemies are and jump 
and fly to your right to land on a shortcut path.  After that jump 
through the next 3 rings, land on the helipad and go through the 
next ring.  Go through the next ring and when you fall try and go 
through the opening near the top of the hole, from there jump 
through the next ring.  Take the 2 rockets then alternate flying 
and going through rings and you'll win easily.

Station Square
This fight can get pretty hard.  Fly to the walker as soon as 
possible to avoid the explosions.  Go under the walker and dodge 
shockwaves created by the legs.  Hit a green light on the leg that 
launched the shockwave, and the walker will collapse.  Hit the pod 
Eggman is in to score some damage.  He will jump to the other side 
of the arena.  As the battle goes on, Eggman will launch more and 
more missiles and bombs at you.  You will also have to jump more 
shockwaves and hit more lights to get it to collapse.  Just keep 
at it and make sure you have at least one ring at all times.  Hit 
it 5 times and you win.

You are now done with Tail's story! Congrats!
   Station Square
   Go to the business district (2nd part of the main city) and 
punch the yellow gate into the door of City Hall and enter.

Stage 1: Speed Highway
The goal of Knuckles' stages is to find 3 randomly placed 
Emeralds.  Therefore I can't give an exact walkthrough.  I'll just 
give you tips to quickly finding them.  You can also use the 
Hintballs to lead you in the right direction.  There are 4 main 
parts to this level (Fountain, road around building, Clock, and 
branch off from clock area.)  What you want to do is search each 
one, and if the radar goes off search that area more thoroughly.

Station Square
Go to the casino area through the hotel (you can't go through the 
train station because it is closed).  Glide into the button to 
open the doors by climbing up where the rings are.

Stage 2: Casinopolis
What you want to do here is explore the ground floor and if you're 
not getting any blinks or faint blue and green blinks take the 
bumper (the flat one) on the ground to get to the top.  Then glide 
around in a circle until you get some blips.  Note that if it is 
in the sonic statue hit the red crack on his shoe.

Go to the main entrance of the area (Straight across from where 
you start).

Station Square
You will be back in the Casino Area, and you may see Cream from 
Sonic Advance 2.  Enter the hotel and go into the right elevator.

Chaos has a number of attacks that aren't too difficult to dodge.  
His most dangerous is when he turns into a ball and bounces 
around.  Just run away.  He also has a left-hand uppercut and a 
right-hand slash.  If you make sure you are never too near him, 
you will never get hit by these.  He will also extend his arm and 
try to grab you.  This can actually hit you in the air, so be sure 
you are moving when he twirls around.  You have to attack him 
while he's attacking or just finished attacking, or he will form a 
shield to ward you off.  It takes 4 hits to beat him.

Mystic Ruins
Run to the left side of the cliff where Tail's workshop sits and 
go into the cave.  Take a left into another passage to find the 
Shovel Claw.  The gate locked behind you so you need to find a way 
out.  Go deeper in and you'll see an Eggman head bouncing up and 
down.  Dig there to find the Monkey Destruction Switch and throw 
it at the monkey to open the gate.  Now take that switch to Angel 
Island (area past the Icecap Stage) and throw it at the monkey 
there to open another gate.

Stage 3: Red Mountain
This level can be tricky.  It's easy to get lost.  First you want 
to climb to the top of the largest mountain (Straight ahead as you 
start).  Then glide around it in a circle until you are about to 
the death point (When you fly to low and die).  Do that on every 
mountain starting with the tallest and then the shorter ones until 
you find all 3 emeralds.

Mystic Ruins
Now go back to the main area of Mystic Ruins and go to the green 

The way to beat Sonic is to wait for him to be out of ball mode 
and then just glide into him or punch him.  It's safer to glide 
since he doesn't jump yet.  If you hit him in ball mode you will 
just bounce off of him with no ring loss.  After 2 hits he'll get 
harder, he'll start to homing attack you.  Just always be gliding 
and he can't hurt you, pick a time to strike when he's on the 
ground and strike.  After the third hit you've won.

Chaos has 5 attacks, most of which are not too hard to dodge.  2 
of them just knock you off the lily pads.  He will swim under you 
and knock you off or splash water at you from far away.  If you 
fall into the water quickly get out or you'll take damage.  Chaos 
will also send red shockwaves at you that you need to jump over.  
If you are near him he will sometimes punch you and retreat.  His 
most dangerous attack is when he changes into four balls that 
bounce at you.  If you are gliding most of the time and glide into 
him when he surfaces and looks at you without attacking, you'll be 
fine.  After 5 hits the battle will end.

Hop on the trolley car to the left of the waterfall pit to go to 
the Jungle.  What you need to do here is find a silver and gold 
statue and place them in the slots on the back of the temple.  The 
gold statue is on the ledge where you start, the silver is in the 
cave nearest the temple (The circle on the map near the temple).  
Dig where the circle is coming in and out of the ground.  You also 
may want to get Knuckle's Fighting Gloves while you're here.  
Climb op the hollow tree behind Big's house and fly to the ledge 
to find them.  When you place the two statues fall into the hole.

Stage 4: Lost World
First search the main area you start in.  Search the ground then 
start climbing the walls.  Don't be afraid to climb the walls if 
an emerald is close but you are not done exploring the floor.  
Climb to the very top of the room and glide around the whole area.  
There are two smaller rooms off of the main room.  Explore these 
when you reach them on your descent and follow the passages 
leading from those rooms until you reach the main room again.  
When you are done searching that area explore the passages.  There 
is a passage very high in the room that you want to go through 
that will lead you to a room with a large hole.  If the radar is 
blinking red don't fall, dig behind the hole.  Then fall through 
to the last room of this area.  This stage can take awhile if you 
are not lucky with emerald locations.

Simply run to the Shrine of the Master Emerald.

Mystic Ruins
Take the trolley to the Jungle and go to the entrance of Eggman's 
base in the very back behind the temple.

Egg Carrier
You start in the back of the ship.  Start running to the front.  
The ship will change shape.  Now turn around and head back again.  
Go through the door near where you started.  Go through the door 
at the bottom of the empty pool and then through the next door.

Stage 5: Sky Deck
This stage is very confusing when it comes to finding emeralds.  
There are 4 different ways you can tilt the ship and some emeralds 
are only available during a certain tilt.  Use the switch you 
start by to tilt the ship.  Emeralds are often in the double doors 
you see around.  If you tilt the ship debris will come out of 
these and the doors will open so you can get inside them.  They 
may also be under the large platforms on the far side of the ship.  
Tilt the ship and they will slide and reveal a hole under them.  
Explore the entire ship getting the emeralds you can (You CAN 
destroy the cannons/guns) than tilt the ship the way it needs to 
go to gain access to the emeralds you could not get.  Example:  If 
you think the emerald is through doors on the right side of the 
ship push the switch right to cause that side to tilt up.  If you 
think it is under a platform tilt the ship the way you want the 
platform to slide.  Keep trying and you'll eventually finish but 
it may take awhile.

Knuckles sure comes here a lot.  Once again run to the shrine.

Egg Carrier
Leave the pool area.  Run and glide to the top of the green 
structure where Eggman is hovering.

This actually isn't as hard as it looks but if you take too long 
it can get wild.  There will be little hovering things that you 
see occasionally.  What you want to do is attack them, pick them 
up, and hurl them at chaos to freeze him.  Then it's just a simple 
glide into him to hurt him.  Chaos will mostly walk around and try 
to bite you so keep moving.  Watch out for the missing green 
panels because if you fall in those you will get electrocuted.  
Chaos will also try to suck you in occasionally.  Run against the 
current until he stops.  He will also make shockwaves that you 
need to react to quickly and jump over, they are pretty high!  
Also watch out for the little streams of ice the little spinning 
things release.  If the battle takes too long Chaos will send out 
tentacles in every direction and swing his tail above you then 
slam it down on you like a guillotine.  Run and jump through the 
forest of tentacles to dodge this attack.  This attack is 
extremely difficult to dodge unless your jumping skills are 
superb.  Although it is easier to dodge with Knuckles than with 
Sonic since you can glide.  You shouldn't have to worry about it 
though if you finish the battle quickly.  4 hits is all it takes 
to end Knuckles' story.

Knuckle's story complete!  Great Job!

Station Square
Head to the Casino area through the Hotel.  After the cinema scene 
head to the entrance of twinkle park. 

Stage 1: Twinkle Park
In Amy's stages you have to keep moving or Zero will capture you 
and it will be all over.  You can hit him with your hammer to stun 
him for a bit but only hit him when you really need to because if 
you hit him too much he will become invulnerable to it.  In the 
first part run around the pool clockwise hitting all 3 switches 
(At the bottom of the stairs, after the first line of dynamite 
crates, and after the second).  This opens the door out of here.  
In the first two mirror rooms run along a wall to avoid the spiked 
balls.  In the third mirror room watch out for the panels that 
have a line across them, they are trapdoors.  Keep going and jump 
onto the balloon to win.

Station Square
Leave the Twinkle Park area.

Egg Carrier
Leave the Jail area.  Now you must beat Eggman's score of 2000 to 
leave this room and win the Warrior Feather.  Jump in the middle 
of the holes to start the game.  You must be able to react quickly 
or get lucky to clear this whack-a-Sonic game.  It is not that 
hard, you only need 4 golden Sonics and 1 blue to win and plenty 
of both colors appear.  Just don't panic if you're missing a lot, 
you have lots of time.  After you beat the score don't be afraid 
to stop should you hit an Eggman and drop below 2000.  
Blue Sonic- 100pts
Gold Sonic-500pts
Eggman-minus 200 points

Now leave the room and hit the switch to enter the room next to 
the one you came out of.

Stage 2: Hot Shelter
This stage is very long and can be difficult.  In the first room 
after the elevator turn the switch on the right side of the door 
to open it.  Turn a switch to open the next door (Zero should be 
stuck in the pool).  In the next room hit the switch in the middle 
to raise the water.  Then turn the next switch one line left and 3 
lines right. (Look at the meter above the door).  In the bathroom 
area run into one of the bathrooms and let Zero follow you in.  
Run to a far wall and then quickly run out.  Zero will be stuck in 
the bathroom and you can turn the switch in peace.  In the gear 
area ride gears that go the way you want.  You have to hit two 
switches to change the direction of certain gears to proceed.  Hit 
the switch to make the platform spin to the door.  In the next 
area rotate switches to make platforms rise or climb stairs and 
jump to the higher ledges, or you can hit bumpers.  In the green 
room pick up the different colored blocks and put them in the slot 
of their corresponding color.  In the next colored block area 
bring Zero to the far left side near the 3 black machines and hit 
him off to get rid of him for the rest of the level.  Now do what 
you did in the green room.  To get the blue block you have to hit 
a bumper to get up to the rafters and jump to the middle rafter.  
Jump to the balloon to finish.  Whew!

Turn around and go out the door behind you, then run to the 
emerald shrine.

Egg Carrier
Leave the pool area.

Mystic Ruins
Take the boat under the train station to the Egg Carrier and win 
the Whack-a-Sonic game again to win the long hammer.  (Take the 
yellow lift down and then hit the switch near the far right door 
to get to that room).  After you get back to the Mystic Ruins take 
the trolley to the jungle.  Go to the very back behind the temple 
and enter Eggman's base.  Once inside go to the back right side to 
where the six switches are on the floor.  Try to get them all lit 
up.  Stepping on switches causes others to light up.

Stage 3: Final Egg
Keep jumping lasers until you get to the bumper.  Jump through the 
middle of the two laser wall, do a run hammer jump to get over the 
3 laser wall, and finally carefully jump through the middle of the 
final laser wall.  After you press the switch past the next 
checkpoint wait and avoid Zero until the elevator comes then go in 
it.  In the room with the 5 colored doors only one leads you on.  
It is always random so keep going through doors until you find the 
checkpoint.  (With my luck it always seems to be the last one I 
pick).  In the next room you must run hammer jump into the next 
hallway.  It can be tricky since the room is small.  Try to be 
running as you passed the last checkpoint and turn slightly and 
jump through.  Run under the spinner and jump to the balloon.

Mystic Ruins
Leave Eggman's base and take a boat to the Egg Carrier.

Egg Carrier
This battle is quite hard.  Zero only has 3 attacks, 2 of which 
can be difficult to dodge.  Is main weapon is shooting his fist at 
you, if you keep moving this attack will not be a problem.  
Another attack is when he jumps and makes a shockwave.  This is 
easy to dodge early on but becomes much more difficult later when 
he does it one after another.  Another dangerous attack is when he 
shoots out his two arms and spins around.  Play jump rope as he 
spins.  Never hold the jump button or you may land on his other 
hand as it passes you.  Always make quick jumps to have the best 
chance of avoiding this attack unharmed.  To harm Zero may seem 
unobvious at first.  What you have to do is hit him until he hits 
the electric fence surrounding the battle field.  Then his head 
will open.  Hit the green part inside with a jump attack to hurt 
him.  Repeat this 3 times to finish him off.  Getting him to the 
fence when he is weaker can get extremely annoying because he will 
keep attacking and making it back to the center.  Just don't get 
discouraged and keep trying!

Amy's story is now complete!  Way to Go!

Station Square
Go into the sewer behind Twinkle Park to find a Lure Power up.  
Now head to the business district and lift up the black car to get 
into the sewer.  Turn around and walk until you find a red 
elevator.  Now walk through the Twinkle Park tunnels to get to the 
first stage.

Stage 1: Twinkle Park
The goal in Big's stages is to catch his friend Froggy who has run 
away.  (The way Big talks to Froggy, why didn't he run away 
earlier)?  Use your fishing rod the way described in the basic 
moves section and use the tips described there to catch Froggy.  
(Wouldn't fishing for him with a hook hurt him)?  In this stage 
Froggy is located on the right side of the pond looking at it from 
where you start.  If other fish try to grab on press L and R 
simultaneously to pull your rod back unless you want to practice.

Station Square
When you leave you may see Cream from Sonic Advance 2 fly by.  
Grab the Ice stone from behind Twinkle Park and hop the train to 
Mystic Ruins.

Mystic Ruins
When you arrive at the mystic ruins go into the hole that forms 
and put the stone in the slot.  When you enter the ice cave get 
the Life Belt to the left, the cross the pond and climb the 
ladder.  Big walks like a sloth but climbs ladders a lot faster 
than anybody else.  Hmmm?

Stage 2: Icecap
To break the sheets of ice jump on the parts that have cracks.  To 
get out if you fall in, use a bumper.  Froggy is in that first 
sheet of ice that you can reach by walking forward but you can get 
a lure power up if you explore.  Hit the bumper to your right, go 
up the steps, and hit another bumper.  Repeat this until you reach 
a pool of water.  Jump in and follow the narrow tunnel and 
resurface at the end.  Use the bumper to get out, jump up the 
small platforms and walk down the bridge to the sheet of Ice.  
Look for some cracks, jump through and sink to the bottom and 
search for it.  Now go back to the beginning of the level by 
retracing your steps (Bridge, platforms, tunnel, etc).  Fish for 
Froggy below the only crack in that area.  

Mystic Ruins
Now leave the tunnel area to the main area of the mystic ruins.  
After the cinema scene get on the trolley to the jungle.  Go to 
Big's house and pick up his bed (throw it off the cliff if you 
want) and get the power rod.  After that look at your map, you 
will see two small circular areas, go into the one closest Big's 
house to get a Lure power up.  Now get on the train to Station 

Station Square
Leave the train station then go into the hotel and go to the pool 
Area.  From the Pool area head out to the beach.

Stage 3: Emerald Coast
Froggy is in the water just to the left as you start.  The larger 
area may make him more difficult to catch unless you've been 
getting the Lure power ups.

Egg Carrier
Go to the 3 doors in front of you and press the switch on the 
right to open the right door.  Go into the Jail and open the 
closest cell to get the final Lure power up.  Now press the other 
switch to open the middle door and go in.

Stage 4: Hot Shelter
Proceed through the level until you reach the large circular room.  
Press the switch in the middle to drain the water.  Froggy will 
come pouring out with some other fish.  Search the water until you 
find him and then reel him home.

Run to the shrine.

Egg Carrier
Ride the monorail by pressing one of the large green buttons to 
the left of where you start to ride to the exterior of the ship.  
Now walk forward and ride the lift to the runway and use a bumper 
to get to the top of the green structure.

Prepare for one of the weirdest boss fights in recent video game 
history.  Just like Big's stages you must catch Froggy.  He is 
inside Chaos.  Aim your rod at the red octagon shape and hope for 
the best.  Chaos will mostly walk around and try to bite you so 
cast a couple times and run.  He may occasionally jump and create 
a tall shockwave which you'll have to jump.  Just catch Froggy and 
you win.  Weird.

After the battle walk to tails' plane.  How is he gonna fit in 
that thing?

Congratulations!  You are done with Big's Story!

Mystic Ruins
Get out of the machine you start in and walk to Eggamn.

Stage 1: Final Egg
In Gamma's missions you must destroy the intended target before 
time expires.  You gain additional seconds by destroying enemies.  
The more you destroy with one lock-on the more seconds you get.  
Walk through the stage destroying as many Tails and Knuckles dolls 
as you can at once to keep your timer up.  When you reach the 
Sonic Doll it takes 3 hits to destroy it.

Mystic Ruins
Jump down to the lower level of the base and walk to Eggman.

Just avoid Beta's missiles by moving constantly and lock on him 
when you have a chance and let lose your one missile.  You can 
shoot his missiles down as they come to you.  He has the ability 
to hover which you don't yet so if he does you may need to jump to 
lock on.  3 hits are all it takes.

Station Square
You may see Cream from Sonic Advance 2 when you gain control.  Go 
into the hotel, go to the pool, and there shoot the 3 targets on 
the fence and go onto the beach.

Stage 2: Emerald Coast
Just like the last level follow the path shooting enemies until 
you reach the loop turn to the left onto a dock and continue.  
When you reach the white fence, turn left onto the grass and walk 
forward.  Froggy is in a little green bubble like other animals.

Walk to the Master Emerald Shrine.

Egg Carrier
Walk through the door on the right in the group of 3 doors and 
continue into the jail cell.  After the cinema scene leave the 
jail cell to the main room and go into the room on the second 
floor labeled "Ammunition Room" on the computer to get the Jet 
Booster.  Leave the Ammunition room and take the yellow lift at 
the top of the stairs.

Simply lock onto Sonic and fire a missile his way.  If you keep 
moving he will have trouble hitting you with his homing attack.  
If he starts to charge up jump and hover to avoid the spin dash.  
Hit him 3 times and you win.

Mystic Ruins
Run up the stairs to Tail's workshop and pick up the wind stone in 
front of his door.  Now run towards the waterfall.  Before you 
fall into the pit turn left into a cave and put the stone in its 

Stage 3: Windy Valley
The next 3 stages will have you "Rescuing" a.k.a. destroying the 
rest of the E-Series.  This is probably one of Gamma's easiest 
stages.  The Purple Flying snakes can give you up to 40 seconds if 
you lock on to all their parts.  As you go through the stage be 
careful of the bridges with enemies on them they will collapse 
when you approach them.  The other bridges are safe.  When you see 
the word "HIT" flashing lock onto those items to destroy them.

Use the same exact tactics you used against Beta to defeat E03.  
Except now it takes 5 hits to defeat him.

Mystic Ruins
You see the wall explode.  Now go to the boat under the train 
station and ride to the Egg Carrier.  Walk to the other end of the 
ship and take the yellow lift down.  Go into the room opposite the 
room you found the Jet Booster to find the Laser Blaster.  Now go 
through the cave that exploded until you get outside on Angel 
Island.  Lock-on and destroy the monkey in the cage to open the 
gate.  Then go through.

Stage 4: Red Mountain
Go through the level blasting "HIT" symbols to remove rocks from 
your path.  One rock reveals a hole.  Fall through and continue 
blasting "HIT" symbols.  When you reach the lava pool blast the 
"HIT" symbols to make platforms fall that you can cross.

Exactly the same as Beta and Delta, but he shoots more missiles.  
Dodge them as normal and fire away.  5 hits and he's gone.

Mystic Ruins
Take the boat to the Egg Carrier.

Egg Carrier
Walk to the other end of the ship and take the yellow lift down 
into the interior.  Go through the middle door in the group of 3.

Stage 5: Hot Shelter
In this stage you'll really be pressed for time.  Don't delay for 
anything and destroy as many enemies at once as you can.  When you 
reach the gear room hit the switch under the box with the "HIT" 
symbols to reverse the direction of the gear.  Get to the top of 
it and hover to the spring.  (It's faster than the ladder).  
Destroy the next boxes to find a spring and bounce up to the next 
level.  Hit the switch to move the walkway and continue.  When you 
pass the path with the spinning spiked balls and hit the dash 
panels hover across the gap so you don't fall and have to do that 
last part again.  In this part stand on the switch and wait.  A 
claw will grab you.  When it drops you quickly hover so you don't 
fall.  On this level destroy the box in the middle to find a 
switch.  Hit it with a missile while standing on the green square 
so the claw picks you up.  On to the train section.  Keep moving 
up the train until you can no longer proceed.  Then it's time to 
jump trains.  Jump to the other train until you can jump back to 
the first.  Continue jumping trains like this until you reach a 
switch at the end of the train you started on.  If you fall off 
the train keep jumping and hovering to a train car.  When the 
train stops destroy the blocks to reveal a hole and jump down.  At 
the bottom destroy the boxes behind you to reveal dash panels.  
Hit them and go through the narrow hallway.

He's had a major makeover.  The object here is to destroy all 8 of 
his missile launchers.  He can launch 8 missiles at you at once so 
watch out.  Destroy missiles when you need to and keep shooting 
his missile launchers.  The floor is always moving but move with 
it.  Remember you may not have much time left so destroy the 
missile launchers as fast as possible.

Egg Carrier
Leave the interior by way of the yellow lift.  When you reach the 
outside run to the green structure.

He is probably the hardest final boss behind Sonics.  He will 
rarely be vulnerable to be hit and he has several deadly attacks. 
One is when he forms a rainbow shield around him and charges at 
you.  This is actually harder to dodge than it looks.  He will 
often take you by surprise with this.  After he does this attack 
is the only time he can be hit but only for a couple of seconds.  
After he passes you jump and hit him in the back with a missile.  
After you damage him he will still charge you but you will now 
have missiles to dodge.  You must destroy them so you can hit him 
in the back when he passes you because if you wait for them to 
blow up it will be too late and he will be launching more 
missiles.  After the second hit he will fly up in the air and 
launch huge beams that explode.  Stay far away from where he beam 
hits or you'll regret it.  After the third hit he will launch 
missiles then fly up and rapidly shoot beams at you.  Run in a 
circle and don't hit the walls or you'll stop and be hit.  After 
the forth hit, you've won the battle.

Gamma rescue complete.  On to next story.
                            SUPER SONIC
To unlock Super Sonics story in Adventure Mode you must have 
cleared all the other Characters stories.  Once you have done this 
Super Sonic will be a selectable character between Gamma and 

Mystic Ruins
Head over to Angel Island, past Icecap and run over the bridge to 
the Shrine of the Master Emerald.  Look for Knuckles and Eggman 
lying on the ground and go over to them.

Once again run over the bridge to the emerald shrine.  Then run up 
to where the Master Emerald sits.

Mystic Ruins
Head into the jungle by way of the trolley car.

This boss has 2 stages.  Each stage takes 3 hits to defeat, but 
don't think that will make it easy.  This is with good right the 
hardest boss in the game.  He will shoot all kinds of crap at you.  
Little blue and yellow shots that try to hit you.  Blue are easy 
to dodge and just go over you.  The yellow are a lot harder to 
dodge, because they are a lot more accurate.  When you get close 
to Chaos never approach him from the exact front because he will 
hit you with a beam or tornadoes.  The best way of avoiding all 
his attacks id to stay near the walls.  The left is often better 
because the right has buildings jutting out.  You must be going at 
full speed to have any chance of hurting Chaos.  When you are 
going full speed the shield in front of you will be blue.  In the 
second stage don't go over any ramps or you will get hit by the 
yellow objects chaos shoots at you and you will slow down with no 
chance at reaching full speed before chaos.  You start with 50 
rings and you lose one every second.  If you run out of rings it's 
over for you.  You can collect more rings as you approach Chaos 
but save some for later on when it gets much harder.  After the 
6th hit Chaos will be done for good this time.

Congratulations on your victory.  It's been long and there have 
been many challenges to overcome but you did it.  Great job!

If you have any questions feel free to E-Mail me at 
JimboFive@aol.com.  I will try to answer all questions that you 

I would like to thank some people for all their help on this FAQ.  
First I would like to thank Sega for making such a great and 
addicting game.  Second I would like to thank Evan Adamek for 
correcting all my "Errors."  Finally I would like to thank my 
Neighbor William Stewart for testing my FAQ before I sent it in.  
Thanks All!