Chao Hidden Abilities FAQ by Steve W

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   |   CC  CCC  HH  HH   AAAAA   OO  OO  ::  Personality,                  |
   |   CC       HHHHHH  AA   AA  OO  OO         Intelligence, And          |
   |   CC       HHHHHH  AAAAAAA  OO  OO                  Luck              |
   |   CC  CCC  HH  HH  AA   AA  OO  OO  ::                                |
   |    CCCCC   HH  HH  AA   AA   OOOO                                     |
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[1] Table of Contents
[2] Introduction
[3] Intelligence and Luck
[4] Personality
[5] Ending

  _O_                          [2] Introduction                           _O_
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This FAQ is designed to fill an important hole in the FAQs here. Aster Azul's
All- S FAQ is the ONLY FAQ that even mentions Intelligence and Luck, and does
not do so in detail.

WARNING: This FAQ is intended for advanced Chao raisers ONLY. I will not
explain the simple parts. Please do NOT read this if you don't know the basics
about Chao.

Personality, Intelligence, and Luck are the three most confusing things about
Chao Raising. Many people believed that the latter two stats died out with the
Dreamcast. This isn't true- they are now only invisible. Additionally, most
people believe Personality to be "just for kicks" and do not know about the
importance of a good personality.

The ultimate Chao has a Naive personality and has 100 of both Intelligence and
Luck. It's getting one that's the hard part.
And finally, (o o) is supposed to look like a Chao head.

  _O_                      [3] Intelligence and Luck                      _O_
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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle has 3 Intelligence tests, which can be seen in the
Onyx and Diamond races. The first is the amount of time that it takes to open
the Jack-In-The-Box. At the top of the cliff a few seconds later your chao
shakes down a fruit from a tree and eats it, which was originally thought to be
be a test of intelligence. This is incorrect, it definitely tests power. After
that, there's an area where your Chao will bring an item to a gate. If it
brings the wrong item, many seconds will be wasted and it will be very hard to
recover. Intelligence tops out at 100.

There is also one luck test. The higher your Chao's Luck is, the more likely it
is that the Jack-In-The-Box will not pop out and scare your Chao. This also
severely hurts your chances at winning. Most importantly, your Luck score
determines whether you trip or not! We ALL know how a bad trip can ruin a race.
The highest it goes is 100.

So, how do you raise these stats? Only the following items do.

Blue Animals raise Intelligence and Luck by 1/4
Gold Animals raise Luck by 1/4
Chaos Drives raise Intelligence by 1/4
Mushrooms raise Intelligence and Luck by 1 1/4 (a whole mushroom), 1/4 per bite
*Credit: All effects discovered by WingZero099*

The most effective way is this:
(1) Make sure your personality is not Crybaby, Curious, or Short Tempered
(2) Put it in a garden by itself (recommended)
(3) Collect ten skunks at Hidden Base Zone with Tails (look to the right)
(4) Give them to Chao
(5) Repeat steps 3 & 4 40 times

It is believed that kindergarden lessons have an effect on these stats as well.
The exact interaction is unknown, but I recommend giving your Chao a lesson or
two before attempting to raise Intelligence or Luck.

  _O_                           [4] Personality                           _O_
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Personalities are believed to have two effects. First, they are believed to
affect what your Chao do with other Chao. This is a hot debate topic and it is
difficult to prove anything. Secondly, and indisputably, they have MASSIVE
effects on Intelligence and Luck scores.

If your Chao has nothing listed under Personality, that just means that your
Chao gets no benefits nor drawbacks. It's not bad.

Naive Chao mate with other Chao easily.
Big Eater Chao eat a lot, taking big mouthfuls like they are starving.
Carfree Chao eat more slowly, but not by too much.
Energetic Chao do nothing special.
Curious Chao do nothing special.
Short Tempered Chao can become bullies more easily.
Cry Baby Chao are the worst. They do negative behaviors more.

The second effect of personality is really important! Each personality has a
powerful affect on the Chao's intelligence or luck.

Naive Chao double BOTH Intelligence and Luck, and have the best personality.
Big Eater Chao have no special stats.
Carefree Chao have no special stats.
Energetic Chao have no special stats.
Curious Chao double Intelligence, but disables Luck.
Short Tempered Chao double Luck, but disables Intelligence and set it to 10.
Cry Baby Chao are the worst (again). They disable BOTH and set them to 5.
*Credit: Personalities' secondary effect discovered by WingZero099*

Personality is determined by how many friends your Chao has, and how you treat
it. A Chao raised in a group with a lot of careful, loving care, and fed a
variety of different fruit, will likely become Naive. A Chao raised alone
orabused will almost always become Crybaby. Giving your chao a variety of fruits
causes the personality to change on a regular basis, depending on how the Chao
is treated.

To make all of your chao naive, treat them well, keep them together, and try to
get them to play together.

Keep a couple "shape fruit", such as Triangle, Circle, or Square (I recommend
one each) trees in the garden, and replace them as they die. They live around
one year apiece. To plant seeds, give one to a chao who has won the trowel from
the beginner races.

If a Chao has high intelligence and luck, and is changed to a personality that
"disables" a stat, and then back, it retains its stats.

  _O_                             [5] Ending                              _O_
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If you see something that I have not mentioned, POST IT ON THE MESSAGE BOARDS.
I will give you complete credit, just like I did to WingZero099.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Thanks to:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Everyone at the Chao Message Board. 'Nuff said.
barboid for teaching me the basics of Chao and being nice and helpful.
WingZero099 for discovering Intelligence and Luck. Excellent work!
Sonic Team for the coolest mascot ever, and keeping the quality bar raised.
Nintendo for... being Nintendo
CJayC and GameFAQs for having such a great and useful website

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Version History:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
0.95 Just Started. MAY count: 5
0.97 A couple fixes. Confirmed Black (Ghost) animals do not raise intelligence.
Did some Crybaby reasearch, and confirmed that the palm trees do NOT test
Intelligence. MAY count: 2
1.00 Found that Curious and Energetic Chao do not behave unusually. Discovered
the exact effect of unusual fruit on Chao. Fixed a typo. This completes my
research- until the next game.

Copyright 2003 Steve Wohlwend

                        A new day brings new adventure.
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