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Sonic's greatest hit returns on the Nintendo Gamecubebumpygrimes7/10
Inside.. Outside.. GO SONIC!Buttercup200310/10
Faithful remake of SA + more makes great gameCable5110/10
Despite the MANY bugs in the game, it is still one of my favorite gamesCAHowell9/10
The Blue Blur Continues His Ongoing Battle with Eggman in the Excellent GameCrazedPenguin9/10
My All Time Favorite GameDisco Boy10/10
The Blue Speedy Hedgehog has returned to the gamecube!evax019/10
Who says 3D is bad for Sonic?homerlampshade9/10
Not the best portirrewonderful6/10
They really included everything from the original--including the technical bugsKirberteinstien558/10
A Classic!KoolKirby10/10
As a port, this game is a 6/10, as a game, it's a 9/10Like U Dont No9/10
Sonic adventure DX Shines on the gamecube!!!!mystic heroes1510/10
A good game, but not what I expectedraptorspawn6/10
The blue blur is black...I mean, back!Relle8/10
The Blue Blur Is Here Again For Gamecube!Saiyara9/10
Once you play, it's hard to put down.soniconcube9/10
A great classic makes an ok port to GameCube!SonicProject6/10
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's FUN!SPGLink9/10
A fun game with many ways to play!Spitball Sparky9/10
A masterpieceSuperSegastar8/10
An amazing game!supersonicfan9/10
Sonic Adventure DX, the most fun you can have on the Gamecube to dateSuperSonicPlayer9/10
SA:DX still a great game to play!Twister23569/10
One of the greatest Sonic games ever made!Warmaster Lah8/10
4 out of 6 fun characters to play isn't so bad when compared to Sonic Adventure 2: Battle's 2 fun characters.Xander to Faith9/10
A minor improvement to a great game.Zidaneman9/10
Not as pretty as SA2:B, but a lot more fun. Too bad there are so many problems._____Cait6/10

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