Question from SamusArcher

How do I get the Power Bombs?

The place were the Map says it is is blocked by Denzium


SmokeRulz answered:

You went the wrong way. You actually need to go to the Light World version of that room and portal your way into it. The room itself in the Dark World is blocked by yellow doors and denzium and all that juicy stuff you need to blow away right after you get the Bombs. I'll assume since the hint system is pointing it out to you, then you have the Spider Ball and the other stuff you're supposed to get before the bombs.

Head to the Torvus Bog, and head all the way to the dreaded Hydrodynamo Station. Make a safety save at the Save Station B up there, just in case. The boss isn't very hard, but you never know! Now drop aaaaaall the way to the bottom of the station and head through the Hydrodynamo Shaft and into the Main Hydrochamber. Look for a portal stuck high up on a ledge with a Spider Ball track leading to it. Go up there, go through the portal, and you'll be in the Undertemple. Walk off the ledge and start up the boss fight.

I'll let you figure out how to beat him. Good luck!
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