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How do I beat the boost ball guardian?

How do I beat the boost ball guardian without dieing? I cannot get past it the second time 'round ... so i sold the game but if you tell me its weak points I will buy the game again ...

theQuarentined provided additional details:

omg... thank you. I did not know that you could shoot it in it's puddle form!! Btw ... ol' boosty is FUNNY!!!

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matrixstream757 answered:

Shoot it with charged light beam shots as much as you can while it is in it's ing form. While it's in it's morph ball form, just double jump as much as you can. If you are low on HP, (a bar and a half or lower) stand near one of the poles. If ol' Boosty runs into one of those things while in morph ball form it will give you an orange HP thing (100 HP.) And also shoot ol' Boosty with charged light beam shots while it's in that puddle form. Oh, and shoot ALL of the mini ing that come up. They will give you extra ammo and HP.
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