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I know this review is 6 years late, but... the world needs to know of this game's greatness!TwilitLeviathan10/10
A masterpiece. The best Metroid game to date.Lucid Faia10/10
"Metroid Prime 2: Echoes" is a good game, no matter how you slice itAndre3K9/10
While a fantastic Game in it's own right, it's just an echo of the original.AnimaKeyblade9/10
Doesn't live up to it's predecessor, but has the potential to.Awexome8/10
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes is a great sequel to a superb game that maintains all the great qualities of its predecessor.BartV9/10
Retro studios+Nintendo=Metroid Prime 2= Metroid Perfection!bioweapon122410/10
You gotta love a good Light and Darkness war, am I right?CaliGamer258509/10
~ Dude, where are the Metroids? ~Chaosky 90010/10
Samus is back and better than ever!chunkyliver120410/10
Polished and well done, with some expected flawsCloud01269/10
Keep on the sunny side...discoinferno848/10
Metroid Prime 2: In it's prime, but not for everyone...DKamikaze9/10
A conservative sophomore effort by Retro, but still a solid game.doktorsquidd7/10
Is MP2 really worth your money?ExtremeM659/10
See why my favorite game of all time didn't get a 10/10!gamelord129/10
As usual, Nintendo's big titles do not upset.gamerman55510/10
Is there anybody OUT THERE!?Genjuro Kibagami9/10
Not quite as good as the first, but good nonethelessgeno_168/10
An honest review from a longtime fanhorseguy5/10
Metroid Prime's a tough act to follow up, and while Echoes isn't revolutionary, it's a solid game that's worth your while to play.JD Fedule9/10
An interesting disappointment. Why?jwing7895/10
Add online multiplayer and you have perfection!j_the_best9/10
The sequel that didn't quite meet my expectationsKaramthulhu7/10
Metroid veterans will enjoy this game.LightGiver10/10
A great sequel, but doesn't live up to Metroid Prime.linkofhyrule5239/10
Erraaaa....Retro Studios....Errrraraaa.....Nintendo....errrrarrrr present the newest Metroid out now, But how does it stack up to the past?mooocooow029/10
I despise the taste of vomit.MSuskie6/10
..................Amazing, just amazingpapermariorulzs10/10
Who saw Metroid Prime and thought it was the best? Well, it got better.Phazon Monkey10/10
A much more difficult, polished, and mixed example of a sequelPlatyphyllis8/10
You gotta love Metroid Prime 2!Poalas8/10 still a great game.ShadowGuardian99/10
A solid sequel following the grand footsteps of Metroid Prime.slimmer9/10
It had the potential to be the best of 3, but is ultimatley just great.sneggid9/10
Insert "Echo" Pun here...TheRedneck148/10
Trite formulas, annoying micromanaging… It’s like the developers wanted this game to feel like a huge rehashTheSAMMIES5/10
Echoes will make you fear the dark, but for all the wrong reasons.UltimaterializerX7/10
Great Game, but it felt like Metroid Prime 1.5Wrath_ofda_Bees7/10
It's so hard not to recommend Echoes, because it's that goodZaleIsBackAgain9/10
A War of Light and DarknessZalu Ragar9/10
Too cool of a game to put down. (You can stop hugging your GameCube, now)Zero_Hero78910/10
Another epic journey through the eyes of the best bounty hunter in the galaxy -- Samus Aran.ZFS10/10
Not just a fantastic game, but a sequel truly deserving of ownershipzr12210/10
A Metroid game for Metroid fans. If you are not a Metroid fan, you will be taking a risk by buying this game._BloodRayne_4/10

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Metroid Prime 2 Review, nothing specialAlpha Gamer10/10
Difficult, but well worth your time…B_S_Bowser10/10
You Can't Argue With This Game When You've Got A Super Missle Aimed At YouDead Survivor9/10
The Best Metroid Game and the Best Prime By Fardonkeykongjr9/10
Prime/Fusion... fusionEkarderif9/10
The old Metroid Prime with some new twists.Espra008/10
A Game With Great Gameplay, But Lacks the Metroid Nostalgiagamemaster798/10
Yet another Gamecube classic.general5319/10
A very worthy followup to the Metroid traditionHeWhoYerfs9/10
An Amazing Addition to an Amazing FranchiseIllyion9/10
Beautiful.. Magnificent.. Rookie Retro knocks another one out of the park..ionicmind9/10
An excellent game, though kind of a let downKainHighwind12219/10
Metroid Prime 2 is easily the greatest game of all time, it has a great feel that is much like that of Super Metroidkts12310/10
A stellar follow-up to the unexpected hit, and a very worthwhile addition to the GC library.LegatoBluesommers9/10
Metroid Prime 2 Echoes= Must haveNeoGex7210/10
'Tis an awesome game indeed...omegachaos8/10
Best. Metroid. Ever. Period.pacokorn7710/10
Samus has come a long way, and her latest installment is possibly her greatist adventure yetPhazonInfuser10/10
They said this day would never come. What are they to say now?Punk In Drublic 1810/10
Sorry, I’m going to be ‘that guy’roadtosalvation7/10
A great sequel to a great game.SantaIsTheOne9/10
A more epic game of more epic proportionsShivan Reincarnated10/10
Not as good as the first, but better than mostShockna9/10
The only thing missing is the "wow" factorT Prime9/10
Two worlds. Two Samuses. One new adventure.Ultimate BumpyGrimes9/10
Nintendo does it again with this sequel, but the law of entropy did take effect.wiimaster4448/10
Just Like Metroid Prime 1, but slightly better. It was worth the wait.Yameneko5499/10

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