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Kirby Air Ride
General FAQ
Written by: Wolf4knowledge
COPYWRITE 2003 Wolf4knowledge
Version 0.4a   11/05/03

        - Content -

1.       Version History
2.       Introduction
3.       Game Info
4.       Air Ride Mode
 4a.     Controls
 4b.     Air Ride Machines
 4c.     Copy Ability
 4d.     Courses
5.       Top Ride Mode
 5a.     Controls
 5b.     Items
 5c.     Courses
6.       City Trial Mode
 6a.     Controls
 6b.     Items
 6c.     City Trial Events
 6d.     Stadiums
 6e.     Legendary Machines
7.       Unlockables/Checklist
8.       Contact Information
9.       Credits
10.      Copywrite Info

1.       - Version History -

0.4a  - 11/05/03 - Added some stuff

0.4   - 10/30/03 - Added some stuff in unlockables
                   Added some stuff in the sections

0.3a  - 10/29/03 - Added more unlockables
                   Fixed some spelling errors

0.3   - 10/28/03 - Added the City Trial Section
                   Added more unlockables

0.2a/b   -  10/25/03
            10/22/03 - Added more stuff to the unlockable list

0.2   - 10/21/03 - Fixed some errors
                   Added more stuff to the unlockable list

0.1   - 10/19/03 - First release lots of stuff missing

2.       -  Introduction -

This FAQ will explain the general basics and controls
to this game. I will also explain how to unlock all of
the secrets to this game. I'll go to level explaination
after a few updates.

3.       -  Game Info -

Name: Kirby Air Ride
Publisher: Nintendo
Developer: HAL Laboratory
Genre: Racing
# of players: 1-4
4 blocks to save
LAN Support (1-4 players only)

What is Kirby Air Ride?

Kirby Air Ride is Kirby's first GCN game and also features
Kirby's first racing game as well. Unlike other racing games
this game features Super-Easy controls because it only uses
the control stick and the A button. This game contains three
different modes each with 120 objectives to keep you busy for
a while. Each mode has their different way of playing.

4.      -  Air Ride Mode  -

This game mode gets you into intense and exciting 3-d racing
action! Copy your enemies' abilities

4a.   - Controls -

- Control Stick

Tilt Left and Right to steer

Tilt Down to raise the machines nose

Tilt Up to raise the machines nose

Tilt left then right quickly to do a Quick Spin

- A/L/R Button

Brakes but boosts once you let go the button

Auto fall when in the air

Inhales enemies

Uses some abilities power

Stop the routelle wheel

4b.  - Air Ride Machines -

Only the Warpstar in available at the start but you'll
unlock more as you progress through the game.

Warpstar - This machine has a good balance of basic capabilities

Swerve Star - This machine has two speeds: fast and stopped! It
              can change directions only during a boost, but it
              can accelerate to its top speed instantly

Bulk Star - This machine races using charged-up Boost power as
            fuel. It's very sturdy and can hit a very high speed,
            so learn how to fill you Boost Gauge

Rocket Star - The machine's normal speed isn't very fast, but if you
              hold down A to completely fill you Boost Gauge and then
              release it, the machine will do a massive charged-up

Winged Star - This machine has excellent flight ability, allowing
              you to glide through the air with ease.

Shadow Star - This machine has equally high levels of offensive and
              acceleration. You can do serious damage to your rivals
              by hurling yourself at them.

Slick Star - There's very little friction between this machine and the
             ground. It has tons of individuality, so try it out

Formula Star - This machine is incredibly powerful when touching the
               ground and boasts a very high top speed. When racing this
               machine, always try to maintain its top speed

Turbo Star - The Turbo Star's acceleration abilities and top speed are
             very advanced, but it has a unique control style that
             takes some experience to get used to.

Jet Star - This machine doesn't have a great deal of surface speed,
           but once in thr air, it'll get an unbelievable burst of

Wagon Star - This machine cannot Boost, but it makes up for it with
             other strengthened attributes.

Wheelie Bike - The motorbike only has one wheel. It always races along
               the surface, so its handling is a bit odd.

Wheelie Scooter - This machine has great acceleration but bad top

Rex Wheelie - Because of its heavy weight, real concentration and
              technique are required to race well. It boast high
              attributes in attacking and defending.

4c.    - Copy Abilities -

There are several abilities in this game which you can obtain
by inhaling enemies. Special enemies will give you an ability.
Inhaling two of these ability will give you the roulette wheel.
Press A to stop and get the ability shown.

Sword - This ability allows you to automatically attacks any
        enemies or rivals in front of you.

Tornado - This ability intensifies your Quick Spin and can be used
          with in the air. If you fully charge up you will do a
          Quick Spin attack

Wing - This ability allows Kirby to lift off his machine and sail
       around like a bird for a short period of time.

Freeze - Freeze allows you freeze rivals and enemies by pressing A.
         Frozen rivals will be immobilized

Bomb - This ability allows you to hurl a bomb with just the press of
       A. The longer you hold A the farther you throw it. Remember
       the explosion is HUGE

Plasma - This allows you to release a plasma bomb with the press of A.
         By moving the control stick around you can power up the plasma
         bomb up to five different attack levels

Needle - This ability allows you to attack rivals and enemies with the
         press of the A button.

Mike - This ability automatically attacks all nearby enemies and shortly
       immbolize rivals

Wheel - This ability will turn you into a wheel and gives boosted speed,
        acceleration, and turn.

Sleep - This ability will make Kirby go to sleep and becomes immbolize. To
        recover faster quickly move the control stick around. However if
        a rival touches you while you're asleep they'll fall asleep also.

4d.  - Courses -

Fantasy Meadows - Recommend Laps 3

Fantasy Meadows is a fairly straight course with very few hairpin turns.
It's best suited for machine with very high top speed

Celestial Valley - Recommend Laps 2

Celestial Valley's beautiful waterfalls and branching paths make it an
eye-pleasing place to race. Be sure to use many boost panels scattered
about to your advantage.

Sky Sand - Recommend Laps 2

This shifty course is filled with hidden traps and forks in the road.
When you spot a crab poking out of the sand, use it as a ramp to reach
an upper level with a hidden boost panel.

Frozen Hillside - Recommend Laps 2

It's easy to skid on this course because most of it is made of ice. Even
during boosts, your top speed will not decrease dramatically, so race
agressively and use the boost panels

Magma Flow - Recommend Laps 2

This course has lots of tight turns and a few forks in the road. Be
sure to drift around corners and experiment to find the fastest route
through the braching paths

Beanstalk Park - Recommend Laps 2

Beanstalk Park is bramming with braching paths and twisting rails. Be
sure to practice here a bit to find the fastest and best route.

Machine Passage - Recommend Laps 2

The industrial Machine Passage is home to Super-Tight turns. Keeps an eye
on the signs scattered throughout the course so the hairpin turns don't
catch you by surprise

Checker Knights - Recommend Laps 2

Checker Knights presents a wide variety of terrian and challenges. Use
every boost panel to your advantage and keep an eye out for buttons that
can change the course instantly.

Nebula Belt - Recommend Laps 2

This bizarre course features long straight-aways and no enemies. Machines
with high top speed are great choices for this course.

5.      -  Top Ride Mode -

Top Ride is an action-packed 2-D racing game in which up
to four players can enjoy a lighthearted race from a top-down
view. There is no Copy abilities availabe in Top Ride Mode.
Insread you complete using items that appear randomly on the

5a.     -  Controls  -

Depending on which machine you use the turning will be different.

Free Star - Your machine will go in whatever direction you tilt
            the control stick

Steer Star - Tilt the control stick left or right to revolve in
             that direction

Tilt the control stick in two opposite directions quicky
to do a quick spin

The A button is used for boosting with works the same way as
Air Ride Mode. It's also used for using certain items.

5b.     -  Items -

Items randomly appear on the course as you progress. Some
helps you while some don't. The chickie, who? paint, and
latern won't appear until you unlock the item. Using the
Quick Spin you can drop your items or knock items out of
your opponent. Some items can't be dropped by using Quick

Drill - Attaches to the front of your machine. Sends
        opponent Kirbys flying forward

Freeze Fan - Allows you to blow cold air on your opponents.
             Once frozen they're immobilzed for a short
             time. If you're frozen tilt the control stick
             quickly to recover faster

Buzz Saw - Attaches to the side of the machine. Sends
           opponent Kirbys flying away

Candy - Makes you temporary invincible

Big Cake - Makes your Kirby Huge. Crush other Kirbys
           by driving over them. If you're flat tilt
           the control stick quickly to recover faster.

Missile - Press A to use it. It chases down the Kirbys
          in front of you and blows them up

Walky - Makes Kirby yell into a Mic
        Attacks all Kirbys and makes them immbolized.
        If you're immbolized tilt the control stick
        quickly to recover faster

Bomb - Press A to throw a bomb. The longer you hold it
       the farther you throw it

Spinner - Allows you to use a spin attack after a boost.

Fire - Press A to leave a trail of fire

Party Ball - Lets out a bunch of items

Kracko - Creates Kracko.
         Attacks one or serveral Kirbys

Hammer - Gets a hammer and swings around your Kirby
         Attacks other Kirbys nearby

Speed Booster* - Speeds up your movement

Charge Booster* - Automatically charge up boost to max by
                  pressing A

Mine* - Press A to drop a mine.

Tire* - Slows down your movement

Cloud* - Press A to leave a trail of clouds.
         Other Kirbys will spin out if they run into it.

Chickie - Make 2 birds fly over each of the opponent Kirby's head
          They each become dizzy and totally immobilze without
          being able to recover faster.

Who? Paint - Makes all the other Kirbys transperant.

Latern - Makes the whole map black and only lights up
         the Kirby who got the item

Items with * means that I'm not sure whats the name of
the item.

5c.  - Courses -

Grass - Recommended laps 7

The ultra-short course will put your glidiing abilities to the test. Keep
and eye out for boost panels which appear randomly throughout the course.

Sand - Recommended laps 7

Sand is an intensely treacherous place to race. With huge sand pits,
crumbling bridges and massive sand monsters ready to swallow you, this
course will be quite an interesting one.

Sky - Recommended laps 6

This course has plenty of wild features along it route. If you boost
on one of its many shiny jump panels, you can cover more ground and sail
ppast your rivals.

Fire - Recommended laps 6

Falling rocks can ruin your turning, but steam geysers can give you
a lift and help you create some shortcuts.

Light - Recommended laps 6

Be on the lookout for thebrightly-lit arrows along the walls. When
you see one, steer into it to take a shortcut along an electric rail.

Water - Recommended laps 5

Tight turns and flooding passageway make the water course a real

Metal - Recommended laps 5

You have to race through this course while negotiating machine
parts like revolving sprockets. Your machine's top will be
affected by the direction these sprockets turn.

6.  -  City Trial  -

In this mode you roam around the city collecting as many
items as possible to power up your machine. Then head to
the Stadium to battle other players in various competitions.

6a    - Controls -

The controls are exact the same as Air Ride mode but you
can get off your machine while roaming the city

Press and hold down on the control stick and the A button
to jump off your machine.

While you are Kirby on foot move with the control stick and
press A to jump. Press A while in the air to puff up. Kirby
can puff up to five times while in the air.

6b    - Items -

Power-Up Items/Power-Down Items (found in blue boxes)

It's possible to increase your machine's capabilities. However,
if you take a gray item, your machine's capabilities will decrease.

Top Speed Patch - Increase top speed

Boost Patch - Adds acceleration power

Offensive Patch - Increase offensive power

Defense Patch - Adds defensive power

Charge Patch - Increases charge-up speed

Turn Patch - Increase turn speed

Flight Patch - Increase flight abilities

Weight Patch - Increase machine weight

HP Patch - Augments Damage Gauge

All Up Patch - Increase all abilities

Restore Items (found in blue boxes)

These items restore power and abilites to machine

Maxim Tomato - Restore Damage to 100%

Energy Drink - Restore some damage

Hamburger - Restore a little damage

Quick Fix Items (found in green boxes)

These items change a machine's capabilities.

Attack Up - Increases attack power

Defence Up - Increases defence power

Candy - Makes you invincible

No Charge - Nullifies charge-up ability

Speed Down - Lowers your speed

Special Offensive Items (found in green boxes)

These items let you do special offensive attacks

Panic Spin - Makes you Quick-spin

Sensor Bomb - Sets a motion-sensitive mine.

Gold Spike - Sets a huge, spiky gold ball

Fireworks - Automatically shoots fireworks rapidly

Copy Panels (Red Boxes)

Kirby will aquire the ability depending on with copy
panel he gets.

Machine Parts (all boxes)

Every so often there will be machine parts inside some of
the boxes. If you manage to collect three machine parts, you
will complete a legendary machine

6c.  - City Trial Events -

If you have the "Events" option on various events may happen in
the city. Here are the list of the events, their description,
the unlockables for this event and some other notes
(Thanks to GameTrekker for this section)

Title: Dyna Blade Cometh!
Description: Dyna Blade will suddenly appear in the vicinity of the
             "dilapidated houses". She's a really big metal bird. You
              can't miss 'em.
Unlockables: Two. First you can fly into Dyna Blade's head to hurt
             her, this will check off one block (Prize: sound test: Dyna
             Blade Intro).
             Second, sometimes Dyna Blade will start flying into the air.
             When she does this, she will teleport to another place in the
             city. Check the map in the corner of the screen to see where
             she'll reappear. If you drive to that spot, she'll land on you.
             It will probably destroy your machine, but at least you'll have
             another block complete on your checklist.
Cool stuff: Get ready for a splash of items when you ram her in the head.

Title: Danger! Danger! Meteor Alert!
Description: About five gigantic meteors will come falling from the sky and
             smashing into the city. Wherever they strike, they create an
             explosion bigger than themselves!
Unlockables: One. After the meteor event occurs five times, the block will
             automatically check off.
Cool stuff: Try getting hit by one of the meteors and see your machine destroyed
            in a fraction of a second!

Title: A Foggy Flogging
Description: A dense fog will roll into the city. Figuring out where you are and
             where items are becomes quite difficult.
Unlockables: None.
Cool stuff: Man, you really can't see in this stuff. You have to get really
            if you want any items during this event.

Title: The Item Bounce
Description: The items and boxes will get rubbery and start to bounce!
Unlockables: None.
Cool stuff: There's nothing "cool" about this one, it's just aggravating.
            Trying to time it so that you get to an item just as it hits the
            ground is no easy task!

Title: A Rowdy Charge
Description: Suddenly, everything will speed up! So fast! Too fast!
Unlockables: None.
Cool stuff: It's not easy to control a machine that's driving at ten times
            its original speed, but that speed comes with a side-effect: your
            offense will skyrocket as well. Good use of this event might allow
            you to destroy all of the "dilapidated houses"!

Title: The UFO Invasion
Description: A gigantic UFO will slowly fly over the city!
Unlockables: None.
Cool stuff: Most people don't quite understand the significance of this event.
           The object in not to fly into the green thing on the UFO's underside,
but to land on top of the UFO itself! How? Well, just get to the
in the sky" by way of the volcano, then fly off it and land on the
On top of the UFO are scores of items. You can even find the
all-up patches on UFOs. Careful, though. You don't want to fall off
you especially don't want to get any of those battery panels that
your machine act like the Rowdy Charge event was taking place. If
you do,
           you can kiss that UFO goodbye.

Title: The Mutated Item Invasion
Description: Some items will be fakes during this event! If you see a difference
             between an item you see and what it might normally look like, avoid
             it at all costs! Some of them can kill you!
Unlockables: None.
Cool stuff: There's no hidden objectives in this event, but it is kind of
            interesting to observe how the fake items differ from the real ones.

Title: Item Deja Vu
Description: Boxes will all contain the same items! Whoop-de-doo!
Unlockables: *see the "cool stuff"*
Cool stuff: This is usually a great opportunity to acquire ten of a specific
            item. Why would you want to do that? Well, there are a number of
            checklist blocks that say to find ten or more of a certain item
            during one match. This event will allow you to do that with whatever
            item ends up being in all those boxes.

Title: Tac, Wanted for Theft and Loitering
Description: Tac will appear in one of the underground parts of the city. Check
             the map to see where!
Unlockables: One. Hitting Tac with your machine will cause him to cough up some
             items. Steal eight or more from him to check off the block
             (Prize: sound test: Tac Challenge).
Cool stuff: Hit Tac enough and he'll start blasting off through the ceiling. Hit
            him as he's blasting off to receive an all-up patch!

Title: Magic Pillar
Description: A big, brightly colored pillar will appear somewhere in the city.
             Check the map to see where it is.
Unlockables: Two. After the pillar appears, get to it and break it within
             40 seconds to check off the block. Also, breaking five pillars will
check off another block (Prize: Sound test: When the Pillar
Cool stuff: Get ready for a shower of items after you break the pillar.

Title: City Hall Secret
Description: A hidden room in the city hall will open. If you don't know where
             city hall is, check the map when the event begins.
Unlockables : One. Enter the secret chamber after it opens to check off the
Cool stuff: There are five of the same item in this event-opened area! Get there
            before anyone else does for some serious upgrading!

Title: Restoration Area
Description: A large white panel will appear on the ground somewhere in the
             city. Check the map to see where it is.
Unlockables: One. Use up the restoration area to check off the block.
Cool stuff: How do you use up the restoration area? Well, the panel refills
            your health while you are on it. So, just damage your machine and
            have the restoration area refill your HP until the panel is gone.

Title: Stay in the Lighthouse Light
Description: The lighthouse will turn on. If you don't know where it is, check
             the map to find it.
Blocks checkable: None.
Cool stuff: The light of the lighthouse will slowly restore HP. That's about it.
            Do not bother with this event if you are full.

Title: Fire at the Grind-Rail Stations!
Description: The grind-rail stations will siddenly catch on fire!
Blocks checkable: None.
Cool stuff: Avoid the stations at all costs! If you are on a grind-rail
            when this event begins, consider yourself dead.

6d.   - Stadiums -

Here are the list of stadiums. Some needs to be unlocked though.
The thing in () tells how to unlock it
(Thanks to Plas Durock for this part)

1 Drag Race 1
2 Drag Race 2
3 Drag Race 3
4 Drag Race 4 (complete DR #3 under 00:27:00)
5 Air Gilder
6 Target Flight
7 High Jump
8 Kirby Melee 1
9 Kirby Melee 2 (destroy 75 enemies or more in KM #1 in one match)
10 Destruction Derby 1
11 Destruction Derby 2
12 Destruction Derby 3 (destroy your rivals 10 times or more in DD #2)
13 Destruction Derby 4 (destroy your rivals 5 times or more in DD #3)
14 Destruction Derby 5 (destroy your rivals 10 times or more in DD #4)
15 Single Race 1 Fantasy meadows
16 Single Race 2 Magma Flows
17 Single Race 3  Sky Sands
18 Single Race 4 Frozen Hillside
19 Single Race 5  Beanstalk Park
20 Single Race 6 Celestial Valley
21 Single Race 7 Machine Passage
22 Single Race 8 Checker Knights
23 Single Race 9 Nebula Belt (Play in over 10 stadium modes)
24 King Dedede

DR = Drag Race
KM = Kirby Melee
DD = Destruction Derby

6e.   - Legendary Machines -

As you roam around the city you may find machine parts. If you
collect 3 you will build one of the following machines.

Dragoon - This legendary machine rips through the sky. It boasts
          incredible flying abilities

Hydra - This legendary machine was born to battle. It boasts
        incredible attack and defense power. However it consumes
        a great deal of Boost power during the race.

If you unlock all 3 pieces of a machine in the checklist, you'll
be able to select it in FREE RUN mode ONLY!

7. Unlockables/CheckList

Right now I'm only going to list the Red checks (unlockables)
Air Ride and City Trial unlockables are not complete. Top Ride
is complete. For those who doesn't know Sound Test means the
original level's soundtrack while Music means the alternative.
To switch to alternative music (once you unlock it) for Air and
Top Ride ALL PLUGGED IN CONTROLLERS must hold either X or Y while
selecting the stage. In city mode you must hold X or Y then press

    Incomplete Air Ride Mode List

White Kirby: Finish 2 laps in Celestial Valley under 02:20:00
Purple Kirby: Finish 2 laps in Beanstalk in under 02:18:00
Green Kirby: Swallow Sword 3 times or more and take 1st place
Brown Kirby: In SKY SANDS do 1 lap under 01:05:00 with Bulk Star
             in FREE RUN
Meta-Knight: Have a total fly time of 30 minutes
King DeDeDe: Defeat 1000 or more enemies
Wagon Star: In any mode other than free run reach the goal a total
            of 3 times
Winged Star: Finish in 1st place while flying through the air
Formula Star: Finish Frozen Hillside under 03:14:00 in TIME ATTACK MODE
Turbo Star: Use all the volcano rails and in finish 1st place
Slick Star: Finish 2 laps in Checker Knights under 03:05:00
Swerve Star: Finish 2 laps in Sky Sands under 02:05:00
Jet Star: Race over 4,500ft under 02:00:00 in Machine Passage (Time Mode)
Bulk Star: Finish CELESTIAL VALLEY in under 03:20:00 in TIME ATTACK MODE
Shadow Star: Defeat 10 or mode enemies using the Quick Spin
Rocket Star: Finish one lap in under 01:05:00 in MACHINE PASSAGE in FREE
Wheelie Bike: Race all of the standard Air Ride courses
Wheelie Scooter: Start the final lap in 4th place and move to 1st to win
Rex Wheelie: Defeat over 100 enemies using the exhaled star
New Course: Nebula Belt: Race over 100 laps
Sound Test: Fantasy Meadow: Finish 1 lap in FANTASY MEADOW in uder 00:21:00
                            on FREE RUN MODE
Sound Test: Sky Sands: Finish Sky Sands under 03:10:00 in TIME ATTACK MODE
Sound Test: Frozen Hillside: Finish 1 lap in FROZEN HILLSIDE in under 00:58:00
                             on FREE RUN MODE
Sound Test: Magma Flows: Race over 4,800 feet under to minutes in MAGMA
                         FLOWS (time mode)
Sound Test: Machine Passage: Finish Machine Passage under 03:10:00 in TIME
            ATTACK MODE
Sound Test: Result Screen: Make your lap time's last two digits the
Music: Fantasy Meadow: Finish FANTASY MEADOW under 01:00:00 in TIME ATTACK
Music: Celestial Valley: Over one race, ride on both left and right bridge
                         railing in CELESTIAL VALLEY
Music: Sky Sands: Open the trapdoor exactly 3 times and finish 1st in SKY
Music: Frozen Hillside: Finish 2 laps in FROZEN HILLSIDE in under 01:56:00
Music: Magma Flow: Finish Magma Flow under 03:20:00 in TIME ATTACK MODE

Music: Beanstalk Park: Finish Beanstalk Park under 02:55:00 in TIME ATTACK
Music: Machine Passage: Shoot 3 characters out of the cannon at one time in
                        MACHINE PASSAGE
Music: Checker Knights: Use the spin pangels 7 times or more and take 1st
                        place in CHECKER KNIGHTS
Music: Nebula Belt: Race over 300 laps
Check off an empty box: Use the Copy Chance wheel on top of the tree in
                        CELESTIAL VALLEY
Check off an empty box: Bump in the flaming dragon in MAGMA FLOWS
Check off an empty box: Swallow 200 or more enemies
Check off an empty box: Beat all of the corals and finish 1st
                        place in SKY SANDS
Check off an empty box: In one game, drop from the cliff 3 times
Bonus Movie: Special Machine Intros: Glide for more than 1 hour

  COMPLETED Top Ride Mode List

White Kirby: Finish 1st 5 seconds faster than #2
Green Kirby: Cross the goal 20 or more times
Brown Kirby: Take 1st place in SKY when the CPU is set to lv5
Purple Kirby: Compete in more than 50 multiplayer races
Extra Rule: Diagonal Camera Angle: Take 1st place on all courses
Extra Rule: Mystery Item Set: In Top Ride race one lap without hitting a
                              wall and finish 1st
Extra Rule: Side Camera Angle: In FREE RUN do one lap in under 00:10:50
                               in WATER
Extra Rule: Attack Item Set: In TIME ATTACK finish WATER in under 00:56:00
Extra Rule: Device Quantify: Take 1st and enter the falls 5 times or more
            in WATER
Sound Test: Result Screen: In FREE RUN do one lap under 00:07:50 in LIGHT
Sound Test: Grass: Take 1st place in GRASS without using any items
Sound Test: Sand: Take 1st place in SAND without using Boost
Sound Test: Metal: Take 1st and break 5 or more walls in METAL
Sound Test: Water: Finish 5 laps in under 01:02:00 in Top Ride
Sound Test: Fire: Take 1st place 10 times or more in FIRE
Sound Test: Sky: Take 1st and hit the isle Knob 5 or more times in SKY
Sound Test: Light: Race more than 100 laps in LIGHT
Music: Grass: Finish 1st and hit 5 or more Dash Panel in GRASS
Music: Sand: Finish SAND in under 00:29:00 in Time Attack
Music: Water: Finish 1st 5 seconds faster than #2 in WATER
Music: Fire: Finish 1st while holding the fire item in FIRE
Music: Metal: Take 1st place in METAL without using boost
Music: Light: Finish LIGHT in under 00:33:00 in Time Attack
Music: Sky: In FREE RUN do one lap in under 00:09:00 in SKY
New Item: Chickie: Get over 18 different types of items
New Item: Who? Paint: Collect 500 items or more
New Item: Lantern: Finish 1st on all courses without using items
Check off an empty box: Finish all courses without using boost
Check off an empty box: Cause a huge eruption 3 times or more in FIRE
Check off an empty box: Finish GRASS under 00:33:00 in Time Attack Mode
Check off an empty box: Drop into the Ant Doom 50 times or more in SAND
Check off an empty box: Take 1st and grind the rail 5 times or more in LIGHT
Ending: Fill in over 100 Checklist Blocks

      Incomplete City Trial mode list

Purple Kirby: Break a CPU's machine 5 times or more in the city
Brown Kirby: Complete Drag Race 2 with wing star under 00:27:00
White Kirby: Complete both Dragoon and Hydra in one race
King Dedede: Completed stadium #24 under 1 minute
Meta-Knight: Destroy 1000 boxes or more
New Stadium: Single Race (Nebula Belt): Play in over 10 stadium modes.

Sound Test: City Trial: Drive a total of 30 minutes in FREE RUN MODE
Sound Test: Rowdy Charge Tank: Finish DRAG RACE 1 in 00:20:00 or less.
Sound Test: Item Bounce: Pick up a total of over 100 items
Sound Test: Tac Challange: Steal over 8 items from TAC by yourself
Sound Test: Dyna Blade Intro: Do some damage to Dyna Blade
Sound Test: Air Glider: Stay airborne longer than 30 seconds in AIR GLIDER
Sound Test: Legendary Air Ride Machine Change Air Ride Machine 10 times of
            more in FREE RUN
Sound Test: Whats in the box?: Defeat 30 enemies or more in Kirby Melee 2
            in one match
Sound Test: Target Flight: In TARGET FLIGHT gilde for more than 15 seconds
Sound Test: Huge Pillar: Break the pillar a total of 5 times
Sound Test: Dense Fog: Break more than 500 boxes
Sound Test: Station Fire: Destroy a Slick star while riding a Formula
            Star in CITY TRIAL MODE
Sound Test: Kirby Melee: Defeat 40 enemies or more in KIRBY MELEE 2
Sound Test: The Lighthouse lights: Destroy a Warpstar while riding a
            Swerve Star in CITY TRIAL MODE
Sound Test: Flying Meteor: Have the event "Meteor Alert" happen a total
                           of three times
Sound Test: Drag Race: Complete DRAG RACE 4 in under 00:19:00
Music: City: Pick up 1000 items or more
Bonus: Pause Screen Power-Ups: Pick up a total of over 500 items
Dragoon Part A: Jump higher than 1,000 ft in HIGH JUMP
Dragoon Part B: During one game, fly through the rings in the sky 5 times
                or more
Dragoon Part C: Fly more than 1,300 ft. in AIR GLIDER
Dragoon in Free Run mode: Obtain Dragoon Part A, B, and C
Check off an empty block: Bust all the rocks on the field in Destruction
                          Derby 1
Hydra Part X: In one race destroy all the gray building.
Hydra Part Y: Defeat a total of 150 rival or more in Destruction Derby
Hydra Part Z: Defeat a total of 1,500 enemies in Kirby Melee
Hydra in Free Run mode: Obtain Hyrda Part X, Y, and Z

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