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|-|-|-|-[Metal Gear Solid:]-|-|-|-|
|-|-|-|-[The Twin Snakes]-|-|-|-|
[0.0] Sections:

[0.0] Sections
[1.0] Copyright Information
[2.0] Introduction
[3.0] Walkthrough: Disc One
 [3.1] Cargo Dock
  [3.1.0] Item Get!
  [3.1.1] Stealth is Important
 [3.2] Heliport
  [3.2.0] Choosing the Best Way
  [3.2.1] Stun Grenade, Yes Or No?
  [3.2.2] Funk in the Trunk!
  [3.2.3] Choose Your Destiny
 [3.3] Tank Hangar
  [3.3.0] If...
   [] You Took the Lower Vent
   [] You Took the Upper Vent
  [3.3.1] The Most Important Thing
 [3.4] Holding Cells
  [3.4.0] Cutscenes Galore
  [3.4.1] Rookie
 [3.5] Armory
  [3.5.0] Stocking Up
  [3.5.1] Fun With C4
 [3.6] Armory South
  [3.6.0] More Fun With C4
  [3.6.1] Boss: Revolver Ocelot
 [3.7] Backtrack
  [3.7.0] What Package?
  [3.7.1] Lazers Ahoy!
 [3.8] Canyon
  [3.8.0] Bobbing for Mines
  [3.8.1] Boss: M1 Tank
 [3.9] Nuke Building F1
  [3.9.0] Neutralized
 [3.10] Nuke Building B1
  [3.10.0] This Place Looks Like a Hotel
 [3.11] Nuke Building B2
  [3.11.0] Fun With Nikita
 [3.12] Laboratory
  [3.12.0] Boss: Ninja
 [3.13] Backtrack V2
  [3.13.0] Finding Meryl
  [3.13.1] Boss: Shadow Mantis
 [3.14] Caves
  [3.14.0] Slaughter
 [3.15] Underground Passage
  [3.15.0] Mining!
 [3.16] Another Backtrack?
  [3.16.0] Boxing It Up
 [3.17] Battle of Snipers
  [3.17.0] Boss: Sniper Wolf (1)
 [3.18] Torture
  [3.18.0] Fun With Button-Mashing
[4.0] Walkthrough: Disc Two
 [4.1] Communication Tower A
  [4.1.0] I'm Getting Dizzy
  [4.1.1] Antics
  [4.1.2] Thermal Time
 [4.2] Communication Tower B
  [4.2.0] Patience
  [4.2.1] Boss: Hind D
  [4.2.2] Elevator Hijinks
 [4.3] Snowfield
  [4.3.0] Boss: Sniper Wolf (2)
 [4.4] Blast Furnace
  [4.4.0] Pickups-A-Plenty
 [4.5] Cargo Elevator
  [4.5.0] Flying Like Ravens
 [4.6] Warehouse
  [4.6.0] Boss: Vulcan Raven
 [4.7] Warehouse North
  [4.7.0] Filler Content
 [4.8] Underground Base
  [4.8.0] Get to the Top
  [4.8.1] I Smell a Rat
  [4.8.2] Temperature Changing
  [4.8.3] Boss: Metal Gear Rex (1)
  [4.8.4] Boss: Metal Gear Rex (2)
  [4.8.5] Boss: Liquid Snake
 [4.9] Escape Route
  [4.9.0] Master of Puppets
[5.0] Version History
[6.0] Thanks, Contributers, Credits and Contact Information
 [6.1] Game
 [6.2] Guide
 [6.3] Contact Information

[1.0] Copyright Information

This document is copyright 2004 Matt Rawle. This FAQ is the property of me
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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes is copyright 1986, 2004 Konami Computer
Entertainment Japan.

[2.0] Introduction

Warning: This guide contains spoilers.

Hey there, and welcome to Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes. This is a remake
of the original Metal Gear Solid for the Sony Playstation, and this game has
been remade for the Nintendo Gamecube. This is a tactical stealth game, and you
will have to hide yourself well to do well in this game. The Metal Gear
franchise has always been a good one, and this game is no disapointment. I hope
you enjoy playing Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes as much as I have. For the
effect of streamlining this guide, all Codec sequences and cutscenes will be
omitted. Some of them can get pretty lengthy.

- TwinRaven, 3/13/04

[3.0] Walkthrough: Disc One

						|-|-|-|-[3.1]Cargo Dock-|-|-|-|

[3.1.0] Item Get!:

You start the game in the lower left hand corner of this area. Head back into
the water and head to the left for some rations. There are tons of rations in
this first level, and while you may not necassarily need them, this is a good
time to stock up. After you get the rations, head back up the surface, then
drop back into the water again. Head far right until you get the Transmitter.
This baby allows you to scout enemy positions, but it's only useful if you are
using a normal Nintendo Gamecube controller. So, this won't work with a
Wavebird. Head up the stairs near the Transmitter to get to the surface. Trek
back down under water and head back to the starting point. Go behind the crates
and you will get an M9. This little gun will serve you well in the first few
levels. Crawl under the thing next to the pipes.

Important to note is that the M9 isn't in the same place in all difficulty

[3.1.1] Stealth is Important:

If you did this right, Snake should be in first person view. Equip the M9 and
be patient for a few seconds and you should see an enemy soldier start walking
towards you. He can't see you, but you can take him out. Line up the lazer on
either of his legs. When you're lined up, shoot him. He'll go down without a

When he's down, stand up and sneak along the right wall. When you're at the
end, peek out to see if the other guard is in your line of sight. If he is,
jump out and pop him with a bullet. If he's not, go right and slide up against
that wall. Wait until the guard comes in your field of vision and then pop him.

Head down and then right from where you just were. You should see some pipes
and a ration. Crawl under to get it, then crawl back out from under. Unequip
the M9 and shake either of the soldiers. This can be accomplished by pressing A
near any fallen or dead soldier. I would recommend shaking each one 10 times,
just to make sure they have nothing left.

Go to the upper left corner of this room. Open the leftmost locker for some M9
ammo, and the rightmost locker for some Stun Grenades. The middle one won't
open, so don't worry. By now, the elevator should have come down. Before you
ride up the elevator, go behind the cherry picker to find a ration. Enter the
elevator and ride it up to the heliport.


[3.2.0] Choosing the Best Way:

DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attempt to get the Chaff Grenade on the landing pad
just yet. Instead, make a left and head to the left side of the elevator to get
some Rations. The best way through this level is to go around the landing pad
on the right side near the crates. An enemy patrols here, so take him out as
easily as you can. I suggest sliding against one of the crates, and popping him
with a bullet when he's in your field of vision. On the right side of these
crates there is a ration. Next to the stairs, there is a security camera. Slide
against the wall under the security camera to bypass it. If there are any
enemies immediately in your line of vision, take them out.

[3.2.1] Stun Grenade, Yes Or No?:

There is another camera at the extreme top left of this room. Try your best to
avoid it. Take out any enemies you see, and there should be an open door to
your left. It enters into a small room that contains a Grenade, but also a
security camera. If you don't think it's worth the risk, then skip to the next

Getting the Grenade is actually a lot easier then it sounds. Slide up against
the top wall as far as you can. Crawl around the boxes so the camera can't see
you. Go to the left of the room and open the left locker. There's nothing in
the right one. Crawl around the boxes again and bypass the camera.

[3.2.2] Funk in the Trunk!:

After you got your Stun Grenade (or didn't), head slowly towards the trunk with
the open trunk, taking out any enemies you see. Hop into the trunk and head
behind the crate. You'll get a Socom, which is a step up from the M9. Exit the
trunk and.....

[3.2.3] Choose Your Destiny:

There are two ways to get into the tank hangar. You can crawl into the small
vent in the top left corner of the area, or you can backtrack your way up the
stairs. In the left corner vent, you will be dealing with water, which can sap
your health pretty quickly if you're not careful. I would recommend taking the
stairs way myself.

Head up the stairs and head as far as you can left. You'll see an enemy guard,
and don't hesitate to drop him. You should see a small ventalation shaft in one
of the walls from where you are. Crouch down and enter it.

						|-|-|-|-[3.3]Tank Hangar-|-|-|-|	

[3.3.0] If...:

[] You Took the Lower Vent:

Follow the vent forward. Turn right at the fork and be ready to go under some
water. If you lose any health, you can choose whether to use a ration or not.
Follow the shaft to the end and you should come out on the floor.

[] You Took the Upper Vent:

Follow the vent all the way to the end. When you get to the open hole in the
vent, press Y to climb down the ladder.

[3.3.1] The Most Important Thing:

If you see any enemies where you are, take them out. You can't go in any of the
doors right now, so don't try. Attempt to bypass the security cameras, but it
you can't (it's pretty hard), don't worry about it. If you were on the bottom,
go behind the stairs and get the Socom ammo, then climb up the stairs. Head
around the room using the catwalk and go into the open room. If you were on
top, you can go straight into the open room without having to kill too many
people. Go to the very end of this room for the Thermal Goggles.

[3.3.2] Nothing Left to do... Yet:

After you get the Thermal Goggles, head back downstairs. If you came out on
top, get the ammo behind the stairs. Head to the elevator control panel and
press Y to call it. Wait for a few seconds and it will open. Go in the elevator
and go to the keypad on the lower left corner. The keypad should automatically
pop up on screen when you're close enough. Move the control stick/control pad
up/down to control the keys. For right now, you want to go to B1: the Holding

						|-|-|-|-[3.4]Holding Cells-|-|-|-|

[3.4.0] Cutscenes Galore:

Head straight down the corridor. Head right from there and you'll see a vent
and a ladder. Go in the vent if you want a ration, but don't go much farther
then that. Climb up the ladder, and go through the vent. If you want, you can
turn left off the main vent shaft to see a cutscene and get some M9 ammo. Head
back to the main shaft to see two more cutscenes.

[3.4.1] Rookie:

Climb under the bed for some rations if you want. Wait a few seconds and the
door will open. You'll be treated to another cutscene. After that cutscene,
enemies will swarm in the door. Shoot them at the beginning, until you see
another cutscene telling the soldier to shoot. The soldier can shoot now. Watch
out for the guy who waits outside the door, because he'll throw grenades in the
room. When all the enemies are dead, you'll see another cutscene. Head down and
left to the locker for some ammo if you need it, and go into the door on the
right for a book and some ammo. Exit and head back to the elevator. Head down
to B2: the Armory.


[3.5.0] Stocking Up:

Turn on the Thermal Goggles when you're off the elevator. See those red squares
on the floor? Avoid them, they're booby-traps that will send you plummeting to
your death. There are two rows of rooms here. In the first row, head in the
middle room for some C4. Open the lockers, too, because there's some there.
Head down to the next row and enter the leftmost room. Fill up on Grenades and
head right to the next room. Stock up on Socom ammo.

[3.5.1] Fun With C4:

Go to the lower left corner of the room. Now, remember when the DARPA Cheif
told you that they hadn't finished painting? Look for a concrete surface and
lay a C4 there. Detonate it and head into the next room.

						|-|-|-|-[3.6]Armory South-|-|-|-|

[3.6.0] More Fun With C4:

Head through the next few rooms, blowing up the walls that are cracked. In the
very last room, there are two cracked walls. Ignore the right one for now and
blow up the top one. A cutscene will ensue.

[3.6.1] Boss: Revolver Ocelot:

Boss: Revolver Ocelot
Recommended Weapon: Socom
Special Conditions: Don't touch the wires!
Difficulty: Insanely Easy

You have a square room to run around. Run around the room until Ocelot expends
all his ammo, then shoot him as he's reloading. If you have little health left,
use a ration. That's what they're there for. It'll take around 8-10 hits to
kill him. When the battle's over, a series of cutscenes will ensue.


[3.7.0] What Package?:

Head back through the door to the Armory. There should be guards there now, so
take them out. Head into the rightmost bottom room. There are lazers here that
will activate if you go through them, so crawl until you reach the Famas. Pick
up everything in this room, making sure to crawl under the lazers both times.
Head back up the elevator to the Tank Hangar, and Codec the Colonal. He'll
suggest you look on the back of the package for Meryl's Codec. What package,
you might ask? I'll admit, this frustrated me, too. He means the back of the
game package. If it's not nearby, the number is 140.15. Codec her and she says
she'll open the Level-5 door for you. Make sure not to be spotted by the guards
or the cameras; if you are, the door will close and you'll have to restart.

[3.7.1] Lazers Ahoy!:

You'll have to be careful to dodge the lazers in this part. If you trip one, a
cutscene ensues, and you die. There are two ways to go about finding the
position of the lazers:

1) Shoot the fire extinguisher at the oppisite end of the room.
2) Use your thermal goggles.

Method one is easier. At the end of the room, open the door to get access to
the Canyon.


[3.8.1] Bobbing for Mines:

When you enter the canyon, turn on your thermal goggles and start crawling.
There are four mines in this area and if you step on them, they blow up.
However, if you crawl up to them, you'll pick them up. Get past this to start...

[3.8.2] Boss: M1 Tank:

Boss: M1 Tank
Recommended Weapon: Grenade
Special Conditions: Two enemies to defeat.
Difficulty: Moderately Easy

There are two ways you could go about this, however, the first one works better.

1) Pull out your grenades. Aim for the hole in the tank. If you hit, you should
get a little grenade-in-hole cutscene. However, you can not get this and still
damage the tank. Just keep doing this while dodging the tank for a quick and
easy victory.

2) This strategy is a little more difficult. When the gunner pops out, shoot
them with any gun you have. This strategy takes longer to work, and you're at a
greater risk of losing health.

After the battle is over, you'll see Snake have a little fear-me-I-am-badass
cutscene. You will then enter the Nuke Building.

						|-|-|-|-[3.9]Nuke Building F1-|-|-|-|

[3.9.0] Neutralized:

You'll start out on top of a ramp. Run down it and crawl under the door to get
into the main room. While you're in first person mode, use your M9 to take out
the two guards on the floor. Take the one that walks right by the door out
first, and then wait until the other one is behind the trunk to take him out.
There's lots of ammo in this room, but don't set off the cameras or the room
will fill with gas. When you're ready to leave, head up the left set of stairs.
You could go up the right if you want, but you would have to set off a Chaff
Grenade to dismantle the cameras. Take out the final guard and take the

						|-|-|-|-[3.10]Nuke Building B1-|-|-|-|

[3.10.0] This Place Looks Like a Hotel:

There are two things you can do here:

1) You can head to the left and go in the washroom. Take out the guard using
the urinal and stash him in one of the stalls. Wait for the other guard to come
in and repeat.

2) Head straight from the elevator to go in the ammo room. Take out the guard
in this room, then get the Nikita and ammo and head to the bathroom.

The Nikita is absolutely required for the next section, so make sure you pick
it up. There's a ration in the bathroom if you need it.

						|-|-|-|-[3.11]Nuke Building B2-|-|-|-|

[3.11.0] Fun With Nikita:

This section is pretty complicated, so pay attention. From the elevator, go
down into the room, and then go down into the next room. Pay close attention to
the cutscene on where the fuse box is. There's gas in this room, so you'll have
to do this fairly quickly. You'll have to fire the missle so it hits the fuse
box generator, so be careful. In a nutshell, the route is:

1) Fire the missle down the corridor you're standing in.
2) Turn right at the first turn.
3) Make another right into the laboratory.
4) Make a left at the very end of the laboratory.
5) Make a right into the hole in the wall at the back of the laboratory.
6) Make a right into the vent shaft where the ration is.
7) Turn left and then crash the missle into the generators.

If you want to now, you can run through the missle route to get a ration and
some ammo. When you're finished here. Head left at the end of the starting
hallway to see a nice little cutscene involving Ninja. Head through the door he
went through to get to the...


[3.12.0] Boss: Ninja:

Boss: Ninja
Recommended Weapon: Melee Combat
Special Conditions: Halfway through, he'll cloak himself.
Difficulty: Insanely Easy

After you see a cutscene with Emmerich pissing himself and stuffing himself in
a locker, you'll fight Ninja. You can try to hurt him with bullets, but he'll
just dodge. He insists you use hand to hand combat, and so you shall. Beat him
up any way you like, but be sure to dodge his attacks. Also, somersault
frequently to dodge. Halfway through the battle he'll cloke himself and he'll
teleport around the room. You just have to find him and punch him a few times
for him to recloak and move to a different location. He'll move back to hand to
hand combat before too long. Fight him until he is defeated. A cutscene will

						|-|-|-|-[3.13]Backtrack V2-|-|-|-|

[3.13.0] Finding Meryl:

Now it's time to go and find Meryl. Backtrack to the elevator and go to Nuke
Building B1. Head into the room straight across from the elevator and shoot the
guard with a M9 bullet. The guard, who is actually Meryl, will let out a
scream. She'll fall down, but then revive and run to the bathroom on the right
in a few seconds. Make sure you have the second cardboard box from one of the
rooms on the left before you leave. Follow her and a cutscene will ensue. When
you're finished the cutscene, head to the Level-5 security door. Another
cutscene will ensue, with Phycho Mantis taking over Meryl. That sets the stage

[3.13.1] Boss: Phycho Mantis:

Boss: Phycho Mantis
Recommended Weapon: Anything
Special Conditions: Can someone say confusing?
Difficulty: Moderate

The entire basis of this battle is that Mantis can supossedly "read" your
controller port, and doing so will let him not be hurt by you. You'll have to
switch your controller to either the third or fourth port so that you can keep
him on his toes. He'll start the battle by having a black screen come up with
the word Hideo in the right hand corner. This pauses the game and is only meant
for confusion, so take this oppertunity to change your controllers port to
three or four. Now you can attack him. Mantis has four attacks you have to
watch out for: He'll throw fire bolts at you, he'll summon chairs to spin
around the room, he'll summon a statue to spin around the room, and he'll make
the books and the portraits on the wall fly off. Whenever Hideo comes up,
change your controller port and you'll have him beat in no time. About halfway
through, he'll make Meryl try to kill herself or attack you. When he does this,
use some M9 bullets to knock her out and continue fighting Mantis until you are
victorious. If Hideo doesn't appear long enough, pauseing and switching your
controller port works, too. Some interesting facts about this boss fight:

- This is the only boss fight completely retooled for Metal Gear Solid: The
Twin Snakes.

- Mantis will read your memory card, and mention that you have data from
certain games. These games are Super Mario Sunshine, The Legend of Zelda: The
Wind Waker, Eternal Darkness, or Super Smash Bros. Melee.

- Interesting to note that either Nintendo of Japan or Silicon Knights made all
these games.

- The portraits of the people in the office are (from left to right): Shigaru
Miyamoto (President of Nintendo of Japan), Hideo Kojima (The producer of Metal
Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes, among other Metal Gear Games) and Denis Dyack
(President of Silicon Knights)

- The Hideo black screen attack is an obvious reference to Hideo Kojima,
producer of Medal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.

Be sure to loot Mantis's corpse for his dog tags. Go through the door on the
other side of the bookcase to get to the next area.


[3.14.0] Slaughter:

Go right from the starting point, then go up to get a ration. Go down from
there to get some socom ammo if you need it. Head up the other fork in the road
and crawl under the ledge. Throw a stun grenade to stun the wolves, who would
attack you normally. At the fork, go right. If you already have the sniper
rifle, pick up the ammo along the way. If you don't, we'll get to that in just
a second. Move through the caves (it's pretty much a linear path), and crawl
under the right wall at the dead end. Meryl will be on the other side. Go
through the door.

						|-|-|-|-[3.15]Underground Passage-|-|-|-|

[3.15.0] Mining!:

You can do two things here. You can either:

1) Take the path that Meryl did through the mines.
2) Crawl through the field and pick up the mines.

I would use the second option, but the choice is yours. You'll see a nice
little cutscene involving Meryl getting shot at by Sniper Wolf. If you already
picked up the sniper rifle, skip to section [3.17]. The following section will
assume that you did not.

						|-|-|-|-[3.16]Another Backtrack?-|-|-|-|

[3.16.0] Boxing It Up:

You remember that cardboard box that you got when you got the famas? This is
where you'll need to use it. Go back through the caves, using stun grenades on
the wolves. Heas back to Nuke Building B1, and take the elevator up to Nuke
Building 1F. Take out any enemies you see, and chaff any cameras that you need
to. Hop in the back of the truck and equip the box. Don't move and eventually
you'll see a cutscene. The truck will take you to the truck in the heliport.
From here, make your way inside the tank hangar and drop down two floors to get
to the armory. Open up the level five door and get the PSG-1 sniper rifle. Go
back to the heliport and merely repeat the trick with the truck, except this
time use the Nuke Building box. Make your way back through the caves and to the
Underground Passage. If you disregarded me and did not pick up the nuke
building box, you have a long road ahead of you.

						|-|-|-|-[3.17]Battle of Snipers-|-|-|-|

[3.17.0] Boss: Sniper Wolf (1):

Boss: Sniper Wolf
Recommended Weapon: PSG-1
Special Conditions: See Below
Difficulty: Easy

If you already had the sniper rifle, the special conditions are that you have
to protect Meryl. If you didn't, Meryl will be gone and you can duke it out
with Sniper Wolf toe to toe. Her movement pattern is fairly easy. The best
thing to do is crouch and pull out the PSG-1. She'll be on the second floor, so
cement her position and shoot. She'll move to a different place, so merely
follow her with your scope and repeat. You'll defeat her soon enough. After you
beat her, move toward the communications tower, watching out for the
auto-turret cameras. When you get to the end, you'll get a nice little cutscene.


[3.18.0] Fun With Button-Mashing:

You'll go through a torture session with Ocelot. Repeatedly press A to keep
yourself alive. If your health runs out, the game is over, and if you submit by
pressing Start, it will effect the ending of the game. After two sessions, call
Otacon. After the guard leaves, he'll come and bring the stuff you need to bust
yourself out. Use the ketchup, and the guard will come rushing in. Take him out
and go left and up. Collect your things from the torture room, then use a chaff
grenade to disable the auto-turret camera. Head through the door on the upper
right to leave and go into the Holding Cells. Use a chaff grenade to disable
the auto-turret cameras, then take the elevator up to the Tank Hangar. You can
either use the box trick to go back to the Nuke Building, or you can trek it
out on foot. Regardless, go back to the Underground Passage and head through
the door. Put in Disc Two to continue.

[4.0] Walkthrough: Disc Two

						|-|-|-|-[4.1]Communication Tower A-|-|-|-|

[4.1.0] I'm Getting Dizzy:

Head through the hallway, and make sure to get the rope. You'll come to a long
staircase. Climb it, shooting down the guards with your Famas. When you reach
the door, Otacon will tell you that you'll have to go to the roof. Head to the
very top of the staircase and climb up the ladder.

[4.1.1] Antics:

Head through the door, and Liquid Snake will be waiting there in the Hind D.
He'll mess up the walkway to the other tower, so you'll have to rappel down the
tower. To rappel, equip the rope and go to the top right corner of the tower
(across from where the stairs are). You'll play a fun little game where you'll
rappel down the tower while Liquid shoots at you. If your grip meter reaches
the end, you die. However, you can refill your grip meter by standing on one of
the ledges. Make your way down to the bottom for a cutscene.

[4.1.2] Thermal Time:

You'll land on the walkway. Equip the thermal goggles to see that there are
three enemies waiting at the other side of the walkway. You can deal with them
any way you like, but I personally would use a Nikita missle. Head down to the
end of the walkway, then head through the door.

						|-|-|-|-[4.2]Communication Tower B-|-|-|-|

[4.2.0] Patience:

You'll find you're stuck on the one floor. Be patient and Otacon will come.
He'll talk to you, and then you can head up the stairs. Be sure to utalize your
first person view, because there are up to four auto-turret cameras on some
floors. Throw Chaff Grenades to bypass them. When you reach the top, grab the
Stinger Missile Launcher and load up on ammo, then head up the ladder to
confront the Hind.

[4.2.1] Boss: Hind D:

Boss: Hind D
Recommended Weapon: Stinger Missile Launcher
Special Conditions: None
Difficulty: Moderate

I found the best place to stand for this battle was the space after you come
through the door. Equip the Stinger Missle Launcher and wait for it to lock on.
Fire until the Hind is defeated. At the end of the battle, it will launch a
missle at you. Either dive out of the way or prepare for massive damage.

[4.2.2] Elevator Hijinks:

Trace your steps back down the spiral staircase, Chaffing the auto-turret
security cameras, until you reach the elevator. The elevator will work now, so
get in. Otacon will send you a desperate message about there being cloked
enemies in the elevator. You can see them easily, so take them out. When you
reach the bottom, go through the hallway to get to the next area.


[4.3.0] Boss: Sniper Wolf (2):

Boss: Sniper Wolf
Recommended Weapon: PSG-1
Special Conditions: None
Difficulty: Easy

This battle is possibly the easiest battle in the game. Again, get on your
stomach and zoom in. Wolf will run around the area, so be careful to keep a
close eye on her. When she stops to shoot, return the favor. She'll die at the
end. Head around the area to go in the doors and get some ammo and other
assorted stuff. When you're ready, grab Wolf's dogtags and head in the door.

						|-|-|-|-[4.4]Blast Furnace-|-|-|-|

[4.4.0] Pickups-A-Plenty:

Take out the guard, then throw a Chaff Grenade and drop to the ledge below.
It'll cost you some health. Get all the pickups and crawl under the pipes. Take
out any enemies you might see. If you want, you can head around the room and
collect more items. Head past both pairs of steam jets and go into the room. Go
through the next door to proceed.

						|-|-|-|-[4.5]Cargo Elevator-|-|-|-|

[4.5.0] Flying Like Ravens:

Collect all the items in the area, then go over to the panel on the elevator
and press Y to activate it. Genome Soldiers will fly down after you. It's your
job to fight and take them out. When you land on the second floor, throw a
Chaff Grenade to safely pass by the camera. Quickly activate the next panel.
You'll see an ominous sign of ravens, and if you see fit to injure any of them,
they'll take your health. The elevator will reach the floor. Head through the
next door.


[4.6.0] Boss: Vulcan Raven:

Boss: Vulcan Raven
Recommended Weapon: Claymore Mines/Nikita Missiles
Special Conditions: None
Difficulty: Moderate

Plant a Claymore Mine. Fire a Nikita Missle and try to find Raven with it.
Either hit him or he'll blow it up. He'll follow the path the missle came and
step on the mine. Rinse and repeat for a clean victory. Remember to pick up
Raven's dog tags.

						|-|-|-|-[4.7]Warehouse North-|-|-|-|

[4.7.0] Filler Content:

Grab the items, then head straight. Watch out for the traps in the floor. Chaff
Grenade the auto-turret cameras, and take out the guards. Move on through the

						|-|-|-|-[4.8]Underground Base-|-|-|-|

[4.8.0] Get to the Top:

Make your way to the top of the room, taking out enemies and picking up items
along the way. Ocelot will make you drop the Card Key and you'll have to go
find it.

[4.8.1] I Smell a Rat:

Go back to the level you entered the room on. Go left from the entrance and up.
You'll see a hole in the wall. Plant C4 there and wait for a rat to come out.
Blow up the rat to get the Card Key. Head back up to the top. Throw a Chaff
Grenade in the control room, then go over and activate the first card key by
pressing the Y button. When the cinema sequence in over, crawl down and throw
another Chaff Grenade. Exit the room.

[4.8.2] Temperature Changing:

You need to make the card cold now. Head back to the Warehouse and wait there
for a little bit until the Card Key tunes blue. Head back to the control room
and repeat the sequence on the second computer. Don't forget to use the Chaff
Grenades. Next, you need to warm up the Card Key. Backtrack to the Blast
Furnace and wait around for awhile. The Card Key will turn red. Now, quickly
head back to the control room, using Chaff Grenades as before. Activate the
third laptop. You'll get a message from Master, who was actually Liquid Snake.
He thanks you for activating Metal Gear for him. The room will start to fill
with gas, so call Otacon and he'll open the door for you. Exit the room.

[4.8.3] Boss: Metal Gear Rex (1):

Boss: Metal Gear Rex (1)
Recommended Weapon: Stinger Missile Launcher
Special Conditions: None
Difficulty: Moderate

Rex has a few different attacks in this battle. He'll either fire missles at
you, or shoot a lazer beam. Get close enough and he'll kick you. Aim at the
satalite dish on Rex's left side and fire Stinger missiles into it. Keep it up
while dodging his attacks and pretty soon he'll be defeated.

[4.8.4] Boss: Metal Gear Rex (2):

Boss: Metal Gear Rex (2)
Recommended Weapon: Stinger Missle Launcher
Special Conditions: None
Difficulty: Easy

With the radon destroyed, Liquid has to open up the cockpit. Fire Stinger
missiles into the cockpit to damage the controls. Be sure to dodge Rex's
missles. Repeat until Rex is defeated.

[4.8.5] Boss: Liquid Snake:

Boss: Liquid Snake
Recommended Weapon: Melee Combat
Special Conditions: Don't fall off the platform.
Difficulty: Easy

This fight is just like the fight with Ninja. Punch and kick Liquid until he is
defeated. Kick him off one of the platform's sides to make him drop his dog
tags. About halfway through, he'll begin to charge you. Dodge and attack him on
the rebound. You have around three minutes to defeat him. Use your time wisely.

						|-|-|-|-[4.9]Escape Route-|-|-|-|

[4.9.0] Master of Puppets:

You'll start next to a staircase, with either Otacon or Meryl following. Go in
the space next to the stairs to get a ration. Head up the stairs and either
Otacon or Meryl will get seen by a security camera. Guards will now begin to
stream through the door. Grab a ration in the lower left hand corner and man
the machine gun when either Otacon or Meryl starts the Jeep. Hit the oil
barrels near the door as soon as you can, because an endless barage of enemies
will come running out the door. You'll drive up the route until you reach a
checkpoint. Take out the guards. You'll reach another checkpoint, and again,
take out the guards. Liquid will come up behind you on a Jeep. Fire the machine
gun at him untill you reach the end.

Congratulations, you have just beaten Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes!

[5.0] Version History:
3/17/04: Version 1.00; Walkthrough Revised and Completed; Thanks, Contributers,
Credits and Contact Information Section Completed

3/16/04: Version 0.60; Phycho Mantis Battle Revised; Up to Warehouse North
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[6.0] Thanks, Contributers, Credits and Contact Information:

(listed in alphabetical order)

[6.1] Game

Hideo Kojima - For giving us another wonderful outing into the Metal Gear
universe, even if it is only a remake.
Konami Computer Entertainment Japan - For wowing us with the almost completely
re-designed engine incorperating newer elements.
Nintendo - For bringing this game to the Gamecube for a leigion of loyal fans
to enjoy.
Ryuhei Kitamura - For completely re-directing and re-mastering the cutscenes
with a much greater visual flair.
Silicon Knights - For developing this game alongside Konami.

[6.2] Guide

Abandoned Pools - For music.
Matt Rawle - For taking the time to write this.
Metallica - For music.
Nothingface - For music.
Queen - For music.
Rammstein - For music.
Rob Zombie - For music.

[6.3] Contact Information

Feel free to contact me via any of the following messaging systems. However, I
will not take kindly to anyone who asks a really, really stupid question, like
"Do you think Metal Gear Solid is the best game ever?" or a question that could
be answered by reading this guide. If you want to contribute something, send it
to me in an e-mail and I'll screen it and add it to my next update. I'm on
pretty sporadically, so if you have something urgent, e-mail me.

E-mail: enemyxiii@hotmail.com

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