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  T  A  C  T  I  C  A  L     E  S  P  I  O  N  A  G  E   A  C  T  I  O  N
 _    _   __  ____  ___  __     ___   __  ___   ___    __   ___  __  __ ____
| \  / | | _||_  _|/ _ \ ||    / _ \ | _|/ _ \ |:"\\  /  \ / _ \ ||  || ||"\\
||\\//|| ||_   ||  ||_|| ||    || "" ||_ ||_|| |:.//  \\"" || || ||  || || ||
|| \/ || | _|  ||  |.-.| ||    || __ | _||.-.| ||"\\   \\  || || ||  || || ||
||    || ||_   ||  || || ||_   ||_|| ||_ || || || ||  ..\\ ||_|| ||_ || || ||
||    || |__|  ||  || || |__|  \___/ |__||| || || ||  \__/ \___/ |__||| ||_//
""    ""       ""  "" ""                 "" "" "" ""                 "" """"
   ____ __ __ ____  ____ __  __ __ __  __   _ __  __  ___  __ _   ___  _
  |_  _|||_|| ||"" |_  _|||  || || | \ ||  / \| \ || / _ \ ||//  ||"" / \
    ||  |.-.| |:==   ||  ||/\|| || ||\\|| .\\"||\\|| |[_]| ||\\  |:==.\\"
    ||  || || ||,,   ||  \_/\_/ || || \_| \_/ || \_| || || || \\ ||,,\_/
    ""  "" "" """"   ""         "" ""         ""     "" "" ""  " """"

(ASCII art by: Marth ue)	

                      | METAL GEAR SOLID: THE TWIN SNAKES |
      		      | 	  WALKTHROUGH/ FAQ        |
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                      |   FOR NINTENDO GAMECUBE           |
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                      |Written by:  DarkLink715           |
                      |Email:       acchapello@yahoo.com  |
                      |Version:     1.0                   |
                      |Date:        3/23/04               |

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1.  Table of Contents                                                       001

1.	Table of contents                                               001
2.	Introduction                                                    002
3.	Version History                                                 003
4.	Game Basics                                                     004
5.    Items                                                           005
6.	**WALKTHROUGH**                                                 006
            6A.  Revolver Ocelot             006A
            6B.  Vulcan Raven                006B
            6C.  Cyborg Ninja                006C
            6D.  Psycho Mantis               006D
            6E.  Sniper Wolf                 006E
            6F.  Liquid Snake                006F
            6G.  Vulcan Raven AGAIN          006G
            6H.  Liquid and Rex              006H
7.	About the Author                                                007
8.	Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)                                008
9.	Credits                                                         009
10.	Author's Conclusion                                             010
11.	Legal Information Etc.                                          011


2.  Introduction                                                            002

Hello, if you are reading this document that must mean that you have picked
up a copy of this game, are planning to pick one up, or hate the game and want
to get rid of all that despise it.  I don't blame you for any of these reasons,
and I think that they are all good reasons to be here.  I thank you for coming
to and reading this guide.

This game is a stealth action game, the series introduced the genre to the
delighted videogame world.  You must stay hidden from the view of the enemy
soldiers at all times or you will be risking your own life.  Stay out of view
and use your radar whenever possible, and don't hesitate to shoot if an enemy
fires at you.

I urge you to read the entire guide, there are bits of information in the
outlying sections that I refer to in the Walkthrough, and some of it is
imperative to your survival (like the controls for the game).  Make sure you
read every sentence from here until the beginning of the walkthrough, the fate
of the world may depend on it.

3.  Version History                                                         003

Version .9, this guide is almost finished.  The entire walkthrough is done, all
I need to do to make it a complete guide is to put in the game basics and the
characters sections, and it will be done.
KB: 69.3 KB
Characters: 52, 909
Words: 11,321

Version 1.0, all of the information that you see here is complete and done.  I
will be playing the game for a while, going for Big Boss, so don't expect a big
update for a while.
KB: 78.9 KB
Characters: 60,660
Words: 12,950

4.  Game Basics                                                             004


These are just the basic controls that you need to know before starting the
game, get used to them.

X:		Crawl/Crouch
Y:		Open locker/Climb ladder/Hang/Confirm
L:		Select Item
R:		Select Item
A:		Fire/Throw or choke
B:		Punch/Kick
C-stick:	Move camera angle when in corner view
Start:	WITH A: codec WITH B: map
Control:	Move around/Move view


STAY HIDDEN! Guards can't shoot at you if they can't see or hear you, so stay
out of sight   When you are moving on a loud floor near their patrol area, drop
to a crawl so that they cannot hear you moving by.  This seems simple, but is
the most important thing in the game.

DON'T KILL THEM ALL  There's no point in killing all of the guards in the game,
unless you are trying to get the game's lowest rank, as I did.  Sneak past all
the guards and use the M9 whenever its possible.

SPEED THROUGH MOVIES ETC.  If you're playing for time, the movies and codec
conversations count on your total time, so skip through them.

HIDE THE DEAD If you kill or knock out a guard in plain eyesight, put him in a
locker or a stall in the bathroom so that his friends won't call and have others
come look for you.


Solid Snake
Formerly a member of FOXHOUND, Snake has taken some time off to retire from that
industry and settle in Alaska to find himself.  He has been called in to this
mission to find out if the terrorists have the potential to threaten the world
with the nuclear weapons that they have stolen.  He is the main character of the
game, and is quite cool.  He has many sneaking capabilities that make him easy
to miss among the scenery of the game.

Colonel Campbell   140.85
The eyes and ears of Solid Snake during his mission, Campbell will call you with
helpful advice and will tell you what to do in crucial points of the game.  He
will instruct you on how to play the game, and you should listen well to his
instructions.  He is in control of the mission, and Snake is bound to do what he
says, so Campbell is an important character.

Naomi Hunter    140.85
She is the medic for FOXHOUND and is the medical support for Snake during his
mission in Alaska.  She will give you important advice about when to use certain
items and is actually part of a very cool plot twist that revolves around the
later portion of the game.

Master Miller   141.80
He has a background in survival training, and gives Snake good advice about what
he should do in certain situations.  Listen to his advice carefully and it just
might come in handy during the game.  Make sure to answer your Codec calls, he
will call when you acquire a Time Bomb and help you dispose of it.

Mei Ling       140.96
This spunky teenager genius plays a very important role in the game, she saves
your progress.  She also gives you interesting quotes to think about, which is
pretty interesting.

Donald Anderson
He is the chief of DARPA, which is a large corporation in developing weapons for
the military.  He is a figure of high importance in the game, and in the
military structure of the country.  Rescue him early in the game to learn his
story and why it presents a problem to you.

Meryl            140.15
She is the main female character in the game, and will guide Snake through many
of his toughest times while they try to escape from the facility.  She is tough,
she was a soldier before the revolution, and survived a little time in jail fro
being rebellious.  She has an interesting part in many sections of the game, so
watch her carefully.

Revolver Ocelot
His name might give you a clue to what his strong point is, and that is his Colt
Single Action Army, his prized handgun that he carries everywhere.  He handles
it very well.  He is also one of the worst torture artists of all time, and this
doesn't make the game prettier.

Kenneth Baker
The president of the large ArmsTech corporation, he was hard at work at getting
Metal Gear fully functional, and Snake will meet him and have a long talk with
the elderly man about the project.

Vulcan Raven
He is just large, there is no other way to put it.  This large man is looking to
take on Snake any way that he can, and that includes fighting a virtually
unarmed man with an M1 Tank.  Watch out for this guy, he's all trouble.

She will give you weapons advice during the game.  I admit that it is not very
helpful and you probably won't use it, but all characters are here.

Cyborg Ninja
You will meet this mysterious masked figure on more than one occasion during the
game, and he has an interesting subplot attached to him, so follow that
carefully.  He also has the coolest moves in the game, he can cut a bullet in
half with his sword.

Hal Emmerich (Otacon)  141.12
He likes Japanimation, what more do you need?  He was the main developer of
Metal Gear, and will be able to give you some awesome advice about the massive
weapon and how it works.  Listen to his important codec calls and call him
whenever you are in dire need of a quick fix.

Psycho Matis
The psychic of FOXHOUND, this guy just can't seem to be normal in any way   He
wears a freaky gas mask and he knows what games you like to play on your
Gamecube, and he can move himself around with his mind.

Sniper Wolf
She's beautiful and deadly, and those really aren't a good combination.  She
loves to use her sniper rifle to make Snake dead, and that isn't good for you
either.  She's got a soft spot for wolves, but who doesn't?

Liquid Snake
The twin of Solid Snake, he is bent on twisted revenge on his brother for little
apparent reason.  He has many different skills, he can shoot down planes with a
helicopter, and he is about to aim his guns toward Snake.  Hold your breath,
this one's a thriller.

Decoy Octopus
He can change shapes and become any person that he pleases, he is a master of
disguise.  Always be sure who you're talking to is the real deal, because it
just might be this con artist.

5.  Items                                                                   005

Firing Weapons:

A tranquilizer, the M9 is very useful for knocking out enemies before and after
they see you so that you can sneak by unnoticed.  It is very useful in the early
parts of the game when you have very little ammunition for your weapons and need
a way to get past all of the guards without getting seen easily and exposing
yourself to attack.  Once you have shot an enemy, it will take some time for
that enemy to be knocked out.  Once he is, he will be on the ground for a
limited amount of time (that amount of time varies), this is the same type of
thing that happens when you knock a guard out with your fists.  You can hide
guards that have been knocked out in the shadows or in lockers so that their
friends won't be able to find them and report you to their chain of command.
Mastering this weapon will be a good idea in the missions ahead.

This is a lifesaver when you first find it in the heliport because it lets you
have a different weapon than the M9, which is quite frustrating to use when
there are guards all around you that are shooting at you to kill.  With this
bullet weapon, you can actually kill enemies and take whatever items that they
had on them when they were killed.  You will get more powerful guns in the game,
but this is one of the important guns that you need.  A good tactic is to switch
into first-person mode and fire at the heads or the groin of unsuspecting guards
and continue to rapid-fire until they are killed and you can take their items.

This handy little assault rifle is available in the armory in the level 2
security room. You have to crawl under laser beams to get it, and it is truly a
gun of great power.  It can hold over 200 bullets, and you get 25 every time you
pick up a new clip.  It also has a handy laser pointer for easy enemy targeting.
Don't miss this great gun.

This is a great weapon, it is a sniper rifle that fires solid ammo.  Find it
behind the level 5 security door in the armory, and it is also protected by
alarm-triggering laser beams.  It is great for hitting long-away enemies, but
most useful for the Sniper Wolf fights

It is the same thing as the other sniper rifle in the game, only it holds
tranquilizer darts instead of bullets.  Find it behind the level 5 door in the
B1 level of the Nuke Building.

This is a very handy item to have on hand.  It fires remote-controlled missiles
that handle fuel over short distances.  It can be found in the office on the B1
level of the nuke building, and can be used during the Vulcan Raven boss fight
and to knock out the power box before the fight with the Cyborg Ninja.

This hand-held tank fires lock-on missiles at moving targets.  It is quite fun
to use on normal guards, but the only practical uses are during the two bouts
with Liquid.

Health Items Etc.

It will stop bleeding, which happens when your health becomes critical (the life
meter turns orange and you start leaving bloody footprints).  Bleeding occurs
until you die, but I have not used this item yet, which means that it is not
really critical for your survival.

This is one of the most important items in the game, it gives you more health.
This is a lifesaver at all levels of play, even if you are a hardened MGS
veteran who rarely takes a bullet.  It will fill up about half of Snake's health
meter, and is critical when you are in a dire situation in which you may have to
fight for your life.  You can carry 5, and use them whenever your health gets
below half of its total capacity.

A great item, it cures Snake when he gets cold, which can be recognized when he
sneezes periodically.  It helps your health not fall any farther, and it keeps
you hidden from the genetically enhanced ears of your foes, so this is an
important tool to keep close to your heart.

It stops you from shaking for a short time so that you can fire your weapon
easily.  Used with the PSG-1 and the PSG-1-T.

These seemingly useless cigarettes will actually come in handy in the game.  You
can use them to see secret trip beams that will trigger an alarm if you step
through them.  They also sap Snake's health, so use them wisely when on your

Gas Mask
It lets you breathe a little easier while in areas that are filled with poison
gas, like the area in B2F of the Nuke Building.

Body Armor
It cuts the damage that you take in half, so it is quite useful for th alter
boss fights of the game.


The classic weapon that made Vietnam so much fun is back with a vengeance, and I
love it.  When you use the item, Snake simply pulls out the pin and lets the
destruction fly onto the cohorts of evil.  It is a very effective killing device
and can be used to kill many enemies when you are in a jam and need a quick fix
to get out of it.  It takes 5 seconds to explode once it has been released, so
keep that in mind before you let one of these bad boys loose.

Chaff Grenade
This is a nifty little device, and it looks just like the grenade.  It has a
simple purpose, to jam any electronic devices that are within the blast radius
of the grenade, and it is very effective at accomplishing that purpose.  It will
knock out all surveillance cameras, so you can sneak around easily for the time
of the diffusion, usually around 10 seconds.  A drawback to using this item is
that your own radar will go offline for the duration of the jamming, but it is a
small price to pay for the cool effect of the grenade.

This is a cool device that has been used in many movies to rob banks and to blow
up buildings.  Snake will use it to blow holes through walls to advance from
area to area, and also to kill enemies.  It has a long-range detonator and can
be detonated from a far distance with just a push of the A button.  It will be
endlessly helpful to you as your adventure progresses.

Stun Grenade
This is a very cool device, and it is what you think it is.  It will stun all
enemies within the blast radius, which is a very good thing for Snake, for he
will be able to shoot them or sneak past unnoticed while his enemies are left in
a stupor.  It only lasts for a short while, but it is a good tactic for getting
away from pursuers.

Claymore Mines
These are like the mines in Bond that you put on walls or the floor and they
will go off whenever somebody walks by or steps onto them.  This will kill the
enemy and leave you with some more bullets in your SOCOM.  It is useful, but a
little hazardous, because you can kill yourself if you detonate one when you
walk by it, so be very careful.

Time Bomb
You do not want to pick up one of these.  They appear in your inventory and
explode when the timer reaches zero, so throw them away quickly if you discover
that you have been given one as a Christmas present.


If you put this down in a guard's patrol area, he will pause for a few seconds
to leaf through the pages, giving you ample time to walk past him to safety.  On
a more amusing note, the pages are filled with Alex from Eternal Darkness, a
Silicon Knights game.

This simple item helps you escape from Liquid Snake and rappel down the side of
the Communications Tower.

You can pick up the empty magazines that soldiers drop.  Throw them to make a
clatter of noise that will attract guards, so that you can go the other way.

Cardboard Boxes
You can hide under these boxes, but they don't provide much cover.  They're more
amusing than useful, a walking cardboard box is funny.

This seemingly useful item is given to you by Otacon for use in an important
sequence of events during the game.

PAL Keys
These is the infamous keys that Snake needs to use to override the detonation
sequence for the nuclear weapon on Rex.  They play a very important role late in
the game.

This is a simple camera, you can take pictures with it.  There is also a funny
thing that you can accomplish.  If you take pictures of certain things and save
them to your memory card and view them later, you will see "ghost" images
printed on the photograph.

Stealth Unit
This is a very cool item that Snake gets if he escapes with Otacon.  In a replay
of the game, he can use it to be invisible to all enemies except bosses and
events where he HAS to set off an alarm to continue playing the game.

You also get this item in the end of the game, except it comes to you if you end
up escaping with Meeryl.  The infinity symbol is stitched in, and it will give
you unlimited ammunition for all weapons when you have it equipped.

6.  WALKTHROUGH                                                             006


6A.  REVOLVER OCELOT                                                        006A

You won't actually get to Revolver for a while, but I will guide you to him, and
this section is named after him because he is the first major boss of the game.
After watching the long beginning cinematics, you will be inserted into the
rather large cargo dock, where the walkthrough and your long adventure through
the world of Metal Gear begins.

Cargo Dock

Watch all of the beginning cinematics to figure out what's going on with your
mission, and then focus on the task ahead.  The goal here is to get to the large
cargo elevator in the Northern part of the room.  Before you get there, there
are a couple of items in the room that will help you as you go along.

Go back down the stairs and into the water, and find the Rations by the dock.
Then go over to the right side of the room and find the AP Sensor, which will
cause your controller to rumble when an enemy draws near (unless you have the
rumble function turned off or if you have a Wavebird).  Your O2 Meter should
probably be getting low right now, so go back to the stairs and climb up and get
ready to face your first real challenge.

You get a call from the Colonel when you get to the pipe, and he tells you to
crawl under it.  Do so, but take a look at your radar before you do it.  Wait
for the guard (the dot on the map with the blue cone in front of it) to pass
you.  You want to stay hidden from view, so creep quietly past the three guards
in the room, watching your radar and being careful not to get trapped.  If you
get seen, go and jump over one of the railings by pressing Y and Y again to drop
down and wait until the alert mode has passed to go onto dry land and make
another attempt.  Stay pressed against walls and look around the corner (this is
a good time to practice the technique) to stay hidden from view.  Your goal is
to get to the northeast corner with the forklift; no one can see you when you
are squatted in front of it.

If you haven't seen the elevator arrive, wait for a while to see the cinema in
which it does, and then wait for the guard closest to you to move away so that
you can climb inside the elevator and climb to the next area.


After a series of cut scenes (get used to watching them, the game is peppered
with them) and a Com Link conversation, you find yourself in a sticky situation.
Fortunately, you are going to get weapons here, and you will get out of the
bitter cold.

You absolutely need to stay quiet here, so save with Mei Ling before you venture
into the area.  Go up on the right side with the boxes and hide behind them, if
you go into the middle of the Helipad the lights there will see you, so that
path is out.  Instead, you are aiming for the truck to the north of the helipad.
Watch the positions of the guards by looking around corners and employing the
use of your scope.  When it looks like you have a clear shot to run at the truck
(check your radar and look at the blue cones of vision of the guards) run to the
back and press Y to hop in.  You will find a SOCOM pistol inside.  Crawl beneath
the truck with X and moving the control stick, and you will find an M9
tranquilizer pistol, which will be immensely helpful to you later.

Crawl out of the south end of the truck and run to the southeast, and go through
the door that is opposite the helipad there.  When Snake sees the camera, he
knows that he must avoid it.  Stick to the wall that the camera is on, walk up
to the lockers and open them with Y and grab the Stun Grenades.  Wait until the
camera passes and run out of the room, again groping the wall that the camera is
on so that it can't see you.  Then return to the boxes that you were at before.

Avoiding the guard, you need to make a dash to the north, and the stairs there.
Look at your radar as you are doing this, you need to avoid the security camera
too.  Once on the stairs, don't go all the way up, there is a guard up there.
Wait until he turns around, and then go to the middle alcove on the north wall
and crawl through the ventilation shaft that is there to enter the Tank Hangar.

Tank Hangar

Stay with the vent all the way past the conversation with the two guards, and
then drop down after a short codec transmission.  Go to the left and grab the
chaff grenades, and then start to go to the right and stop.  Watch the camera in
the corner on your radar.  When it turns away from you, run up to it.  When it
turns the other way, sprint to the south and duck inside the room that opens up.
There is a camera and a key item in here.  When the camera looks away from you,
run up and press against the wall under it.  When it swings the opposite way,
run to the corner and nab the thermal goggles.  Now the fun will begin.

Save your game here, you get to practice some important techniques.  Exit the
room and stand on the side of the balcony that has the wall, and arm yourself
with the M9.  Switch to first person view with Z and then hold down A to use
your laser sight.  Hit both of the guards in the head or rear with darts and
they will go to sleep.  Make sure that you don't shoot them while they are
talking to their base or troops will come for you.  If you do get caught, allow
the guards to kill you and then restart from the ventilation shaft.  When all of
the guards are dead, run around the catwalk and watch the security camera.  When
it starts to swing away from you, run down the stairs and get the SOCOM ammo
that is under them.  Then walk over to the elevator control panel and press Y.
When the elevator arrives, ride it down to B1.

Holding Cells

The DARPA chief is here, it is only a matter of time before you find him.  Run
down to the end of the passage to the ladder, listen to the instructions, and
ignore it for now.  Crawl into the ventilation shaft and get the ration, then
exit the way that you came.  Go up the ladder and into the higher ventilation
shaft.  Scour the ventilation shaft, at the first turn there is a cinema and M9
bullets.  Turn back and keep going the way that you were, toward the green dot
on your radar.  Pass the woman, and watch the many cinemas with Donald Anderson.

After the cinemas end, there is a struggle outside the locked door.  Crawl under
the bed top get the rations and then wait for the door to open and then exit.
After the cinema, equip your rations by holding L and then selecting them, and
get ready for waves of soldiers.


This is an easy fight with the weapons that you have.  Switch to first person
view and knock out the first wave, and then let the girl kill the second.  As
you progress through the waves, stand in the back of the room and pick off the
guys as they come in, grabbing the ammo and rations that they drop as you need
them.  With the rations equipped, Snake automatically uses them as soon as he
needs them, so it is a very handy thing to do.  Once all of the soldiers are
dead, watch the cinemas and pick up the remaining items.

Go back into the room where you fought the soldiers and go into the connecting
room.  Get the SOCOM ammo from the drawer, and go to the bathroom to find a book
and some M9 ammo.  Then go back to the elevator and travel to B2.


Go through all of the buildings that you can open with your level 1 Card, and
also go through the open door.  When you are done, you should have a full SOCOM,
C4, and grenades.  Return to the north wall of the room.  Remember when you were
told that new walls were put in, but were not painted?  Look at the middle line
on the wall in first person mode, and look for where it stops.  There should be
2 locations.  At these locations, place C4 with A and then detonate it with A.
Get all of the ammo that you can and leave what you don't need, and then go to
the southwest corner of the room.  There is another place to put the C4, and
detonate it to travel to the realm of Ocelot.

Armory South

Save your game, there is a boss fight coming up.  Run south in the room and blow
up the white part of the wall, then go through it.  At the end of this hallway,
place C4 at the two white spots and detonate them.  Don't go through the one
that is aligned with the hallway, it contains a drone gun.  Instead, go through
the adjacent door to meet Kenneth Baker and Revolver Ocelot.


After the cinemas, equip your SOCOM and rations, run to the left, switch to
first person and fire at Ocelot to make him move to his corner.  Stay by the
column and position yourself to fire back at him.  Stay in first person mode and
plug away at the boss.  You will get hit, but your rations should cover the
damage easily.  Keep firing until the boss is dead, and then have a long
conversation with Kenneth Baker.

6B.  VULCAN RAVEN                                                         006B

After the slough of cinemas, you will know a lot more about what is going on
here.  A mysterious ninja appears, you will have to deal with him later.

Pick up the ammo that is here, and then use your codec.  You need to talk to
Meryl, the woman that helped you kill the soldiers.  Her frequency is 140.15,
which is on the back of your Twin Snakes game box.  Talk to her and she will
agree to open the cargo door up in the Tank Hangar.  Then head through the door
to the north and go back to the Armory.


This place is much more dangerous now, there are 2 guards patrolling the
hallways.  Wait until they pass, and then enter the southeast room.  Immediately
equip your thermal goggles and crawl under the beams to get the FA-MAS and the
ammo.  Then exit the room, avoid the guards and travel to the two rooms in the
north that you opened before.  Grab some ammo for your new toy, and then use the
elevator and get out of there.  Go back to 1F and the Tank Hangar.

Tank Hangar

Save right here.  From the elevator, watch the guards on your radar and then run
to the right when you have the chance.  There is a door there with a camera over
it.  Avoid its sight and duck into the room.  There is a guard in here that
periodically falls asleep.  When he does, grab the SOCOM suppressor.  Equip that
and the SOCOM to attach the silencer to the gun, and then go back into the
hangar.  If you are seen, die and restart from the elevator.  Now all you need
to do is shoot the guard on the main floor with a tranquilizer dart if he is
still conscious.  Once he is down, take out your SOCOM and shoot him until he
dies.  Then aim your M9 upwards and take down the guard that is there.

Run up the stairs, avoiding the security camera, and duck into the room to the
left, grab the box and the grenades in the lockers, and then go to the other
side of the catwalk, avoiding the camera, and enter the door below it.  Grab the
mine detector, the rations under the desk, and the stun grenades in the locker.
If you haven't received the call from Meryl telling you that she has unlocked
the cargo door yet, sit tight in the locker and call her again, and wait for her
call.  When she opens it, run down there and go through.

Once inside the room, stop immediately.  As Meryl mentioned, there are beams in
here that will release poisonous gas if you step into them.  Equip the thermal
goggles, there are beams going up and down at each crack in the floor.  Wait
until a beam is almost at the ceiling before going under it, take your time
while going through here.  If you trip a wire, wait to die and you will restart
right here to try again.  Enter the door at the end of the hallway to go into
the canyon and get ready to meet Vulcan Raven.


Equip the mine detector here after listening to the transmission.  You can crawl
under the range of the Claymore mines and pick them up, and you need to do this.
After collecting all of the items here, save your game and venture to the north
to meet the boss.


This is a difficult fight if you don't know what to do, thanks to
severedmorals325@hotmail.com for a great tip on how to defeat him.  After the
tank fires, run in quickly and get close so that it can't fire on you with its
main gun.  Equip the Claymores and lay them so that the tank will run over them
and its treads will be damaged.  Use all of your mines doing this and the tank
should be almost immobile.

After the tank can't move, stay in close and equip grenades.  Face the tank,
hold A, then release it, and the grenade will fly in and hit the machine gunner
there.  He will go into the tank for a little while, and then when he comes back
out, repeat the grenade throw to kill the guy.  Another will take his place, use
the same technique to kill him.  When he goes down, this fight with Vulcan Raven
is over.

If you ever need grenades, there are some at the north part of the area.  You
can also hide and get items in the trench in the middle of the area.  If you
die, just restart and take it slow, and you will be able to formulate a good
strategy or understand this one enough to beat the boss at his own game and go
on to the Nuke Building.

6C.  CYBORG NINJA                                                         006C

Nuke Building 1F

Run up the little ramp and grab the rations at the top.  Look through the window
and survey the next room.  The threat is formidable, you can't use your weapons
and if you are seen the room fills with poison gas (BAD).  You need to get up
the stairs to the elevator, so survey the scene carefully and crawl under the
door, heeding the warnings of your comrades.

Wait for a guard to pass you and move to the right, and then dash to the left,
hugging the wall.  When you get to lockers, take the M9 ammo and grenades and
then hide in them.  When the guard passes, exit and run up the stairs, run over
to the elevator and call it twice with Y.  If you are seen, equip your rations,
beat up all of the guards until they are unconscious, and go to the elevator,
telling it to go to B1F.

Nuke Building B1F

This is a fun floor.  Save your game as you enter, and then go through the doors
across from the elevator.  Run into the middle of the room and you shouldn't be
detected by the guards.  Speaking of the guards, hit them with M9 darts and then
shoot their dead bodies with the SOCOM.  Once they are dead, explore the
treasure trove that is the middle office.  Go to the right and pick up the
Nikita Launcher, ammo, and go through the lockers to find the rest of the ammo.
Down in the middle you will also find even more ammo to sink your teeth into.
Then go into the bathroom and take the rations and the book out of the stalls.
Return to the elevator and cruise downward.

Nuke Building B2F

This is the floor that the boss is on, so don't get hurt anytime soon.  Go over
to the right wall to see Dr. Emmerich in his office.  Then go through the door
to the south and then through the next door to see the situation.  Poison gas
floods the floor, and the floor is electrified.  You need to blow up the power
box with your Nikita Launcher.

Stay in the airlock and the poison gas will flood out.  When your O2 is full,
run out, switch to first person view and fire a Nikita Missile.  Always hold up.
Guide it to the first turn and turn right.  In this room there are a variety of
drone guns.  To take them out, run into the area just below them with a Nikita
missile.  Take your time, return to the airlock whenever Snake needs air.

When a majority of the of the drone guns are gone, go back into the gas-filled
area, walk up to the edge of the electrified floor and let a Nikita fly.  Be
sure to hold up the entire time.  Guide it right at the turn, right again, and
through the straightaway.  Guide it between the two panes of glass (they are
translucent) of the door at the end of the office, make it take a hard right and
let it fly into the power box.  The chances are good that some of your attempts
will run out of fuel, but keep trying until you hit the box and make the floor

Once the floor is fine, go back into the airlock to replenish your O2.  Run to
the end of the hallway, and duck into the third door on the right.  Avoid the
drone gun and grab the book and the Gas Mask off the floor.  Exit the room and
equip the gas mask, which will slow the rate at which you lose O2, giving you
more time to explore this area.

Go into the office area and clean out all of the rooms on the right side that
you can enter.  When you are done with that, go back to the airlock and
replenish the O2, then run down the hall and take a left.  Run past the drone
and through the door to another airlock.

The boss fight is coming up, so get mentally and physically prepared by saving
your game and equipping some rations.


This guy is the real deal, and he is really cool too.  Too bad that you have to
fight him.  Guns are useless here, as the beginning cinematic has taught you.
The key is to use Chaff Grenades to your advantage during the fight, keep them
equipped at all times, along with rations.  Get ready for the hardest fight yet.

Like I said, no guns.  When you start the fight, toss a Chaff to jam the ninja,
and then run over and tap B three times to execute a combo, then back off and
wait for him to get up again.  Do this one more time and he will discard his
sword, and you will have to fight hand to hand, which he seems very excited
about, but you won't like.

Use the same technique of using the Chaff in the next phase, but now you can
actually hit him while he's mobile.  It's tough, but if you're quick enough, you
can hit him as he's preparing to attack.  Keep pumping him with blows, you will
inevitably have to use some rations.  When you get down into the orange health
meter, use a ration, because this is the bleeding condition that seeps health.
After you get his health to a little below half full, something else happens.

The ninja turns of his stealth camouflage, and this is surprisingly the easiest
part of the fight.  Whip on your thermal goggles and find him, beat him down.
After you do this twice, this phase will be over.

The last part of the fight involves a fake clone of the ninja, and this is not
very hard.  The clone will punch at you and the real ninja will start to attack
as you attack the fake.  When you see the real ninja appear, hit him instead.
Repeat this patter to bring the ninja down.

During the fight, be sure to grab the rations in the glassed-off portion of the
room.  Also note that if you shoot Mario (the little doll on top of the
computer) you will gain health (but if you shoot Yoshi, nothing happens).

After the fight, you find out who this guy really is and discover a lot more
about the operation from Otacon, who will be important later in the game.  Save
your game here, and take a deep breath.

6D.  PSYCHO MANTIS                                                        006D

Scour through the office for any further supplies, then whip on your gas mask
and run through the offices again, opening the level 4 doors.  Nab the Night
Vision Goggles and Stun Grenades in the rooms, and then go back to the elevator
and take it upstairs.

Nuke Building B1F

There are new guards on this level, so go into the men's bathroom and kill the
one that's there with a chokehold.  Grab the items and go into the central
office.  Hide under the table.  You will see a guard leave the room once you are
in hiding, don't follow him just yet.  Take down the two guards and grab the
items in the adjacent rooms (a box, rations, and ammo).  Also make sure to grab
the PSG1-T sniper rifle here, it will save you a long trip back to the armory.
Now follow him (actually a her) into the women's room, and have a conversation
with Meryl.

Save your game and follow her into the Commander's room, where Psycho Mantis
will make his presence known.

Commander's Room


There will be a very interesting cut-scene involving Meryl, and Snake will
discover that she is under the influence of the master psychic, Psycho Mantis,
you will remarkably move your controller.


After the charades are done, Meryl will begin to shoot at you with her gun.
Toss a stun grenade at her and she will be downed for a while.
Psycho will begin to levitate items with his mind.  When he does this, you
should crawl on the floor and shoot him with your FA-MAS assault rifle to deal
him major damage.  Keep your rations equipped because he will hit you with an
occasional ball of energy.  As he moves around the room, get up and follow him,
and then crawl again when you see that he is moving objects.  When half of his
health is gone, prepare for another plot twist with Meryl.

Toss a stun grenade at Meryl for shooting at you again, and Psycho will order
her to kill herself.  QUICK! Toss another stun grenade so that she doesn't meet
that fate and go on fighting Mantis.

Use the same tactics as before and you will eventually put Psycho on the ground
for good, and will watch a cool cut-scene too.

6E.  SNIPER WOLF                                                          006E

Walk past Psycho and out into the hallway behind the bookcase, grab the ammo
behind the stairs and head into the Caves.


You can't use your radar here, and Meryl has run off ahead.  Grab all of the
ammo in the vicinity and start to crawl through the tunnel to the north.  Pull
out your M9 while you are in intrusion view and shoot the wolf with a
tranquilizer dart.  Be sure to do this to the rest of the dogs here, too,
because they attack Snake if he doesn't put them to sleep.  Run right and find
the area with 2 crawlspaces, and go into the one that is further south, clearing
it of all of the important ammo.  Make sure that you have all of the PSG1-T ammo
in the cavern, and go through the upper crawlspace to meet Meryl and to go into
the next area.


Follow Meryl's footprints across the Claymore mine field, and you will finally
come to a confrontation with the stunning Sniper Wolf.


There just seems to be one boss fight after another these days.  Watch all of
the cut-scenes to figure out what you must do.  If you want, you can go open the
level 5 door in the armory that holds the PSG-1, or you followed my strategy and
have the tranquilizing equivalent that is just as good here.

Practice using your new toy, using B to zoom in and X to zoom out.  Wolf is on
the second floor of the Communications Tower to the north.  To steady your aim,
you need to use Pentazmin, the wonder drug for snipers.  It calms Snake's nerves
and lets him get a steady shot at the broad sniper.

When you feel ready to fire, jump out into the danger zone, aim toward the
tower, find Wolf, and then hold down L.  Use the cursor to find the Pentazmin,
and then shift back to equipping rations for safety purposes.  Press A to fire
on Wolf.  It is easy to hit her again when she is on her way to the next hiding
place, this is the key to a quick fight.  Eventually, she will be brought down,

6F.  LIQUID SNAKE                                                         006F

Here is the most crucial saving point in the game.  You will be taken to the
torture room, where a series of irreversible events will happen.  If the outcome
is not to your liking, then quit and reload your saved game.

Torture Room

You get to hear a very interesting conversation, and then Ocelot's fun begins.
He tells you how to resist the torture.

You should try to resist the torture to get the best ending to the game.  Just
mash on the A button as fast as you possibly can, and you will be thrown into a
cell to await the next torture session.  You see the body of the DARPA chief in
the cell, which is very strange, considering he only died a few hours ago and is
already starting to decompose.

Wait for a few minutes in the cell and eventually the guard will tell you that
Ocelot wants to see you again.  This time the shocks last longer, so you need to
punch on the A button even faster than you did last time.  Resist, and you will
be thrown back into jail and will get your chance to escape.

Your guard moves off to the bathroom to cleanse himself and you are left alone
in the room, so Otacon appears.  He gives you a bottle of ketchup, which looks
useless, but will prove useful.  You also get a level 6 card key, which will get
you into many unopened doors around this place.

After Otacon leaves, get on the ground quickly.  Equip the ketchup with R, and
then press A to use it.  It makes it look like Snake is dead on the floor and
the guard comes rushing in and unlocks the cell door, very convenient.  Rise and
beat him to a pulp, and then run into the torture room to grab your stuff.
Snake gets dressed, but there is a problem.  Press L to bring up that menu, and
scan your inventory for a time bomb.  Equip it and Snake will throw it away, ad
then get away from it so that it can explode without taking a piece of you with
it.  When that is done, toss a Chaff Grenade by the gun turret and head out the
level 6 door to a familiar area.

| IMPORTANT SPOILER:                                                        |
| READ THIS AT YOUR OWN RISK:                                               |
| If you resist the torture twice or more, you will escape with Meryl in the|
|end.  If not, she will die and you will escape with Otacon.                |

Holding Cells

A familiar setting at last.  Watch out for the two cameras that patrol the area
by the elevator door, toss a Chaff Grenade to ensure a safe route for a little
while.  Scan under the beds in the cells for rations, then tear apart the office
for M9 and SOCOM ammunition. Then get into the elevator and ride it down to B2F,
the armory.


There are a couple of things that you can do here.  If you didn't like the PSG-
1T, go inside the top left building, drop to a crawl and grab the PSG-1 from the
back of the room.  This one uses bullets, but its location was very inconvenient
when you needed a rifle a while ago.  Crawl back out of the room and maneuver
your way to the Armory South, the place where you fought Revolver Ocelot.  Watch
out for the guards, take them down with the M9 if you want to.

Armory South

Get into the passage opposite of where you fought Revolver (it is the one with
the drone gun).  Quickly duck into the level 6 door.  NEVER GO INTO THE LEVEL 4
DOOR, THERE ARE NO ITEMS AND THREE GUN TURRETS.  In this room, quickly shoot the
drone gun in the upper-left hand corner.  Pick up all of the grenades, then find
the opening in the cage that will allow you to crawl through and nab the digital

Back to where You Were Captured

From here, head through the armory and back up to the Tank Hangar.  Head through
the Cargo Door (the laser beams are no longer here) to get into the Canyon.
Cross this treacherous canyon quickly, shooting all people that happen to get in
your way. There is a good chance that you will be spotted here, and if you are,
run past the drones and into the level 3 door to get back into the Nuke Building
and to safety.  Run through the first floor like last time, and hop into the
elevator and ride it down to B2F.  Whip on your gas mask and go into the level 6
room here to get an item that will become pretty important to you, the Body
Armor.  Then head back up to B1F, through the commander's room, and into the
Caves.  Equip the handkerchief and all of the dogs will love you.  Head through
these passages to get back to where you fought Sniper Wolf.  Try to go through
the level 6 door at the end of the passage, and the game will let you.


Communications Tower A

I encourage you to save you game right here, because you WILL be seen by guards
no matter how hard you try.  Grab the rope and the SOCOM ammo, and go through
the level 6 door to trigger the alarm of the century.

You need to run up the 27-floor tower with guards chasing you and guards that
will randomly appear in front of you, so this is not an easy fight.  Equip your
body armor and kill the first two guards behind you with the FA-MAS, and then
run up the stairs.  The guys in front and behind you will spawn endlessly, so
the best bet is to just keep running.  When you are about to die, use a ration,
and then just keep on going.  On level 9 you will see a door that is frozen
shut, just pass it.  When you finally reach level 27, keep running past the guys
and run around the balcony until you reach a ladder, and climb up to escape from
the madmen.

Once on top, the guards disappear and it is safe to go back down and pick up the
reloads for all of your weapons.  When you are locked and loaded, go back up to
the ladder and meet Liquid face-to-helicopter.

After the cut-scene, equip the rope and Snake will start to rappel down the side
of the building.  He doesn't go all the way on his own, and you regain control.
Listen carefully to the codec from the Colonel, and then start to rappel.  Make
sure your grip meter doesn't fall to zero, Snake will fall to his death if it
does.  When you get to dry ground, you lose the helicopter for a short time.

You can unfreeze the door behind you with C4, and then go back into Tower A to
gather all the items.  Make sure that you have all 5 rations that you can hold,
you'll need them soon.  Go back onto the bridge and stop.  Equip either of your
sniper rifles and pick off the three guys at the end of the bridge.  Then run
down there, run past the Hind D, and go through the door to the left.  BE SURE
Then take the entrance to Communications Tower B.

Communications Tower B

Try to use the elevator and the stairs, and then try and go down via the passage
by the entrance.  When you return to the first floor, Otacon will move the
blocks on the stairs for you so that you can continue going up, and he will
promise to get the elevator working.

Starting your journey up the tower, keep this in mind.  There are four floors in
this place that contain drone guns that will fire on Snake if they see him.  On
floors 11, 15, 19, and 23, throw a Chaff Grenade to confuse them, and then keep
going up.  At the top, make sure you have the full amount of Stinger Ammo, and
then take the ladder to the roof and prepare for a boss fight here.


It seems that Liquid can't stand for a fair fight, because he tries to kill the
little Snake with his Hind D.  Show him how powerful you really are with your
Stingers; this will be your toughest fight that you have engaged in yet.

Stay between the door and the fuel drums for the entire fight, it confines
Liquid and will give you a better chance.  Equip your rations and Stinger
Launcher and follow his movements on the radar.  When he flies across the center
of your screen, the missile launcher will lock on.  Fire!  Be patient, wait for
open shots, and only fire one missile at a time.

Several times in the fight, Liquid will fire some missiles.  If you stay in the
same location, you shouldn't have to worry about them damaging you.  After
enough hits, you see an amazing scene of Snake taking down the helicopter for
good.  Take a deep breath and watch the cool cinema, you just won this fight.

6G.  VULCAN RAVEN AGAIN                                                   006G

Snake gets a call from Otacon, telling him that the elevator is working again.
Run back down the stairs of the tower, throwing grenades to stop the drones at
floors 23, 19, 15, and 11.  When you get back down to the 9th floor, take the
elevator down and prepare for a weird sequence of events.

It turns out that there are three people on board the elevator with you, wearing
stealth camoflouge.  They will appear, and you should toss a grenade of stun
grenade to take some of them out, and finish the rest off with your FA-MAS.
Then continue to ride down, grabbing the plentiful ammo at the bottom of the
elevator shaft, and run past the drone turrets and into the Snowfield for yet
another Sniper battle.



This fight isn't very difficult, and it is much like the last time that you
fought Wolf, except that this will be your final confrontation.  Stay out of
your Sniper Rifle's scope until you see where her laser pointer on hers is
coming from, then aim over that way and start the battle.

Use the same tactics as before, use Pentazemin to steady your nerves so that you
can get a good shot.  After every shot, the opposing sniper moves to another
spot of cover, and the easiest time to shoot her is while she is moving, because
she will not be able to shoot you back.

If she does settle in, shoot her quick to get her back on the run so that she
never has a clean shot at you.  When her health reaches zero, sit back and watch
a very cool cinema, in which Wolf is reunited with her family and is put to rest
for good, and also see what Otacon really thinks about her, along with his
theories about life and war.

Scour the buildings around the snowfield for any items.  Keep your mine detector
on; one of the buildings holds Claymore Mines.  You should crawl under their
field of vision and pick them up, they will come in handy soon.  Some of the
other buildings contain ammo.  Once you have filled up, go through the left side
door on the north side of the area and run past the turrets, down into the Blast

Blast Furnace

Run down the long set of stairs and check your radar before you go into the room
at the bottom of them.  Take out the guard that is there, and then go onto the
catwalk in the southwest part of the room, grab the SOCOM ammo and start to
slide across the wall.  You will see a crane, press X to duck under it and
continue moving until you reach the other side.  Watch for the other guard, take
him down and the room is yours.

Take all the items from the nooks and crannies in this place, and then enter the
small room opposite the large door to the north.  You will see steam coming from
jets in the walls, and wait for them to calm down and you will be able to grab
all of the ammo that is in there, if you need it.  Then exit and go out of the
large door to the north.

Cargo Elevator

Pick up the various types of ammo here, and then walk over to the controls and
press Y to use them.  On your way down, fight and kill the guards with grenades
or your FA-MAS.  When you get to the next stop, avoid the gun turret, run over
to the second elevator, and be sure to collect the box of Claymore Mines in the
corner.  Then take the second elevator to the bottom.  On the way down, don't
shoot the foreshadowing ravens, they will hurt you if you do.  Get off at the
bottom, grab the ammo by the crates, and proceed into the Warehouse.


This is a pretty tough boss fight, do you see the size of Vulcan Raven's
gattling gun?


At least your fights with Sniper Wolf and Revolver Ocelot were fair, what's with
some of these bosses and severely over arming you?  Don't get in the way of
Raven's gattling gun, it will have deadly consequences.

There is one key to winning this fight, and that is the Claymore mines.  Lay
them in the passages between crates so that Raven will be damaged when he walks
over them.  Lure him into your traps by letting him see you, and then running
past one of your mines and waiting for him to hit against it.  There are more
mines in this room, and there should be plenty to bring the big brute down hard.

Also, keep your mine detector out so that you can see all of the mines that you
have dropped and all of the passages around them, if you step on your own mines
then you will take some major damage.

After the fight, Raven returns to his friends and gives you a level 7 card key,
which you can use to get into the door to the north in this room.  Do so and
continue your quest, because you appear near the room where Metal Gear Rex is

6H.  LIQUID AND REX                                                       006H

Warehouse North

There are two trapdoors in the middle of this passage, equip your thermal
goggles to see them.  Grab the ration and shoot the two guards in the corridor,
and run past the two drone guns that are next (also be sure to collect the
Stinger Ammo here) and proceed into the massive Underground Base.

Underground Base

The first floor is devoid of guards, but you need to get up to the third floor.
Avoid jumping in the harmful drainage ditch, you will have plenty of time for
that later.  Proceed up the steps, killing or tranquilizing the guards there.
Now would be a good time to save.  Once you have both of the guards down and
have word from Otacon about some files, proceed up to the third floor and go by
the room where Ocelot and Liquid are talking.

You hear some very interesting things here, and your PAL card gets thrown into
the ditch at the end.  Now you have to go find it.  Go back down to the ground
floor, which should be easy provided the guards are still out.  Grab all of the
amok on the way down, and then hop into the ditch.  Equip your rations and go
along the ditch in a regular pattern until you find the card. It may take a
while and use some rations, but you will be preventing the destruction of the
world, so isn't that worth it?  You may pick up a time bomb, dispose of it in
the same fashion as before.  Then return to the box where Liquid and Ocelot

Throw a Chaff Grenade into the room, then equip the key and insert it into the
first panel with Y.  After it is confirmed, throw another Chaff to throw off the
cameras once again, and head down into the base again.

Go along the catwalk to the opposite side that you are on.  Stand on the north
side of the massive pillar, and jump over and hang onto the railing.  Let go by
pressing X, and then grab onto the next platform by pressing Y quickly.  If you
miss the platform, grab onto the cables with Y.  If you miss those, you die.
When you are on the second platform, press Y to haul yourself back up.  Equip
your SOCOM and the PAL key and look at the two pipes in the wall.  Get close to
them and shoot the one that says LIQUID NITROGEN.  This changes your key to the
blue state, and head up the stairs back into the key room, using the same
tactics before to put the key into the second computer and then to leave.

Now, return to the same platform where you made your key cold, and shoot the
STEAM pipe to make it warm.  Then input it in the third computer to unveil a
super-long cinema and open the way to an AWESOME plot twist and the final real
boss fight.


This is the fight that you have been waiting for during the entire time that you
have been playing the game.  Save your game here, this will be one of your last
chances, and this fight is a little tricky to play, so read the following
strategy carefully.

Metal Gear has many attacks that can harm you.  The machine gun will fire at
close distance and will put in a great deal of damage, but you can run to avoid
it.  The same goes for the laser.  If you get in really close, Metal Gear will
stomp your carcass into the ground and you will die immediately.  If you go far
away, missiles will target you, so stay away from them.

When the fight commences, run to the right and equip your Stinger missile
launcher.  Aim up at the right side (your right, the robot's left) of Metal Gear
and fire when the launcher targets the circular object on the shoulder.  Then
quickly exit this viewing mode and dodge any attacks that he gives out.  Repeat
this process to watch the stand of Gray Fox, who eliminates the Radome for you,
so that Liquid has to control the machine manually.

Now your goal is to target the cockpit of Rex.  It really isn't difficult, get
in pretty close but far enough away to avoid the stomp of the machine.  Aim up
and shoot a missile at the protruding gray thing coming from the top.  After
about 7 missiles, Metal Gear will fall.  But the fight isn't over yet.

Liquid sets a time bomb and your fight with him also starts.  You can't use any
rations here, just your fists.  You should be used to hardened combat by now, so
this fight shouldn't be mush of a problem.  Just hit him with combos and then
back off when he tries to attack.  You should be able to bring him down without

Escape Tunnel

Meryl (or Otacon, depending on what you chose in the torture room) runs on
ahead.  Go back into the Rex room and grab the rations there.  Then run back in
to follow whoever you are with.  Run into the room, watch the character get into
a Jeep and try to start it.  Shoot the guards that come into the room until the
Jeep starts up.  When it does, hop in and shoot the barrel by the big door, and
the vehicle soars out.

There will be two checkpoints that you will have to pass in your escape, shoot
the barrels or the soldiers here to keep on going.  After you pass these two
points, you will see that Liquid is not really dead, and is very much alive in
the Jeep behind you.

This part isn't very hard; use the Jeep's gun to shoot Liquid continuously to
keep him from firing upon you.  Just keep shooting, and you will drive all the
way into the game's ending cinematic.


7.  About the Author                                                        007

I'm just a guy that likes writing, and I really have nothing better to do in my
spare time than to write FAQs.  I figure that I help people by doing this, and
I also find myself playing very good games and getting to know them a lot better
than I normally would in a casual setting.  It has been a good experience for
me, and I plan to keep on writing, until the public throws down my guide career
in the anger of 1000 ages.

As I said, I plan to go on writing, and it is a tough job to write some big
FAQs like this one, and I think I may need some help if I'm ever going to write
another.  That being said, if you think that this is a good guide and you think
that guide writing is something that you like (meaning you have DONE IT
BEFORE), and you can spell the word yes, then send me an email telling me that
you may want to work on a game guide, I'm up for a wide variety of games.

If you need to contact me for any reason about this guide, then drop an email to
acchapello (at) yahoo (dot) com.  If you decide to send me an email, don't get
mad if I don't respond, I have a lot to do right now and will probably be
working on a better version of this guide or fixing mistakes inside it.
Unless you find a very serious mistake in the guide, chances are that I will not
respond to your email.

I'm very serious about this one, DON'T SEND ME AN EMAIL IF YOU'RE STUPID.
I had a guy drop me an email while I was in the process of perfecting my
Zero Mission Guide that asked how to do a certain event that was very clearly
outlined in the guide and was explained and I gave a good strategy to get past
that event.  I can't even begin to tell you how many emails I get from stupid
people for every guide that I make.

You can send me email if you like the guide, but if you don't like it, tell me
how I can make it better. Hate mail does nothing for me, and I'll probably just
delete it if I get any.  Also, don't tell me about a little grammar mistake that
I made or a spelling error.  You can understand what
I'm trying to say, and that's all that counts.

That's all about me and my pathetic life, I hope that you had fun here.
If you want to check out some more of my work, feel free to go to this URL:

8.  FAQ                                                                     008

Q: I have found a blatant error in your guide; you are the worst and most putrid
person that I have ever met how could you make such a gigantic mistake?
A: Whoa, just send me an email about it and I will clear it all up, I make
mistakes just like everyone else.

Q: If you use special items (like the bandana and the stealth unit that you get
at the end of the game), will your ranking go down?
A: Yes, it will.  It makes the game SO much easier to have the bandana and the
stealth at your fingertips, having unlimited ammunition and being invisible is
fun, but you can't get the highest ranks in the game if you do.

Q: How do you get the Big Boss rank in the game?
A: It is the hardest rank to get and is the ultimate challenge in the game.
Basically, you have to play the game on extreme in less than two hours without
killing anyone or using any rations.  And you can't be seen.  For the rest of
the information, look in the GameFAQs message boards for this game.

Q: Is it possible to NEVER be seen in the game? No matter how hard I try I
always get 8 alerts.  Am I doing something wrong?
A: No, you MUST get 8 alerts in the game, it is not possible.  If anyone has,
they are cheating in some way.

9.  Credits                                                                 009

On behalf of myself and the entire staff that helped me to publish this guide
(myself), I would like to thank the following people:

- Jeff "CJayC" Veasy for this great site
- Konami for making the original game and planning this one
- Silicon Knights for making the game much better than it was
- Severedmorals325@hotmail.com for a great tip
- Everyone on the GameFAQs message boards for helping me through the guide
- Peter Jackson for making three great films
- You for coming and reading this guide, unless you send me a stupid email

I would also like to note a number of people that don't deserve to be thanked:
- The people at Best Buy that lied to me about the release date of the game
- Dennis Dyack, president of Silicon Knights, for lying about all of the extras
that the game had and removing the VR missions
- EB Games for not having it in stock on the release date
- Orlando Bloom, for no apparent reason, I don't like him
- The entire cast of "Le Divorce"

10.  Author's Conclusion                                                    010

I had a lot of fun playing the game and writing this guide.  I learned a lot
more about the story and the gameplay while in the preparation of the guide, and
I am glad that I had the chance to write about this amazing game.

I'm going for the Big Boss rank in the game, and, thanks to Karma Hunter and his
amazing FAQ topic on the message boards, I've been able to formulate good
strategies about what to do on all of the bosses and everything in between
There may be a Big Boss FAQ up here sometime soon, but don't count on it.

Thanks for reading this guide, I hope you liked it.  I try and put in all of the
accurate information that I can before I publish my guides, and this one was no
exception.  I appreciate those of you that email me and tell me how much you
like my guides, because it lets me know that someone else knows about it.

11.  Legal Information

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
website or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.  Thank you.



(c) 2004 DarkLink715

    ____                __    __     _         __   _____ ___ ______
   / __ \ ____ _ _____ / /__ / /    (_)____   / /__/__  /<  // ____/
  / / / // __ `// ___// //_// /    / // __ \ / //_/  / / / //___ \
 / /_/ // /_/ // /   / ,<  / /___ / // / / // ,<    / / / /____/ /
/_____/ \__,_//_/   /_/|_|/_____//_//_/ /_//_/|_|  /_/ /_//_____/

                             77S: .
                XMMMMMMMW   7W8MMM
          ;WMMMMMMMM8i   Z
        XMr.22:,          ;:iX22  .
                   :Xir8@a7S ; 7
           .:MBS;i:, 2aM02i.r0ia8ZMMMWi
         8M@W2i::7S7:Zi..Z .;Z ii,;0a W
       MMaS7277r27r7BSS@BZ  2S.;7aiSZ;0X
     2MM0.XaZ222ZZ8MS  MMr: ir   ;M20ZWr
   Ma:aS0MMMS   Mi:rM2SW: ; :r  @2 a;XX ,MMX
   Mi:MMM       WX8BaW2;MM2XW.BWZWrMrri8MM7a
  BMMMMM        WMaZZrXMaX7;Z M.:i8MSMM Mai,7
  Z ;0M          rM@X::a.MB.7;MMBMB  MM0MBr, BWZ.    .,i
  MiaM            W.2X0,@SWMMMM 8M:M@M Z0SZ;.  :Z70,Z8 ,2M2.       M.
 S;i@             MMMM;.7M    M    MMZZMMM08iMMS.X;Sa8W:   SB7:   .M
 MSBa            .:7rMii:0@B0ZMM 28  0MMMMW8M;, MMMMMZ   r0MM2  ; W7,
 W7XB@           MZ;.@rX77i:r;BM:;M       ;XSS ZMMB  BMMMr  XaMi     M
a@BXMMM         B: MMMMMS 727XMM@.M         i2 MMM  MMM  ZMMX  2Ma,B:M
222a. MZ       SZ:MM. ,M2S2X2M;,MWZ         .i.  i MMM  2. SiMMXr7M:W
 MMWW     SM  MMMMMX ,:ZM 7iaW,: SMW                  :r rZW, MMBMMWMWi
   XMM  MMM2M@;    WM:;MM:r;@MrX:; MM                    M XaMMZiM a   8MM.
        W@MrMMMMMMMi,MMMMMMMM022,iMM2W                         72arMMM;   Z
       BMMW2B;  i;7MZ7a     .M0:MMa  7M                           7MZaMM
       M0B;BMa:;i.;;MM       MMMB .rr,X@                             ZMMM
      MMMWX00M .:.2XaM       8M: :;,rS2XM
      .MW0i72WZa2;.Zr         7MS7XXXXS,ZB
       MMMMr@0WMMMMM           8MB2Si7SX i:
        MB MWS7S20ZM            rM0Zi   0MM
           MZZ, ..W@             ,@0WMMZ@MBa
           MaZ;MM0M                MMMaa,i2W:
          rZZX .;M                   aXaZXiMM
         .MBaMMMM                    Z02aSXXM
         M0SrX7M;                  2MM2ariMSWM
        MZZ8B0MX                 :M08ZZa@M@8W
       MM02XX8M                  MMZ2Sa2ZMMa
      MMMMMMMM                   M@MMMWMM

     ,0i   2MM                   Mr:;aWM
     ;XX.;i:Z                    MWa72r
     WM@S2;W8                    M0WMM
     XM82BMM                    i@aZ@M
     SM728M                     MMW8M
     80;0M                     M@aaia8
     M0SM:                     MWWaS0W
     MS7W                      2ZS2@@8Ma
    8W2MMM                     MMZZaWB0@B.
    M@Z:SM                     MMMMMMMM@MBMMM
    Ma:SZM                          .2MMMMMMM;