FAQ/Walkthrough by metal gear rocks

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               | Written by: Shane (the man) Horan                      |
               | E-mail:     mgsrocks@hotmail.com             |
               | version:    1.00                             |
               | Started:    March 26                         |
               | Game:       Metal Gear Solid the Twin Snakes |


Section 1- (A) Introduction
           (B) Copyright info

Section 2- (A) Controls
           (B) Hints and Tips
           (C) Enemies

Section 3- (A) Weapons
           (B) Items
           (C) Characters

Section 4- (A) walkthrough
           (B) Cheats and hints
           (C) Easter Eggs


Section 1:


Hi all! This is the first time I have written a walk through, so I hope you
like it. If you have any Questions, your stuck, you have something I missed or
you want to use this FAQ just e-mail me at mgsrocks@hotmail.com and I'll try
to get back to you as quick as I can.
I got all of the old Metal Gear games out of the attic, so that I could
completely understand the story line but if I got anything wrong just e-mail
me and I'll change it.
I tried to keep spoilers to a minimum but sometimes there may be some in here.
I tried to mark them as much as possible but be warned.
Before I continue, if anyone has some good artwork for the top please e-mail
me, I'll be sure to put your name in.
Also if you have something I left out tell me: mgsrocks@hotmail.com

This FAQ is copyrighted 2004. Use of or reproduction of this walkthrough is
strictly prohibited, and is in violation of copyright law.
copyright (C) Shane Horan 2004

If you find a copy of this FAQ on any site other than www.gamefaq.com than
tell me: mgsrocks@hotmail.com

If you wish to use this FAQ than e-mail me and I will consider it.

Section 2:

Crouch                - X
Strangle enemy        - B
Shoot weapon          - A
Toss enemy            -
Action                -
Hang                  -
Punch and kick        - B
First person view     - Z
Quick equip weapon    - Right trigger
Quick Equip Item      - Left trigger
Equip Weapon          -
Equip Item            -
Codec                 - Start + A button
Pause                 - Start button

Section 2: (B)

                            Hints and Tips

This section will tell you all you need to know about playing the game. First
Lesson: if you move the directional pad upwards the character moves in that
Direction, now if you mastered this then your ready to move to the real stuff.

This is important for the game and is easy if you master it. Stealth means not
To be seen by the Enemy. Just use your environment to stay hidden and always
Keep one eye on the radar.

Alert Mode
This is when the place were the radar is turns red and a timer appears. This
Happens when you have been spotted by a camera or soldier. When it happens
Just hide and wait for it to disappear.

The easiest way to kill an enemy is to equip a gun and riddle him with bullets
but if this doesn't work you run up behind then and strangle them. You could
also keep punching and kicking until there dead.

You need to get some practice in before you can really use this. Get some
practice in during the opening level. Knocking is when you hit your hand of an
object in the gaming environment. It is good for getting guards to move to
were you knocked so after you do it move quick.

Operation Human Shield
This is when you use an enemy as a shield. To do it walk up behind an enemy
and grab him. Use him to move through a room with lots of guards so that they
can't shoot you.

Cameras are mounted onto walls in the game. If you see one than try get by it
without it seeing you. All cameras have blindspots so use then. You could just
throw a Chaff and run by.

This is a new feature for this game. It involves hanging of walls or rails.
Use this to sneak pas or hide from enemies.

Hiding Guards
This is another new feature in the game. After you kill an enemy you need to
hide their body so no one will find them. Use lockers are grates.

Saving Ammo
For some people like me who love a good killing spree this is hard. Just get
as much ammo as you can and don't waste it on pointless shooting.


This part will tell you about all the enemies that are in the game. Everything
I mention here should be avoided if possible.

Guards (Soldiers)
These are the guys that are in every part of the game. Their intelligence has
improved since the last one but they still are stupid. They are genetically
engineered soldiers -Genome Soldiers-. They can easily be killed, just shoot
them strangle them or beat them to death.

These are the most annoying things in the game. If they spot you they send a
seemingly endless amount of guards. To get by one just run by when its not
looking or run under the blindspot. If you dont want to it the right way them
just lob in a Chaff and run by.

Gun Cameras
These are just like regular cameras only they have guns mounted on them. Do
same to get by these as you do for regular cameras. If they hot you it can
hurt so use a Chaff if possible.

These are guys that you have to fight as you progress through the game. If you
dont know how to kill a boss them they are absolute hell on earth. All of the
bosses are from and elite soldier force called FOXHOUND. All bosses have a way
to beat them, none are invincible.


Section 3:


Weapon:   M9
Type:     Tranquilizer Pistol
Location: The very start of the game on the right or in a locker or in the
Info:     This weapon was first used in Sons Of Liberty and has now been
          carried across to the remake. This weapon is brilliant if your
          trying to complete the game with no kills. Remember that if you are
          going for no kills then you need to use this against bosses. This
          weapon has a silencer from the start so use it a lot but not when
          fighting large groups of enemies because it takes 2 seconds to

Weapon:   Socom
Type:     Pistol
Location: In a truck on in the helipad level.
Info:     The first gun found in the game. Very useful for killing an enemy
          at close range. Try keep a full clip at all times and be sure to
          get the suppressor. I don't know if this is true but I was told the
          first 3 letters stand for Special Op Command. E-mail me to confirm.

Weapon:   Fa-mas (The killing machine)
Type:     Machinegun
Location: The armory in the door that needs keycard 2.
Info:     The ultimate machinegun. Need I say more. Use this to kill a large
          number of enemies in one place OR if your like me use it to torture
          a soldier by riddling him with bullets.

Weapon:   PSG1
Type:     Sniper Rifle
Location: The armory just after  Meryl gets shot.
Info:     As you can guess this is used to kill enemies at a big distance and
          has to be used to kill sniper wolf. Use Diazepam or cigarettes with
          this to stop shaking. You cannot move when this is equipped.

Weapon:   Nikita
Type:     Rocket (missile) launcher
Location: B1 in the Nuke Storage Building.
Info:     Good for killing an enemy around the corner but be sure to hit him
          in the back 'cos if he sees it he will run. You need this to
          disable the power box.

Weapon:   Stinger
Type:     Rocket (stinger) launcher
Location: In the building beside where you climbed down the wall with the
Info:     This should be used to destroy machine. Don't use it to kill
          people 'cos its like killing a fly with a machine gun. This is the
          Best weapon to go up against the Hind D and Metal Gear Rex.

Weapon:   C4
Type:     Explosive
Location: First found in the armory just before you fight Ocelot.
Info:     This is not used too much in the game. You need it to blow open the
          wall to were Ocelot is. It is useful against Raven and can be
          used against Ocelot if you have enough time.

Weapon:   Grenade
Type:     Explosive
Location: The armory, you need the level one keycard.
Info:     I don't think I even used this the first time I played the game.
          This weapon is pointless. If you use it the alarm goes off. I
          think it's only in the game because an action game is not complete
          without a grenade.

Weapon:   Stun Grenade
Type:     Grenade
Location: The room to the left of the Helipad.
Info:     These can only make soldiers fall over or fall asleep but they
          cannot be used to kill soldiers. Luckily they do not effect Snake
          and this weapon can be really useful against the guards in the

Weapon:   Chaff Grenade
Type:     Grenade
Location: In the middle of the helipad OR in the Armory.
Info:     These aren't really weapons because you cannot hurt people with
          them but are very useful throughout the game. You need them to
          disable machines for a short time. This is a good item when up
          against Metal Gear.


These are a food source which when used will increase your health. They can
be found everywhere throughout the game for example guards and hidden areas.
If you play on extreme mode they are not too plentiful and you can not hold

These are surprisingly useful. Not just do they kill Snake slowly and
painfully but they can be used to see lasers and calm your nerves when you
have the PSG1 equipped.

These have only one use in the game. They are used to calm your nerves like
the cigarettes. Use them when battling Sniper wolf or whenever you have the
PSG1 equipped.

Key Cards
These are cards given by bosses or allies throughout the game. You need to
equip it before it can be used. If the key card does not work then it is not
a sufficient clearance level.

This is just a novelty. You can get it in the Armory near where you fought
Ocelot. There is no use for it, just take pictures of whatever you want and
save them to your memory card.

This is not too important but is useful when bullets are flying everywhere.
This does not protect you from bullets but it will reduce how much health
they take away. You get it in the room where you needed to use the Nikita.

Gas Mask
As you guesses they are uses to protect you from gas. You need them in the
B2 nuke building. They don't stop the gas completely put does help out a lot.
You get them in the B2 Nuke Building.

Mine Detector
I only used this to find the pal key at the end of the game but it can be
used to find out where claymores are kept. If your radar is not working or
it is not on then this is just a waste of space. It is found in the Tank

These are exactly like really cool Binoculars. As you geniuses properly
guessed it is used to see things really far away. They're not too important
'cos you never have to use them. You start the game with this.

Thermal Goggles
These are used to detect heat. You can see enemies in the dark, find mines
on the ground and see where lasers are.

Night Vision Goggles
These like a lot of they items are not used much. As the name suggests you
use them to see things in the dark. Don't use them in normal lighting 'cos
they make it really hard to see.

Cardboard Box
This is good to avoid a conflict with guards when you're low on ammo. Equip it
and guards think it's a normal box. Don't move in it if a guard is looking.
They can also be used to move fast when you want to stay low and can be use
to transport you to different locations in the game. Just get in a truck
equip the box and what for a guard to come. It brings you to were the box

I don't use this too much in the game but you just put this down in the
guard's path and they will stop and look at it. While they are reading just
sneak by.
You get it off Otecon when you're trapped in the cell. Get on the ground and
use it, it will look like blood and the guard will come in to investigate.
Not very useful.

You get this off Otecon. Since it has Sniper wolfs scent on it the wolfs
Thinks that you are her and wont bite your head off. You use this once but it
is a real time saver.

Pal Key
This plays a big part of the game and features in one of the most annoying
parts in the game. You need it to deactivate Metal Gear or so you think...

Optical Disk
The C.D given to Snake by Armstech president Kenneth Baker. It contains all
the test data from the Metal Gear tests.

Section 3: (C)

This section contains a freakishly large amount of spoilers for every metal
Gear game so don't read this until you complete it, or do what do I care.

Solid Snake
The hero of the Metal gear series. He features in all the games. He was part
Of the Les Enfants Terrible project along with Liquid and solidus. In the mid
90's he joined Fox-Hound, this is were he got his name Solid Snake the second
highest rank you can get. This is also were he first met Grey Fox (Ninja).
In 1995 he was sent to Outer heaven, a military instillation which was taken
over by soldiers. Grey Fox was sent in first but was captured. After entering
he discovered a new piece of military hardware, Metal Gear. He destroyed it
defeated the leader of the terrorists, Big Boss!!!
He retires after this and then later became a mercenary selling his talents.
Colonel Roy Campbell then asked him for help to rescue a scientist in Zanzibar
land. The scientist known as Kio Marv designed a new oil -OILIX-. While here
he met Grey Fox and Big Boss again. He also found a new type of Metal Gear
which he destroyed. He also killed Grey Fox in a minefield and then Big Boss,
his father.
He again retired but was asked for help again in 2005. A group of terrorists
took over a Nuclear Weapon Storage Facility on shadow Moses, an island off
Alaska. He reluctantly excepted and with the help of Colonel Roy Campbell he
managed to infiltrate the island. His mission was to rescue two hostages, the
Darpa chief Donald Anderson and the Armstech president Kenneth Baker. Both men
died but Snake found out about a new Metal Gear (Metal Gear Rex). Snake also
found Grey Fox and Liquid Snake -his Brother-. After the death of Grey fox
Snake destroyed Rex and Defeated Liquid.
After, Snake and Otecon -the designer of Metal Gear Rex- formed an Anti-Metal
Gear Organization recognized by the UN, Philanthropy. Snake snuck aboard a
Tanker with a new metal gear prototype, his mission photograph the new metal
gear, but while he was there Ocelot hijacked the new weapon.
Snake became known as a terrorist and stayed low for 2 years. After two years
he with the help of Otecon got info on a new Metal Gear in the off shore clean
up facility Big Shell. Snake found and destroyed the new weapon with the help
of Raiden. What happens next let's wait till November 2004 -Metal Gear Solid 3
Snake Eater.

Colonel Roy Campbell
The former head of FOXHOUND and uncle to Meryl. He retired after Zanzibar. In
2005 he was asked for help in a crises occurring on Shadow Moses. He accepted
and hired the one man he know could do the job, Solid Snake. Roy Campbell was
in charge of the operation. He helped Snake via codec from a navy tanker, the
USS Discovery (the same one from Metal Gear Solid 2, I don't know).
Late in the mission he was arrested by secretary of defense, Jim Housman. He
was cleared and I don't know what happened after that...

Meryl Silverburgh
The niece of Colonel Roy Campbell. Both her parents were soldiers and so she
became one too. After she joined the army she was assigned to Shadow Moses
were she was captured in the takeover. After she was rescued by Solid Snake
they progressed and she was later captured again in an ambush from Sniper Wolf
who shoot her. She was brutally tortured and was then strapped to a bomb.
Snake rescued her and both left the island. What happened next, I don't know.
She properly had a falling out with Snake and went back with her Uncle Roy

Mei Ling
She is a "Visual And Data Processing Specialist" during the takeover of Shadow
Moses. She was the person who developed the Radar system and may or may not
have been a teenager I don't know. She was also in charge of saving Snakes
progress. She made a quick appearance in Metal Gear Solid 2 via codec so maybe
she joined Philanthropy with Snake and Otecon.

Hal Emmerich (Otecon)
Hal Emmerich worked with Armstech and was the Chief Engineer for the Metal
Gear Rex project. While ha was young his stepmother had and affair with him
(sick), his father killed himself in there pool after he found out. Hal's
sister Emma Emmerich was in the pool at the time and came to hate Hal for not
helping her. Afterwards Hal ran off. During his work with Armstech he became
chief Engineer for the Rex program and during the Shadow Moses take over he
fell in love with sniper wolf who was later killed. After Shadow Moses him and
Snake worked together in an Anti-Metal Gear organization, Philanthropy. He met
up with his sister years later in the Big Shell facility, She then died (I
think he's bad luck, everyone he knows seems to die -is Snake next?).

Naomi Hunter
She was in charge of FoxHounds medical staff. She was an orphan after both
her parents were killed by Grey Fox (Ninja). After seeing what he did Grey Fox
took in Naomi and fed her with his rations. Grey Fox was then captured in
battle, he was then rescued by Big Boss who brought them both to America. She
studied there and became an export in nanotechnology. After Snake Killed Fox
she vowed to get revenge on him. So she joined fox-hound and was assigned to
help with the Shadow Moses situation. She injected Snake with the FoxDie Virus
which would eventually kill him. I'm not sure what happened to her after
Shadow Moses.

Natasha Romanenko
Natasha was a "Freelance Military Analysis" during the Shadow Moses takeover.
She grew up near Chernobyl and was exposed to a large amount of radiation
the explosion. She later went to America were she met her future husband
Richard Ames. After there divorce she became a freelance military analysis,
she was then approached by Ames for help with Shadow Moses. She excepted and
helped Snake by telling him about nuclear weapons and other military hardware.
After Shadow Moses she wrote a book, "In the Darkness of shadow Moses"

Liquid Snake
Liquid was in charge of the takeover of Shadow Moses. He was one of the kids
born from the Les Enfants Terrible Project, he was called 'the inferior one'.
During the takeover he pretended to be Master Donald miller and tricked Snake
into activating Metal Gear. He died from FoxDie but he came back after Ocelot
crafted Liquids arm onto his own body (his hand was cut off). This caused
Liquid to take over Ocelots body. He then hijacked Metal gear Ray...

Revolver Ocelot (Shalashaska)
Ocelot is a genius at torture and a master gunman. He was very Patriotic and
dreamed of rebuilding mother Russia. He joined with Big Boss in the takeover
of Outer Heaven. He then joined fox-hound and was part of the Shadow Moses
takeover. He killed Anderson and Baker through torture. His hand was cut off
by Grey fox. After the shadow Moses incident he helped Soludis go into hiding
and then became a patriot spy. He hijacked the new Metal Gear weapon and
killed his former partner Gurluckavich. During the Takeover of the Big Shell
he killed President James Johnson. In the end Liquid took over his body and
hijacked Metal Gear Ray...

Grey Fox (ninja)(Frank Yeager)(Exoskeleton)
Grey Fox is the highest rank you can get in Foxhound. As a child he was a
slave and was rescued by Big Boss, who helped him become a soldier. He found a
young girl in Zimdadwe who he helped, 'cos he killed her family. While he was
fighting in Mozambique he was captured and tortured. He was rescued by Big
Boss and went to America with his 'sister'. Naomi studied in America but Fox
continued fighting then he joined Foxhound. He went to outer Heaven to stop a
takeover but was captured, he was then rescued by Solid Snake. A few years
later he went with Big Boss to Zanzibar Land. Snake was sent in and killed Fox
in a minefield. Afterwards his body was sent to America for testing. An metal
skeleton was grafted to his own and he was brought back to life. He was
painfully experimented on and eventually escaped. I then went to Shadow Moses
to kill Snake. In the end he was killed saving Snake from Metal Gear. will he
make another comeback?, I don't think so.

Psycho Mantis
Mantis is the best telekinetic in the world. The first mind he dove into was
his father who he found out hated him 'cos his wife died giving birth to him.
Mantis killed him and ran away. He also helped in the takeover of Shadow Moses
were he battled and was killed by Snake. Before he died he helped Snake find
a secret passage . He said it felt good to help people than died.

Sniper Wolf
Wolf is a deadly Sniper. She grow up in Iraq as a Kurd. After Sadam gassed her
town she was brainwashed and taught to fight. After the was she was brought to
America were she was 'deprogrammed'. She worked with fox hound, and was
to go 7 days without food or sleep in order to kill her pray. She was killed
by Snake after an ambush on him.

Vulcan Raven
Raven has incredible strength and can withstand extreme cold. He became a
Mercenary and joined Big Boss in Outer Heaven. He later joined Fox-hound and
helped take over Shadow Moses. He uses a 20-millimeter Vulcan Cannon. He was
killed by Solid Snake.

Decoy Octopus
Octopus is a master in diskice. He had such good skills that he went to work
with Foxhound. He would learn everything about a person's history and culture.
Sometimes he would go as far as a complete blood transplant so that the blood
would match the copied person. He died of FoxDie after impersonating Donald


Section 4:


This is as the heading tells you the dock to shadow Moses. This is an
Intro level to get you used to the idea of sneaking or in my case KILLING.
First off you are standing on the waters edge, you can go into the water
and get the ration if you want. On the right there is a M9 use this to kill
some people. For people going for a good score I'm going to help you by
getting you through the game without using guns unless you need to and in my
case I always need to use guns. If you play on other difficulty levels the
location of the M9 changes. It's ether at the start, in a locker or in the
armory. So keep on the lookout.  Next go back up the steps and crawl under
the pipe. Here you have to get to the top of the room to the elevator.
Avoid the patrolling guards and don't walk in the puddles as this causes
footprints. When you get to the top you receive a codec call telling you
to wait for the elevator. Hide behind the truck on the right so you will
not be seen. When the elevator comes down get in and the cutscene starts.
WARNING: if you are seen you cannot get into the elevator for some time.


After the cutscene you are free to roam the open area. Run to the right
and look for the gap in the wall circling the helipad, run through here but
don't get seen by the searchlights. To the top of the screen there is a truck
were the second weapon is found (the socom), use this to kill the guy to the
top left of the screen and crawl in to the ventilation shaft. You can also
knock on the crate to distract the guard. Use chaff grenades for the camera if
you have got them.
WARNING: If you don't do this quick guards will come because of the noise
made from the Socom.

Tank Hanger

In the vents you get a call from Miller and he tells you to follow the
rats until you get to the Tank Hanger. You need to get to the left of the
screen where the stairs are. Avoid the guards and go up the steps without
letting the camera see you. Get the Thermal Goggles and go back down to
the first floor. To the top of the screen there is an elevator, you
should kill the guards here as the elevator may take some time to come up.
When you are in the elevator press the B1 (basement 1) button and wait.

Holding Cells

This is were the Darpa Chief is being held. You can't open any doors here
yet so just walk to the end of the hallway and climb the ladder to yet
ANOTHER set of vents. From here take a left and crawl to the end were you
have to take a left again. Look down the vent to see "a women doing
exercises". At the next vent you will see the Darpa Chief. After a LONG
cutscene you will be ready for you first real fight. As far as bosses go
this is simple, all you have to do is shoot everyone you see (except
Meryl of course). If you need ammo or rations you can get it of the dead
guards. Meryl can't die here so don't worry about her. When you kill
everyone wait for the cutscene to end and check out all the rooms you can
now go into but you only get ammo so it's not important. Go to the
elevator and press the B2 button.


This is a Hugh weapons storage room but for now you can only open the
doors with the number 1 on them. When you get the C4 go to the odd
looking walls to the left and the right of the elevator doors. These
walls can be blown with C4 and there is ammo inside. Next go to the
bottom left of the screen and blow the walls here as well. Do this at the
end of the hall again until you get to Baker and Ocelot. Here is the first
real Boss Battle.

This may be tough for first time players but just do what I say here and
you'll be alright. First thing DO NOT touch the trip wires in the middle
of the screen were Baker is as he is completely strapped with C4. So what
have we learned so far: touching wire DEAD, not touching LIVE. To beat
Ocelot keep moving and don't get hit by his bullets -(Dough)- To hit him
run the opposite way he does and shoot him quick then run OR you can wait
for him to start reloading then shoot him. Most importantly in this fight
is to just keep moving or else you are a living target. Keep in mind Baker
has a health bar so don't hit him and he is slowly dyeing from torture so
if you're to long he will, you guest it DIE. When Ocelot is almost dead a
cool cut scene comes on were you get to meet Ninja.
After you get the key card and all the cutscenes are over go back to the
main room in the armory and now you can get inside all the rooms marked 2.
Be sure to get the fa-mas here and watch out for the lasers. If you want
to do it my way you can gun everyone in this room down with your shiny
new machine-gun. When your done head back to the elevator and go to the
top floor (level 1).

Tank Hanger Again

Back here again. First, you can get lots of cool stuff in this area but
you need to call Meryl. As Baker said you can get the number on the back
of the game case- this took me so long to figure out cos I kept trying to
look at the disk Baker gave you. But just in case you're like me or you have
a 'pirate game' (F.Y.I there are no pirate games on the gamecube cos of
the disk size so don't fall for the evil looking raincoat wearing guy in the
back ally as he is ripping you off) but to cut to the chase her number is
140.15. After the longest ever codec call -15 minutes- she says she will
open the door. So just explore here and get the Socom Silencer on the
ground level, and check all the upstairs rooms for some new stuff. When
the door opens go in and get through the lasers without touching them or
you can settle for the alternative, POISON GAS. use you Thermal Goggles
In case you haven't noticed one of the tanks is gone, think about it.


Be careful here because there are claymore mines on the ground. Use your
mine detector if you got it in the tank hanger or you could use your
Thermal Goggles. You will get a call from someone named "Deepthroat" who
is a very important person in the game. Crawl over the mines to pick them
up or just avoid them. When you get by them a TANK will come out
controlled by Vulcan Raven.

This is not to bad, the trick is to throw a stun grenade on the top of the
tank to stop it them keep chucking in regular grenades to kill the guys
inside. You might need to do this a few times to kill everyone. Watch out
for the Bazooka, IT HURTS. If you need ammo there is some at the top right
of the screen.

Nuke Storage Building

That's one more section complete and now you have more health, how cool is
that -if you want you can go on a celebration killing spree but in the
next section you cant use weapons because you might hit one of the Nukes
and BOOOOOM, bye bye legs.
First off just as you enter the building go to the left and get the rations
then go to the top of the screen and crawl under the door. After the
Codec call all of your weapons are 'No Use' so here you need to test your
stealth so use the box if you have it or you can use the M9, which kind of
gets rid of the whole need for no weapons. Go all the way to the left and
avoid the guard, if you think he might see you equip the box. When he is gone
go up the steps and open the elevator door. If the other guard comes equip
your box and stay out of the way. When you do this go to level B1.

Nuke Storage Building B1

You can get some good and important stuff here with the level 3 keycard.
Most importantly the Nikita missile launcher. If you want go to the toilet
and kill the guy taking a piss. Get all the other goodies here then head
back to the elevator and go to B2.

Nuke Storage Building B2

The Nikita is important for this room. Walk through the first 2 doors and
watch the cutscene which show the electric floor and the room filling with
gas. Don't worry too much about the gas, if your o2 goes low just walk
outside and then back in. Use the Nikita in first person view to go to the
room with the power box and blow it up. Now walk down the hall and go into
the room on the right to get the gas mask. Go back outside to get air if
you need to. I will tell you how to get through this area, just follow my
notes here to do it. First walk to the end of the hall until you reach a T
intersection and take a right. Watch out for the camera and go through the
door. You now don't need to worry about the gas any more. Follow the path
and open any doors you need to. After a few really cool gory cutscenes
the mystery person will walk into a room, follow him.


When you walk in a cutscene will start with Hal Emmerich wetting his pants
funny ye!!!  After the cutscene the fight between you and the Ninja will


The hard thing about this boss is that you cant use any of you weapons but
as a hint you can still use your chaff grenades which will short circuit
his suit for a short time.
At the start all you have to do his quickly punch and kick him before he
can hit you, so speed is the answer. He will change his routine a few
times but just keep doing this punch kick combo. When he uses his stealth
suit just look for distorted areas or use the Thermal Goggles. After this
bit he changes again, now what you have to do is punch him once and then
when he jumps over you do the combo again. If you do the combo first he
will really hurt you. When he looks like he is going to blow up you need
to move out of the way an after the bubble appears around him you can
riddle him with bullets. Do this until the cutscene comes on.

After another long cutscene go back outside with your shiny new level 4

Nuke Storage Building B2 Again

Go around this area again because you can get some new stuff in the doors
marked level 4. When you checked everywhere go to the elevator and press
the B1 button.

Nuke Storage Building B1 Again

This is a short bit. What you have to do is find Meryl, she is dressed as
a soldier and that makes it hard. She is in the room across from
the elevator but there is another guard here also. Check the rooms first
to get some nice goodies then on to find Meryl. There are two ways, the
first is looking at the soldiers asses and which everyone is walking like a
women is Meryl or you could do it my way and beat up the guards and whichever
one yells like a women is you guessed it Meryl. Follow her into the girls
toilet (cool) and watch the cutscene. After, leave to the corridor, take a
left and then a right onto the long corridor. What for the cutscene and
get ready to fight Psycho Mantis. Before you do this you should get the PSG-1
from the middle of the B1 floor.

Psycho Mantis
This boss can move things in the room and he can also tell what you're about
to do. First you have to knock out Meryl so she won't kill you. You can use
the M9 or flip her over your shoulders or do the punch kick combo, after this
you get to fight Mantis. When the screen goes black plug the controller into
the controller port 3 or 4 (I always wondered what might happen if you use
both controllers at the same time, e-mail me if you know). After a while you
will have to start switching between both of them because Mantis will find
out. If he uses stealth then flick on the Thermal Goggles to find him then
shoot him. He will throw chairs and stuff at you, just keep moving to avoid
them and use your box to block some pictures he will throw on you (crawling
also works). Keep shooting him in between his attacks and use thermal goggles
when you need to. When he takes control of Meryl again just knock her out but
do not strangle her because in case you haven't guessed it she'll DIE. After
this just keep trying to hit Mantis till he is dead. After yet another
stupidly long cut scene you are in control of snake again.

Plug your controller back into the port 1 controller slot and go into the
open passage with Meryl, get the supplies if you need them then use the new
keycard to go into the door.


After you talk to Meryl go to the right and get the ammo. You can look
through the wall here and see Meryl but this is not important. To get to
Meryl first crawl under the rock to an area with wolves which can be
killed with the Socom. Go round the turn and kill the other dogs. When you
reach the dead-end crawl under the wall and head to the right until your
out with Meryl again. Follow her through the door.

Wind Tunnel

This is the most annoying, irritating, stupid level in the whole game.
First Meryl will show you the path to get by the claymore mines planted on
the ground. This is not the only way to get by them, you can use your
Thermal Goggles to see them or you can just crawl over them. You're mine
detector will not work here, and as a warning if you go Meyrl's way you
will get hit by one claymore.
When you get by this bit a cutscene will and Meryl will get shot. You cant
save her yet so don't try. What you have to do is get the PSG1, which is
aaaaaaalllllllllll the way back in the Armory (remember this from were you
fought Ocelot).
To get to the Armory first off leave the way you came in then go back
through the caves to the room were you fought Mantis. Go outside this room
and walk down the corridor to the elevator. Press the F1 button, this will
take you back the Nuke storage facility. Use the box to hide from
guards here and try to get to the bottom right of the screen were you
entered the first time you were here. This will take you back to the
Canyon were you fought the tank. This is a bit different from the last
time you were here. There are cameras on the walls and there are more
mines on the ground. Crawl to the entrance while avoiding the cameras and
when your there go through the door. You are now in the tank hanger were
there are no more lasers. Run to the elevator and go to the B2 Armory. You
can get into all the rooms here so check them all out. The room with the
PSG1 has lasers in it so use the Thermal Goggles. After you get the gun go
aaaaaaalllllllll the way back to were Meryl was shot.

Sniper Wolf
This boss can get really annoying if she gets a shot on you because if she
gets one shot she'll properly  get a second. When you walk in equip your
PSG1 and target Wolf. When she comes out from her hiding place you have to
shoot her before she gets a shoot at you. If you have diazepam here use it
because it will steady you're nerves thus making you not shake. Make sure
she is in view at all times and just keep shooting her until she dies.

When she dies go to were she was and get all the supplies there. Head back
down the steps and go through the door here. Another cutscene comes on and
you are captured. You are now brought to the torture chamber.

Torture Camber

This is as the room name tells you the torture chamber. What you have to
do is keep pressing the A button until to torture stops, keep doing
this for a few seconds after the torture stops to regain some more health.
On the PS1 you could use the auto controller halfway through torture as
long as you turn it off before the torture stops. e-mail me to tell me if
it can be done on the gamecube.
When you are in the holding cell Otecon will give you ketchup. What you
need to do is crawl on the ground then use the ketchup to trick the
guard to come in, and when he does kill him. You can also hide under
the bad or wait for Ninja to open the door. Just so you know the harder
the difficulty level the more times you have to do the torture chamber.
When you are out go the  torture room and pick up your stuff in the
In case you were wondering the guy in the cell was the body of the
Darpa Chief. I'm not going to ruin some of the storyline by explaining
why he is here. One more thing, if you submit you end with Otecon and if you
don't you end with Meryl.

Back To The Wind Tunnel

Here we go AGAIN. You have to go all the way back to the wind tunnel so
you can go through the door you were caught at last time. If you did
not give in when in the torture chamber check you inventory 'cos there
is a bomb in it. Just equip it then throw it. Since you have the level
6 keycard I suggest going into every single room to stock up on ammo
for the next part. Be sure to do this  in the tank hanger and the
B2 Armory. Remember were you fought Ocelot, there is a wall near there
that you can blow up to get to a secret room. When in the caves use the
handkerchief so the wolfs don't attack you. When you are back in the wind
tunnel kill all the guards on the way to the top. When you go through the door
at the top you get seen by a camera no matter what you do.

Communications Tower A


This place is not considered a boss but in my opinion it is one of the
hardest parts in the game (especially on extreme mode). Be sure to get
the rope when you first come in here. Use your fa-mas for this bit and
be sure you have lots of ammo + rations- you'll need'em. Just keep
shooting while you run. If it moves kill it. Don't focus so much on the
guards behind you 'cos they cant really hit you if you get to the next
curve quickly. After a Hugh run up the steps and the fun bloodbath you
will be at the top. Though? Go through the door at the top and climb
the ladder outside. Got any hints for this part, e-mail me at:

Communications Tower A Roof

When you reach the roof with the Hugh satellite dish walk to the top of
the screen to were the steps are. The hind D will fly up and destroy
the walkway -unlucky-. You need to walk over to the edge of the tower
and use the rope. A cutscene will come on and snake uses the rope.

Communications Tower A Wall

Listen to the codec call 'cos it tells you how to use the rope which is
important for this bit (DUH!!!). The descent is not that hard. Keep
pushing yourself of the wall on going down. If you keep moving the Hind
Won't hit you much. Move left and right to avoid the gas, but if you get
hit just ignore it and keep moving until you're at the bottom. When at the
bottom you need to put some C4 on the door to get it opened. Do this and walk

A-B Connecting Bridge

This is an easy level. When you walk out you need to equip you Nikita.
Launch a missile down the bridge and around the corner to were there are
some guards. Keep doing this until everyone is dead. If you go out
there first you'll be blown into little pieces. When you kill everyone
and walk down there the Hind D will come back again. Run through the door
and get the stinger missile launcher. Don't go back out, just continue to
through the next door.

Communications Tower

This tower is a synch compared to the last one. There are 0 guards. No
fun huh? Run to the top to were the path is blocked. You can't get by
here yet. If you try the elevator it won't work so run to the bottom of
the tower, and in the typical MGS way this is blocked also. Go back to
the elevator and a cutscene with Otecon will start. After, you can run
to the top. Use chaff grenades for the cameras and run by them. Get the
supplies at the top and get ready for another fight. Run outside to the

Hind D (Liquid)
This boss is easy unless you are doing it on extreme. Like all bosses
he has a weakness. Equip your stinger missiles and get a lock on him.
When he fly's out shot him and run before he gets a shoot on you. Keep
this up for a while. If he starts shooting than hide behind the crates
on the opposite side he is on. If you want to stay low than equip the
box to get a fast 'crawl'. When he shoots missiles than hide behind the
crates. When it goes underneath just watch the radar and shoot him
before he can shoot you. Easy. When he is gone head back down to the

Communications Tower B Again

When you are at the elevator you can go in. Equip your fa-mas -trust me
and walk in. After the codec call equip your Thermal Goggles to see
the stealth guards. You need to use lots of ammo to kill the four guys
and when they are dead the elevator ride is over. When you are out of
the elevator you will need to use a few chaff grenades to get by the
next rooms. If the camera gun sees you then you can hide behind the
wall. Just be careful and use stealth or chaff grenades. Keep going
until you reach the snowfield. There was a part there with LOTS of
cameras there and you can't sneak by these. Use a chaff grenade.


When you walk in you will be shoot by Sniper Wolf, then a codec comes
on with Otecon telling you not to kill wolf.

Sniper Wolf
You can try do it the right and sniper her or you can run to the right were
you are safe and take out your Nikita and just launch them at her one after
another. Don't move it too much 'cos you'll use more fuel. Use your diazepam
or cigarettes to steady yourself and don't loose track of her or she will
riddle you with bullets. When she is finished run up to her and watch the
cutscene. After the cutscene check out all the rooms you can go into to stock
up on supplies. You need to go into the room to the right of were sniper wolf
was, this will lead to the furnace. Check out you got everything first
then continue on down the steps to the door.

Blast Furnace

When you walk in here you nee to kill the guard. I like to make him
fall into the lava but you could shoot him. Go to the left of the room
and there is a ledge you can walk across if you sidle up against the
wall. Shoot the crane that is moving across with a stinger or just get
down when it comes near you. If the crane hits you while you are getting
across you will fall and die. When you are across run to the bottom of
the steps killing everyone you want. When at the bottom walk into the
"secret" room were you can get body armor just watch out for the hot gas
and cameras. When you do this walk back to were you came in and go to the
top of the screen and go into the door.


For this part your rations may not work but if you equip them they will
work after a while. Before you hop on the elevator take out your fa-mas
'cos you'll need it. When you get on the elevator super guards start
jumping in. Kill'em all or if you're low on ammo just fling'em off the edge.
Keep this up until all are dead. When you're out watch the camera, there is
also a claymore on the ground so watch it. Run to the next elevator and
get in. Don't worry there is nothing to worry about here except for a
surprising codec call but I cant say what it says -SPOILER SPOILER-. Play
to find out yourself. Once your out walk behind the crates and get the
supplies. Afterwards walk in the door to the next boss battle.


When you first walk in you are attacked by ravens then Raven come out
with the coolest gun in the game which you cant get. After the cutscene
you get to fight Raven. If you do this on extreme it is a nightmare. I
just cant get by him and this is ME!!! Got any advice e-mail me:

I'll tell you all I know for this guy. First you need to remember that he is
not able to run very fast. I use lots of nikitas against him. Run away from
were he is and shot a Nikita, control it towards him and be sure to hit
him in the back 'cos he will just shoot them if you go for the front. You
could also aim a stinger at him just before he walks around a corner, fire
and run, OR you could plant a claymore and he can just walk into it. If you
do it this way you could run into your own bombs so be careful. I like to
plant a C4 near a claymore that way when it goes off wait a few seconds then
blow up the C4 to get two easy shots on him. You could also do all of the
above and make it easy on yourself. After he dies -and gets eaten by birds-
(that's cool) you get a call from Millar and the story just gets confusing
from this point on. I wont say what happens. DO IT YOURSELFS.

Walk through the next door and get the ammo. Walk up the corridor and watch
out for the trap door. You get to a part with a F**K load of cameras. I don't
think you can sneak by them so you are going to have to use a Chaff. Run
through to the next door across the room.

Underground Base

As you walk up the corridor a cutscene will come on and you get to see metal
gear in all its glory (Big no?). You need to get to the very top so first go
to the left and run all the way around until you reach a ladder. Climb it
and keep following the platforms and ladders until you reach the top. Kill
everyone you want to and listen to all the codec calls (the calls are long so
don't listen if you don't want to). When you get to the control room at the
top you see liquid and Ocelot. During the cutscene Ocelot shoots the pal key
out of your hand and it falls into a sewer at the veeeeeeeeery bottom. You
need to climb down, get into the water, equip you metal detector and find it
but be careful 'cos there are bombs there also. If you pick one of these up
you have to equip it and throw it away before it blows your arms off. After
you get the key run allllllll the way back up to the control room and insert
the pal key into the first slot. The deactivate metal gear you need to
insert 3 keys. Otecon tells you that the pal key changes in different
temperatures (room temperature, cold temperature and hot temperature), so
after you insert the pal key in room temperature and then climb back down
to the bottom. You need to go to were you fought raven. This is only a room
back so it won't take to long. Kill all the guard it the room if you want or
you could save your ammo. You get a codec call when the pal key changes. When
the call is over go back to the control room and insert the cold key into
the second slot. Now you need to go to the blast furnace, which is a good bit
back. Go to the room were you fought raven, run through it, go up the
elevator and you there. Wait for the key to change again then go back to the
control room. You get a codec call during this and there is a major twist to
the tail. Play the game to see what happened!!! When you get to the control
room insert the pal key into the last slot. Gas fills the room so just equip
the gas mask and wait for Otecon to open the door for you.

Metal Gear Rex
Here you are. The whole game has been leading up to this battle. To destroy
Rex first you need to destroy the Radome system. To do this you have to shoot
out the antenna thing (the radome) on its arm. Equip the stinger missiles and
shoot. After he is hit throw a chaff to block his radar type thing. Shoot him
again then throw another chaff. Do this until the cutscene starts. You now
learn more about who Ninja is and what he has against you. As usual I'm not
going to tell you what happened, PLAY YOURSELF. After the cutscene you have to
finish off Rex. Here is what I do for this bit. Run under his legs and stay
there until he gets confused and stops moving. Equip you stinger and SHOOT
under where Liquid is (Metal Gears "chin"). Even though you are under him he
can still hit you. He could use lasers so just stay directly under him and
you'll be fine OR it could stomp on you. This hurts, A LOT but you do have
time to move when he is about to hit you so stay alert. Keep on doing this
until Metal Gear is turned into million dollar scrap metal.

This is a hand to hand combat fight so you can't use weapons. To make thinks
even better you have a timer, 3 minutes to fight him. And as if that wasn't
enough you loose 30 seconds from liquid telling you the rules. Be careful
not to fall of the edge 'cos you might fall and die. You have to keep doing
the punch kick combo on him. If he charges at you go into the crouch and it
won't hurt. You could try this next strategy but it is hard to get just
right. Punch him and what a second then punch him again and keep doing this.
If you get it right he will lose lots of health before he can move out of
the way. The next trick I got from the fight against  Solidus in Metal Gear
Solid 2. Just as liquid charges at you hang off the edge. He can't hit you
here but get up quick before he knocks you off, then do the punch kick combo
before he can react. Keep this up till he is dead.

Depending on whether or not you submitted in the torture chamber this next
bit will change slightly but what you need to do stays the same.

The Great Escape

Finally you're here. This is the final level in the game. After this you're
done and done, complete 100%. You only have 9 minutes to do this or shadow
Moses will be turned into a car park. Run to the room to the left of the
screen and then into the parking lot. You have to wait for the car to be fixed
so kill anyone who comes in. If you have no ammo then just hide behind the
when you're ready to go hop in the car and shoot everyone with the gun. You
don't need to worry about ammo here so don't take your finger off the trigger
and do what I do, if it moves kill it. You come to a checkpoint, all you
have to do is kill everyone and move on up the tunnel. After this, in comes
Liquid AGAIN!!!!

I always wondered if Liquid and Snake are identical brothers  then
how come Liquid can live through a plan crash, a crap load of stinger
missiles and a huge drop from  Metal Gear while snake gets shot once and dies
makes you think. No?

Keep shooting Liquid and use any rations you have here, there is no point in
saving them. Keep shooting until you reach the end of the tunnel.
A cutscene comes on and there is a cool car crash. Snake and Otecon/Meryl
are trapped under a car and who should climb out of the wreck -Liquid-
I won't say what happened next,
*******************************IT'S A SECRET!!!******************************

One more thing if you are wondering about that last codec call with Ocelot
and the President buy Metal Gear solid 2: sons of liberty...

THE END (Ireland Rules)

                         Cheats and Hints

In this section as the title may suggest is for cheats and hints. If any of
these do not work tell me so I can change it or if there is something you know
that I don't then tell me: mgsrocks@hotmail.com and I'll be sure to say your
name if I put it on. Think about it hundreds/thousands/millions of people
seeing your name on the Internet.

Alternate ending
When you complete the game 3 times you unlock the alternate-ending theme.

Meryl Video
Complete the game with the Meryl ending which is the one that you get if you
don't give up in the torture chamber.

Otecon Video
Complete the game with the Otacon ending which is the one you get if you do
give up in the torture chamber. Easy ye!

Meryl Costume
Complete the game with the Meryl ending twice and you get it.

Otacon Costume
Complete the game with the Otacon ending twice and you get it.

                               Easter Eggs

I don't have much to put into this section because I can't find anything else
in the game but I have not really looked yet. Tell me stuff to but in and your
name is put on.

Eternal Darkness Magazine
This one is pretty easy to see all you have to do is equip the mags, throw one
on the ground, go into first person view and look at the picture. Look

Hidden Cube
Look around the lab area. On a part of a desk there is a gamecube. In the
original mgs this was a PS1.

Psycho Sayings
In the original game Mantis would tell you certain games that were saved on
you ps1 memory card. I'm not sure what games work for the cube version but I
own The Wind waker and he tells me I have that saved.

Special Guest Stars
In the lab were you fight Ninja go to the top right and look around. There is
Mario and Yoshi.