Weapon/Item Guide by carl G

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Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes Item/Weapon guide
by carl G
Version 1.01
E-mail: carl.gford@gmail.com
1 Update history
2 Introduction
3 Weapon/Item list
4 Credits

1 Update history
Version 1: 21st May 2004
Wrote up the FAQ.

Version 1.01: 20th June 2004
Changed E-mail address.

2 Introduction
Welcome to my second FAQ, for Metal Gear Solid: The Twin Snakes.
Several months ago I laid my F-Zero GX Interview FAQ to rest, and
recently I felt like writing another FAQ. Now, I can't be bothered
to do a complete walkthrough for TTS, (besides, there are many 
other walkthroughs that get the job done) so I pondered on
what to do. I noticed that there wasn't a FAQ for the weapons/items
in the game...well, why not? And thus here we go.

I've kept this as spoiler free as possible, but obviously there
will be a couple of slight spoilers here and there. Nothing really
major though, such as that bit when...
3 Weapon/Item list

In TTS, items are on the left menu, (hold L) whereas weapons
are accessed on the right menu. (hold R) For some reason,
books are considered weapons. Because of this, I'll list them
in the weapon list. Everything is listed alphabetically.

AP Sensor
Found: Cargo Dock. It's in the water, near the bottom right

When you have it equipped, the joypad will rumble when you are
near a guard. (obviously, if you are using a Wavebird, it won't work!)
To be honest, I find it pretty useless, as your radar is more than
adequate. But hey, if you want to try and beat the game without the
radar, then I guess it could come in handy.

NOTE: Once you take the elevator, you can't return to the Cargo Dock!
Found: Varies. Try checking the back of trucks, behind boxes...etc.

When your health is critical, (ie the health meter is orange) you'll
bleed. Basically, guards can follow your blood, and your health 
gradually decreases when you run about. Using a bandage stops
you bleeding. 
Found: Beat the game with the good ending. (don't submit during the torture)
When you've beaten the game, load up your save file and it'll be in your
item list.

As long as you have this equipped...INFINITE AMMO! This applies to 
everything in the right hand menu, so you get infinite books too...
Body Armour
Found: Nuke Building B2, behind a level six door.
Blast Furnace, on a small 'island' with some gun
turrets. It's past the steam filled corridor near
the entrance to the Cargo Elevator. You'll have to
crawl at the end of the corridor to fit through the hole.

A very useful item. When equipped, you take less damage.
Essential on the higher difficulty levels.

Found: There are 3 different boxes in the game.
Box 1: Armoury. Found in the same room as the FAMAS. Alternatively,
it's in the Tank Hangar after you've beaten Ocelot. Top
floor, the room on the left hand catwalk.

Box 2: Nuke Building B1. From the elevator, go south into
the room where the Nikita is. It's in one of the rooms 
to your left.

Box 3: Snowfield. There's a room northeast of the truck
which has the box.

The boxes are one of the Metal Gear Solid series signature
features. (along with the exclamation marks that appear over
guards heads when they see you...) When equipped, you'll wear
the box. Obviously, don't move around when guards are nearby
overwise they'll get suspicious. Good hiding places with the
boxes are in the corner of a room, or near other boxes. Lying in
the middle of a corridor is NOT a good hiding place.

So, why 3 different types of boxes? Well, if you wear Box 2
around the Nuke Building, it seems to be more successful.
(likewise, using Box 1 around the Heliport works better)
But there's another reason. Hide in a truck with a box equipped.
Eventually a guard will come and drive you somewhere. (he's
pretty thick not to notice Snake in the box...)
Box 1 takes you to the Helipad, Box 2 takes you the the Nuke
Building, and Box 3 takes you to the Snowfield.

There's another trick with the boxes. In the caves section,
when you meet up with Meryl, punch her once then hide in 
your box. She'll whistle, and one of the wolves will piss
on your box...
Now, as long as you have that box equipped, the wolves
won't bother you!


Found: Armoury South, in a secret corridor. Just before the
room where you fought Ocelot, go to the end of the corridor, and
look at the wall to the west. Notice that it looks different? 
Blow it up with C4/Grenades. A secret room! There are quite a
lot of gun turrets here, so watch it. There are two rooms here.
It's in one of them. (you need a level six card) You'll have
to crawl under the metal fence to reach it.

The camera lets you take pictures. (duh) When you've taken a
picture, you can save it to your memory card and view it in
the photo album under "special".

If you beat the game with the camera, you get it at the start
of the game when you load up your completed file, like the bandana/stealth.

Card Keys
You'll get these at various points during the game. A level 1 card
opens level 1 doors, level 2 card opens level 1 and 2 doors...and so
on. They go up to level 7.

Level 1: Get this from the DARPA chief.
Level 2: Get this from Kenneth Baker, after you defeat Ocelot.
Level 3: Get this from a dead guard after you beat the M1 Tank.
Level 4: Get this from Otacon after you beat the Ninja.
Level 5: Get this from Meryl after you meet up with her for
the second time (just before you face Psycho Mantis)
Level 6: Get this from Otacon when you're in the cell after
the torture.
Level 7: Vulcan Raven gives it to you after you beat him.

Found: You start with them!

Ah, the old cancer sticks. When equipped, the smoke shows up
infrared beams. Problem is, they sap your health. When you
have the thermal goggles, they're pretty much useless.

Well, actually, if you have them equipped when you're sniping,
they supposedly make the sight wobble less. I didn't really
notice a difference though.

Dog Tags
Found: Varies.

You get these from guards when you hold them up, and some bosses
have them too. I won't go into too much detail, as there's an in-
depth FAQ which tells you how to get them. Anyway, to get them
off guards, get near them and aim your gun at them. (the SOCOM or
the M9 work best) If you did it right, Snake will shout 'Freeze!'.
The guard is all yours when you do this. Move in front of him (hold B
to move with your weapon aimed) and go into first person view.
Point your gun at either their head or their nuts, and they'll shake,
dropping their dog tags and sometimes other stuff.

As I said earlier, some bosses have them too:

Psycho Mantis: When you've killed him, pick up his body
and then drop it and his tag will come out.

Sniper Wolf: After you kill her, pick up her body (kinky...)
and drop it for her dog tag.

Vulcan Raven: After you've beaten him, go to where his gun is.
It's by his gun.

Liquid Snake: During the final battle, knock Liquid off the
edge and he'll drop it.

Gas Mask
Found: Nuke Building B2. Behind a level 4 door near the electric

When equipped, your oxygen meter won't go down as fast when you're in a
place with gas.

Found: Otacon gives this to you when you're in a cell post torture.

When equipped, the wolves in the cave area won't bother you.

Found: Otacon gives this to you when you're in a cell post torture.

When you get this, immediatly get into a crawling position, equip
the ketchup, press A, and DON'T move. If you were quick enough, the
guard will think you're dead, and will open the cell door to
investigate. That's your chance to escape!

If you mess up, the guard won't fall for it. If this happens,
eventually the Ninja will get you out.

Found: From Kenneth Baker the first time round.

After a certain scene in the Underground Base, you'll lose the PAL key, 
so you'll need to get it back. It's usually in the drainage ditch. 
(try equipping the mine detector to make it easier)
Sometimes it won't be in the drainage ditch. If this happens, then
that means a freaking rat ate it! The rat is near the gun turret by
the drainage ditch. It will run away if it sees you. If this happens,
you'll have to move away and then come back. You can either plant a
mine/C4 etc, wait for it to get close and then BOOM! Failing that, you
can shoot it from a distance. Then you can retrieve the card from
its guts. Yummy.

When you get it, you'll need to use it on the 3 laptops. 
The key starts off at room temperature. (yellow)
For cold temperature, (blue) go to the warehouse, and wait...
then rush back to the laptops.

For hot temparature, (red) go to the blast furnace, and wait...
then rush back to the laptops.

There's a secret method which is quicker though! In the underground
base, on the top floor, go the the right hand side. Hang off the rail,
and look for a ledge below you. Drop off, and catch the railing below in mid
air. (hit Y!) There are two pipes here. Equip the card, and shoot the blue
pipe to make it cold, or the red pipe to make it hot.

Found: Varies, but usually just before a Sniper Wolf battle.

When used, you will stop shaking when you go sniping for about 20
seconds or so. You only really need it for the 2 Sniper Wolf battles,
but they're useful nonetheless.

Found: Nuke Building B1, behind a Level 6 door.

Strictly a one use item, and you might not need it anyway.
If you submitted during the torture, then you'll get a
cold. If you do, you'll sneeze every now and then, giving
away your position. The medicine stops that. If you 
survived the torture, you won't get a cold, thus rendering
this item useless.

Mine Detector
Found: Tank Hangar, top floor. In one of the rooms to
the right, behind a Level 2 door.

You won't need this much, but when you do, it's useful. 
When it's equipped, mines will show up on your radar as a
yellow cone. If you crawl over mines, you can pick them

MO Disk
Found: Get it from Kenneth Baker after beating Ocelot.

This does nothing, but I'll list it for the sake of completion.
You lose it after the torture.

Night Vision Goggles
Found: Nuke Building, B2.

THE GOGGLES! THEY DO NOTHING! Ahem. But seriously though,
these are pretty much useless. There aren't really any dark areas
in the game. If you can't see, then turn up the brightness on your
TV! Sigh...

Found: Almost everywhere!

Very useful. When used, your health goes up. (how much health
you get depends on the difficulty) If you have them equipped,
then they are used automatically when your health is gone, much
like the fairies in Zelda games.

It's worth noting that using Rations gives you a worse end
of game ranking though. If you're going for the fabled
Big Boss rank, you must use NO rations at all.

Found: Communications Tower A, just after you trigger the

Strictly a one use item. When you are attacked by Liquid on the
roof of CT A, after the cut scene, use the rope on the
railing, so you can rappel down. 

You can actually do this bit without the rope, though it
takes longer. You can drop down and catch the pipes as you

Found: You start with it!

Pretty useless. When equipped, you go into First Person
View, and can zoom in and out. WOW! How crap. There aren't
really any wide open spaces, so it's unlikely that you'll 
need them, unless you're playing on a 6 inch TV or something.

SOCOM Supressor
Found: Bottom floor of the tank hangar, in a room near
the entrance to the canyon.

A useful item. Equip it, select your SOCOM, and tada! Your
SOCOM is now pretty much silent!

Found: Beat the game with the bad ending (submit to the torture)
Then load up your completed save, as with the Bandana/camera.

In my opinion, this is the best item in the game. Equip it,
and...YOU'RE INVISIBLE! The guards won't shoot you until
they're 100% sure of what's going on, but even then, all you
have to do is run round a corner and they've lost you. 
Do note that you can be seen during mandatory alerts (such as the
communications tower) and during boss battles, however.

Thermal Goggles
Found: Tank Hangar, top floor, in a room near where the
mine detecor is. Before you meet the DARPA cheif, the door
is open, but afterwards, there is a level 4 door in the way!
Be sure to get it the first time round.

and prepare for your eyes to be blinded. If you can bear the brightness, 
here's what you get: You can see infrared beams, mines are visible,
and you can see people using stealth, such as the ninja. 
(although it's not exactly hard to see people using stealth in the first place.)

Time Bomb
Found: if you survive the torture, it's with your equipment.
You sometimes find one in the drainage ditch in the underground base.

This is a bad item. When the timer reaches zero...boom. Throw it away
as soon as you can, and run!

(again, listed alphabetically)

Found: Varies. Usually in lockers though.

Yeah, I know it's not a weapon, but it's under the weapon list, so...
Put it in a place where a guard can see it, and he'll won't be able
to resist looking at it. When he's looking, he's all yours.

Found: Varies, but usually in the Armoury.

A remote explosive. Place it somewhere, and press B to detonate.
It's noisy, so if there are guards in the area, expect the alarms to
go off. It's needed to blow up the weak walls in the Armoury.

One thing worth pointing out is that you can put C4 onto a GUARDS 
BACK. Yup. Sneak up to your victim, within choking range, and press
A. If you did it right, Snake will plant it on his back. (but
surely the guard would feel something?!) You can then detonate it at
will, you sadist.

Chaff Grenade
Found: Varies. Pretty much everywhere though.

When it detonates, anything electronic goes haywire. Cameras and
Gun turrets won't work, basically. They are stealthy, so it's useful
if you want to take out a bothersome camera without making any noise.
It also works against 3 bosses: the M1 Tank, the Ninja, and Metal
Gear Rex. The M1 tank won't be able to use it's turret. (essential
at the start of the battle, unless you want to get your face blown 
off) The Ninja will be stunned for a few seconds. Metal Gear Rex's
missles will be very inaccurate.

Bear in mind you can't use your radar when you use a Chaff Grenade.

Found: You have to retrieve them from the ground. They're in the canyon,
Underground Passage and the Snowfield. Crawl over them.

When anything walks over a mine, it explodes. Simple really. Very useful
for the M1 Tank and Vulcan Raven.

Found: Armoury, behind a level 2 door. Beware: there are infrared beams
in that room!

An assualt rifle, useful for when you get overwhelmed. Hardly stealthy,
so it's best used against bosses or assualt teams. 25 bullets per clip.
It doesn't do as much damage as the SOCOM, but the rate of fire
makes up for that.

Found: Varies. The Armoury is a good place though.

Not much of an explanation needed really. Throw it and run.
The M1 Tank is very hard without these. 

Found: Depends on the difficulty.

Very Easy: Right in front of you at the start of the game.
Easy: In the Cargo Dock, it's in one of the lockers. 
Normal: In the Cargo Dock, it's in one of the lockers.
Hard: This one's pretty well hidden. In the Armoury, there are
2 secret rooms which you probably haven't seen before. Anyway,
on the north wall (ie where the elevator is) there are two
hidden rooms: one to the west and one to the east. We want
the northwest wall. Look around in First Person View to
see where the wall looks different, and blow it up with C4.
Extreme: In the air vents just before you find the DARPA chief.
You can't miss it.

Also, in Very Easy, Easy and Normal, the M9 can also be found underneath
the truck in the Heliport, in case you missed the one in the Cargo Dock.

This is a gun from Metal Gear Solid 2. It tranqulizes guards, rather
than killing them. It's also the quietest gun in the game, and
makes next to no noise. Also, if a guard finds a body, normally
the alarm would be raised, but if a guard has been put to
sleep, he'll simply get woken up, and no alarm will be raised.
If you put a sleeping guard in a locker/toilet, he'll never
wake up. Ever. 13 darts per clip.

Found: You'll get it when you empty a clip.

Useless. It's supposed to make a noise when thrown,
but the noise is so minimal you have to be pratically
right in front of a guard for him to hear. If you want
to distract a guard, just knock on the wall or use a book.

Found: Nuke Building, B1.

This is pretty much a one use weapon. It fires rockets
that you can control, although they can't move up or down.
It's only really needed to deactivate the electric floor
in the B2 of the Nuke Building.

Well, alright. You MAY want to use it against Vulcan Raven.
That's pretty much it though.

Found: Armoury, behind a level 5 door. Beware! There are
infrared beams in that room.

A sniper rifle...you only really need it for Sniper Wolf.
It has a healthy 20 bullets per clip. Your sights wobble
a lot when used, so use Pentazamin.

Found: Nuke Building B1, behind a Level 5 door.

Another gun from Metal Gear Solid 2.
Same as the PSG1, except it's silenced, fires
tranq darts, and has a measly 5 darts per clip.

Found: Behind the truck at the Heliport, or in the
holding cells when the assualt team attacks you.

This is Snake's trademark weapon. Link has the Master
Sword, Simon Belmont has a whip, Lara Croft has twin
pistols, and Snake has the SOCOM. Anyway, this is a
decent gun which you'll probably use for most of the
game. It is reasonably powerful, though initially it's 
pretty noisy, so be sure to get the supressor ASAP. 
12 Bullets per clip.

Found: It's to your left when you enter Communications
Tower B.

Being a cumbersome, slow and noisy rocket launcher, it's best
saved for bosses. Still, it's very powerful, so it's ideal 
for taking out the big baddies. It has a lock on function,
and the missiles are pretty fast, which is nice. When you equip
it you automatically go into First Person View.

Stun Grenade
Found: Varies. Check lockers etc.

Whereas the chaff grenade disables electronic stuff,
this stuns guards. It's ideal when you've got a group
of guards chasing after you, as you can knock all of them
out and then hide in a locker. It's also VERY useful during
the Communications tower. If you're going for a no kill
game, it's very useful against certain bosses, namely
the M1 Tank and Vulcan Raven.

Finally, during the Psycho Mantis battle, you can use 
stun grenades to put Meryl out of action without
hurting her.

4 Credits

Konami and Silicon Knights for making the game (duh)
CJayC for the wonder that is GameFAQS.

I think that's pretty much it, but if I missed anything,
feel free to e-mail me: carl.gford@gmail.com

This FAQ is a GameFAQS exclusive...for now. If you want to
host my FAQ, please e-mail me first. If you don't, then
you'll make Limecat angry. And you won't like Limecat when
he's angry. He'll castrate you without any hesitation.