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Let's fight and talk.bluberry4/10
A well-done remake of the PlayStation classic.El Greco8/10
A Must-Play Remake for Anyone Who Enjoyed the Original, Or Just Someone Looking For a Stealth Shooter on GameCube.AegisKnight20009/10
Broken and Rebuiltasherdeus8/10
Not quite as good as the originalbbears8/10
PlayStation Classic Half-Heartedly Remade by Silicon KnightsBill Rizer6/10
Excellent game, but not enough updates were made to this remakeBoyLover X9/10
It's still got itChrisR0710/10
Did it translate well?darthfrott8/10
I nice looking PORT. Great for newcomers, but a letdown for veterans.deftoned7/10
Did you ever know that you're my hero?discoinferno848/10
Protip - When making a remake, try NOT to make things worseDonald Love 878/10
Same old game with mediocre graphics, even by today's standards.Dr. Deezee4/10
A tale of pretty graphics and a promise unfulfilled. (sob)emister6/10
New Player, New Metal, New GearEpinionsJunkie9/10
Far from the best, and certainly not deserving of a second look.kristina kim4/10
Snake gets a face lift, but little has changed..LegendaryFrog9/10
Metal Gear Solid storms onto the Gamecube!mahovlich10/10
Metal Gear and SOLID!NeoRanger10/10
Perfect Version This Is NotNeoTS9/10
Not enough game to it.Nickoten6/10
A cornered fox is more dangerous than a jackal!poopman 60210/10
Wonder the best game in World is all about!!!Psyduck1238/10
A classic story, beautifully retold.Ryan Harrison9/10
The Twin Snakes, man I like the way that rolls of your tongeSmoochie10/10
Die Hard Fans Need Not Fear Where Metal Gear TreadsSpudwiser7/10
Second Best Game Ever... Right After MGS2: SubstanceTHAguyINgta310/10
Snake is back and cooler than everThe Review Dude10/10
So Solid.Unleashed Vortex9/10
In the words of Julias Caesar, “Et tu, MGS?”Vashu The Stampedo5/10
One of the greatest games I've played.zombiesmusher019/10
"This is Snake. Kept you waiting, huh?"_Shuyin_10/10

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