Question from brit1808

How do I get past chapter 3?

I have pulled the sword from the stone and beat the enemies what do i do next?

HouseV asked for clarification:

What room are you in, and which character? It's been a while since I played this game.


amp888 answered:

Sounds like you are asking about Chapter 4, not 3. If you pulled a sword from the stoen, you need to enchant it with the spell Enchant item, using the new alignment rune you got from a big black zombie. Then use the Sword on the door with the plate on it (the use command in the item screen), and the plate will disappear and you can open the door and proceed with the chapter. Are you using Karim? If you are, you're in Chapter four, which is the only chapter where you pull a sword from a stone. Good luck!
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celestial_CMF answered:

Okay, if you are Karim, I'm assuming you are, of course, you need the spell you learned as Anthony.
If you are in Xel'latoth's story mode, (green), make the spell with her rune symbol you get from the horror you fight, and enchant your sword with her version of the spell. If you are in Chutter'guh's version, (red), it's the same. Also, with Ulyoth, (blue). Just make sue you re-make the spell with the color that matches the rune symbol on the door.
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illage2 answered:

You need to enchant the sword with the colour on the door and then use the sword on the door. It should open, just go through it.
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